this fangirl game is too real


Marinette Dupain-Cheng has been in love with Adrien Agreste for a year and five months. She has also been Ladybug for that long, and has learned courage in the strangest of places.

So when the second Valentine’s day of their acquaintance draws near, Marinette is sure and determined that this year she’s going to do it.

Alya is nothing if not encouraging. She’s the one who comes up with the treasure hunt idea, when Marinette says she wants her confession to be private, but has no way of getting Adrien where she wants without setting off the rabid fangirls by being seen pulling him away. She even recruited Nino to the game, having him plant clues in his friend’s bag and fencing equipment and even his pocket. Each note was written as a poem; in the same fashion as the one last year that imitated his own.

Adrien had seemed flushed, and excited, eagerly reading each piece of paper like it was a real treasure map, exclaiming when he found another one, and hoarding them jealously. It made Marinette flush happily, to see him so into the game. It gave her hope that he’d, perhaps, like the game’s originator too. At one point, he gave a knowing smile that had gone straight to her chest like a warm, caffeinated arrow, sending her heart into overdrive. ‘She’s so creative,’ he had sighed, folding the paper carefully. Marinette had also noticed that he was keeping each and every one of the clues, and Nino had reported in an SMS to Alya that the signs were good; real good. Nino suspected that Adrien knew who the sender was, and was anything but reluctant.

The final note took him to the music and ballet room in their school. There was a large piano, lid raised invitingly, a gilded stand mirror and long, polished wooden floors. It was one of Marinette’s favourite rooms to escape to if it was empty. The large bay windows let in light throughout the day, so that she could sketch quietly, imagining that music was being played behind her - usually, imagining Adrien was playing it. It was a little bit indulgent to tell him here, but in truth, it was also convenient. Very few students in school took music and ballet, and Marinette had easily memorised the schedule in which the room was available. The setting was beautiful, and, conveniently, empty when she needed it after Adrien’s fencing lesson, so it was a natural choice.

She waited, almost holding her breath, hidden the deep doorway of the adjacent art room. The school attendants had already switched the electric light on this floor off, so she was positive that he couldn’t see her. Once he was inside the room, she’d sneak to the doorway and walk in as soon as he read the final note. It was identical to the one she’d sent last year; except for one tiny detail. Tikki almost vibrating in her pocket with excitement, her kwami nearly as eager as her to see her happy.

When Adrien rounded the corner, her last note in his hands, Marinette almost squeaked, ducking into doorway and covering her mouth, Tikki pressing down on her hands to help. Adrien was using his phone’s flashlight, and even in the harsh white light, Marinette could clearly see his flushed cheeks and shining eyes. Adrien really looked like he wanted to meet her … oh, her heart was beating so fast!

He arrived at the door and paused. Marinette peered out of her hiding place, watching as he took three deep breaths, put his hand on the handle, hesitated and then pushed in. Light from the room flooded the corridor, and Marinette ducked backwards, counted to ten, then tiptoed to the door.

She’d made the location of the last letter, on the keyboard of piano, obvious by tying a red heart-shaped balloon to the score stand right above it. Adrien made an eager beeline towards it, as fast as he could without flat out running, but still paused to look around the room - presumably to see if the writer was there. Holding in a giggle at how cutely eager he was, Marinette barely dared to breathe.

The envelope made a neat rip as he opened it, so, so carefully. His eyes ran over the text and he flushed deeper, a laugh escaping and a smile splitting his face.

‘“… my heart belongs to you”’! Oh, it’s her!’ He said to himself excitedly, ‘it’s the same poem, it’s got to be … Marinette?’

Everything about the girl outside froze. The only difference between this poem and the one from last year was that she’d signed it. And Adrien’s excited, vibrant form had shifted into confusion.

‘No,’ he said, and now Marinette’s pattering heart felt heavier. Because there was stark, naked disappointment there, unmistakable in the brightly lit room as his eyebrows rose and fell to convey dismay and displeasure. ‘What? No, this was supposed to be Ladybug…’

He sounded almost like was about to cry. He certainly sounded severely disappointed. The flush from his cheeks was all but gone, the shine in his eyes dulling to make way for a different sort of shine as he blinked tears away.

