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Love Notes

@daddiereid requested:
i feel like i send too many of these, but you are my favorite writer!! what about a richie tozier fic where richie is really upset one day and the reader comforts him? she confesses her love for him, and basically says something along the lines of “you mean the world to me, and i’d do anything for you” if you can’t write it, that’s okay!

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: One big swear

A/N: It’s no problem at all, don’t worry about it! Thank you! Is the GIF not working? idk why. I changed the request a bit I’m sorry about that. It’s short too oops

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Most would expect Richie’s school locker to be filled with useless crap and papers that would spew out once he opened it, but Richie’s locker was usually empty. 

One particular week though, after a bad run in with the Bowers Gang, Richie found he couldn’t take much weight on his sore, bruised back. Cursing as he spun the lock, recalling his combo, he stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the pile of crumpled papers (notes) in the middle of his locker.

“What the fuck?” Richie muttered, looking side to side, before picking one up and smoothing it out, trying to remember if he had put them there.

This sounds cheesy as hell but you mean the world to me and I’d do anything for you.

Flushing, he scrunched it up after he read it, stuffing the rest of them hurriedly in his pockets to read later as the school bell rang. Richie definitely did not put them there. 

But then who did?

You did? You’re the one that’s been leaving me those notes?”

Y/N nodded, not meeting Richie’s eyes, embarrassed. When Richie had asked his fellow Losers to help him discover who the secret admirer, note leaver, was the next day Y/N had come up and confessed. Just like that.

“Yeah. It’s weird, I know. I’m sorry. I just really like you and I didn’t know how to tell you. And Bev told me how you were looking for the who wrote the notes, so she told me to tell you.”

“D-did you mean what you said in them?” Richie asked awkwardly.

Pausing, Y/N nodded again, scuffing her shoe on the ground.

“They were really nice.” Richie said quietly.

Silence enveloped them, both of them seemingly unable to look at each other. 

“I’d like to get to know you more.” Richie blurted suddenly, unsure of how to phrase exactly what he was thinking and feeling. “Like on a date I guess?” 

“A.. a date sounds good.” Y/N smiled bashfully.

“Good.” Richie smiled back.

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lucien/jean + jurassic park au

i mean we talked about this for 2 seconds before you came into my inbox and left this for me

There’s an intimacy to getting down in the dirt with someone and revealing the secrets of a lost world: hands and knees, wind kicking up dust into your eyes, pressed shoulder to hip, carefully blowing warm breath over exposed bone. 

Drs. Lucien Blake and Jean Beazley revel in these revealed truths and intimate moments. They’d each be lying if they said they hadn’t considered joining the other in the shower post-dig, fingers itching to help scrub away dirt and debris. 

No matter how many fossils they find in the ground, it never seems to be enough for either of them. And so, when Patrick Tyneman pops the bottle of champagne in their trailer, smugly twirling his cane and swigging their alcohol, and promises them an adventure of a lifetime, they find themselves linking fingers and nodding. 

Tyneman calls his new venture Jurassic Park

Lucien and Jean climb into a helicopter, accompanied by their favorite graduate student, Alice Harvey, and find themselves face-to-face with Matthew Lawson. Lawson is the resident mathematician and, despite his stoic demeanor, he slides over to make room for Alice. Jean hides a smile behind her hand as the two immediately strike up a conversation about Chaos Theory.

Lucien is too busy being terrified of heights, eyes shut tight, to notice a thing. Jean slips her hand into his, squeezing slightly in comfort. They’re on their way to Jurassic Park.

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Can I lick your brain so I get infected with amazing writing ideas and skills just like yours 'cause I LOVE YOUR FICS AND I WANT TO BE SO TALENTED AND YOU'RE AMAZING I WANT YOUR BRAIN! Please infect me with your very uncommon illness called amazingauthoritis... Oké I'm weird I'm sorry...

THIS MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD OH MY gOD :’) Thank you so much!! That’s so sweet of you to say and seriously means the world :) officially the best ask I’ve gotten in a long time oml “lick your brain” “amazingauthoritis” “oké” I C O N I C

okay just got done typing up a Long Ass Comment for a fic that i love and bc writers Live™ for comments but a lot of ppl seem to find it difficult/scary to write them, here are some tips from me, who has been on both sides of the fence:

