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The significance of the painting in WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN

I’ll admit it. The painting creeped me out so much. But it does have significant meaning as there is an important painting in Demian: The Story of Emil’s Sinclair’s Youth. Here’s a brief summary of the painting’s significance in the novel which will probably help people understand its symbolism in the short film.

  • Emil Sinclair has entered boarding school but does not really fit in, he is teased and then ignored by the other students.
  • At the park, he sees a young woman who he describes as “tall and slender, elegantly dressed, and had an intelligent and boyish face. I liked her at once”. He calls her Beatrice, and she becomes an ideal for him.
  • He never approaches her but instead paints a portrait of her. However, he realises that the painting resembles Max Demian (who is a mentor figure to Sinclair), who he has not seen for a long time.
  • After a while, Sinclair then believes that the painting doesn’t resemble Beatrice of Demian, but himself (“my inner self, my fate or my daemon”).
  • This foreshadows the ending of the novel where Sinclair sees Demian within himself, in the sense that he has learned to question the ideals around him and become his own person. Demian was the one person who helped Sinclair open his eyes to the world, and become independent.
  • Maybe this is why we are having trouble distinguishing who the person in the painting is in BEGIN. Maybe it’s not suppose to be one person.

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Pushing Dead Q&A @ BFI Flare

Pushing Dead is bloody fantastic. It was almost everything I hoped for and more endearing than I thought it would be. There was laughter throughout and applause at the end, and it left me buzzing with excitement.

I will not write a proper review since there’s already plenty out there and I don’t want to spoil the film any more than it already has been. I will say, however, that I am thankful James had the opportunity to play a character who’s not a jerk and/or creep for once, and give such a subtle performance in doing so. As much as I love him as Shawn on Psych, James is prone to overacting here and there, so seeing him in such a calm environment really elevated his raw talent.
Of course it helped that he had a stellar script and supporting cast to work with. All characters were real and believable and fleshed out without being on the nose – something that’s become increasingly hard to come by in current Hollywood storytelling at least.

After the screening, Tom E. Brown, who had previously introduced his film, came out again for a Q&A. Here’s what he had to say:

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