Oh. Ladybug had put that smile and flush on his face. Marinette had only taken it away. Oh.

Adrien didn’t notice the flip of a pair of pigtails, or the very light patter of ballerina shoes as they raced down the darkened corridor beyond the picturesque, well-lit room. Plagg did, though, and looked after them with a very heavy heart.

His poor kitten didn’t even know what he’d done. Plagg sighed sadly; it was going to be one of those cycles, then.


You all thought these concepts were only going to be fluffy and happy?

… yeah.

1, 2, 3, 4

I was getting a manicure today and there was this little girl that I know at the salon who just started watching Supernatural so obviously she wanted to talk about it and proceded to ask me all about Jib8 (which I attended). So of course I was totally game and I gave her my phone so she could look at the pictures I took, which I saved under a folder called “Spn” with all other kinds of random stuff from the show. She was fangirling so hard over Jensen, it was adorable, and she was super happy to know that he’s the nicest guy in real life too. She came back after a while and asked me “who’s this?” while pointing at a photo of Jensen and Misha from SDCC. She doesn’t know about Castiel yet so I simply told her he’s also an actor on the show who’ll play an important character later on. She kept going through the pictures on my images (mostly cockles from that point on) and looking at them intently until finally she gave me back by my phone and said with the biggest smile on her face “they’re really cute together! They must love each other very much!” and then innocently walked away leaving me speechless and heartbroken over THE AMAZINGLY OBVIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL THING THAT IS COCKLES AND ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD.

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Oh geez shut up about excusing Nobuyuki's problematic behavior cause you're a dumb whore who excuses everything because slbp is the closest to any guy you ever got. I hope an irl guy like him finds you and beats u till you are brain dead.

Hm, that’s weak, anon. Oh, so basic.
Go home.
Or try again.
Go on.

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Ladies and gentlemen, 
May I present to you, 
Exhibit A:

Bored, Miserable Anon with a petty ambition to spread its (yes, I am referring to this sample of anon as it, by the way) hate and misery by trying to make you feel bad for loving and sharing something.

How does it do that? By defaulting to shaming you for liking otome and equating it to not being able to find any guy in real life.


Who needs them? Guys are allowed to have unrealistic standards for girls in real life. We are allowed to have them too! And it’s perfectly fine to find them in 2D guys. Also, real life guys take time, we’d rather play otome and go to college or do our job, or our nails or something?

But whatever. Our dating life, or in my case, my fabulous married life, is irrelevant to my loving this game and fangirling. Ppppftttt.

Anon is projecting its own insecurity.
Anon is sad.

Anon wants you to feel sad and miserable just like itself.

See that last sentence, Anon just wants to spread some misery, y’all!

But please ignore anon, it doesn’t deserve your time or grief.

As @voltageotomehell has warned you, apparently this strain of anon (yes, I’m classifying this kind of anon as a disease) has been infected our inboxes, it particularly targets anon asks box because it is spineless and looking for instant gratification by making other people feel shitty.


Simply turn off your anon function to spare yourselves from having to deal with this bullshit.


Know that you are fabulous! 

Your playing otome is a boon to us as a community! Keep sharing your love of the game! 

Haters gonna hate, they going to go through your history to try to make you feel bad for having so much feels for the game.

Then simply delete that anon from your inbox. It never exists, you have erased it from existence.

Innoculate yourselves from the same strain of anon haters by blocking the anon. This block function blocks its IP so it will not be able to contact you anymore. 


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A/N: An anon request where the reader is in awe of Spencer and his big brain, and they just talk about random things and the reader listens to Spence spout all kinds of facts. Honestly, I would consider this some crack fic XD It’s about absolutely nothing and was a lot of fun to write. @coveofmemories


“Did you know that the U.S. isn’t actually the lead producer of tomatoes? It’s actually China. The U.S. and India are second and third respectively. In addition to that, there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes grown around the world,” Spencer said with a wide smile.

