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How you guys doing?

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Marvel announced a few things today.  I’m doing two 30-page one shot tie-ins to Monsters Unleashed and guys…they’re gonna be fun!

First is the Champions #1.MU story, featuring the amazing art talents of @unassumingpumpkin and @tenbandits drawing the fantastic team of Kamala Khan, Amadeus Chow, Sam Alexander, Miles Morales, Viv Vision, and young Scott Summers.  If you’ve read Raven: Pirate Princess you already know that Ro and Ted are amazing and you’re gonna love this book!

And later in February you’ll get a chance to read me writing All-New X-Men #1.MU drawn by @carlobarberi staring your favorite cast of young X-Men and one special Cajun guest star tearing it up and fighting monsters in New Orleans.

Make sure you let your shop know you want them!  You guys are going to love them!

anonymous asked:

i just finished your office au and i have actual tears in my eyes. It was like reading a documented version of The Office featuring bts. Not to say that it was a rip off or anything, god no. It was executed so well that im kind of awestruck. The humor was perfect, i can honestly say ive never laughed that hard at a fic before. I do have a question though! Did tae and jimin name garbage's other kittens? (Was naming her garbage a sly reference to The Office btw? If so i applaud you 👏👏👏)

OH MAN thank you so much, and no I totally get you, like…. The Office was an incredible influence on my sense of humor, so I take that as a huge, massive compliment. AND YES GOOD EYE DUDE, EXCELLENT EYE. 

Tae and Jimin let the others name their own kittens. They only named Murderer since Yoongi was off making a fool of himself with Jin while everybody else was Kitten naming and bonding. Namjoons kitten is Jean-Paul because he finally got over his Nietzsche phase, Hobi’s is Cat because he fancies himself a strong independent woman, and Kookie’s is Buffy because he’s trash. 


I can’t believe I forgot to submit this after Chile Tid - it’s on of my favorite things to come out of the fandom; this is a comic by Shelby Cragg, an artist who went on to make a webcomic with Amber Rogers (boarder from the show), based on a song by The Mountain Goats which featured heavily in one of the most emotionally intense cartoons I’ve ever watched, Moral Orel.

The author deleted the blog on which the comic was posted, but here it is in motion comic form, accompanied by the song in question! It can even still make me tear up a little on occasion.

How I know Fallout 4 is going to be the best game ever.

Because literally every new feature they show makes me unable to sit still.

They showed off the character creation, and I got fidgety.

They mentioned the lighting and my foot started tapping.

They talked about how you don’t get locked in to speach, and how NPC’s function like items do, the options of interaction appear when you look at them, and I stood up.

They showed tearing down a neighborhood and building a settlement, and I literally started bouncing.

They showed short clips of custom weapons, power armor, Pip Boy games, dog, vats.

Fallout 4 made me jump up and down, grinning, clapping my hands and squeal.

I am a six foot tall, 190 pound, bearded metalhead, and Fallout 4 made me act like a little girl going to Disneyland.



Thank you SOOOO much Foxie McTails, your video really made my night and it made me almost tear up. <3 

~ Everyone please check out the awesome young artist! She is adorable and perky and she’s an awesome kid with a big heart and a passion for art, skits, gamaing and more. Please support young artists in growing, I know in 10 years when she’s my age, she’s going to make amazing artwork!