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I hope some of y’all realise that a strong female character doesn’t have to be a likeable character and doesn’t have to kick ass and be feisty. Give me the spoilt brats who learn to grow under trying circumstances. Give me sweet and mild-mannered women whose minds and intelligence are their greatest weapons. I’m sick of seeing on people hating on characters like Sansa Stark because they don’t fit the generalised perception of what it means to be a “strong woman”. How about we stop leaning toward patriarchal definitions of strength and realise that there is plenty of strength in femininity? Give me a well-written absolute little shit of a character over a badly-written kickass warrior any day.

If The Witcher had a female protagonist, I’d have probably played it already. Not saying Geralt isn’t amazing or that I don’t plan to play it. I also acknowledge the abundance of badass babes featured throughout the Witcher series (Yen and Ciri can fuck me up) but I’ve always had deep connections to video games with leading ladies or at least games that let me make my own. I get such a rush of raw female empowerment when I see my grey warden Isolde set fire to a horde of darkspawn, or my Marian Hawke slice her way through an army of templars, or when Shaera uses the anchor to seal the breach. And it all began when Lara Croft killed that first T-Rex with only a pair of pistols in the first Tomb Raider.

It’s also important to me as a female gamer to have safe spaces consisting of fellow female gamers. Now that I’m more open in my love for video games, I do notice more men approach me to talk about our mutual interest but I don’t engage them half the time and when I do it’s limited to “yeah I love this game too” because it’s like, as a female gamer I have to try so much harder to prove myself. Like if I don’t know every bit of lore, or the stats of each weapon and piece of armor, or the origins of each race, then I’m a “fake gamer girl” and that is such bullshit because I’ve been playing video games for as long as I’ve known how to spell my name! I feel like guys judge me harder and maybe that isn’t the case but it’s what I’m used to sadly. I will say that I’m lucky to have a male partner that understands this and fosters my love for gaming and a few guy friends that get this as well.

The gaming community as a whole can be a toxic environment for women and I refuse to let that be the case for me.