  • we will nut over literally any context for how u read our fics, nothing is too specific or embarrassing
    • i once received a long ass essay about the exact circumstances under which someone read the new chapter including action and dialogue and i still treasure that comment to this day
  • if u read the fic a few days ago and are still thinking about it, open that bitch up and tell the author “i read this fic a few days ago and i’m still thinking about it”
  • do not worry about being annoying!!!!! oh my god i can’t overstate this enough you are NEVER being annoying by leaving comments. examples of situations in which comments are Not Annoying:
    • commenting on every chapter
      • this is honestly our fav thing, those regular commenters are the real MVPs and i’d die for them. it doesn’t seem thirsty or obnoxious to us it’s our lifeblood i pr omi s e u
        • also this is guaranteed the #1 best way to get senpai to notice u, if that’s what ur after
    • adding an extra comment w a thought/detail u missed
    • adding an extra comment w a thought/detail u remembered from 4 chapters ago
    • commenting during a reread (this is only ever flattering!!!)
    • commenting an 800-word essay that takes several solid minutes to read
      • this seriously never comes across as irritating, time-consuming, or trying too hard; the author is the one who wrote thousands upon thousands of words in the first place and we eat that shit up
    • (ok i lied, there is one exception to this. the one thing that is annoying is demanding updates, especially if u do it on the same day as an update was published. this makes us sad, avoid this :c)
    • but aside from that: comments, great, always!!!
  • acknowledge how hard writers work. every time someone tips their hat to me for the effort i put in, it’s like the 12 hour binges, inability to think about anything else even while sleeping, longggg inspiration walks, and constant self doubt become worth it!!!!
  • let us know u talk about our fics w ur friends…. this is like, the ultimate compliment……… i’m still lowkey waiting for the day someone pastes an excerpt from a chat log they’ve had about one of my fics because i Know it has happened and i wanna see it……………i wanna know what has been yelled……………..
  • just say thank u!!! a simple thank you means so much more bc it shows us we have actual readers and not just numbers on a screen sfjdgslksg

Them Butterflies

written by momentofclarity

Main pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 12/12


To sum it all up - Louis is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And Harry can’t find it in himself to even question the fact that he thinks so. Louis is mesmerising, nearly magnetic with all the energy bouncing off of him. Harry doesn’t know what to make of it, but he knows he doesn’t want this night to end. 

This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where Harry falls in love for the first time and Louis learns how to fall in love all over again.

Masterlist (Vol. 2)

Finally here is volume 2 of my mobile master list! I just wanted to thank you guys so much for everything, every single note, reblog and follow means the absolute world to me! Anyway enjoy and remember your feedback on any of my fics is always appreciated!



High School AU
Part 1 (Sweet Memories)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)- Total: 17
Over A Coffee Cup- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Amazed By You
Shock Confession- Part 1, Part 2
Similar Smiles- Part 1, Part 2
Who Told You?- Part 1, Part 2
Beautiful Soul
A Shy Situation
Nothing Like Her
Forever And Always
Senior Discount
Possibility- Part 1, Part 2
Somewhere Only We Know- Part 1, Part 2
In Love- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
We Start Over- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11
In The Rain (Wanda Maximoff Award)
Best Mother Ever (Sam Wilson Award)

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)- Total: 23
The Winter Guardian (Teaser)
We Must Be Killers
Who Do You Think You Are- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Definitely A Stark
Well This Is Awkward- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Dance With Me
Too Cute- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Keep Your Eyes On Me
Half Alive- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
American Beauty/American Psycho- Part 1, Part 2
Taken From You
Brotherly Love
Can’t Believe
Good For Me (Bucky Barnes Award)
A Little Bit Of Culture (Steve Rogers Award)
Stranded (Natasha Romanoff Award)
Saving You (T’Challa Award)
Don’t Touch Her (Wade Wilson Award)

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)- Total: 6
You Little Tease
‘People of the Week’ Winner Request 1

Sam Wilson (Falcon)- Total: 1
Cut It Out

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)- Total: 3
Little Details

Tony Stark (Iron Man)- Total: 2
You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me
I Think I Love You (By Katie James)

Thor Odinson- Total: 3
Thunder Buddies
‘People of the Week’ Winner Request 1
Rainy Day (Peter Parker Award)

Loki Laufeyson- Total: 2
‘People of the Week’ Winner Request 3

Vision- Total: 2
‘People of the Week’ Winner Request 4
Understanding Love (Clint Barton Award)

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)- Total: 2
Make Me
The Biggest Fanboy (Pietro Maximoff Award)

Howard Stark- Total: 1
Lost In War

Matt Murdock (Daredevil)- Total: 1
The Name’s Matt (By Katie James)

Johnny Storm (Human Torch)- Total: 1
Crash Landing- Part 1, Part 2

Dave Lizewski (Kick Ass)- Total: 1
You Had Me At Hello- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Phan (Dan x Phil)- Total: 1
New Year, New Chapter (By Katie James)