This was pretty much your daily routine with Spencer. Sit down during lunch and listen to him ramble off any random fact he could think of. Except it wasn’t actually random. At the moment, you happened to be eating a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onions and some basil mayonnaise. You’d been oohing and ahhing over its deliciousness for the past 10 minutes. “How do you know all of this random information?” you asked for the first time today. You couldn’t count the amount of times you’d actually asked him that question. It’s just that he knew everything - like actually everything.

Spencer shrugged, his shoulder-length hair framing his face as he laughed. “I don’t know. I just learned things along the way. Helps when you have an eidetic memory.”

“But like…the biggest producers of tomatoes?” you laughed. “How do you just come across that?” You should ask him for a fact about each of the pieces of your sandwich - because he’d probably know one. 

As Garcia passed by the desk and commented on the delicious-looking nature of your sandwich, you listened as Spencer did in fact, ramble about the various ingredients you were ingesting. “You wanna bite, babe?” you asked her. “It’s amazing. The basil mayonnaise makes it.”

“Oh my god,” she groaned, practically having a foodgasm on your desk. “This is amazing.” She swallowed the enormous bite she took and turned toward Spencer. “What were you loves talking about? I don’t want to go back to my office just yet.”

“Actually,” Spencer started, “I was just telling Y/N about the role of onions in English folklore.”

“Onions in English f…” Garcia trailed off. “What?”

See, it was this kind of thing that had you fascinated by him. It was amazing to you that someone could hold so much random knowledge in their head and yet also have the intelligence to do the job that they did. He was an enigma; and one of your best friends. “So Spence, what is the role of onions in English folklore.”

“In old English folklore, the thickness of an onion skin can help predict the severity of the winter. Thin skin predicts a mild winter, while a thick skin indicates a rough winter is coming,” he said proudly, flashing an even brighter smile when Garcia’s mouth hung open in confusion. 

You started snorting as you finished the rest of your sandwich. “What’s so funny?” they both asked.

“You just made a Game of Thrones reference. Did you realize that?” you said, watching as it dawned on him. You watched the show together for 10 lovely weeks a year. “Okay, Boy Genius, knower of all things. Tell me, a Game of Thrones fangirl, something I don’t know about Game of Thrones.”

Spencer hesitated, rubbing his chin as he tried to think of something about the show that you might now know. “Did you know that there is a real life equivalent to Valyrian steel?”

“Yes, actually I did,” you laughed, leaning back in your chair and challenging him to come up with something better. “It’s called Damascus steel, which was developed in India and the Middle East.”

Garcia look your way in awe. “You’re a geek too?”

“We’re all geeks, love. You, me, Spence, Prentiss, even Morgan. Go ahead, Spence. Try again,” you challenged.

He sat back, staring between you and Garcia and trying his best to think of something that might stump you, which is why you couldn’t believe what he came up with. One of your Ph.D.’s was in medicine. “Greyscale is a lot like a real life disease.”

“Amateur move, Pretty Boy. I have a Ph.D. in medicine. It’s based off leprosy,” you said. “Three strikes and you’re out.”

Leaning back in his chair, Spencer took his time answering you for a third time. “Okay, one more. Did you know that the actor who played Viserys and actress who played Talisa Stark are both relatives of an extremely famous actor and an equally famous author?”

That had you intrigued. You knew a whole lot about the cast. “Really? Who? And goo job figuring out something I don’t know about the show.”

“The guy who played Viserys is the great-great grandson of Charles Dickens and Oona Chaplin, who played Talisa, is the descendant of Charlie Chaplin. I got you. Ha!” he exclaimed, pumping his fists up in the air. “Tomorrow at lunch, it is your job to stump me.”

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I really love your art and noticed you are (I hope) doing requests? Could you draw Delirious using a kiss against Vanoss as a distraction to win an intense Xbox game? This was a prompt I made for a story I posted a while ago and can't draw myself XD

I call this kissbaiting, i think the real reward wasn’t winning the game but kissing Evan ♥ 


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Aw thanks XD. Yeah the guy that was giving my cousin the 707 henna asked what it meant. My cousin looked over at me and I was like, "It's from a game." It was funny 😆 and my cousin was too embarrassed to tell him herself lol.

