this feeling suddenly swallow all my heart

Electric Currents - Nightwing x Reader

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Requested by Anon - a nightwing imagine where the reader has electrical powers but no one on the team trusts/is nice to her for an unknown reason and one day on a mission they are attacked and she saves everyone but almost dies herself.

You sat in the living room of the cave, using your electrical powers to charge your phone as you played a game on it. Everyone else had gone somewhere, leaving you alone. Shifting to lie flat on the couch, you smiled when you beat your high score. From the position you were laying, no one could see you on the couch from the kitchen area. 

Soon your peace was interrupted at the sound of laughter. You froze, stilling your breath as you heard footsteps in the kitchen.

“That movie was so great,” Cassie giggled, moving around the kitchen. “Not to mention the pizza place afterwards.”

“Yeah, I needed a day out,” Karen agreed as the fridge opened and closed. “It was nice M’gann invited the whole team along. We never do anything fun anymore.” You frowned at the words ‘whole team’, your heart sinking when you realized you had never been invited along for movie and pizza. In fact, you hadn’t even known everyone had left until you searched the cave and found it empty. 

The snap of a pop can opening echoed through the kitchen as more footsteps entered the kitchen. “Hey, is there more of that?” Jaime asked, opening the fridge again. Another pop can opened. “That pizza was amazing, but it left my mouth feeling like a desert.” 

“Maybe you have to be careful not to inhale your food,” Cassie teased as they all laughed. You swallowed hard, closing your eyes as an empty feeling grew in your heart. 

Suddenly, light footsteps came running down the hall and into the kitchen. “Hey guys, Conner’s trying to surf outside!” Garfield cried before running back outside. The others laughed, following him at a much slower pace. 

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Rhaegar x Tyrell!Reader

Imagine being a Tyrell and catching the eye of Prince Rhaegar.

((Anon asked for a Rhaegar x Reader one shot where there’s no marriage to Elia or Robert’s Rebellion….I hope you like this anon!))

Word Count: 1,932

Waring: Uh….poorly written daughter to Olenna Tyrell? Poorly written Rhaegar? lol

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Can You Teach Me [Part 5]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Malia


Word Count: 3,015

**Okay so this part is actually more fluff, but have no fear it’s not the end and there will be more smut later! Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

@ladylizzieofdarbyshire hopefully this tag works!

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I tap my fingers against my knee, unable to fight the anxious jitters that have suddenly plagued me. I feel like all of my nerve endings are trying to react at once and it’s a sensation that greatly resembles gasoline flowing through my veins and someone throwing in a lit match. I can feel it searing through me, threating to engulf me and swallow me whole. Scott is talking but I can’t even begin to focus on what he’s saying. There’s a rushing sound in my ears and heart beat pounds so loudly I feel like my skull is going to crack open.

           “Scott,” I snap, interrupting him and he looks over at me in surprised confusion, “Do I really have to be here right now?”

           “What do you have someplace better to be?” Malia hisses at me, shooting a glare at me that looks like it could shred me into a thousand pieces. “I’m sure you have a long list of guys you need to go seduce and fuck.”

           I fixate on Malia, my hands balling into fists tightly at my sides. “If this is about Stiles,” I say through clenched teeth and she bares her fangs at me.

           “The only reason he’s even paying attention to you is because you used your witchcraft on him, slut.” She snarls and my vision turns red in fury.

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“Bressie’s Girl” - Niall Horan One Shot

Disclaimer: I swear this is about Niall! He’s lusting after a girl who’s supposed to be set up with his buddy, Bressie. Lots of fluffy/awkward Niall then NSFW towards the end. 

Niall looked down at the buzzing next to him on the couch at his home in London. He sighed as he picked up the phone, seeing none other than Laura Whitmore’s name pop up on the screen. 

You coming tonight? She’d asked, referring to another wild get-together of the LIC. 

Was thinking about it. He responded vaguely. 

Uggggh. Come! You have to meet my new friend! Niall rolled his eyes at that message. Laura had been on a mission lately to get him to settle down with this girl or that. He’d been single too long, she claimed. He needed to meet someone before his heart shriveled up. 

Laura went on to explain that they’d met at a music festival and became fast friends. Mari was her name. Niall couldn’t think of anything more annoying than a girl whose name should end in a Y but she decided to be trendy and spell it with an I. But Niall could use a few pints, and the craic was always good with Laura. To hell with it, he was going. 

It didn’t take nearly as much coaxing to get Deo to go out as it had getting Niall off the couch. But Niall got ready and pulled on his paddy cap before walking out the door to the pub. He smiled as he hugged and greeted his friends when he arrived; a lot of people had shown up. Laura launched herself into his arms like she usually did and Niall laughed as he hugged her back tightly. 

“Come meet Mari,” she grinned and led him over to a booth. 

That’s when he saw the beautiful brunette sitting across from Eoghan. Chocolate brown hair fell in waves around her shoulders as her amber eyes lit up. She was talking animatedly about something, using her hands that showed her toned arms and olive skin. This girl couldn’t have been more perfect if Niall had cooked her up in a lab. 

“Hey, Mari! This is Niall!” Laura said as she slid into the booth next to her and Niall slid in next to Eoghan. 

“Which Niall?” Mari asked in a thick English accent as she looked up at him. “You’ve told me about multiple Nialls.” 

“The Irish one from Mullingar,” Niall responded sarcastically and silently congratulated himself when he heard the timber of her laughter. 

“Nice to meet you,” she smiled and offered her hand for a shake. 

“Likewise,” Niall nodded with a grin and shook her hand. Her small hand felt so smooth in his. He was already eager to touch the rest of her. “What are we talking about over here?” 

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His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 16

Warning;sexual content!

“ Yes he does, he wants what’s mine"

Hailey’s Pov

he pulled me close as my back was pushed against the back of the front door, my hands were in his hair and his hands were gripping my hips it was just like earlier at the beach but now were alone in my house.

we both pulled away breathless and in need of some air

“is your mum going to come home soon?” Luke said between breathes

his forehead was against mine as he talked and then he pulled his head away to look at me

his eyes stared into mine.. his deep blue eyes.

“No,she’s gone for a couple of days with work” i said knowing i will probably regret telling him that because he will never want to leave

although do i want him to leave??


he smirked at me and then all of a sudden i was lifted up in the air in his arms, i almost screamed at the sudden rush of being lifted and i clung to his shoulders as he laughed at my reaction, i felt like hitting him. He needs to stop laughing at me.

he went to walk and i knew where he was intending to go but i stopped him

“Wait” i said as i squeezed his shoulder to get his attention

he stopped in the middle of the hall and he looked up at me confused

i smiled down at him hoping to reassure him and then i said “ i need to turn the tv off”

he realised what i said and rolled his eyes and he let me down onto the ground

my legs were a little wobbly as he set me down.

i ran over to the tv and turned it off and when i turned around Luke was staring at me

suddenly the air in the room changed and he wasn’t smirking at me or looking at me smugly.

he was really looking at me like he needed me.

No one has looked at me like this before..

god, i could feel my heart start to beat faster and faster with each step i took.

this has never happened before.

i stood in front of him and looked up at him

“So were going to be alone all night?” Luke said

i swallowed and nodded my head, he smirked and he was going to lean down but then the door bell rang.

the fuck?

then i remembered i ordered pizza

“i hope that isn’t your friends” Luke said annoying

i rolled my eyes at him and said “ It’s the pizza guy”

i grabbed my money that i had set on the counter beside the door and opened it to find Neil.

he goes to our school and i hardly doubt Luke knew that

“Hey Hailey” Neil said but then he looked up and his eyes widened, i knew he was looking at Luke

i hope Luke stays where he is.

“Hi Neil” i said nicely to him

i wouldn’t say were friends but he always makes a point to smile at me during school.. he’s a year older than us

he handed me over the money and i knew he was about to speak when i felt Luke behind me

ugh i hope he shuts up.

i handed Luke the pizza and said “ Will you set this out please”

he gave me a weird look and walked away into the kitchen with the pizza, i was glad that was easier than i expected it to be.

“Luke hemmings really Hailey?” Neil said once Luke was gone

i had to look at him twice, i couldn’t believe he said that.

Well i can because we aren’t meant to be seen together at all but still and that is the most he has said to me.

it’s not like i have had a crush on him.. well not anymore.

“he lives next door and he’s just helping me fix the tv since my mum is gone” i said to him

nice save Hailey nice save.

he gave me a weird look and said “as long as that’s all” then he walked away to his car.

“He likes you” Luke said as i closed the door

i turned around to find him looking at me, i rolled my eyes at him and said “He does not like me”

he crossed his arms over his chest and said “ Yes he does, he wants what’s mine”

i almost died right there and then.

to hear Luke call me his is so cute.

but i’m not.


“What’s yours? i’m not your’s at all” i said to him

i didn’t look at him any longer, i am hungry so i walked right past him to the kitchen to see that Luke got two plates and spilt the pizza in half..

who said he was having some?

“You know you want to be mine” Luke whispered from behind me

he is really fucking with me right now

i turned around to find him smirking at me but i didn’t smirk back

“no i don’t” i said seriously hoping he would believe it even if i didn’t believe it.

i thought maybe the smirk would be gone but it wasn’t he just looked more cocky by my words.

“Oh is that right?” he said looking me up and down

i wasn’t going to let him get to me like this, i need to eat.

i was done with this conversation

“well think whatever you like, i am going to sit and eat this pizza and watch a movie” i said to him then i grabbed a plate and walked away from him for the second time tonight

i switched the tv on and snuggled on the sofa flicking through the channels, i smiled to my self when i saw Luke sit down with his half of the pizza.

he wants to stay..

maybe he really does like me

“Pick a channel” Luke said with his mouthful

i couldn’t help but laugh at him

i shook my head and said “ so attractive” i didn’t really mean anything by what i said and then Luke smiled showing off the food in his mouth and i almost spat out my drink all over the table.

