this felt really good to get off my chest

I know this has been spoken about before, but I feel like it’s sometimes good to talk about it again?! Sorry this is rambly as hell, but I needed to get it off my chest.

I think when it comes to Robron it is SO important to realise that these two individuals are still learning. They have each spent so much of their lives not really functioning correctly or healthily (due to their troubled pasts), and even though things are better now, and they’re healthier and much better versions of themselves than they used to be, they’re still learning.

Robert has screwed up so many times since he and Aaron got back together. The difference is, Robert hasn’t screwed up for selfish reasons, not like he used to; every time he’s messed up, it has been with someone else’s (mainly Aaron’s) best interests at heart. The Ryan stuff (where he literally risked going to prison to help Aaron??), hiding Gordon’s letter (to protect Aaron, based on what Aaron had said about never wanting to talk about Gordon again), the stuff with Ryan resurfacing again (to protect Liv/Aaron), the shit/kiss with Rebecca (to keep her on side to help Andy; which worked) - he hasn’t always gone about things in the right way, but Robert has also gained pretty much nothing but grief for literally all of those things - those things that were done with his heart in the right place (even if his head wasn’t).

Robert is an expert at lying and scheming. Only now he’s doing it for other people - his family - instead of his own personal gain. That is PROGRESS.

And Aaron….someone else pointed out how he doesn’t know how to be happy. And that is EXACTLY it (I feel this is true for Robert too, but it’s especially the case for Aaron). Robert may have done a lot of dumb things for the right reasons, but Aaron isn’t blameless, although he’s often been quick to blame Robert. (and Aaron has done his own fair share of dumb shit too; kidnapping Lachlan, breaking into HF etc. so…) This isn’t me having a dig at Aaron, not at ALL. But he’s always been quick to see the worst in Robert without hearing him out (which is understandable, given Rob’s past form). He’s always been quick to say quite cruel things to Robert in retaliation (“you don’t know what love is”) and either storm out or kick Robert out.

Their communication has definitely improved over the last few months, but like I said; they’re still learning.

Robert is learning how to handle situations like a normal human being, and Aaron is learning how to accept love and not always expect the worst from life (which is really hard for him, as “the worst” is pretty much all he’s gotten his entire life).

I know people are annoyed with Robert for this whole Aaron/birthday stuff, but I feel like Robert is still learning - for the most part - about the level of Aaron’s insecurities? People are saying Rob should be more sensitive, and maybe he should, but I think in his mind he doesn’t see how anyone can possibly question his motives or his feelings for Aaron? I feel like it’s literally all Robert can see; Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. Aaron is the centre of his universe and I don’t think it even crosses his mind that some people could find his behaviour suspicious?? (I’m pretty sure someone else made a post about this exact thing!)

Also…Aaron has made it clear that he’s fine with Robert associating with Bex (even though he secretly isn’t). That was made explicitly clear the other week when Aaron offered her champagne and literally encouraged Robert to go talk to her. Also in last nights ep it was made clear that Aaron and Robert had spoken about not doing a lot for Aaron’s birthday and that Aaron was cool with it. So in that respect, from what we’ve seen so far, Robert hasn’t done anything wrong (how it plays out over the next couple of eps remains to be seen).

But another thing Aaron needs to learn is to communicate his feelings better. I don’t think for a second Robert would be doing this birthday plan in this way if he knew the depths of Aaron’s insecurity. Because as I said; Aaron is his everything and hurting him is the last thing Robert would want to do. All Robert can see right now is Aaron’s happy/excited face when he reveals his birthday surprise. He clearly has no clue what problems this is going to cause in the meantime.

I just feel like their relationship has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year, and the past few months especially, but I also think it’s important for people not to expect miracles, because they’re still learning how to be better individuals and learning how to properly work as a solid couple. They’re still adjusting. Neither of them have been in this deep before. The amount of shit they have had to deal with over the past couple of years, matched with the shit they each had dealt with in their seperate lives long before they even got together, has fucked them up. Of course it has.

They’re both - both of them - really messed up people. BUT they’re getting better. They’re trying to get better. And they’re getting there, slowly but surely. Every hurdle that they face, they somehow manage to jump it and come out stronger.

These spoilers about Aaron spectacularly messing up, and it only makes Robert want to marry him all the more; that is so beautiful and important, because it’s just further proof that nothing can break them.

I don’t know…I find it sad when people are like “UGH Robert should be more sensitive!” or “UGH Aaron should communicate better!/should trust Robert!” because…both of these things are true, for the most part??? It’s not a case of one of them screwing up more than the other??? Neither of them are blameless for their issues, but what is also clear is that neither of them have any intention of hurting the other. It’s not a competition as to who is the best/worst fiance.

They are both messed up. They are both damaged. And they’re fixing themselves, and each other, slowly but surely. They still have a little ways to go, but my god…they have come so fucking far??!!! And I feel that the stuff that is ahead of them will only make them stronger, and hopefully some more of these issues will get addressed properly and dealt with.

I’m personally really proud of both of them for how far they’ve come, but I still accept and respect the fact that they’re still not always going to deal with things in the right way, and they’re still getting better.

The reason sex wasn’t possible between Hanabi and Mugi is love.
This show is just fucking amazing and is capable of putting multiple metaphors and references to past episodes in split seconds.

Remember her first time with Ecchan? She said it felt good. Ecchan stopped in the middle, explaining that it’s because she really does love her: that’s why it felt good.
But Mugi doesn’t. That’s why she couldn’t feel it was right, that it felt wrong, that it hurt.