Severus Snape (Harry Potter- Total: 1
Always (By Katie James)

Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)- Total: 1
Scars (By Katie James)



Steve Rogers (Captain America)- Total: 33
She did the unthinkable and escaped.
He was seduced by the possibilities.
“Are you hitting on her for me?”
“The way you flirt is shameful.”
“Oh my god! You’re in love with him!”
“I’m flirting with you.”
“Well… don’t keep me waiting.”
“I can’t explain right now, but I really need you to trust me.”
“I may despise you with the burning hot intensity of the sun, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
“If you die, I’m going to kill you!”
“Have you lost your damn mind!?”
“Oh you beautiful weirdo!”
“I’m missing something here, aren’t I?”
“How can you be so resentful?”
“Please just back the fuck off!”
“Aren’t you a bit… not… qualified?”
“You’re so small!”
“It killed me to see you with him.”
“You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
“Your eyes are like stars.”
“We’re not buying a dog.”
“It never gets easier.”
“Yell, scream, say something!”
“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!”
“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
“I wish I could hate you.”
“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
“I love you, you asshole!”
“Come home with me.”
“I know this song.”

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)- Total: 30
Mega Prompt Challenge
Stood up to them, regretted it.
“Oh you beautiful weirdo!”
“I think we should have another.”
“Do you think it’s possible that I…might be…pregnant?”
“Please, don’t turn him away again!”
“Please just back the fuck off!”
“If you’d ever show up, yes.”
“Your eyes are like the stars/”
“It killed me to see you with him.”
“Hello gorgeous, do I know you?”
“Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”
“You taste like heaven.”
“When’s the last time I said I love you?”
“I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that.”
“Suck my nonexistent dick!”
“I am in deeeeep shit!”
“Come home with me.”
“I can explain this.”
“I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw.”
“Come home with me.”
“Don’t you ever do that again!”
“SO… you think I’m hot?”
“Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)- Total: 17
Stood up to them, regretted it.
She did the unthinkable, and escaped.
“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
“A boy needs his father.”
“We accidentally got married in Vegas oops.”
“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks!”
“Do you think it’s possible that I… might be pregnant?”
“If you die, I’m gonna kill you!”
“Please just back the fuck off!”
“He’s not agitated, he’s a jerk!”
“I can’t breathe.”
“Don’t touch me!”
“Hey. I’m with you, okay? Always.”
“Oh my god! You’re in love with him/her!”
“Suck my nonexistent dick!”
“I don’t know where she gets it from.”
“SO… you think I’m hot?”

Sam Wilson (Falcon)- Total: 2
“I’m missing something here, aren’t I?”
“You’re so cute!!!”

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)- Total: 5
“Your eyes are like stars.”
“Hello gorgeous, do I know you?”
“I am in deeeeep shit!”
“Suck my nonexistent dick!”
“I can explain this.”

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)- Total: 6
“Are you hitting on her for me?”
“Will you please just give me a hand?”
“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
“Take my hand.”
“Where were you?”

Tony Stark (Iron Man)- Total: 4
“Have you lost your damn mind?”
“You’re so small!”
“I’m in this for life.”

Bruce Banner (Hulk)- Total: 1
“I miss you.”

Thor Odinson- Total: 4
“Your eyes are like stars.”
“We’re not buying a dog.”
“You’re so small!”

Loki Laufeyson- Total: 5
“You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
“Use your words.”
“Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”

Peter Parker- Total: 3
“I can arrange that.”
“How about if we-” “NO!”
“I broke your nose, and I’m sorry for that. But what you were doing wasn’t fair.” 

writing fanfic like

Fic tags/warnings : angst, pining, friends to lovers, roommates, but they don’t live in the same actual room, flatmates, modern flat, domesticity, cooking, cooking breakfast, not cooking lunch or dinner, eggs, omelettes, non-veganism, dish ware, tea, drinking the tea, bickering, snark, watching tv, rupaul’s drag race, shangela, more pining, referring to boys as gorgeous, holding hands, interlaced fingers, legs touching, knees touching, fabrics, use of shoulder as a pillow, cuddling, breathing, hearts pounding, continued television watching, whispering, failing to act, time skips, sleeping, sleeping in separate rooms, nightmares, waking up, moving to the same bed, bed sharing, cotton sheets, awkwardness, hugging, comfort, a restful night’s sleep, morning breath, pretend disgust, staring into each other’s eyes, kissing, giggles, face touching, noses, butterfly kisses, fluff, lots of fluff, pressing together, frotting, frotting through pajamas, silk pajamas, flannel pajamas, friction, hardness, pleasure, sweat, ecstasy, sexual release, bodily fluids, mentions of laundry, implied bathroom usage, more breakfast, hugging from behind, feelings of surprise, feelings of contentment, happiness, hopeful resolution