Oh my gosh, that’s great! You’re the real MVP my friend! If I was that guy giving you two the henna tattoo, we would talk for hours about Mystic Messenger and I’d probably cry because that game is so freaking emotional plus I would have found someone else to fangirl over it with me! xD You guys have inspired me, I need to find a henna tattoo artist now and get a Mystic Messenger themed henna tattoo, I really love both of yours!! ^^

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// I really just want a girlfriend that I can stay up all night with and talk to, call cute names, love on whenever I want and have her love on me. Someone who loves me despite my imperfections and will support me through everything. I want smol kisses, long gazes, warm hugs, and kinky sex. I want to play video games and nerd rage together and then fangirl over how cute the other is then over our biases. I want a love that is so real. Is that too much to ask?

What if we’re hallucinating and we actually live in some fantasy-like world, except some people remember and are trying to make us remember too by creating books, movies, etc. about the real world?

NDRV3 Endgame explanation

All right, so here’s what happened as far as I’m aware. Take finer details with a grain of salt, as obviously it’s untranslated and I’ve only got the gist if it, but I can vouch for the bulk of it. I’m also on mobile, so excuse lengthiness.

Thank you for this explanation! I’m putting it under a readmore for you.

Keep reading


  • If you can’t find a partner please contact me! I don’t want to disappoint people. I’ll try to match you up :)
  • Message each other! 
  • If you have any questions/remarks, send me a message! x
  • And lastly, have fun writing :)


I am 17, a beginner and I speak fluent English also as that’s my native language. I love learning languages and I’m from England!


I’m a 17 year old girl from Germany, which means my native language is German, but I also speak the Lower Bavarian dialect.
I am fluent in English and speak B1/2 French. My target language is Danish (sadly only a beginner), so I’d love to talk to some Danish people! But I’m also interested in Scandinavia itself, so people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, just hit me up!

My hobbies include playing the organ and singing, as well as reading and writing (ever heard of poetry slam?). Another big part of my personality is fandoms – I am just a giant nerd. From Star Trek to Supernatural to Game of Thrones, I dig it all.
I am also currently trying to become an au pair in a Scandinavian country (preferably Denmark of course), which is my main motivation to learn a new language!
I hope that I get to meet lots of new interesting people through this project, and I’m really looking forward to making some friends!


My name is Mira, I’m almost 21, and I’m from the Pacific Northwest of the US! My native language is English, and I’m a beginner in French and Japanese, but picking up fast! I love video games, dancing, food/cooking/wine, history and folklore, and reading!
(I decided to drop Greek; I was doing too much.) I also draw and paint!


Alex/ English & Spanish / I like to read a lot about everything, to listen music (rock, alternative, R&B,etc) and to watch series. I love movies. Most of my time, if I’m not studying, I am in Tumblr reading fanfics or I am in Facebook role playing (I’m potterhead). Also I watch a lot of youtubers.  

I like to write stories, but for now I’m just doing it in spanish c:




English (native)
Irish (not my first language but I’m pretty fluent)
French (did it for 10+ years, A1 but haven’t used it in years so very rusty)
German (6 years, A1, but again haven’t spoken it since finishing school)
Portuguese (say beginner because my grammar is awful altogether 😂)

I’m a 21 year old woman (she/her) from Ireland. I’m studying medicine, love Doctor Who (Matt Smith is bae), Merlin, Sherlock, and the 100. No spoilers please! 😂 And happy to talk about anything and everything 😄


this is my only tumblr url; my native language is english, and my target is russian (a2-ish), i also used to study spanish and hit a solid b2 almost b1, but i haven’t touched it in forever. i can still communicate in it somewhat if need be though ✌️ as for me: im a college student in the us studying language and playing hockey, which is my favorite 💕 im also on the exec boards for my schools gender studies club and foreign language honors society (alpha mu gamma), which i was inducted into in russian last spring 👌 im queer & nonbinary, using they/them in english and она in russian. as a general thing, id also prefer to do the exchange over social media or email since my access to stamps and a post office is limited at school



Im native in english, intermediate in french and spanish, and target in romanian

My name’s Noelle. I’m nonbinary but still use she/her pronouns sometimes. I’m from California. My hobbies are drawing, painting, and dancing. In my free time I read and hang out with stray cats.



