this feeling sux

the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during that time

Just move on. I know, it’s easier said than done because yes, it’s gonna fucking hurt. Yes, you’re gonna spend some nights crying into your pillow. You can analyse everything that went wrong but what’s that gonna do? It ain’t gonna change shit. Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up, dry your tears, put on a smile and convince yourself, not anybody else, that you’re gonna be okay and that you’re gonna get through it. Because you know what? You will. Maybe not in a few days, weeks or even months. But someday, someday you will.
—  osways

I’m reading sm poetry lately bc I’m a pretentious sap and the method I use 2 discern between good/bad poetry is if I feel like “this shit sux I could write better shit than this I’m gonna stop now and write my own superior poem” then it’s shite… but if I’m like “this is so good that I am not even worthy 2 lick the feet of this sad sack poet I’m stunned moved crying 96 tears” then it’s good…. also I can’t read modern poetry it looks like


it doesn’t even fucken

rhyme wtf

and then they

tag their bullshit

as “spilled ink” and bitch

if u call ur writing spilled ink

I’m not

even gonna


and disembowel myself


Things Grell Says When Fighting

“ Fight me bitch!”

“Say goodbye to your kneecaps motherfucker!” *kicks opponents kneecaps*

“ I’ll make you infertile!”

“ Red is a lovley color you’re destined to die in, mofucker”

“ Ronnie watch me wreck this fucker!”

“Ur hair suxs ass”

Feel free to add more :)

He said “I’m not here for you.
Listen I’m not here for you
The skyline could crash into your backyard and your roses could be torches and your house could be the sun
But I wouldn’t save you
I wouldn’t drag you to safety”

He said “I don’t love you
Listen I never have
You could give me everything I’ve ever needed and you could bring me coffee on mornings I’m tired and sing me to sleep when my insomnia takes over and you could be there for me when I am lonely and I am always lonely
But I wouldn’t care
It’d never be enough”

He said “I will only hurt you
Listen that’s all I’ve ever done
You could be the sweetest person alive and you could never say a harsh word against me and you could love me with all your heart and expect nothing back
But I will give you something back
And it will be a bleeding heart and charred soul
Because that is what I do
That is what I’m good at”

I said “I don’t care I love you I’m sorry please don’t hurt me
It doesn’t matter what you do I will always wake up imagining your skin under my fingertips I will always miss you when you’re gone
You’re always gone because even when you’re here you’re not
I could wish to love someone else and I could tell everyone I’m over you
And I’ve done both of those things

But it’s still not enough”

I know you are not here for me and you’ve only hurt me and your apologies have only been because I was hurt and not because you were sorry
I know that you love her and I know you cry for her in your sleep
I know all of these things
And I wish I didn’t
Because they are slowly killing me.

—  These are the things I have learned, the words you never said but I know you have thought– Lily Rain

ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb; for the rebellious teenager [listen] [photo credit]

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jaylarkson  asked:

Yeah, and it's on the inside of my lip, more up in my gums, so it makes it painful to talk 😬 my lip feels ginormous it sux... But how was /your/ day?

Anti grimaced again. “Ah jeez… I hope that gets better for ya soon,” he said softly. “My day… Nothin’ particularly interestin’,” he shrugged.