Commenter: y wouldn’t u have a warning for doing the dishes? I hate being reminded of my chores, had to stop reading


Four months ago, Gansey and Ronan kissed.
Four months ago, Ronan almost died.
Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and they’ve run out of ways to not talk about it.

pre-series, 7k words
content warnings in notes
(read here on ao3!)


did a couple more doodles for mc escher eyy

Cradled In Love

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Words: 2217

Warnings: “Angst to fluff to smut”. NSFW gifs (you know me by now!!)

Anon asked “I’m on vacation with my so called family which is breaking apart at the moment and um it’s really hard to be here with them and I can’t really enjoy this vacay so is there a possibility if you could write a tom holland one shot to cheer me up maybe with angst and fluff and smut and beautiful words of yours.. I don’t want to be here with these people and I want to cry every second of the day.”

A/N: So this is my first non-Bucky/Sebastian fic. It’s special because the anon who asked is having a super bad day…I know how it gets when family is a bitch to deal with (trust me all my extended family are a bunch of assholes!!!!) Anyway, here you go and I hope I did him justice. SENDING HUGS AND KISSES YOUR WAY LOVELY PERSON.

Permanent Tag List: @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands @kimistry27 @fireandicewillsuffice @vacam79 @amrita31199 @badassbaker @feelmyroarrrr @aekr @sexy-sea-basss @isaxhorror @actual-bucky-barnes-trash @cassandras-musings @kimistry27 @mo320 @ssweet-empowerment

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anonymous asked:

hello!! I've had a pretty rough time lately, and I could go for some tooth-rotting fluff. Could you pretty please give me some cute fic recs?

Anon, I’m so so sorry to hear that. I hope these fics can make your day a little bit brighter! <3

Originally posted by aniiimeeliiffe

Victuuri Fluff

Amateur or Expert by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 1.9k
AU where Yuuri is a ice skating instructor and Victor is thirsty for him and will do whatever it takes for Yuuri to get to know him. Even if that means pretending to not know how to skate at all, even though he’s a five-time world champion. VERY cute, lots of fluff, and Victor is hilarious in this. Love!

hold me in your arms tonight by isonala, Gen, 702 words
After surgery, Victor wakes up with temporary amnesia and forgets he’s married to Yuuri. Quick read, and the fluffiest of fluff. Must read!

Love Like You by LFMH021, Teen, 3.6k
Quick one shot that gives us a little insight to retired and domestic Victuuri! Many small scenes that range from deciding who is going to do the dishes to grocery shopping. SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!

The Fundamentals of Caring by braveten, Explicit, 20k
One of my favourite hurt/comfort fics! Yuuri comes down with a nasty cold and Victor tries to take care of him the best that he can. Full of hilariously delusional Yuuri, caring Victor, and ALL THE FLUFF! So cute, definitely recommend!

A Safe Place To Fall by uchiuchi, Teen, 8k
Victor doesn’t understand what Yuuri said during the press conference, and Yuuri has a hard time explaining it to him. Fluff and love confessions ensue. Thumbs up!

Round and Gold by oh_imintrouble, Gen, 1.4k
Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final and gives Victor something round a gold. Victor gives him something else round and gold in return. One shot proposal fic. I’m totally not crying, there’s just something in my eye…

Adoration by thelonelywriter, Explicit, 7.3k
On a visit back to Japan Victor *gasp* finds all the posters on him in Yuuri’s room. Victor, intrigued, sets out to find out exactly what kind of an impact he really has on Yuuri. Super sweet smut and fluff!

like your french girls by ebenroot (nic98ole), Teen, 102k
AU where Victor is an artist looking for something or someone to break his artist’s block. Fortunately, he finds figure skater Yuuri and is sparked with inspiration. Fluff, pining Victor, and domestic Victuuri, oh my!


i hoped to never do this but i’m at that point. i’ve recently been a victim of fraud, and my bank and the police refuse to do anything about it. i’ve been fighting with my bank for weeks now, but they continue to refuse to help me. a few weeks ago, someone offered to buy something from me and the transaction was fraudulent. so now my bank account in -883.89$ USD. and i’m panicking. 