“Don’t ever do that again” i said to him as i laughed at him

this is so relaxing just being with him like this.

Luke’s Pov

i looked over at her as she was watching TV , she chose a TV show called Friends, i’ve never heard of it before but it’s funny.

we aren’t talking but i’m enjoying watching her laugh at funny bits while she eats,i’ve already finished my half but she had one more slice.

she never said about sharing the pizza it just seem normal to spilt it like we’ve always done it.

she stood up when the break came on and she got the plates and took them into the kitchen, i was going to offer to do it for her but i’m not her boyfriend.

it made me really angry when she was talking to that Neil guy, he was smiling at her and she was smiling back. i couldn’t help but stand near her as if to say back off.

i felt like saying she was mine right in front of him but i couldn’t do that because she isn’t

she came back and sat back down but closer to me this time

god she is beautiful, i know i say that a lot but it’s true.

here she is sitting in just a pair of shorts and a vest top with her hair in a bun and no makeup on and all i want to do is kiss her.

i am going fucking insane!

these thoughts i’m having i need to do something about it or i will explode

“C'mon here” i said making her turn around

she smiled at me and sat back and i put my arm around her pulling her close.

now were cuddling on the sofa.. what is happening to me?

but i don’t want to move or tell her to move.

Hailey’s Pov


this has never happened before, not like this.

i feel so safe in his arms, i knew moving a little closer to him this is what i wanted him to do but now that it’s happened i can’t control the butterflies in my stomach!

if someone had asked me a month ago me and Luke would be doing this on a Tuesday night i would laughed right in their face.

i would love to tell Sophie and Lauren all about this but after keeping it for so long i know they will not want to talk to me ever again.

i pretend in school that i hate Luke but it’s all lies, a month ago it wasn’t i really did dislike him like i really did but now i couldn’t imagine my life without him.

i want this forever with him.

he probably doesn’t feel the same and that’s okay because i’m happy with how things are with us

Friends was on a break and it suddenly got really quiet, it was as if the TV wasn’t on and we were just sitting in silence.

then i felt Luke move my hair from my neck and then he kissed me where was hair was

i couldn’t help but close my eyes at his touch

“i can’t keep my hands of you” Luke whispered as he kissed me neck over and over on the same spot


i smirked to myself and i couldn’t help but turn and get onto his lap.

“Well don’t then” i said as i leaned down to kiss him.

Luke smirked against my lips as we kissed and one of his hands gripped my neck keeping my head in place while the other hand was in my hair gripping, he’s never done that before but fuck me i am so turned on and i can feel just how turned on he is as i grind against his legs i can feel his hard on against my thigh and it’s really turning me on.

“ I want to fuck you so bad” Luke said between kisses as we continued to kiss not caring if we needed to breath because right now i don’t want this to end.

i really want to fuck him as well,i pulled away from him and i looked at him.. his lips were red from kissing and his hair was messed up and the words were out of my mouth before i could think but i meant them because the way i’m feeling i really wanted to do it.

“ Why don’t you then” i said

Luke looked shocked and he was silent for a minute and then he said  " You want to have sex?“

i nodded my head.. why was he confused?

” Don’t you want to wait?“ he said was he for real?

” No, i was never waiting, no one has ever wanted to have sex with me that’s why i never had it" i said back because it’s true.

“ Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked

“ Yes” i said back.Luke smirked at me and kissed me more forcefully but i didnt mind.

all i could think about was that i was going to have sex.

i was going to have sex with Luke hemmings, am i mad??

Luke smirked and he gripped my hips and said “ Hold on baby” i didn’t know what he meant until he started to stand up with me in his arms, i gripped his shoulders and he laughed and started making his way up stairs to my room.

oh my god this was actually happening…

He  layed me down on the bed gently which was strange, he’s never done that before. I didn’t know what to do next so I lay still and then I felt the bed dip and Luke started crawling on his knees to me.

Once he was straddling me he started kissing my neck.

“ No marks” I said.. i don’t need anyone questioning them at school

He just smirked at me and left my neck alone which i was happy about and then he shuffled down on the bed and he pulled on my top meaning he wanted it off, i sat up so i could lift it over my head and then i threw it somewhere in my room.

i was naked from the waist up now, i felt like covering myself up and then Luke gripped my wrist and smirked then he leaned down and started sucking on my left nipple taking it into his

he started sucking on my nipples taking his time with each one,my back arched off the bed and I started moaning Luke’s name.

“ You like that baby?” Luke said

I looked down at him and nodded my head.

He smirked and continued sucking and then he stopped and pulled my head down making our lips touch, he licked my bottom lip and then bit down on my lip begging for entrance which I gladly gave him.

I could feel fireworks in my stomach starting to explode and I couldn’t handle it.

All that was going through my mind was this is actually happening..

I never wanted this feeling to stop, I was loving it just like I love him.

He pulled away and then his hands start exploring my body and then I felt his hand on my clit over my shorts and panties and then he started rubbing in a circular motion, i closed my eyes in pleasure enjoying this but then he stopped suddenly making me open my eyes, he gave me a smug look an then he started pulling my shorts and panties down my legs until they were gone.

He didn’t break eye contact the whole time, it was like i was under spell and he was hypnotising me.

the butterflies were going wild inside of me and Luke kissed me interrupting my thoughts and i gripped his t-shirt because he is wearing far to many clothes. he pulled away and pulled his top off and threw it across the room, i didn’t do a very good job of getting it of him but he didn’t seem to mind.  

We smirked at each other and Luke’s hand started rubbing my clit again making me close my eyes and moan his name

“ Lukee….”

He attached his lips to me and then he said

“ I love hearing you moan baby”…

i started feeling something wet between my legs and i knew if he kept doing this i would cum any minute but then he stopped

“ Let’s skip the fourplay” Luke said he kissed me once more and then he got of me I got worried but then I saw him grab his jeans and pulled them down his legs along with his boxers.

the red lines were still there but i didn’t say anything, i will ask him about them tomorrow.

i thought he was going to get on top of me again but then he took out a gold packet from his back pocket

this is really happening.. we were going to have sex.

the air in the room changed and the adrenaline hit me so hard as he ripped the gold plastic wrapper with his teeth and then he started pumping his dick before putting the rubber on.

i couldn’t take my eyes of him and he couldn’t take his eyes of me as he got back onto the bed and he intertwined both of our right hands and kissed me softly then he pulled away and spoke

“ Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked

I leaned up and whispered in his ear.. “ Fuck me Luke hemmings”

He smirked and said “ just let me know if i hurt you okay”

i love how he is so caring right now especially in this situation, it turned me on even more right now

I could feel his member at my vagina and I could feel my heart beat getting faster and faster. I’m pretty sure Luke could hear it too.

He smirked at me and then he pushed his cock in me making me gasp.

It hurt.

it hurt like hell. It wasn’t what I expected.

he is big. i wasn’t expecting it to feel like this.

“ Are you okay?” Luke ask while he was inside me.

It felt weird with him inside me. Is this what it will be like?

I nodded my head and then Luke said “ Just tell me if you need me to stop, your first time is always sore”

I nodded my head again and Luke started to move.

The pain turned into pleasure. I couldn’t control my moans and neither could Luke.. His eyes had turned into a little darker shade of blue, they were so pretty I could look in them forever.

our right hands were still intertwined as Luke moved and every now again his lips would press soft kisses on my neck, i know he is trying to make this some what special for me but he really doesn’t have to. I’m not made of glass i won’t break

“Move fast i won’t break Luke” i moaned and he thrusted into me, he looked down at me and i could see the sweat on his forehead and then he leaned down and kissed me on the lips hard.

then i felt him move and i mean really move.

It no longer hurt thankfully and i could feel my orgasm start to build, Luke started to moan as he thrusted harder and deeper into me making me moan his name loud

“L…U…K…E” I  moaned so loud i know my voice is going to hurt tomorrow

“ Oh fuck your so tight baby” he moaned

“Is that a good thing?” i moaned

“Perfect” Luke said and kissed me on the lips

“ I love your boobs baby and your ass” Luke smacked my ass as he spoke, i almost screamed because i was not expecting it but not because it hurt because it turned me on so much more.

“Ah fuck i’m close..” i moaned as i arched my back of the bed as he went deeper and deeper inside me which i didn’t think was possible..

“ Fuck baby I can feel how wet you are for me.. Are you ready to cum?” Luke moaned

With a few more thrusts I couldn’t hold on anymore..

“ AH FUCK! I screamed while cumming..

” So tight..FUCK!“ Luke moaned and then followed with…

” Fuck baby, you feel so good, I’m close" Luke said and then his thrusts got deeper and deeper and then I felt him cum in the condom.

Luke pulled out and dropped next to me panting and sweating.

oh my god that was amazing was all i could think about in my head.

i just had sex.

sex with Luke Hemmings.

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finally they have had sex!!!

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Word count: 2,953

Part 23

*gif by me

‘I- I don’t know, I don’t feel like myself anymore. I don’t feel- happy.’ She muttered, a smile disappearing from Bonnie’s face.

'You’re not happy with Kai?’ She asked.

'I think so. Don’t get me wrong, I love him with all my life, I really do, but I would give anything to have my old life back where everything was normal. Sort of. Life where I was a witch, having fun with learning all the new spells or hanging out with you guys. It felt like something that would last forever, but somehow I just don’t feel it anymore.’ She trailed off. It felt like someone just shoved a stake into my heart and twisted it a couple of times. Her words hurt more than I expected, but then again, I wasn’t too surprised because she meant the world to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. My life without her would be plain, boring, with nothing to hold on to and I needed her by my side. She has been my rock since the very beginning and losing that rock would make me walk easily in any direction that looked appealing, a direction that would maybe change me into the man I used to be. I swallowed hard and kept listening to them, trying to burry the words that hurt my entired body, causing the most aching to my heart. She wasn’t happy with me anymore. All this time I thought that I was doing everything right, trying to keep her happy, taking care of her in every way possible, but at the end, none of that mattered anymore. There was one thing she was right and the one thing that has been going through my mind the entire time, from the moment I laid my eyes on her. She deserved someone much better than me. Someone who wouldn’t keep getting her life in danger and that’s exactly what I have been doing. I hurt her so many times, the first meeting between us, being the first time I laid my hand on her as I siphoned her magic. I would do anything to change what I did to her but I was also incredibly happy, because she forgave me.

