this fd so beautiful

@balletfever89 This is my prediction (not in order) to your World post 😁 

So for men I choose Hanyu, Chen and Uno just because they do a lot of jumps and today that’s what pays .. But I love Chan and Fernandez because they are artistic and they play with the public. 

For ladies I choose Medvedeva, Osmond and Kostner. I think this season Medvedeva is unbeatable (when she skates clean). 

For pairs I choose Savchenko/Massot (I love their FD.. so so so beautiful), Tarasova/Morozov and Sui/Han… I don’t think Radford/Duhamel can do the podium but I hope I’m wrong. 

And for ice dance I don’t put P/C on the top of the podium so I’m afraid of Didier’s reaction and what he could do if he sees my post. 😉😄

Sorry for my english 😬