i’ve been trying to sell my things but considering how the last transaction went, i’m super cautious and it has yet to bring any money in. my bank says i legally have to pay the 940$ that was taken from me by fraud and they won’t reimburse me. i had 56$ in my account (my last tuition payment killed me) when the 940$ was taken by the person who scammed me. now i’m desperate. 

i’m interviewing for five jobs in the next few days (those who know me know i lost my last job bc of bullshit re-location/closing the store), but i have rent and my deposit due next week: 525$ for the deposit and 375$ for rent (i have four roommates so it’s low as possible). but i have a huge negative balance and no way to pay these. 

if you can, please donate at my paypal, venmo, or just signal boost this post. it would mean the world to me. i have over 2000 followers, so even if you reblog, it would help. im also willing to offer a quick 500-1000 word drabble/fic as a thank you if you donate. message me if you have any questions. 


 venmo: leablair0


Hey!! A Comic!!

Okay, so if you don’t know, one of my first and favourite writers of all time has to be @northfox !! And since someone suggested it, I tried illustrating some of my favourite work of theirs. This is from their fic A Rock and a Hard Place - which is an awesome, lightearted oneshot I just had to draw! Go check it out, its quick and cute as hell you guys.

Let’s Bring back the Golden Era of BoM

If you want more of this comic for this particular story, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

SELFISH (Part One) - Stiles Stilinski smut

Title: Darling Spread Your Legs For Me

Summary: A visit from Allison prompts you to think on the nature of your relationship with Stiles. Shortly after, the man of the hour makes a surprise visit (get your holy water).

Word count: 4.9k

Warnings: NSFW! Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) annnnd a handjob. Lots of dirty talk. Like seriously. Oh! Swearing too :)

A/N: I said in the introduction that you didn’t need to read that part to understand the rest of the series. Whilst that still holds true, there’s a small part that references the events of the charity gala, so I’m gonna briefly summarise that part under the cut! 

I realllllly hope people read this haha. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, please let me know. It’d honestly mean the world to me. Happy reading!

SONG OF THE PART: listen here. /// Thanks to @isacclahys for supplying me w a song that sets the tone for this fic so, so well. It’s great.


Originally posted by urbanteenz

We’re pretending this gif is Stiles. Shhhh…

Previously on SELFISH…

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My Little Hero (Bucky X Reader / Bucky X Reader’s daughter)

Title: My Little Hero ( Big Hero, Little Hero drabble series 1.0 ) 

Pairing: Bucky X Reader and Reader’s daughter 

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bucky stumbled upon a sweet young girl defending his honor. And finding out that her mom is the lovely single mom he always kind of liked.

Next parts: 2.0 Mini Winter Soldier  || 3.0 Bucky’s Little Spy 


The Smithsonian was swarming with people, as expected on a warm weekend. Bucky had a cap on his head, wearing a red henley that covered his arms and a pair of old washed jeans. He strolled around the exhibits with his hands in his pocket, rounding the Captain America exhibit. 

This wasn’t his first visit there since leaving Hydra. The first was when Steve brought him to help him, them, find some comforting part of the 40s. There was even this little corner with some information about Bucky himself and his Howling Commandos comrades. He enjoyed spending his free afternoons in the museum, it was the closest thing to his home back in the 40s he had in this big new country. 

Student groups came and went with their teachers, no one paid mind to Bucky; and he liked that, peace and quiet. He settled himself in front of Steve’s motorcycle. His lips turned slightly into a small smile thinking about just now much his best friend used to like that bike. 

The silence he had in his mind was broken when he heard squabbling to his left. Turning to the direction, his eyes fell to a small group of pre-schoolers decked in blue. In the center of the group was a young girl and boy; the boy was holding his shin, a grimace on his face and the girl had an indignant look on hers, her tiny arms crossed in front of her. 

“How dare you call the Winter Soldier a monster? The sergeant is a hero you hear me?” words tumbled out of the young girl, the frown on her face deepening. The boy looked up at her and sneered “How would you know? You’re just a girl.”

Before the girl could give him a piece of her mind, the teacher stepped between the two and demanded them both to apologize to each other. “You two will be on time out. Sit on the bench with Mrs. Mary and reflect. Both of your parents will pick you up when the tour for the rest of the class ends. No argument!” the teacher warned, voice stern and brows furrowed. 

Bucky looked on as he saw the two children sat on the two furthest ends of the bench, the girl still had her arms crossed. He took a seat on the bench nearest to theirs and at that point, he’s decided he was going to watch over her till her parents came. Just in case the boy was to do anything sneaky. 

At that thought, he chuckled at himself and thought since she was going to defend his honor, he shall do his part and be her guardian for that afternoon. It was probably one of the sweetest things anyone has done for him since the 40s. A tiny girl defending him when he couldn’t even bring himself to defend his own honor. 