'Did you tell him?’ Bonnie asked as I tried to hold back the tear that was forming in my eye, a small lump suddenly finding its way inside my throat.

'No, I- I can’t hurt him like that.’

'You have to. I know how you feel about him, but you’ll hurt him even more if you keep pretending that you’re happy. I’m sure he would understand.’ Bonnie trailed off. I swallowed hard and kept looking down at my feet, processing the words that just came out of the girl I love with all my heart. I wanted to slowly walk into the room and talk to her, ask her to tell me everything that has been bothering her, I wanted to be there for her, but I knew that the best thing for her was if she could have somehow get her old life back.

I slowly and quietly walked downstairs, being very careful so they couldn’t hear me, not even my breathing as I walked into the big living room, an older furniture placed neatly all around the room. I found Damon sitting on the sofa next to the fireplace with a drink in his hand, a warm light from the fire illuminating his face and making the bourbon in his glass look as if there were stars swimming inside it.  I approached him and insecurely sat down on the couch in front of him, crossing my arms as I couldn’t stop shaking my leg from being too nervous and trying to find the right words, how to begin and ask him probably the biggest favour, a man who hated me and probably still does.

'We need to talk.’ I managed to speak up and looked at Damon as my hands started to shake, unsure if he would be willing to help me.

'I’m listening.’ Damon muttered.

'I want to- I want to compell her. I want her to forget about me and everything I did. I want to erase myself from her mind so she-’ Kai stuttered and stopped, a tear escaping my eye, my emotions suddenly flooding to the surface. 'So she doesn’t have to be unhappy. I want her to be happy and to be free. To have… a normal life again, where she could do what she always loved to. Making leaves fly, changing flowers, enjoying her magic and the only way for that to happen is if she forgets that I ever existed. It will be better for her.’ I trailed off and ran my fingers through my hair, thinking twice if this was exactly what I wanted. Damon rolled his eyes at me and shook his head before he placed an empty glass on the table.

'What is up with you guys and having the urge to compell people’s memories away?’ Damon asked, complete annoyance in his voice.

'You did it once and it didn’t go very well, did it? I want her to be happy ok? I love her and the only thing I can do is to give her what she wants.’ I trailed off, looking directly at Damon. 'You didn’t see how happy she looked when she showed me one of her favourite ways of using magic. How she placed her hand above a rose that used to be full of colour, but suddenly lost all of her petals. She moved her hand around and that same rose became beautiful again. The smile on her face was the most beautiful and the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life and frankly, I would love to see it again.’ I trailed off and a small smile flashed across my face for a split second before it disappeared again, replaced with sadness and worry.

'And what exactly does she want?’

'She wants to be a witch again. She wants her old life back and I can give her that if-’

'You can’t. Compulsion won’t make her a witch again. She’ll remain a vampire but without her memories of you. Is that what you want?’ Damon uttered, crossing his arms, leaning back a little bit, his back pressing against the soft sofa. He kept a serious face, waiting for my answer and as if he was studying my face expression.

'I would be the happiest man alive if she could keep her memories of me, of all the things we went through together, even the bad ones. That’s life, I guess. I would be devastated if she just forgot about me. I was a big part of her life after all.’ I let out a deep sight, my fingertips brushing over my knuckled as my fingers somehow dug deeply into my skin, leaving small marks on my palm. I relaxed a little bit and snapped out of my mind, focusing on what Damon had to say.

'Then go out there and look for the damn cure, if that’s what you want the most and I know her, maybe more than anyone, I know that she will never forget it. She will forever be grateful and you should always remember that. Ok?’ Damon uttered, his face expression serious, maybe a dash of worry splashed across his face. By his words, I was finally able to see how much she meant to him, how much she wanted her to be happy, just as I did.

'Why are you helping me all of a sudden? You wanted to kill me.’ I asked quietly, my fingers intertwined with one another, my cold fingertips ocassionally touching my palms, making shivers roll down my spine.

'I don’t know man, she’s like family to me. I want to help her and if you really want her to be a witch again, you know what to do. The cure.’ He said quietly and tapped his fingers on the arms of the sofa, a small hint of smile visible on his lips.

'You mean, a cure for vampirism? Is that a thing?’ I asked, furrowing my eyebrows in confussion and curiousity, a dash of hope colliding through my body.

'It is a thing, even though you might have to travel somewhere far from here to get it. If you manage to recieve it, you will get what you want. What she wants and hopefully, she will be happy just as she planned to be, except she won’t be able to become a vampire ever again or be healed with vampire blood.  She will be just as before.’

'That’s what I want.’ I stood up and was ready to take a step away from Damon, but he gripped my arm strongly, causing me to turn around.

'If you give her the cure, make sure she’s ok.’

'I will. Always.’ I tapped Damon on his shoulder and smiled. Oh and, please don’t let her leave before I come back.’

'She’s going to wait for you, don’t worry.’

'Thanks man.’

Kai trailed off and stormed out of the house, taking the car as he drove off to the exact place where he could find what he was looking for. Your happines was all that Kai wanted and he was prepared for everything. Everything it takes to keep you by his side and that would happen if you got your old life back.

2 days later

You walked up and down in your room with a hair brush in your hands, your fingers slightly tapping the handle, nervousness traveling through your body because there was no sign of Kai for the last two days and you definitely weren’t used to it. He has always been right there by your side whenever you needed him or when he needed you. It didn’t matter that two days ago you told Bonnie how you don’t feel as happy with Kai as you did before, you still loved him and wanted to be sure he was ok.He was your first true love, the first person who believed in you and was there for you when no one else was and you couldn’t just let that go so easily.

'If you keep walking like this, you’ll make a hole in the floor. Damon’s going to be so pissed.’ You stopped tapping your fingers and stared into the wall for a few seconds before you finally turned around. Kai’s tall figure was leaned against the door frame, his famous smirk splashed on his face while his hands were tucked into the pockets of his pants. You had no idea what to do. Your body was completely frozen as if someone has put a spell on you and as if someone has kicked all of the air out of your lungs.

'I- Shit.’ You muttered and finally managed to find the strenght to move, your legs and every particle in your body carrying you towards Kai without any hesitation, dying to wrap your arms around him as if you hadn’t seen him in months. His arm wrapped around your waist while the other one laid gently on the back of your neck, pressing your head into his chest, your arms gripping around his body. 'I’m so sorry, Kai. For what I said, I- I know you heard what I said to Bonnie.’

'How do you- Damon!’ Kai rolled his eyes and bit his bottom lip.

'I- Shit.’ You muttered and finally managed to find the strenght to move, your legs and every particle in your body carrying you towards Kai without any hesitation, dying to wrap your arms around him as if you hadn’t seen him in months. His arm wrapped around your waist while the other one laid gently on the back of your neck, pressing your head into his chest, your arms gripping around his body. 'I’m so sorry, Kai. For what I said, I- I know you heard what I said to Bonnie.’

'How do you- Damon!’ Kai rolled his eyes and bit his bottom lip as you looked up, your eyes meeting his. He gently brought his hand up to your face and tucked a small lock of hair behind your ear, his touch so gentle and warm against your skin, making you realize how you would have never been able to spwnd your days without him, because your heart really was beating for him only.

'I don’t know why I said it. I- I do miss my old life but, you are what’s the most important to me and I would like it to stay that way.’

'It’s ok, you don’t need to apologize for it. I get it why you said that. It did hurt but, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy, even if that includes us having to be seperated.’

'We don’t have to.’ You cupped his face and brushed your thumb over his bottom lip and his cheek, his scruff slightly tickling your fingertips. 'I will follow you to the end of the world if I have to.’ Kai chuckled and looked away for a split second before his eyes met yours again. 'I will do anything to keep you in my life and not having to be afraid of losing you every time I do something stupid that might push you away from me.’

'You are never going to do anything that will push me away from you. Not even if you decided to become an emotionless vampire again, I’ll be there for you and bring you back every damn time and I will do anything to make you happy. That’s why-’ he took out a small black box out of his pocket, hesitating a little bit, somehow feeling unsure if he should give it to you, but he eventually did place it in your hand, resting lightly against your palm. 'I got you this.’

'Kai- what-’ you swallowed hard, your hands slightly shaking because for some reason, a dash of fear invaded your body, but got replaced by happiness.

'Just open it.’

You walked over to your bed and sat down, Kai following your steps as his hand rested on your back, rubbing small circles in it. Your fingers trembled, slowly opening the box, only for your eyes to see a small capsule filled with red fluid. Once you realized what was in front of your eyes, you quickly looked at Kai who had the biggest smile on his face, but that smile slowly faded away when he saw a tear streaming down your face.

'Hey, hey! What’s wrong?’ He asked, concern in his voice.

'A cure… you brought me a cure for vampirism?’

Kai looked at you befuddled, his brows furrowing as he was expecting a different reaction from you. A reaction that would show how delighted you were because you would get what you wanted from the moment you became a vampire.

'Yes, I- I thought that’s what you wan-’

You interrupted him with a deep and passionate kiss. A kiss filled with lust and fear but also such love for each other, your lips colliding together as if both, you and Kai were scared of losing the other half if you pulled back. You hugged him tightly, your head burried in his chest, staining his shirt with your tears, his fingers brushing through your shiny hair, giving you comfort.

'You want me to become human again?’ You said quietly, your voice shaky from crying, your lips plump from all the tears that touched them.