I speak Croatian, Italian, English and I’d like to write to someone in Russian if it’s possible :3


I’m a native speaker of American English, am minoring in German language at university and am taking upper-division classes in it. (I don’t know the level of skill, though. I can understand it very well when reading but don’t have a lot of practice with production.) I am conversational at a very basic level in Russian (I took two semesters of it this past year).

I am a university senior from central Texas (majoring in Linguistics), love drawing and learning languages, as well as creating languages. I enjoy camping and watching movies.


I am a native English speaker, and I know a a beginner’s French, advanced beginner’s Irish, and some Old Norse.



I’m fluent in both French and English and I’ll be starting Mandarin and German classes next year.  I’m a pre-IB student with a passion for science (chem, physics) and I love to travel! I hope to work in Europe someday.


Oh Yeah my name is Aoibh and I’m from Dublin, Ireland :) My languages are as follows: English -native French-b1 German b2  I love watching movies from different countries and I read a lot of scifi and urbn fantasy fiction, I also love Marvel and stationery :p


I’m a Australian-English speaker, and am learning/beginner at Japanese
I really love Japan’s culture. Manga, anime, fashion, music, everything. Hence why I want to learn Japanese - so I can understand some of the things I love. However, I’ve come to learn I’m not very good at the language. Remembering the Kanji isn’t too huge of a problem, but remembering various words, Sentances structures, not to mention trying to actually speak it without tripping over my tongue.
I would love to learn more about Japan from other’s perspectives, and any possible assistance with the language would be great.



English - native
Spanish, Italian, and French - studied in a classroom setting and self study, probably intermediate-ish?
Korean - self study, beginner

My preferred mode of communication with a pen pal would be through snail mail.

About me:

-19 years old
-sophomore in college
-currently undeclared
-studying abroad in Italy spring of 2017
-huge kpop fan
-dyeing my hair
-visiting NYC
-trying new food
-going to sports events at college



Native English and Arabic
Fluent Farsi
I can communicate in french
I want to improve my French and learn Spanish

About me: I’m a soon to be med student in the UK. I love art, reading and being creative.
I have an interest in humanities and fighting for human and animal rights but I love learning about anything and everything. I’m very ambitious but not psychotically competitive.


I’m Sarah, 37, UK. I am long term ill/disabled and spend way too much time learning languages and acting half my age. I also write and am a shameless fangirl in more fandoms than I care to admit. Studied Russian at university and still a Slavic language fangirl, too ☺️

Native English, reasonably advanced Russian and French. Hebrew and Slavic languages in general are my focus, I’m pretty much game to talk in Russian with anyone, and if you can put up with a real beginner, also Hebrew. I have a little Ukrainian, Croatian, Polish, and a very little Czech. Would be up for learning anything in any Slavic language…


So hi there! :) I am Meilina and I am coordinating this project. It is literally insane to see how many people signed up for this exchange! It’s really cool ahh…

I am a Dutch girl who is literally in love with languages (especially French. I really love French literature/culture/language ahhh) , cats, dogs and bands. I also love watching tv series and movies. Dutch is my native language, I can speak English at an advanced level, upper intermediate in French (but my pronunciation is horrible tho), intermediate at German and a complete beginner in Spanish.

I am looking for someone (or multiple people, it does not matter for me :) ) with who I can practice my English, French, German, or Spanish.

I am taking advanced French classes at school and I really enjoy it (even though we are in a class of 2 people haha)



So I’m 15 and I live in America. I’m really into most school subjects and a lot of extracurriculars, but I still manage to be on tumblr pretty frequently. I like most genres of music so I have at least that in common with most people! I’m none for being really funny, but also knowing when to be serious. I’m pretty good at knowing different grammar rules and spelling for English so I can help with that! I dont really know any conversational Spanish and my Korean is more basic as I know more vocabulary than grammar.



I’m native Polish speaker, know English on intermediate/advanced level. anyway, I also speak french a bit (B1? i think) and I’m self learning Japanese but it’s going veeery slowly, I only know the basics. I’m 16 and I’m an optimist, quite lazy (but trying to become more productive…). I’d love to  participate in this project, get to know people and maybe exchange some language learning experiences :) I’m a huge Green Day fan, also I love pokemon and playing guitar (or rather ‘trying to play’), sorry to make this all so long :,)


Soo, I like languages, different cultures and history a lot. I’m learning Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Russian. And will study Spanish and Italian at the university too.
Besides that, I like gaming, listening to (especially in my target language) and making music, reading and watching stupid Youtube videos.