“I’ll have you know that my mom works with the Avengers and she knows the Winter Soldier and she says he’s a war hero. Without him, we’ll all probably be Hydra.” she huffed, side-eyeing the boy as her teacher stood a short distance away, probably calling their parents. 

A short half hour later, a young woman hurried into the exhibition hall, her heels clicking away. She lowered herself to the height of the young girl and chastised lightly, her eyes betraying her true emotions. “I heard someone’s in trouble, young lady,” she said, bopping the little girl’s nose. 

Straightening herself, she shook the hands of the teacher and after a short conversation turned to her daughter and said, “Young lady, you will apologize to Brian now and say you’re sorry for kicking him the shin. There’s no excuse good enough for hurting someone you hear me.” The young girl begrudgingly turned to the smug boy and muttered a half-hearted sorry. 

“And you Brian. You will apologize to Poppy for saying she’s just a girl. And for calling someone you don’t know a monster. Poppy is a lovely girl who will turn out just as amazing as any boy like yourself. Bucky, Sergeant Barnes is a respectable hero for our country, alright?” she chastised, lowering herself to Brian’s height. 

Brain’s smug grin fell, as he looked at Poppy and apologized. “Alright. Now the two of you are going to shake hands and make friends alright.” she instructed. 

Her daughter’s teacher gave her a grateful smile and thanked her, “You’re a life saver (Y/N). You should’ve joined us as a parent volunteer.” “If I had the time I really wouldn’t mind but you know how it is over at Stark Industries.” she replied, a resigned smile on her face. 

Hearing her name, Bucky perked up and narrowed his eyes to get a better look at her. (Y/N)? Stark Industries? Could it be Pepper’s PA? That (Y/N)? Bucky’s always paid extra attention to her. Despite no one noticing it. Or perhaps Nat knew but just didn’t want to call him out on it. She did always have this knowing smirk on her face. (Y/N) always had this lovely smile on her face that made her eyes disappear into a cute crescent. 

People mostly left Bucky alone. But not (Y/N). If she baked during the weekends, she always made sure to give him a couple of the treats she made. If he was coming back from a mission, she would always be there waiting. Well, she may have been waiting for anyone. Nat. Wanda. Steve. Thor. God forbid, Sam. But it always warmed his heart a little seeing her tiny figure from afar. 

He knew the (Y/N) was a single mom. Her bastard of a boyfriend left once he knew she was expecting. She also knew she had to juggle a lot, there were even a couple of times Nat helped pick her daughter from pre-school when she was occupied with work. 

As Bucky looked over, he saw that (Y/N) was holding on to her daughter’s hand, arms swaying as they walked towards the exit. He didn’t know what came over him, his shy demeanour that he acquired over time, vanished as he took large steps to the pair. 

(Y/N) noticed his figure and a look of shock appeared on her face when she figures out who it was. He gave her a shy smile as he kneeled next to Poppy. 

“Hi. You’re Poppy, right? I’m Bucky. Your mom’s fr-“ Bucky started. Before he could continue, Poppy let out an excited squeal and jumped into his arms. 

“You’re The Winter Soldier! Sergeant Barnes! Can I really call you Bucky?” she babbled on, her tiny arms wrapped around Bucky. He couldn’t help but let out a hearty chuckle at her excitement as he returned her hug light. 

“Of course you can Pumpkin. Please feel free to call me anything,” he replied, eyes meeting (Y/N)’s, her smile evident on her face as she laughed at her daughter’s antics. 

“Oooooooo. How about Buckaroo? Bucky Bear? Cuddly Bucky? Big Barnes?” she listed name off her head, still not letting Bucky go. An affectionate chuckle escaped Bucky, as he scooped the young girl up, Poppy still happily listing out nicknames for the super soldier. 

“You heading back to the office? Do you mind if I carry her the way back?” Bucky asked softly, his cheeks, a faint red. 

(Y/N) laughed softly and said, “I don’t think she’s going to let you go anytime soon. You’re her hero you know?” 

Bucky’s cheeks flushed a deeper red, as he awkwardly scratches the back of his head. 

“Well, she’s my hero.”  

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I know I haven’t written much or been on Tumblr much. I have been majorly busy with college and I’m so drained. It would mean the world to me if I could get some feedback on this. I hope everyone enjoys this!

For my other writings, search “Ting writes” on my Tumblr!” 