'I want you to be what you want to be. A witch. I want to give you a chance for your old life. A life where you were happy and didn’t regret for all the choices you made, where your tears were replaced with your chuckles and your smile that always lit up the room. I want you to be happy.’ He trailed off and kissed away your tears, his lips brushing against yours a few times, getting a taste of your tears.

'As long as you’re with me, I’m happy, you know that.’

'I do, but this way, you can have everything you want.’

'Is that why you were gone for two days?’ His hand rested on your waist, his fingers brushing against your bare skin.


'You didn’t have to do that.’

'I would do everything for you. For my girl. Because I love you more than anything.’ His words cut deep into your mind, making your tears flow to the surface even more, slowly rolling down your cheeks.

'I love you so much, Kai. I always have and ways will. Remember that.’

'Always.’ He pulled you in for a gentle kiss, his fingers wiping away your tears. You took a deep breath and calmed yourself down a little bit before you reached into the small box and picked up a small capsule. You held it in your hand and kept observing it, as if it was some foreign object and needed more studying just so you could be sure that it will do you no harm. You lifted your head up and looked at Kai who’s eyes were focused on you, carefully watching your every move.

'Ok.’ You broke the top, revealing the red liquid as you brought it to your lips, letting it trickle down your throat and into your body. Not even after a few minutes, your head started aching and you didn’t even have the chance to speak up as your vision went blurrier with each second, Kai disappearing from your sight. The only thing that was in front of you was pure darkness. 

Essays in Existentialism: FtWD VII

please continue the ftwd au

The smell of the salt of the sea woke her. It popped with every drop of rain that plucked at the surface, kicking up kernels of ocean that mingled with breeze and the storm, wafting through the open porthole, dripping from the railings and sails and ropes. As wonderful as it was, she dug her nose into the pillow and inhaled the heat of bodies, the lingering hint of skin, and that clean, soapy remnant from freshening up before bed. Eyes closed and ears not working just yet, the taste and smell of a morning storm and lingering bruises made her purr as she stretched in the sheets.

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Sing for Me

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request. As always: I hope you’ll like it. :D

You used to be a singer, but ever since the apocalypse hit, you never really sang again. When you join the group you soon discover that the spot of the singer is already taken so you decide to not tell anyone, until one night you start singing again.

word count: 1205

I was on watch tonight. Sitting at the top of the tower watching over the world I had my sniper rifle next to me. Even in a quiet night like this I always had to have it within reach. I waved at Glenn and Maggie who were patrolling the fences killing the walkers closest to the fence. After they almost broke down last month we had doubled up the security precautions. And that included more patrols, more people on watch and an overall higher alert for everyone.
I yawned. It was past midnight already and nothing had happened during my watch. I was tired, but I had to stay up for another hour until I was relieved. I stood up, stretched my arms and legs hoping that a little exercise would wake me up again. It worked wonderfully…. for about five minutes. Maybe even less until I was dead tired again. In a last desperate attempt I thought of the only thing that had always kept me awake before all this: Singing. I haven’t sang in ages and at first my voice was rusty, but after singing a few notes, some higher notes, some deeper notes, I found my voice quite decent again.

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Love And Care

I WROTE A THING HOLY SHIT AMAZING AIN’T IT. Not even what I need to work on it just randomly came out. Whatever. Here we go.

A/N: AO3 link

“Zoro, you’ll always save me right?”

Startled at the sudden question invading the silence around him, Zoro looked up from cleaning Wado.

“…Of course, Luffy. Though you never really need me to save you.”

Shuffling his feet, Luffy stepped forward and plopped down beside his swordsman, leaning into the man’s shoulder and frowning, eyes focusing onto a loose nail on the Sunny’s deck. He’d have to tell Franky about that later.

“No, I know that. I mean when I fall into the ocean. You’ll always save me. Right?”

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Suddenly, I was reborn.
Lungs filled with new oxygen,
Skin on fire.
I was as if you had touched me all over.
A burning corpse, a cremated memory.
Slowly killing who I used to be,
Replacing her with someone caring.
A heart at last, 
Something capable of emotion.
I allowed myself to be swallowed by the flames in your eyes.
Flickering against the dark contents of your mind.
My skin turns to ashes as your lips touch mine,
I feel my body crumble.
Only fire will remain.
A burning passion,
Setting my soul on fire. 
A flame so alive it could light up whole cities.
A heart so fiery, it makes the sun appear dull.
I will paint this world all shades of auburn and orange,
Simply by using you as my canvas.
I will mimic the dance of a naked flame,
Only if I have you as my partner.
We will spread through streets like blood through veins,
Making others envious of our radiance
We may melt together.
Tangled bodies,
Lips accompanied by never-ending skin.
Impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.
Our physical beings almost liquid as we are welded together.
Two stones struck against one another, 
We created enough sparks to set ourselves alight.
A burning mess of heat and decay, we fell in to each other.
I alone can set this city on fire.
But both of us combined can burn it to the ground.
—  Firestones
Undercover Results

This is a Hotch x Reader requested by anon where you and Hotch go undercover as a married couple and you make it to the elevator before Hotch finally can’t take it anymore and kisses you. I hope you like this! So sorry that it took so long to post, but it’s here! Thanks for reading! :)

Hotch was so, so close to you. You could feel the heat radiating off of his body and you could swear that you could physically hear the pounding of his heart in his chest. The sounds and smells and just the feel of being in his space was intoxicating. The hoax ring wrapped around your ring finger felt so foreign, yet oddly fitting, like there was supposed to be something there, as your hand wrapped in Hotch’s.

You smiled widely, bearing your sparkling teeth to the other members of the reception. You turned to Hotch, “Oh, honey, isn’t that just delightful?” Your hand was on his chest, and you could feel Hotch’s heart pounding. He knew you were teasing him, and you were not quite sure why, but you knew that it would have some sort of affect on him.

He smiled fakely, pulling you even closer, and suddenly it was a war between the two of you to see who could make the other more uncomfortable, who could make the other person itch in their shoes more. You felt his hands spread wide over your waist, a blatant show of affection to those around you, and you inadvertantly inhaled a sharp breath.

Oh, it was on.

All night, the two of you flirted and teased, battling who would crack and complain or confess first, both determined not to.

Finally, towards the end of the night, after consuming copious glasses of champagne and wine and alcohol, just to push Hotch over the edge, you pressed your lips onto his. It was a drunken kiss, short and teasing and meaningless, but underneath the surface you felt an electric fire begin to blaze, sparking a surreal heat that you craved more and more as your lips pulled apart inch by inch away from his.

A teasing smile slipped across your lips as you looked at Hotch in his rare, shell-shocked form. Then, as if nothing had happened and as if you had already forgotten that brief moment, you turned back toward the roomful of suspects, your face portraying a blank slate in the undercover op. But Hotch couldn’t stop staring for a long while after that. You didn’t notice, you were too tipsy, but you had the faintest feeling hiding deep in the back of your throat that the kiss meant a lot more than some drunken mistake.

Later, as you went up to the bar to retrieve more drinks for you and Hotch, you overheard two middle-aged women, obviously rich and most likely gold diggers or trophy wives at some point in their lives, “Oh, my god,” The one in the dark red dress said, a conspiratorial whisper seeping into her voice, “Did you see those two newlyweds? They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other!”

“Yes!” The turquoise dress one exclaimed, “You know, I can’t think of a time when James ever looked at me like that! Even when we first got married!”

Then, before you could hear any more, you had been handed your drinks, a signal that it was time to go. As you walked away from the bar, you realized that the two women had been talking about you. Was Hotch really looking at you like that? No, he couldn’t have been…

When you returned to your seat, Hotch’s face lit up, and you noticed that his eyes were following you just a little more than normal. Even in your drunken state,  you could tell that something was definitely different. There was a certain unexpected surge of adrenaline when the two of you accidentally brushed together, and suddenly you realized that those women were right. He had been staring at you all night long. But you refused to accept that it was because he had feelings for you. You had been lied to by your foolish heart in the past about childish crushes, you were not about to let your brainless core trick you again. So, for the rest of the night you avoided all physical contact with Hotch. It was obvious that your game was over, and after that the rest of the night slowly trailed mundanely along.

As the night eventually came to a close, you still had no definitive suspect, and you and Hotch were barely speaking. Still in character and still undercover, the two of you exited the building together, arms just barely looped together so as to maintain your image.

The elevator seemed to take decades to pull the will to rise up to your floor, but eventually the doors dinged open and the two of you entered. Awkwardly enough, nobody else entered with the two of you, and you and Hotch were left in a small, barren elevator with nobody accept the two of you. An awkward silence drowned the air, weighing heavy on your chest, left wanting and wicked.

“What happened tonight, Hotch?” You asked, desperate to fill the void of taut tension tied across the room in anxious knots

He sighed, but didn’t respond. His eyes shifted to meet your’s, and you could see him battling with himself, a yearning to answer conflicting harshly with his will to tell you the honest truth.

“Come on,” You said, a pleading necessity slowly seeping into your nervous tone, “For awhile everything was good, and then everything changed. What happened?”

“You want to know what changed?” Hotch growled

Suddenly, he was right in front of you, and you could once again feel his heat radiating off of his body. You wanted to say something so badly just to get him to take a step away, not because you were uncomfortable but because you felt so comfortable in his presence that it scared you. Before any excuses could spill from your lips, he stopped you as his mouth crushed yours with a fierce kiss, stopping you in your tracks, freezing your brain.

You grappled for each other, pulling each other as close as possible in mindless attraction, a raging urge to feel and hold every inch of the person in your arms swallowing you in surprising possibility. When he pulled apart, his eyes were frenzied with a passionate sincerity, alien to the hues of Hotch’s swimming golden eyes dancing in the reflection of your own.

