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#transformationtuesday Today I turned 32. Felt like an appropriate moment to stop and appreciate how much I’ve grown and learned in the last year– How much more comfortable I am with myself and how peaceful my heart feels. Super grateful for my loving and supportive family and friends, and so grateful to finally feel unburdened by lifelong fears and insecurities. Life isn’t always 100% peaches and sunshine (it never is) but I feel like I’m living in color again and living as authentically as possible.

la-femme-lupita  asked:

Can you write a nerd Kentin drabble, pleaaaaaase?<3

⌈I felt this would be an appropriate theme, as today is Valentine’s Day.
And also, I’m assuming by “nerd Kentin” you mean Kentin before Kentin was Kentin. know what I mean. If not, oops. ;;⌋
Warnings: None

Characters: Kentin/Candy

Word Count: Idk, I’m on mobile.

Valentine’s Day, one of the most celebrated of the holidays at Sweet Amoris. No exaggerations, hours upon hours were put into decorating the halls and classrooms; even the gym got decorated. For many students, it was a day of chance where they could hopefully find love, but for others it was a day of hopelessness and cheap chocolate. Ken was among the majority of the others, never being able to catch the attention of a girl when this time of year can around. But, he decided he was going to change that this year.

A bouquet of divine red roses in one hand and a box of only the finest chocolates in the other, he made his way down the hall as students congregated at their lockers. He was looking for the so-called girl of his dreams at the moment, none other than Candy. He scanned the area, standing lightly on his toes to see over the heads of the taller students. There. He spotted her, and boy did she look like an angel.

Ken’s heart began to race as he approached the girl. With each step closer, the thought of rejection came further to the front of his mind. He gulped audibly when he met her face to face, holding the flowers and chocolate out. “Ah-I know you’ll probably turn me down, but I want you to have this. I think you’re really pretty and I would’ve gotten you a bigger gift but I couldn’t afford anything more than this.” A red tint crept upon the boy’s face as he spoke to his crush. “I completely understand if you don’t want to accept this, because I’ve been rejected many times before this. So..what do you say?”

Candy stood, practically in shock at what just happened. The longer it took for her to speak, the more heated Ken’s face grew. Her mouth gaped, trying to string the words together for a response. “Wow, I…don’t think I’ve ever been offered such a sweet gift..from anyone.”

“ that a yes?” Ken’s voice trembled, hoping she’d take the gifts from his hands.

Candy knew she couldn’t say no to this, that’d just be rude. Plus, Ken was one of the only guys around this school who would actually go through all this just to give her something. She nodded to him, taking the roses and chocolates, “Of course it’s a yes.” She smiled widely and leaned in to peck him on the cheek. As soon as she did, she heard the shutter of a camera.

Eyes snapping open, she jerked her head to see Peggy standing nearby with a devious look on her face. She smirked, “This’ll be great for the school paper!”

Ken pushed up his glasses, trying not to make eye contact with the tomato red Candy. He let out a sheepish laugh, “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

Meme Monday on Sunday: (olicity summer rewatch) edition

I had been traveling so I wasn’t able to participate in the twitter #olicitysummerrewatch last night hosted and arranged by cammienray & smoakandarrow

I did watch it today though and felt it only appropriate to do some memes….because why not? Everyone loves memes, right?

So here we go, memes from “Lone Gunman” and “Dodger”

Tagging the usual suspects in case they’re having withdrawals: skcolicity scu11y22 mel-loves-all smoakingquiver smoakingtardis solicity97 jbuffyangel redpenandfern thethornyrant andjustforthismoment mogirl97 jedichick04 we-are-the-unthinkable 1forall0allfor1 aubvi sentence-fragments olicity-university olicity-beautiful-dreamer thenerddess

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