this fd so beautiful


Ice Legends 2016 “Carmen” Post Skate Reaction [x]

This is just too sweet and tender 😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭 It shows the deep love between them, how much he cares about her, how much he’s proud of her and how much she relies on him 😭😍❤ Melt worthy ❤❤❤❤


this is so beautiful i’m gonna cry omg i love this

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*SCREAMS* I LIKED TESSA AND SCOTT'S FS BUT IDK PAPADAKIS AND CIZERON HAVE SUCH NICE FLOW??? AND THEY SAID THEY'RE FOCUSSING ON ARTISTIC STUFF WHICH I TOTALLY DIG. also i really miss davis/white :') ,, and good job to the shib sibs, they did really well. also sorry for ice dance spam in ur inbox, its my fave discipline tbh


P/C’s FD is beautiful for sure (they’re so smooth and such great dancers, especially guillaume). I’m also loving SHIB’s FD -it’s defs one of my favs this season) but man, Tessa and Scott’s FD still remains my favorite for this season because it shows a level of complexity and depth in their relationship and the experience they’ve gained over the years