“That kiss,” He growled as your mind zoomed back to the sloppy drunken peck on the lips that you had offered Hotch earlier that evening, “That kiss changed everything,”

And suddenly you agreed and you knew everything he was saying was true, but you couldn’t seem to tear yourself from his hungry eyes. A strong sense that he could suddenly devour you whole like a monster swallows its prey consumed you and all you could do was stare up at him and numbly feel his presence heat your general vicinity as your limbs became useless and your apparently not-so-foolish heart took unexpected control.

You wanted so badly to kiss him again, but the elevator doors dinged open and you were forced to step out and accept the world’s new reality. You walked away, sensing Hotch’s footsteps following behind your own. He reached out and grabbed your own, “What do you say we had back to my place and I make you dinner? I could use some real food after sucking down those tiny oeur d'oeuvres all night,”

You smiled and you knew that your face had lit up as brightly as his had earlier when you had returned with his drinks, “I would love to,” You complied, and suddenly you weren’t afraid to touch anymore as your elbows looped together and you dallied on home.

It was that night that you decided going undercover wasn’t too bad, it was actually pretty interesting.

The Host - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 3

Title: The Host

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,335

Warnings: None

Theme Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons 

Read part 1 here! & Read part 2 here!

 “Sammy” Hunter mumbled, shaking Sam’s hand.

“It’s uh, Sam. If you don’t mind. Nobody calls me Sammy, except my brother, who yeah…” Sam motioned to Hunter.

“You’re Dean’s brother. Whow, you have changed since the moment your father died” Hunter mumbled, Dean’s emotions taking over.

“Yeah, I have… but… How do you know how I looked when my father died?” Sam frowned.

“I uh… I’ve seen Dean’s memories and know a few things about him” Hunter said scratching his head, and Sam only frowned at him.

“Yeah, I understand ” Sam mumbled skeptically “Hey uhm, how about we go see Dean’s car. I believe you must have seen it in his memories”

Hunter’s eyes lit up at the mention of Baby, Dean’s emotions once again taking over “Yes! I would love to see her” he smiled and Sam’s eyes widened.

Great job dumbass” Dean’s voice grumbled but hunter did not realize what he meant with that until Sam spoke.

“Dean!” he exclaimed “I can’t believe that you are still in there!” Sam smiled and hugged his brother’s body tightly.

“Hey Sammy, got a haircut while I was gone?” Dean’s voice chuckled in his head.

“Man, why didn’t you say anything?! Wait til (y/n) finds out!” Sam smiled and got ready to leave the tent, before Hunter stopped him.

“No, wait!” he turned to look at Hunter “She must not find out. Nobody must find out. All I want is to help you fight the Seekers, then I will leave” he explained.

Sam hesitated but nodded.

“I will help you fight Seeker, she is the leader, and then you will no longer have problems. They will not hunt you down and you will be able to live your lives at peace. But in order to do that, I need you to keep it a secret. Only Bobby knows, and that’s how it should stay.” Hunter said.

“Alright” he smiled “But I just have to ask. Can Dean hear what I’m saying now?” he asked and Hunter nodded.

“Good.” he put his hands on Dean’s shoulders “Then… Welcome back bro” he smiled and so did he, immediately hugging.

“Ok let’s get over with those chick flick moments” Dean’s voice said and Hunter chuckled.

“What?” Sam asked with a smile as they pulled away.

“Dean is just being…” Hunter started saying.

“Dean” Sam completed his sentence and they both chuckled.

“Yeah” Hunter smiled.

“Oh fuck off, both of you” Dean growled and Hunter chuckled more.

“Come on, now. You’re going to help us in the harvesting of the wheat” Sam patted him on the shoulder and they both made their way out of the tent to the big field.

“Oh look who’s here” Bobby smiled “Come on Han, I’ll show you how to cut the wheat” Bobby motioned for him to come over.

Hunter and Sam passed by you, Hunter staring at you for a while with a hurt look and you just glared at him.

“Han?” Sam raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, since Hunter’s going to live here with us he better have a name” Bobby shrugged.

“So Han, short for Hunter?” Sam asked.

“No, short for Hansel” Bobby said simply and you abruptly turned to look at him as if he was out of his mind.

You gave him a funny look and he just shrugged “I knew somebody named Hansel, once, and he was  hunter”

“What kind of hunter?” Ash asked.

“Witch hunter” Bobby said simply.

Sam blinked and just stared at him but then brushed the thought off and turned to look at Hunter “Ok Han, you better go help (y/n) move these packs of wheat. I’ll just help Bobby” Sam said and winked at him.

“Ah that’s my boy” Dean said and chuckled.

“Ok” Hunter nodded slowly and turned to you, seeing you glare at Sam.

“Do you want help with those?” Hunter offered and after you shoot him a glare, you let a defeated sigh.

“Here take those” you said threw a couple packs of wheat, that almost made him fall.

You grabbed one too and turned to make your way towards the storeroom, Hunter following slowly behind. Once you reached the food storeroom you bent to place the pack of wheat near the other ones… And Hunter found it impossible not to stare… at your ass.

“Man, I’ve missed that perfect piece of- Hey, don’t stare for so long!” Dean’s voice protested but Hunter did not listen to him, his mind too occupied with other things. Memories.

Memories of Dean and you. 

Blurry memories that when he fell asleep that night were crystal clear…

A long time after you met Dean, and later his brother Sam, you were all settled in an abandoned place, though still able to host you. It was old but still good for you to live in and… it felt like home. It was home. It could almost make you forget the invasion happening around you.

It was late at night and Sam had decided to leave the two of you alone.

“You haven’t kissed me since that first night” your low voice breaking the silence between you and Dean. 

He turned to look at you and saw you give him a small glance, before looking down at your hands; a blush making its way on your cheeks.

“I thought you didn’t like that particular action of me that night” Dean chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood, but his chuckle faded away when he saw that you were serious.

“(Y/n)..” he put a hand under your chin, making you look at him “You don’t have to” he mumbled.

“We could be the last ones” you said in an equally low voice.

“And even if we are… (y/n), I don’t want you to do something you don’t-” he started but you cut him off.

“I do” you suddenly said and Dean’s heartbeat increased “I do want it. I do want you” you ended up mumbling and looked down at your hands.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off “When you touch me, it’s… I don’t want you to stop.” you looked up at him and Dean used all his will to stop you from doing something you would regret. The amount of beers that you had drank surely meant that you were drunk.

“You should go to sleep, (y/n). You’re drunk” he said in a low, rough voice.

“Then sleep with me” you said and he looked at you almost wide-eyed.

“(Y/n)-” he began and you cut him off.

“I’m not drunk Dean. I am fully aware of what I’m saying. Of what I’m asking you. All I want is for you sleep next to me. I want you to hold me in your arms, like you did when I was almost killed by that Seeker. I want you to be next to me when I wake up, and I want your breath to be the only thing that I will hear in the silence of night. I want you to hold me in your arms and keep me warm. Never let me go… We could be taken any moment Dean. All we have is now” you whispered and Dean found it hard to keep the smile from spreading on his face.

“Damn it, (y/n)” he chuckled “You should have said this earlier” he bit his lip and before you could say anything he pressed his lips to yours.

He cupped your face and kissed you passionately. Soon you started responding to the kiss. You both pulled away in need of air and rested your forehead against each other’s.

“How about we move to the bed, hm?” Dean mumbled lazily and you nodded.

You opened your eyes and looked up at him, in his green orbs. And it seemed as if he was reading your mind because he immediately pressed his lips to yours, kissing you with all his love, picking you up and moving you to your room and then bed. All the while kissing you softly and gently, moving his hands on your waist and legs; that were around his waist…

…and that was not the only loving and gentle thing he did that night.

Hunter gasped once he woke up, his pupils dilated.

“That was…” he said breathlessly.

“Hot, yeah I know” Dean chuckled “My babe’s the best. You saw that body huh? Gorgeous”

“Yeah, she… is” Hunter said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

He suddenly was not feeling really well. Apart from his heart beating rapidly, and him sweating, his stomach had a knot and he felt a weird pressure at his pants.

“But-” Dean’s voice distracted him “Don’t you dare think of her or that body in any way ever again. That rocking body belongs to Dean Winchester, got it?” he seemed more stern now.

Hunter gave a small nod and Dean mumbled a low ‘Good’ before he went back to sleep.


The rest of the week was… awkward to say the least. 

You really could not understand what was happening. Hunter all of a sudden seemed to act really weirdly around you. Stuttering and droping things from his hands. Not to mentioned that he blushed a lot. Which, seeing as it was Dean’s body, made it all the more weird. Something that really got on your nerves though, was that whenever you ignored him he would go talk to Jo. Spending more time than needed with her. Which is what he had done just a few moments ago.

“Where should I put these?” Hunter asked you, following you into the food storeroom, holding two wooden boxes filled with vegetables.

You did not reply.

“(Y/n)?” he asked and you gave him a glance “Where should I put these?” but you did not reply.

“Oh boy” it was Dean’s voice “Here comes the silent treatment! What the hell did you do while I was gone?!” Dean almost yelled at him.

“Silent treatment? What is that?” Hunter whispered, without realizing you could hear him.

“You don’t know what the silent treatment is? Boy, the chicks on your planet must be really cool” Dean chuckled “The silent treatment, however, is-” Dean started and your voice cut him off.

“What the hell did you say just now?” you narrowed your eyes at him.

Hunter’s eyes widened, he opened and closed his mouth, unable to find an excuse.

“Who the hell are you talking to?” you looked at him suspiciously.

“I- uh, I- nobody. Just thinking. Out loud.” he said and turned to place the boxes at some corner, trying to avoid looking in your eyes.

You stared at him for a while, eyes narrowed, and then spoke “Oh ok then” you shrugged an you heard him sigh in relief.

“So…” you spoke again “How are you enjoying your staying here?” you gave him a small smirk.

“Oh no. No no no. I don’t like that smirk. No. Nuh-huh. Nope. Not good” Dean’s voice said in Hunter’s head “Don’t answer her. Don’t answer, it’s a trap!” he warned Hunter.