Under the Weather

Originally posted by ohstylesno

I cannot tell you all how much it means to me that you enjoyed The Way I Could. It means the world. I’d love to hear your thoughts and requests, so don’t hesitate to ask. This is just a little sick H for you all. Enjoy! xx - L

Warnings: slight smut

Word Count: 1,567

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Private Fears in Public Places

Summary: Dan doesn’t feel sexual attraction very often and that’s okay.
Word Count: 2,258
Warnings: none
A/N: I wrote this fic because it’s my best friend, Elizajane’s ( @snowbunnylester ), birthday! She’s the person who helped me figure out my own asexuality and I just HAD to write this fic to show my appreciation! So happy birthday Elizajane! You are honestly the best person that I have ever met and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. In only the short year that we’ve known each other, you’ve become my support and my rock, someone that I constantly seek approval from because your approval means the world to me. I don’t even think I’m able to write a story without you giving me ideas anymore! Thank you for being my friend, for being my platonic soulmate, for being my waifu. We have a connection like no one else and I’m eternally grateful to have you around. I love you elizajane, thanks for being you :’)

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“Can I talk to you about something?” Dan asked as Phil parked the car and unbuckled his seatbelt. There had been something niggling in the back of his mind for the longest time, something that hadn’t originally bothered him until now. He needed to get it off his chest, needed to share his worries with someone else, needed to give himself some peace of mind.

Phil was his best friend and boyfriend of four years. He listened to Dan whenever he had issues and he always made sure that Dan was comfortable enough to share anything with him, whatever it may be. Dan had no doubt in his mind that Phil would be understanding of the situation. So why were his cheeks on fire and his heart pounding painfully hard?

Phil paused, turned to look at him. He had a questioning look in his blue eyes and it made Dan fidget under the intensity. He turned away so he could calm his racing heart. “Of course you can,” Phil promised, sitting back in his seat. “What’s on your mind?” 

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anonymous asked:

Any Victuuri stories made from fanart?

Thank you for this request! There are SO many beautiful works of fan art that have inspired many great fics! Here are a few!

This STUNNING fan art is by @meggdraws​! Check out their blog!

Fics Inspired by Fan Art

of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake. Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

For Your Time (I’ll Give You This Smile) by Liana_Legaspi, Gen, 2.5k
“Do you love me?” the King of Day says to Yuuri’s retreating back. “I haven’t decided yet.” Yuuri confesses, “I might hate you.” There’s a smile in Viktor’s voice that’s sweeter than any lullaby Yuuri’s ever heard. “Then, if that’s the case, I’ll wait with you until you decide.” Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

Blue Rosed Mafia by TrinityWitch, Teen, 1.8k (WIP)
No one expected a Japanese man to run the number one Mafia family in Russia. Yuri Katsuki is the Pakhan for a Russian mafia group and Victor Nikiforov is with him too. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Caught in the Crossfire by cloudybreaths, Mature, 4.8k (WIP)
Yuuri sits back in Victor’s chair, crossing his legs, and rests his cheek in his palm. Yuri stares at him, and there’s a shiver that goes down his spine. Yuuri’s eyes are dark and his face stone, as though he was the true leader of the number one mafia family in Russia. For a moment, Yuri almost believes it. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Orchestra by the_headband_girl, Teen, 3.4k (WIP)
Sometimes in order to exercise a mission, a well-orchestrated plan has to become its foundation, like a literal world renowned orchestra. Every note must be at sync to perform beautifully and perfectly with no misses, and that is what this family has to do. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Even Princes Can Relate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 6.8k
Phichit got an invitation to Victor Nikiforov’s birthday celebration, and he was taking Yuuri as his plus one. The prince of Petersburg was probably the most amazing person in Yuuri’s opinion. Not once did he think that they could get along so well though. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

you’ve heard this one before by AXSY, Teen, 13k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is a Man for Hire. Urban legends say that, for the right price (and sometimes just for kicks), he can single handedly pull off any job in the world. Beautiful, invincible and filthy rich. Enter Katsuki Yuuri and it all goes to shit. Based off this post! Inspired by this art by @sailor2xmoon​!

Amateur or Expert by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 1.9k
AU where Yuuri is a ice skating instructor and Victor is thirsty for him and will do whatever it takes for Yuuri to get to know him. Even if that means pretending to not know how to skate at all, even though he’s a five-time world champion. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p​! (I have a whole list of these fics on my blog!)

Teaching Victor Nikiforov to Skate by Aifeifei, Teen, 5k
Local skating teacher Yuuri Katsuki agrees to teach his hot Russian neighbour to skate. However, Victor is WAY too good at it, and Yuuri gets suspicious. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p!

