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best of jake peralta || brooklyn 99

{my first brooklyn nine-nine video, so i hope you guys like it. please share, comment and subscribe!! i also might take requests for videos, so send me an ask.}


stefan & elena || then you found her {8x09}

Hi all! I haven’t been answering asks because I was busy making my first of at least a few SE vids based on tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s episode was supposed to show the strength of DE but as after ranting about it and answering a few asks, I sat and thought about it and I realized what really shone through was the commitment, devotion and love of SE because the episode reminded me of everything Elena did to see Stefan through his darkest time, reminded me of how in 1x19 DE may’ve had that dance but SE had the commitment to stay together despite and in spite and through his demons so I decided to make a vid. I hope you enjoy it!

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it’s a sin | credence barebone


This reylo fanvid gives me chills every time I watch it! If I could like it a hundred times, I absolutely would. <3


philip & lukas | give me love

I have been Poldarked!!!

Let me start by saying that I was pestered continuously to watch this period show on the BBC by one @redpenandfern but I was behind and couldn’t find anywhere to catch up. Cut to many months later and it’s now available on Amazon Prime. It was binged in two days and I was NOT prepared! I have now encouraged, bribed, pleaded with so many people to watch this amazing show. Okay, let’s be real, I basically live tweeted my viewing of it and talked about it nonstop and annoyed the hell out of people and now we’re all one big happy, devastated, crying, squee-ing, gif posting mess of a family. All of this to say that my time spent spiraling over this show has been on Twitter. I hadn’t even come over to Tumblr to check out pretty videos or gifsets. What is wrong with me?! Fixing that now. Prepare yourselves to be inundated with Romelza goodness. Guys, their chemistry is phenomenal! The characters have depth and layers and imperfections and you feel everything with them; the joy, the pain, the longing, the betrayal, the love, the concern. It’s just so, so….beautiful. And not just Ross and Demelza, all (most) of these characters are more than what you first see. Over eight (that’s right, you only get eight) episodes you learn so much. It’s amazing to be so wrapped up in something in such a short time span, but they won me over completely.

Ross is beautiful and honorable and just and caring and cranky and brooding and loving and giving and stubborn and compassionate and sincere and he doubts himself and wants better. Demelza is feisty and warm and honest and tender and strong and doubtful and she has a huge heart and thinks she isn’t worthy and loves fully and unconditionally and makes and owns up to her mistakes. She is basically a mix between Felicity Smoak and Anne Shirley (and she loves dogs!). Verity is a breath of fresh air and basically the person I want to be. She is kind and non judgmental with an open heart. She wants to love and be loved. She is caring and helpful and wise beyond her years. She is the best friend we all want. I’m going to stop here for now, but know that I also really like Elizabeth. She grew on me and became a character that I could sympathize with. She is stronger than she seems and she truly cares. She surprised me. Oh jeez, this show has ruined me!! Let me just leave you all with this.

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On that lonely night
We said it wouldn’t be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe it was only us
[X]  - Earned It by The Weeknd

Is This Love? - A playlist for Lost Girl's Tamsin and Bo.


i. At Arms Length by Plumb {I don’t wanna push you away, it’s just a knee jerk reaction} // ii. Daring to Love by Ane Brun {I will tell the truth one more time even though it hurts} // iii. Give You What You Like by Avril Lavigne {emotions aren’t that hard to borrow when love’s a word you never learned} // iv. Dark in my Imagination by of Verona {there’s something in the look you give now are you giving it to her ‘cause I’m not entirely sure} // v. Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood {I think I found hell} // vi. My Heroine by The Maine {took a hit from your level now I just can’t get enough} // vii. Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm {we stand together, no we’re not afraid, we’ll live forever} // viii. idfc by Blackbear {I have hella feelings for you, I act like I don’t fucking care, like they ain’t even there} // ix. Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin {please don’t say you love me 'cause i might not say it back} // x. Castles by of Verona {I thought you were mine, then you were there filling up my eyes again, knew I shouldn’t care, your beauty made me blind again} // xi. The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody) by Taylor Swift {this is the last time I’m asking you why, you break my heart in the blink of an eye}


Just Give Me a Reason - Dom/Brian

For otpprompts: Imagine your OTP in the situation described in “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink.

Dom and Brian used to have something special, but after the Miami job Brian changed.  Despite what happened in the past, Dom’s determined to make things work between them again.  (*coughs* Yes, there’s implied abuse between Brian and Verone.)


Aaron/Robert |Give Me a Reason


Bellamy & Clarke | Give Me Love [+3x16]

by  Holly Sangster


love is a part of all happiness. she’s not dying. love, true love, is magic and not just any magic: the most powerful magic of all. you may not be strong enough, but maybe we are. we did it. yes, we did. henry brought me to storybrooke to bring back the happy endings my job isn’t done until i do that for everyone, including you. but i can give you one. i believe her. i won’t let you do the same to emma. don’t even think about it. i made you a promise i intend to keep everyone deserves their happy ending. i said i was a part of operation mongoose, i’m a part of it. you wanted my help, now you’re gonna get it, no matter what it means for both of us. emma, NO! there has to be another way. there isn’t. you’ve worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed.


Hello naughty children it’s sin time.

I put a warning in the video, but yeah, this is NSFW. Not as explicit as I’d like it to be because of the lack of fanart, but -shrug- you know how it is. It’s got a naughty word in it and implied sex. There, NSFW status earned.

Song: The Hills
Artist: The Weeknd
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Pairing: Billdip

Fanart credit:

And there are others, but I couldn’t find the source, unfortunately! If anyone recognizes someone’s art, please let me know so I can credit them!


Good To You || S + L

Because when Scott said Stiles and Lydia are “pretty good together", the universe asked for it