But he did not hear him.

“It… is good. It is good” Hunter gave a half smile.

“Yeah, I bet not because of me though” you chuckled lightly “Sorry, by the way”

“Oh no, she’s apologizing now. That cannot be good at all!” Dean said.

“You do not have anything to apologize for, (y/n)” Hunter said.

“But I do” you smiled softly at him and Hunter could swear he felt his heart skip a beat “I did not treat you right. Not the way you deserved at least”

“It-it’s alright (y/n), really. I understand and you are completely justified” he smiled softly.

“I just… I cannot help but feel sorry. I treated you as if you were… some kind of monster. And you’re not Han. You are far better than any of them” you said referring to the Seekers “You are an amazing person, and really deserve to be treated like that. Please forgive me for the way I acted” you looked at him with pleading eyes and he found it impossible to say no.

“There is nothing you did wrong (y/n). I don’t need to forgive you. That’s how anybody else would have reacted.” he smiled softly.

“Yeah, I guess that you’re right” you looked down at your feet.

“Did she just agree? Immediately? Oh boy, that’s bad! Really bad!” Dean said and Hunter rolled his eyes.

“He did mean a lot to me” you put a few strands of hair behind your ear “Losing him would mean losing my whole world” you let out a small sigh “I thought that’s what had happened. When I found you, however, I could not help but feel every fiber in my body fill with hope. I was filled with so much happiness and then… I found out that it was no longer him. No longer my Dean. I felt my heart break and I just… I just took it out on you. I’m sorry Han.” you looked up at him.

“(Y/n)…” he mumbled softly.

“Dean is my everything… or more like, was.” you looked down again “Never hearing him say my name. Never seeing his bright green eyes or beautiful smile. Never laying on top of him to just hear his soft heartbeat. Never being able to be in his arms. Never being able to feel his touch. Never being able feel his breath on my face when he kisses me… Man, never being able to feel those kisses again… Never being able to tell him how much I love him… would break me down…” you finished and a sob escaped your throat.

You put a hand on your mouth, as more sobs shook your body. 

Hunter felt his heart break “Oh (y/n), please no. Don’t cry. Please..” he said in a soft voice tone, putting two hands on your shoulders.

“I am never going to get the chance for any of that again, Han. I’m never going to get the chance… to know if he ever felt the same” you cried, burying your face in his chest.

“(Y/n), no, please. Please don’t cry. Dean…” Hunter hesitated for a while

“Don’t you dare” Dean warned in his head

You looked up at him with your big (e/c) orbs, eyes full of tears. And that was all it took for Hunter to speak.

“He did love you.” he said and quickly added “I saw it in a few memories of him, that were left behind. He does, (y/n). Very much. You really meant a lot to him. He had really strong feelings for you. Feelings that he had never experienced with anyone else. Even the first time he met you. He felt something deeper than just attraction, sexual or anything… he- he felt love (y/n). He loved you. Truly” Hunter mumbled softly and a smile appeared on your face.

“Thank you…” you mumbled softly.

“Oh no, you didn’t…” Dean breathed out

Before Hunter could ask why you were thanking him for, you closed the distance between you by pressing your lips to his.

His eyes widened, but he could no longer resist so he quickly started responding to your kiss. Cupping your face and and bringing you closer.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?! Hey, I’m talking to you! Hunter!” Dean’s voice shouted in Hunter’s head but he ignored him, and just continued kissing you.

“Hey stop!” it was Dean again.

“Stop it! Stop kissing her!” he said again.

“I said STOP!” he roared angrily and before he could realize it, Hunter pushed you away roughly. Dean had taken control.

He stared at you wide eyed, stunned, just like you did. Though a smile appeared on your face.

“I knew it!” you exclaimed and laughed “I knew it that you were still alive, in there” you said laughing slightly.

You quickly closed the distance between him and pressed your lips to his. However this time the kiss lasted less than the first one.

“Damn” Dean groaned and Hunter just stared at you a little bit wide-eyed.

“I love you too jerk” you said and rested your forehead against his, breathing out a sigh of relief.

Dean’s voice sighed “So do I baby”

Silence soon followed. 

However it did not last for long.

“Move! I said move ya son of a bitch!” a voice was heard and then soon another followed.

“You’re not going to get away with it” and this one was much to familiar to Hunter.

“Seeker…” he breathed out, pulling away from you.

“Who?” you frowned at him “Who is she?”

“Well, she… She basically is… a crazy blue-eyed chick with flat ass” he gave a half smile, quoting Dean’s words some time ago.

You stared at him for a while but then a smile broke on your face “Wow, Dean is still alive in there for sure” you chuckled “Come on, let’s go” you said and you both made your way out of the storeroom to where the voices were heard.

You walked to the main field and saw people in a circle. You tried to walk through them and once you reached the center you saw Bobby, Sam and Ash having gotten a hold of a woman in white clothes. She was slim, had light blonde hair and shining blue eyes, fact that proved she was just another host.

“Bobby, what is going on?” you asked and Bobby turned to look at you.

“We were attacked when we went on a supply run. She was there, saying something about Han and that when she found us we were all going to be dead.” Bobby said and glared at her.

“Yeah, but now she is the one that’s going do be dead” Ash added and the woman chuckled.

You all looked at her “Do it. Even if you kill me they will come searching for me… and for him” she motioned to Hunter “And when they find you they’re going to kill you all. That’s the orders they have and unless I say otherwise they’re not going to stop. You are all going to be dead. The last humans remaining. Dead” she said through gritted teeth and you all shared looks between you.

“Not unless I say otherwise” Hunter stepped in.

“And what makes you think they’re going to listen to you?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe not me… but you. They’re going to listen if it is your host they see” he said and your eyes widened.

“No… No you’re not going to do that… Tell me you’re not” you breathed out and looked at him stunned.

“(Y/n)…” he looked at you with a soft expression “I have to. It’s the only to keep you safe and… it’s the only way you will get Dean back” he added and you looked down with sadness. It was true that you wanted Dean back more than anything, and you could not deny it.

“What are you exactly saying?” Sam asked him.

“I’m going to take over her body. We are going to remove the spirit that is currently in her body and then you will place me into the host. I will take over the body and… I will order them to leave. They will never hunt you again and you will be safe.” he explained.

“But how will we remove the spirit from her body?” Bobby frowned.

“I will show you how…” he said..

…and so it happened.

They removed Hunter from Dean’s body, the way he showed them, and just as he had requested it, he was placed into her body… where he lived for the rest of his life… for the rest of their lives…

The resistance was no longer hunted down. 

Nobody ever searched for them, just as Hunter ordered them. 

And so, despite all the difficulties, Dean and you lived your lives like there was no invasion. Like the world was truly and perfectly at peace. None of you was ever used as…

…the host.


A/N: Have been sick today. Like sickly sick. Deathly sick. Yeah, that much. Did manage to get a little better though and have this up for you today. Sad is I didn’t manage to write anything but, eh, I will find time some other day to write more. Time that I seriously need cause instead of just one series, my lovely mind (that I definitely need to make it shut up) has come up with more than three new series. Oh brain, you never stop, do ya? And I can never say no to some more forbidden love stories…

Sleepyhead - OneShot

~{requested by anons, combination of: Ed helps his son fall asleep, being childhood friends with him, and ed getting upset over missing one of his kids’ ‘firsts’ while away on tour}~

This is based on two or three prompts I’ve gotten, I adore ed with kids and writing him with them is the most fun thing ever. This is my favorite thing I’ve written, and I really hope you enjoy it because I’ve worked pretty hard on it. Enjoy x


If you had asked me many years ago what I thought my life would turn out like, it would be vastly, vastly different than the reality now. But my reality is better than anything I could have imagined as a wide-eyed teenager, falling too hard and too fast for the awkward red haired boy down the street.

If you’d told me that the world was going to know his name, I would’ve laughed at the very notion. He was too simple, too plain and too ordinary to have ever been anything other than Ed, the boy I splashed in puddles with and ate Popsicles with in the summer. But it turns out the world needed that optimistic energy, and soon I found my best friend selling out stadiums.

If you’d told me that I was going to end up having him as my first kiss, first boyfriend, and a lot of firsts following that, I would’ve said you were out of your mind. Our relationship was based around a lot of firsts, come to think of it. And when we had our first kid, a carbon copy of his father, things only went uphill from there, but it could be a bumpy road.


“Ed?” I’d answered when he called one night after a show, worry in my tone, fatigue and a rasp from singing to exertion in his. “Yeah, what’s up?” He said immediately. “Is everything okay? Is Benny okay?”

He knew that the toddler had problems with sleeping, always so restless and Ed was really the only one who could ever calm him down, playing him songs on guitar or singing to him. It’d been like that from the very first days, and the doctor had prescribed medicines, we’d tried herbs, but none helped like seeing both of his parents could, and he’d been increasingly anxious towards the end of Ed’s tour, and I knew I wasn’t helping because I was just as stressed out.

“Benjamin can’t,” I couldn’t stop my voice from wavering. “He can’t sleep, Ed, and I’m too tired to try to help him every single night. He misses you, maybe you could come visit, just a little bit? I don’t want you to miss your tou-”

“I’m coming,” he said, “I’ll get the first flight home that I can, I’ll reschedule my shows, make up an apology, I’m coming,” I could hear him already packing his bags on the other end of the line. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, I love you.”

“Love you too, Ed,” I’d said, feeling guilty he had to leave but extremely relieved, and we hung up the phone.


Ed came home just like he’d said, around midnight, just before Benjamin would normally wake up and wander to mine and Ed’s room, asking for either Mum or Daddy, and it took a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that he’d finally have both again.

Ed kissed me almost needily as I greeted him on the doorstep, though it had only been a few months since he’d been home, a few weeks since we’d flown out to see him. “It’s cold, let’s go in,” I suggested, “And he’ll be up any moment now.”