Stamina by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
“Can’t you go another round with me, Victor?” Yuuri purred, voicing teasing and deepening erotically. Victor’s eyes dilated once more and his breath hitched again. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

For You, I’d Wait Forever by PrettyInPurple00, Teen, 1k
“Victor…” Yuuri whispered, reaching out for him. Their fingers intertwined, and Yuuri squeezed his hand. “I trust you the most. Please… be my first.” Inspired by this art by @yurionniiice​!

After Banquet Special by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.2k
What would happen if Victor had escorted Yuuri back to his hotel room after the banquet? Inspired by this art by @spainsasscheeks!

Yearn by mizunohikaru, Gen, 697 words
Victor glanced on the ice—and mesmerized.
The delicate Asian beauty was cladded in black; the embedded rhinestones sparkled under the spotlight. Those raven coloured long mane was tied in a ponytail, swayed in the air: like ink spread on the scroll of Chinese masterpieces painting. Inspired by this art by @princessharumi!

Possessive by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
Some people didn’t know that Katsuki Yuuri was possessive. JJ unfortunately finds out the hard way. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

Self-Imposed Language Barriers by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 2.3k
When Victor starts pretending that he can’t understand English in order to get out of doing his chores, Yuuri turns his game back on him, which leads to a little more angst than either expected. Inspired by this art by @pastel-crown!

матрёшка by Watermelonsmellinfellon, 844 words, Not Rated
Victor just wanted to pop the question when the time was right. Inspired by this art by @pandamatcha!

Imagine Your OTP As Kids

1. Person A has a huge crush on Person B, so they make heart-shaped sandwiches for them.

2. Person A keeps trying to give Person B a pretty flower, but Person B doesn’t understand why.

3. Person A tries to ask out Person B dramatically, the way they see in movies. (Of course, they kinda butcher it, but it’s still adorable.)

4. Person A gives Person B a ring-pop, and when B takes it, A declares that they’re married now.

5. Person A kisses Person B on the cheek. Person B starts squealing about cooties.

6. Person A forgot to bring cookies, so Person B shares.

7. Person A and Person B play tag, giggling together as if the world doesn’t exist.

8. Person A and Person B play house, pretending to be married, with the dolls as their children.

9. Person A asks Person B to “go out with” them, which they think means “share your candy with me and hold my hand sometimes when it’s cold”.

10. Person A is hiding for hide-and-seek, and Person B wants to hide with them.

Salambo06′s fic celebration post

Hello everyone,

So recently I’ve reached 25k kudos on all of my works on AO3 and I felt like celebrating! I’ve only started writing two years ago and with time and a lot of work, I think I’m starting to have my own writing style. All of your hits, kudos, comments on each of my fictions helped me a lot, so I can’t thank you enough. 

I’ve figured I’ll do a small fic rec of with my most popular fictions, so here it goes!

Finally kiss the bloody Idiot, (29812 words) E

John and Sherlock know the Yard has a pool going for when they’re finally going to get together. It’s been running forever, and it’s worth thousands of pounds. It’s all fun and games, hahaha, until they find out Lestrade is in dire financial straits (dog needs emergency surgery, he’s putting his kid through gymnastics training, I don’t know, something), and they decide to fake a relationship to win the pool for him. Sherlock figures out the day and way that Lestrade thinks it’s going to happen, and they act it out. It’s all for a good cause, fake relationship style, until it’s not.

I can’t pretend, (7692 words) E

They had arrived more than a hour ago, and the moment they had walked inside the hotel reception, John had understood why Sherlock hadn’t wanted to come. Two men, posh suits and expensive watches on their wrists, had come to greet them with sharp remarks and badly hidden mockery, and John had seen red. Sherlock hadn’t said anything, mostly ignoring the two men entirely, and without thinking twice about it, John had slid an arm around Sherlock’s waist and introduced himself as his husband.

The Space between, (6830 words) E

They watch porn together and somehow, it’s not easy to hide an erection when you’re both on the sofa.

7 minutes, (9972 words) E

Teenlock, Sherlock tries to conceals his feeling for his best friend, John,  as he’s locked in a closet with him for 7 minutes. 

Caught, (1859 words) E

A hotel room. They’re here for a case, hadn’t planned to spend the night and ended up sharing a room. No, sharing a bed. Suddenly John is very much aware of his own hand closed around his hard cock and the ragged breathing next to him. Closing his eyes for the briefest second, John dares to turn his head just enough to confirm what he already knows.

Sherlock, on his side, watching him.

Room 89: sex, (7925 words) E

Sherlock buys his first dildo nineteen days after John moves in. He wants to be ready.