this fic wrecked me oh god

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Ive started writing a fic with your au because its such a beautiful au im in the process of doing it now and i have only ever wrote 1 fic and that was 5 years ago and i have reqlly bad grammar due to personal reasons and stuff and ive never been in an airport so im trying to power through because i really wanna do something with it and i of course will send you a link when its done and mention you in it however this will be a train wreck XD

Oh my god this is the most beautiful thing ever, you’re writing after 5 years for me?? I’m achieving one of my art goals now thank you<3 aaaaahghhsdkl

I hope you end your fic soon because I can’t wait to read it<3

So I Said I Might Take a Chance [Klaine Fic]

Inspired by this post and the fact that I’ve had a very emotional weekend and need some fluff

title from Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals, the version from Adventures in Babysitting. Listen and watch, yo.

Blaine didn’t even know why he had agreed to come. Sam’s current girlfriend was a friend of a friend of the pair throwing it, and Sam had gotten exasperated with Blaine’s lack of involvement outside of school, even though Blaine had reminded him over and over again that since they were graduating at the end of the semester, they had to be prioritizing.

Yet all the same, there he was, standing awkwardly in a ridiculously nice house that seemed too big to belong to college students. Sam’s girlfriend had dragged Sam toward the drinks, but Blaine wasn’t sure enough that he wanted to stay to drink yet.

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fanfic writers appreciation II

hello~ this is the second and most updated appreciation post of amazing fic writers who i had the honor to stumble upon when indulging in the kpop fandom! there are so so so so many great writers (not all have been listed here because there are simply too many of them) who have created such beautiful works and worlds for us to immerse ourselves into and omggg, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THEM. i really look up to these writers as role models and motivation in terms of writing like HOW DO U WRITE SO WOWOWOW???

this post is gonna be very very bangtan centric (since i’ve been reading tons of bangtan fics) with recommendations of writers + their works which means it’s gonna be like super uber long i don’t even know how it got so long I AM SORRY. also, there’s a whole load of recc-ed fics across a variety of ships which i’ve fallen in love with I HAVE NO REGRETS AND I’M SO THANKFUL FOR THESE WRITERS FOR THEIR GREAT WORKS.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (and under the read more), HERE WE GO:

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yo so your fic from maggie's pov wrecked me. there were 2 parts that made me tear up. the first was maggie saying how even if she never wanted anybody to leave, she also never lets them in (oh boy do i get that). the second was alex telling maggie that she saw her and that she wanted all of it, the good, the bad, everything. god, IT'S JUST SO THEM! i just wanted to say the characterization was on point and i hope you continue to write sanvers bc the way you write them is simply beautiful :)

I’m amazed my fic made you tear up? I really loved writing the little bit about never wanting someone to leave but not being able to let people in… yeah, that was in my outline for a long time, so I’m glad it resonated with you!

There is like a 99.9% chance that I’ll be writing more sanvers in the future. Thanks for this :)

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this anon is taeil biased and agrees with the "say no to double j" campaign (BUT I READ SWEATERS AND YOU AND RIGHT NOW IM LIKE, OUT OF ALL THE MEMBERS WHY DID JOHNNY HAVE TO WRECK ME SIGH) (tbh johnny just needs to back the f up and let me be madly in love with taeil)

TAEIL BIASED oh my god you’re like. a fucking mythical creature like taeil biased people are far and few.

…but like yall are choosing to read these johnny fics bye suffer in your double j lifestyle


↳ fic faves: Bloodsport (Brothers) by NARKOTIKA

As he sits out on the beach, late to work, too tired to care, the boys already dropped off at school. He stares out at the water, feels the cool breeze, closes his eyes and breathes in the salty ocean air. “Xander,” Stiles begins, heart pounding, twisting the ring hanging from the chain around his neck, “I met someone.” He licks his chapped lips. “He’s an emotional wreck. A fucking feral. He’s broody and short-tempered and sullen.” Stiles runs his fingers through the sand. “I shouldn’t love him,” he whispers. “But I do.”

A seagull squawks overhead. “I love him because he is strong. Despite every shitty thing that’s happened to him, he’s always managed to find his way back. He’s strong and smart and very brave. And he’s full of love.” Stiles smiles. “You wouldn’t think it, but he really is. He’s so full of love that it hurts. It hurts him sometimes. It kills him.” Stiles swallows.

HEY, so 

the first thing I did when i got back into OP was dive straight into fanfic. because i didnt actually read any back in the day, and a friend rec’d me one right off the bat when i started talking about OP again, and I.. like, okay, my summer has been SO stressful and straining mental health wise, and there was seriously nothing more relaxing than reading a bunch of romantic gay schmoop. and there was SO MUCH OF IT

  i also got bored of reccing single fics to people and digging them up and going like “omg i want to read that one fic again where is it” so im making this post now, for myself, for my friends and for anyone else who finds the amount of fics made of these two too daunting to go through. (i personally find it amazing because i dont usually like popular pairings so this like A+ thank you, finally) 
ok so yeah heres my magnificent list of fics i like

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hi admins! just wanted to ask for the most beautifully written fics that have stolen your guys' hearts just by its literal beauty. dont mind what pairing/length/rating/plot etc. just, which fanfics do you think are really amazingly written pieces of literature?? :) thank you so much

FUCKING SFAKDS 122K BAEKSOOO AIOSOOSBS (aka in the territory of the dragon king) - This is all Admin T has to contribute whoops bye (no but seriously this fic changed my life its so goddamn beautiful, it has completely changed my fic reading experience. I felt hollow after I finished it because I just wanted to read it for the first time all over again) 

Admin G:

I picked these (there are so so so many more) because they like changed me as a person and also I still find myself thinking about them, and I reread many of them, and they make me feel so many emotions, and many times I cry because of them. 

To end a war the last command too!!!!

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I just read Nobody's Ever Died of a Broken Heart and I am a wreck haha I love destroying myself emotionally :)

Oh, that fic! It made me wail. God, poor Harry! I so badly wanted him to be able to move on, even though that thought hurt me too, so I could completely understand where he was coming from. And the memory pills! They broke my heart. 

I love destroying myself emotionally too! I don’t know what it is, but angst makes me feel so passionate about Drarry that it seems like their love is almost drowning me. It really makes me realize how much they love each other and how much I yearn for them to be together and happy. It’s a terrible, wonderful thing

I’m racking my brain for a sweet, fluffy fic for you to read that will help fill in the void left over from Frayach’s gorgeously heartbreaking words, but I really don’t read pure fluff, so I am coming up blank. Here are some funny, lighthearted fics that I really enjoy. And who_la_hoopFaith Wood, and Cheryl Dyson tend to write a lot of witty fics that make me smile, so hopefully these will help!