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hey hi i was wondering if you could tag stuff about suicide by gunshot? honestly any other talk about suicide doesn't phase me but my dad shot himself in the head so it just makes me feel real icky im sorry if this is insensitive im really sorry youre feeling like you want to die ily

Ok im sorry

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To all the mods: thank you so much for all your work! Your creativity makes me like the game even more. What are your personal favorite headcanons you've done so far?

Thank you! We really love the support we’re getting from all of you and you’re really what keeps the blog going!

Personally my favourite headcanon is Sha Lin/Kinessa aka Long Distance Relationship (surprise surprise). I just feel that they’re so perfect and there’s some real chemistry that could go on between them, and a lot of fun stuff that could go on if they were canonically in a relationship. They’re literally perfect, perfect people who deserve each other. 

- Mod Mal’Damba

My favorite headcanon? Mine isn’t as long as Mod Mal'Damba’s, but I’ll have to say the drunk champions one. Mod Ying and I worked on it together and it was just really fun to make I guess.

- Mod Bolt  

Oh man, this is super hard. I didn’t know many headcanons before I came on this blog, and I learned so many. I have to say my favorite one is that Androxus is like a big brother to Maeve! Haven’t posted it yet, it’s coming up soon. It’s just so adorable!

- Mod Ying

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So i used to panic a lot because i would be standing there & suddenly feel like someone was standing /right behind/ me. i realize now sometimes my wings just feel really real sometimes

wings r so weird bc sometimes im like ‘yes these r Astral Wings not real’ and then sometimes im like ‘wow i cant believe i 100% have Real wings wow this is gr8′ wings, man. they’re somethin’ else

-mod hae

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Ok for the ship thing can you do Penny x Kady? :)

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Kady. Kady, Kady, Kady. Penny just lays himself bare for Kady and she is not gentle with his feelings.

who is emotionally stronger?

Penny. He’s so real about his feelings for Kady and he just manages so well even when she totally bails. Kady is really great at being strong for other people, but she doesn’t manage so well when she’s alone.

who is physically stronger?

Maybe Penny? He’s got a bit of size on Kady, but we have seen that girl fight so it’s hard to say? Penny did turn that giant table into sawdust without breaking a sweat though? But Kady’s battle magic is way stronger. I DONT KNOW.

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#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up