(Aside from that, some studies have proven that sex with feelings and without feelings don’t procure the same amount of pleasure; not trying to tell people what to do here just using it in this context)
Also, yes, there could be the debate of “yeah but fingers/penis blablabla”. Probably. But too concrete in my opinion on how philosophical this show has been so far.

If Hanabi asked Mugi to have sex it’s because she wanted to be clear about their feelings, the result being that none of them love eachother because it hurt.
“Then I love you” Hanabi wants it to feel good, but if there are no feelings, there is no pleasure. That’s just drifting Mugi and Hanabi away from eachother more and more. Thus realizing that Ecchan is a “good enough replacement” and that she doesn’t need Mugi anymore.

As awful as it may seem, Return to the Isle of the Lost pushes a relationship between Jane and Carlos and Jay and Jordan. For whatever reason, Melissa and Disney haven’t caught onto the fact that their fanbase is much larger than small children, who really don’t care much about relationships if we’re being honest. So what is possessing them to think that forcing these characters into these relationships is a good idea?

Descendants has been, unsurprisingly, one of their more successful series. It brings in the money, and parents and kids enjoy it alike. However, one thing that tends to confuse me is their need to have everyone be in a hetero relationship, wether it works or not.

Jane and Carlos and Jay and Jordan have had little to no interaction, and have not been given a plausible setting for a satisfying relationship to form. There’s no chemistry there. It would be-with a heavy heart, I say this- more reasonable for Jay to get with Audrey or Lonnie before Jordan. Hell, Carlos could be with one of those unnamed Auradon cheerleaders and I’d still support it more than janelos.

We’ve al established that many of us don’t like Jane for obvious reasons, but that’s not even why Janelos is so hard to even consider being a tabgible pairing. Carlos was written with no attraction to Mal, Evie, or any other female on the island. Who was his attraction written towards? Jay. From analyzing his laughs to being relieved when Jay revealed Evie wasn’t his type, it was clear Carlos was not heterosexual. Jay flirted with people because that’s what he was taught. We see more of Jay being less inclined to a heterosexual pairing by the way he’s constantly interracting and protecting Carlos.

When I read the second book, it felt off. Something about the writing wasn’t how it should have been. Personally, I think Melissa was writing to please the parents’ standards, rather than appease her other fans. Again, children don’t really care as much about relationships. But why would she write Carlos in such a queerbaiting way?

However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
-Jay and Carlos spend time plotting ways to overthrow tourney teams together (Mal’s diary.)
-Jay thinks Carlos is special (Mal’s diary or spellbook, I can’t remember.)
-Jay trusts Carlos to use things he stole.
-Carlos likes making Jay laugh because it makes him feel good.
-They can relate to each other on deeper levels when it comes to bad parents (Carlos didn’t have a pillow and slept in the closet, whereas Jay slept on a rug under an unstable tabletop covered in heavy equipment.)
-Jay relies on Carlos for his smarts, and Carlos for his strength.
-They balance each other out.
-Cameron Boyce likes Jaylos (Dove’s string of tweets about trying to find Malvie blogs to prove to him that malvie was better than Jaylos, and that Cameron was ‘picking a fight.’)

These relationships will be inevitable, but it’s almost disrespectful to put Carlos with a female at this point. While I personally advocate for Jay and Carlos, it would be better to see Carlos not enter a relationship with anyone at this point. But, like many fandoms and shows, the writers don’t really care about that. So it’s pretty much up to us to keep supporting Jaylos. While we may not get a canon relationship, we have many great fanfics, edits, gorgeous art, and more.

(One thing I’m interested in is why janelos seems to be so unappealing no matter what to so many people, yet some still ship it, so if you’re interested, please inbox or message me about why you do or don’t ship it ^.^)

I just came out as trans to a friend I work with and man… I didnt expect it to go so well? She was really serious about it and we had a conversation like it was the most normal thing in the world. It felt so weird to finally talk about it out loud with someone i know in real life, yet so good I could finally get it off my chest. I was making up all these shitty scenarios in my head what could go wrong when telling someone I know, but for it to go this smooth and alright.. Im so relieved.
Well, one down a few more to go including my parents. I hope they’ll have the same reaction im begging

taylorswift Hello Tay!! So this picture might seem kind of random but it’s the painting that’s on the diary I gave to Kevin at the DC show (in the hope that it would somehow get to you). I don’t know if you received it or read it but in the small chance that you have I wanted to explain myself a little. I wrote some pretty personal/intense stuff in there that I don’t normally share with people - just because you have been such an important part of my life since I was 12/13 years old and I felt like writing directly to you would be a good way to get stuff off my chest and process the different things that are going on in my life- I’m sharing these things because I really do trust you as crazy as that seems (after I sent the diary your way I was nervous that I had shared too much within its contents). So whether you read it or not, thank you, because even the process of writing something to you helped me digest a lot of what has happened to me this year. Love you soooo much Taylor! Love, Eliane

When I read the things Demi Lovato has said regarding Taylor and her friends, I get so angry. Does she really think that people look up to Taylor because she’s thin? Maybe some people do, but her die hard fans look up to her for her intelligence, wit, drive, creativity, and talent. Taylor and her friends share these qualities, but they are also awkward, imperfect, and pretty normal. Not a single one of them promotes the concept that fans have to look exactly like them. They ALL promote personal health and fitness and happiness creating true beauty. I think if all you do is focus on their looks, you’re missing out on the truly great people within, who are probably really fun to hang out with. Saying an entire squad doesn’t have a realistic body type is ridiculous…last I checked those are their real bodies…which have absolutely NOTHING to do with why they’re friends or why a majority of their fans see them as role models….