“It’s gotten that bad?” Ed questioned, and I nodded, watching him run a hand through his hair. “I feel so bad for the poor little guy,”

I nodded again, helping Ed carry his suitcases and rucksack, which had a teddy bear in it, something we’d talked about, a familiarity for Benjamin to have for the little bit longer his dad would have to be away. I smiled that he’d remembered something I’d only brought up once in conversation, and fleetingly so.

“He’s asleep well now,” I whispered, motioning towards his bedroom as we set all but the rucksack in the living room, walking to the hallway inbetween our bedroom and his, chunky toddler-safe LEGOS strung out all over the mat. Ed squinted through his glasses, face going instantly soft at his sleeping figure. “He’s gotten so much bigger since I left.”

I nodded sadly, squeezing Ed’s hand. “He misses his daddy, this will do him good. He adores you.”

“I wish I could be here all the time,” he said, “I feel terrible about it, I hate having to be gone, like I’m not doing everything I can.”

“You are, I know you are. And your big tour is almost over, and he’s sleeping better than he was before, anyway. I think the ‘keeping a routine’ thing the doctor suggested is working,” I tried, hating to see him beating himself up. He was already upset about missing a lot of the ‘firsts’ with Benny, though I’d tried to keep him up to date with videos and pictures, watching him take his first steps just wasn’t the same as being there to congratulate him.

“I feel like—like I’m not,” he stuttered against the words, voice cracking brokenly. “Like I’m not there for you, or for him. I’m missing so much, this isn’t stuff I can get back.”

“Ed,” I said, taking one of his hands in mine, keeping my voice as low as possible, “You’re an amazing father to him, he knows that. And you can’t be home all the time, but this is your job, and you love doing it. We’re doing okay.”

“I don’t want you to have to be doing it alone,” he said, blue eyes downcast, looking at our entertained hands. “I said I’d be here for you, and I’m not, I feel like I’ve messed everything up.”

“Ed, you haven’t messed anything up,” I said, freeing my hand from his long enough to trace the back of a bent finger across his cheek, taking a tear with it. “Like I said, your tour is over in just a little bit, then you have all the time you need to spend with us, okay? He understands.”

Ed nodded, swallowing thickly. “I’m sorry,” he said, voice barely above a whisper, and he pulled me into a hug.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said, hearing him trying to steady his breath as he held me, feeling my heart ache with how much guilt he felt, how tired he was.

“Daddy?” A small voice suddenly sounded from behind us, little onesie-covered feet padding clumsily along the floor.

Ed’s head popped up, immediately focusing his bleary eyes on his son’s identically-colored ones, smile instantly forming. “Oh, come here,” he said, voice instantly dropping to the gentle tone he used around kids.

“How’re you, little man?” He questioned as Benjamin extended his arms up to his father, as Ed stepped back from me to pick him up. Benjamin stuck two pudgy fingers in his mouth, smiling around them as Ed set him to his chest, supporting his bum with the crook of his arm.

“Daddy,” he mumbled again around his fingers, recognizing the softly smiling face in front of him. “Look at you,” Ed said, ruffling his hair. “Your hair’s all grown out again!”

He laughed, babbling, shyly turning his face to his father’s neck, red hair tickling his chin.

“I’ve missed you, buddy,” Ed said quietly, Benjamin’s little arms wrapping around his neck. He yawned, tucking his head under Ed’s chin, sleepily nuzzling at his throat.

“Oh you must be sleepy,” he cooed, “We’re all sleepy, do you want me to read you a story and then tuck you in?”

He nodded, making Ed smile and kiss the top of his head, before I decided to give them much-needed reunion time.

He carried him gently, humming quietly, motioning with his hand ‘do I go alone or you go with me?’

I smiled and waved my hand towards his bedroom, mouthing ‘go ahead,’ to which he gave a stupidly grateful grin.

“Ok, little guy,” he said, his fond babbling fading out as he walked to the nursery, “What’s our story tonight?” He bent down to the stack of books, picking up a random one. “‘Green Eggs and Ham’ good? Sounds…appetizing, yeah.“

He laughed, sitting down on the side of the racecar bed, sitting Benjamin in his lap, holding the book in front.

"Comfy?” He asked, letting the two-year old lean back against his chest.

“Let’s start this,” he said, “Oh and you’ve got your—” he handed him the sippy cup on his bedside table, watching as Benjamin’s tiny hands fumbled with it before Ed’s bigger ones covered them, guiding it to his mouth and helping him. “There you go, k.”

“Also, here’s something I brought you,” Ed said, taking out the small stuffed bear from his rucksack, “For when I’m gone on tour for a little bit, you can have cuddles still.” The toddler babbled on, just happy to be spending time with his dad, but getting tired nonetheless, reaching out for it.

“Oh of course we can’t forget Teddy,” he said as his son made grabby hands towards the stuffed animal.

Benjamin smiled, taking it, laying back on his dad’s chest tiredly, exhausted from lack of sleep. Ed shifted so he was laid back himself, holding him to his chest.

He started reading the story just like he had four months ago, changing his voice for each of the characters and making it rhythmic for the poem’s meter. He propped his head up with the pillow, voice going quieter as Benjamin settled down, not even making it through half of the story before they were both sleepy.

“Sweet dreams,” he whispered down to the little figure curled up on his chest, softly snoring, Ed’s smile unable to be contained at the precious sound.

I couldn’t deal with how cute they were when I checked on them later, turning on the nightlight and turning off the lamp. I fell in love all over again at the sight of Ed’s feet poking off the end of the bed, brightly colored arms holding Benjamin close. They were so adorably relaxed, happy and content, that I knew they’d both get a well-deserved rest.

And it would be like this for a too-brief moment before he had to finish up the last three shows of the tour, and then he’d be home, home for playing our little family songs, for picking up crackers off the carpet without a single complaint, for building Lego and not even wincing when he stepped on stray pieces in the middle of the night to go check on our son, who by then would be sleeping a full night, no problem.

He’d be there for sitting on the sofa, watching little fingers trail over the time-faded colors on his arms, telling the story behind each one, for tearing up when his hand brushed over the boxing glove ink, telling him the story about his great-great grandpa.

He kept his promise, he was there for me, and for the little boy that became our whole world, a world that we both lived happily for. And he’d be there, to teach him to play guitar and hold doors and to be the kind of father he was—loyal, caring, kind, yet firm.

Any time that he missed doing promos or tours or recording wasn’t time wasted because it was what he loved to do, but he always made it up to both of us, several times over.

He is anything and everything I could have ever asked for, and that’s the last and first thought on my mind, every single day.


I Can’t Make You Love Me

Summary: Kylo finds himself falling in love with a coworker, but he simply doesn’t believe that someone could love the monster he is.

Characters: Kylo Ren x gender neutral reader

Word count: 1222

Warnings: None

A/N: First one shot everrr yaaay! I’m excited and worried hahahah This song is what gave me inspiration to write this one shot. What made me want to start a blog and work on these, so I guess it’s not only a beautiful song but also a special one now. Also, I didn’t plan on making it gender neutral, but then I realised it actually is! So, forgive me if you find any gender-related word. I hope you enjoy it! 

Kylo had been friends with you for quite a long while now. Not like best friends, but you enjoyed talking during your rare free times, having meals together, working together. Especially working together; you two seemed to have some kind of special connection, barely having to talk to achieve your goals and solving problems. When planning things, you always would think about the same strategies. 

Kylo was a lonely man. He’d feel empty and lost way too often. He’d hear voices inside his head, telling him what to do and even how to feel. He knew it was Snoke, and, even though he wanted to rule the whole galaxie, sometimes he’d just like to make it stop. Until, one day, he realized that, for a moment, it stopped. Everything inside him that made him feel so bad stopped. He didn’t know exactly why, but he enjoied it.Some weeks passed and he realized that he’d been feeling better and better, and even… happier. A happiness he didn’t feel in ages. A happiness he didn’t knew he would ever feel, or that he was capable of  feeling.
It didn’t take long until he found out why he was feeling this way lately. He was walking down the hall, going to the control bridge. Right before entering, he heard you laughing. A laugh so soft and enchanting, he didn’t realize he entered the bridge and kept admiring you, smiling to himself under his mask. He only came back to reality when Hux approached him to talk about problems. Hux only talked about problems and complained about everything.

After Kylo found out that he was in love with you, his days got dark again. Not that he didn’t want to like you, he did. But he wondered how would someone so bright as you would like someone so dark as him.
He’d lay on his bed every night, trying not to think about you. Trying not to think about the fact that there was nothing he could do to make you feel for him what he felt for you. Maybe if he’d close his eyes tight enough, he wouldn’t see all that you didn’t feel for him. Unfortunately, it never worked.

It was your day off and you were at your quarters, reading a book, and a bit sleepy, until you heard someone knocking on your door. You opened it up to see Kylo. He didn’t have his helmet on and a little, shy smile played on his lips. You had to admit you were quite surprised.

“Kylo! I– I didn’t expect to see you here”

“Well, it’s my day off, so I made sure it would be yours too”
Confusion was clear on your face. Kylo snorted and continued;

“Wanna go for a walk outside?”

“Sure! I’ll just grab my coat”

You took your long, black coat and followed him. As you stepped outside and the door behind you close, you were taken by an absolute silence. It was a comfortable silence. You took a moment to breath in the fresh, cold air and to listen to the sound of your boots slightly sinking into the snow. You enjoyed that sound. You two walked for some minutes, entering the forest and talking about no important stuff. The sound of his voice without the helmet was soothing, and you could feel your chest slightly vibrating at the deep sound of it.

“Y/N” Kylo took a deep breath. He seemed… nervous. You had never seem him nervous before.

“I… I have to tell you something” You two stopped walking and he positioned himself in front of you.

“Yes” you said. “What is it?”

Kylo looked at your beautiful, bright Y/E/C eyes and stumbled on his own words before even starting to talk. He looked down at his feet, his hands behind his back

“I, um…” he cleared his throat “I have developed feelings for you” His voice was low.

After that, you didn’t know how to react or what to say. You swallowed nervously, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything” he comforted you “Just–” he let out an annoyed sigh. Annoyed by himself strugglind to find his own words. He grunted and suddenly exploded with confidence “Every time I see you, my heart beats faster. I feel surrounded by all these warm feelings and the whole universe looks brighter. You give me feelings that I never thought I was able to have. But also, every time you leave, every time I’m by myself, I feel cold and lost. I feel like I have no control of my own mind and body. I remember that I will never have your heart. And it hurts-” he paused and sighed “It hurts so much…”

Now you really didn’t know what to say. You never thougth Kylo could be so emotional. You never thought you’d hear such words coming out of his mouth. But above all, you never expected all of this would be for you. So specifically for you, he’d brought you to a place where there’d be only you to hear his words.After a few silent seconds, you finally spoke;

“Kylo, I- I’m shocked! I–”

“You cannot believe a monster like me feels this way for you! You’re disgusted and probably willing to walk away telling me to leave you alone!” He spoke before you could finish.

“That’s not what I was going to say! Kylo, please, listen. I don’t think you are a monster and mainly I don’t feel disgusted. And I could never tell you to leave me alone, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it!”

“Tell me no lies, Y/N” His tone was low, but you could feel the despise in his voice.

“How can you say that?! Why would I lie to you when I have no reasons to do so?”

“Maybe you’re just trying to be nice so I don’t freak out and kill you! ‘Cause in the end, that’s all I really do! Stick my saber up people’s chest, when I don’t decide to play with their minds first!” His voice vanished.

You wanted to tell him that’s not all he was. He was much, much more. But you knew he wouldn’t listen to you. You chose to stay quiet instead. At this moment, he didn’t dare to look at. He was already not looking at you before, but this time, it would scare him even more. He didn’t want to turn to you and see desperation on your face. The only sound that could be heard by now was the sound of your breathings; yours being fast and aprehensive, while his was heavy, loud and filled with anger or nervousness, you couldn’t tell which one.

“I can’t make you love me, Y/N” he broke the silence and finally looked at you “I can’t make your heart feel what it won't” he sighed once again and looked into the distance, not exactly seeing. “I always tell myself that on the next morning I’ll do what’s right and give up this fight. But I can’t. I don’t know how”

Those sentences killed you.

“Don’t do it” you said with a low voice. He looked back to you, his eyes red and confused. “Don’t give up”

And before you knew it, you were kissing Kylo Ren.

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I can't stop loving you ( Fred weasley Imagine )

Warning: it includs cutting ans self-harm.

About you :
You and Fred have broke up 2 Months ago ans you have alreasy forgotten, why you even have broke up. You still are in love with him and can’t stop thinking about him.
You still are in love obviously but he not.
He is flirting with every girl who is near him and ignores you.
Because of that you started to cut yourself, because you can’t see him with all these girls.

Y/n pov:
It’s been two months since Fred ans Broke up and it hurts so much to see him, with all these girls.
I was crying again in the bathroom.
Why can’t I stop loving him?
I felt a special feeling in my fingertips and I knee what it wants.
It want the knife in my hands and cutting my arms.
I’ve started to do that for 2 weeks and it feels good and aweful at the same moment.
So I pressed the knife to a fresh and clean place at my arm and cutted once , I felt the pain and needed to smile, seeing the fresh red blood running down my arm makes me feel happy.I heard steps, as fast as I could I put the knife away and pulled my pullover over my cuts.
Fast I opened the bathroom door and stepped out. My bestfriend Luna was standing in front of me.
《 Let’s go the Dinner is ready 》 she said smiling sadly at me. She knows That I have been cutting myself but she never said something. Because I don’t want to talk about it. We went to the Great Hall and sat there eating in Silence. Suddenly I saw a red headed boy sitting on the oppisite side of me so I could see him. I could feel how my heart was getting heavy . I swallowed, next to him was sitting a brown headed girl laughing about a joke he made. Luna saw that I was looking at him and started to disattract me, but all I hear was him being happy. I bite on my lip. I can’t see him any more so I stand up loudly and went out of the hall.
Tears are running down my cheeks.

I could feel the pain my breast, I couldn’t see anything.Every thing was blurry because of my tears. I fell On the ground.My knees hurt and I could see blood through my jeans.I sobbed and cried. No one was here so no one can see me like that.
I did’t have the forcw to stand up.
I’m so weak.
Suddenly I felt two strong arms around me. 《 shhh… don’t cry 》 a familiar voice said.I turned around and saw Fred. 《 W-What are you doing here? 》 I said while I was standing up putting my arms infront of my body.
《 You were running out of the hall crying,should I just sit there and do nothing? 》 he said raising an eyebrow. 《 Yes you should have. We aren’t a couple anymore so you don’t need to watch out about me. Go back to your new girlfriend ans leave me alone 》 I said strong and turned around to go away, but some one hold my arm so I couldn’t go I screamed, his hands were on the Fresh new cuts. I pulled my arms away 《 Don’t touch me 》 I screamed. He looked worried. His eyes are wet and he looked like he was hurt. 《 Show me your arms 》 he said 《 No 》 I answered. He didn’t hesitate and hold my arms infront of me, I tried to get out of this but he was stronger and taller then me.
He pulled the sleaves of my sweater up and saw my cuts. I thought he would say something like 《 gosh you are ill 》 but instead of that he kissed my cuts and said 《 Why y/n? Is it because of me? 》 said nothing 《 Don’t ever do that again. I’m gonna watch out about you.I will never leave your side 》 he said. My eyes widened what does he mean with that?
With those words we went back to hall, sitting and eating.And after that,he really never left my side again.

Hey guys💘

If you have any requests feel free to sent them to me :)

I hope you liked that imagine and yes 😂

Love Is A Ghost

Post 4x11 - After doing shots with Regina, Emma pays her pirate boyfriend a visit at his room at Granny’s.

A/N: I wrote this in the middle of the night, because I felt like writing and because the hiatus seems endless and I don’t know what to do with my OTP feels. It’s post 4x11 and it’s loosely inspired by Christina Perri’s The Words (the new CS anthem haha). I was so close to include a bit of smut, but I didn’t - I feel like I’m not really good at writing smut. But I’m thinking about making this a two part story and maybe the second part will have some (soft?) smut. It’s not beta-read and I’m not a native speaker, so please don’t be too hard on me. :)

Read on


„Swan! What…“ Killian didn’t even have the chance to finish his sentence, before Emma wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his. She shoved him backwards into his room and kicked the door shut behind her.

"Mhhmm…” he moaned, trying to bring some space between them, but Emma was persistently clinging on to him and kissing the life out of him.

“Emma.” He managed to bring out. “Emma!”

She sighed deeply and pulled away, pouting a little. She looked down and started playing with the hem of his shirt, before shoving one hand underneath it and touching his bare skin with her fingertips. He gasped a bit at her touch and closed his eyes for a second before reaching up and cupping her cheek with his hand.

“Emma, sweetheart, you taste like my flask.” He said with an amused smile on his face.

“Yeah, well and you love that thing very much, don’t you?” Emma looked up to him, head tilted slightly on the side. Her smile was so sweet and almost innocent that he felt a ball of warmth lodging just beneath his breastbone and he couldn’t help pulling her in for a tight hug.

“Regina and I are drinking buddies now.” She said against his shoulder, her voice muffled by the fabric of his shirt.

“Are you, huh?”


Emma pulled back a bit to be able to face him. His eyes were so blue and so full of warmth and love that she felt herself shiver a bit. “I missed you.” She whispered, before pulling him down to bring his lips back to hers’.

Her hands slowly wandered down from his shoulders and rested on the spot where his heart was beating steadily, reassuring her that he was still alive. She’d almost lost him. It’d almost been to late. Emma bit his lip a bit to hard as she tried to hold back her tears and he winced a bit, trying to pull back, but she wouldn’t let him. She couldn’t.

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the heart it beats -- ian/mickey ficlet

so this is based solely on that damned forehead-touching picture and pure speculation and a terrible idea.


Mickey isn’t aware of how much time passes as they lay there together. He doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t really want to say anything, simply because he doesn’t want to break the fragile peace of this moment, to dredge up all the shit that’s happened. So neither of them speak, for a long time. Long enough that Mickey starts to feels almost calm, just basking in Ian’s warmth and letting Ian’s steady breaths somehow draw the tension from his muscles.

And then Ian finally says, “You shouldn’t be here.”

Well, there goes that almost-calm he was feeling. Now, it’s like Mickey’s been winded, like Ian just punched him. How the fuck can he do that with just a few words? Mickey manages to say, “Where the fuck else would I be?”

Ian’s brow creases into a frown – Mickey can feel it against his own forehead – but his eyes are closed tight. Mickey has no fucking idea what going on inside that screwed up head.

“After everything…everything I did. How can you…I don’t want you to get…” Ian makes a frustrated sound, like he can’t spit out the right words.

Mickey can kinda relate, but he barrels on anyway. “Hey, don’t think about that shit. You think you can get rid of me that easy? Nah man, fuck that. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me.”

Ian smiles slowly, opens his eyes and stares at Mickey, their faces bare inches apart. He looks like a goofball, and he’s the best thing Mickey’s seen all day. All fucking week. “That’s pretty fucking romantic, for a Milkovich,” Ian says.

“I’m a romantic fucking guy,” Mickey says easily, and he knows he’s returning the goofy grin.

Ian smile lasts a moment longer, and then it’s gone. Mickey feels its loss like a cold breeze.

“I love you,” Ian says, but he says it like it hurts him.

“Fucking hell, Ian.” Mickey leans in and kisses his mouth, once, twice. He whispers into Ian’s lips, “I love you too, dipshit.”

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