My studyblr is Im-studying-oh and my name is Abigail. Language wise I can speak: English (native), French (C1/C2), Esperanto (B1?) German (B1/B2?) and Bulgarian (probably like A1 maybe A2). I’m studying film in school and really like creative stuff and I love music too!


My name is Sophia, I am 20 years old, from England. Lived in the same city my whole life, but have had occasional travels! I manage an independent cafe, and absolutely love my job. I’m very keen to start learning Polish, and have always enjoyed helping others learn English. Im most passionate about music and art, but unfortunately don’t get the time to produce my own anymore! Look forward to conversing with someone soon :)


hi! I’m a native Spanish and English speaker, semi-fluent in Portuguese and I’m intermediate in French and beginner in German ^^ I like reading, drawing, running, and listening to music  and i hope i could find someone that could help with my german or french 😁



My name is Rachael. Im intermediate in French and my native language is English. Im a martial artist, play video games, and plan on majoring in French at Old Dominion University.



My mother tongue is Finnish and I’m fluent in English, intermediate in Swedish, and beginner/on a weak level on German, Spanish and Hungarian.

I’m a young adult and a student. In addition to working on learning languages I like to play video games, do outdoors stuff, draw, read books and watch movies and series.



I’m, Elisa (23) from Spain. My native language is Spanish and I speak English as well. I’m learning Korean, German and Chinese (Mandarin) but I wouldn’t mind a english speaker penpal because I still need to improve it.

About me: I like music (Rock, bachata, salsa, kpop, khh, etc), baking, nature and watching too many tvshows. One of my passions in life is fashion, I’ve been sewing since I was a child and I’m really interested in learning about traditional clothing from different countries and costume design for movies.


Salut ! Ciao ! I’m Mariah (18) and I think languages are super cool! I study French and Italian at university and this year I’ll be living in a French immersion dorm on campus. Other languages I’m interested in are Modern Greek and Korean. Besides languages I like random dancing, studying (or trying to study) with friends, and playing guitar. I’d like to be an interpreter one day. Nice to meet you, let’s be pen friends !


My name is Hannah, I’m 23 years old and I’m a German native learning Swedish. I like reading, singing, and hiking, and I’m interested in linguistics. I’m a bit shy in the beginning but I love making new friends!


My name is Alex (or Sam, whichever is fine)
I’m a native English speaker and I am currently learning Norwegian, I’m still a beginner. Also thinking very hard about learning Polish.
I’m 22, I’m a gym freak, and I love Bleach and Deathnote (animes)! I also love traveling and animals and anything supernatural.


Hi! My name’s Valentina, i’m 19 years old and i’m a native Spanish speaker, I can also speak English, I’m currently learning french and just started with German. I love reading and writing, when I have free time I’m either reading or watching The walking dead and sometimes I go out to swim. Oh and I’m doing a degree in foreign languages at the university.


My languages are: English (American) native, Irish A2, and German A1. my target language currently, is Irish.
my name is Keelan, i live in Washington state and I enjoy learning languages (obviously!), playing guitar, writing music, hiking/camping and other outdoor activities.


My name is Josie, I’m 17 from Newcastle in England. I am fascinated by French and Russian culture (although of course Spanish too) and I’ve had a langblr for about a year now. I like reading, tennis, photography and dancing. Next year I’d like to work as a chalet girl in France. I like a large variety of music, and I’m always open to hearing more foreign music especially!! I also like a range of English language music, from Justin Bieber to Craig David to Michael Jackson.


Hey! I’m Jules and I’m a native German, English and Spanish speaker. I once was fluent in French, but neglected it after moving away from the Francophone country I lived in. I understand and read Portuguese, being able to speak a little, too. I learned Italian and am in an advanced stage, meaning I could probably live in Italy. I am currently learning Russian in a course and at home I’m doing Polish and Ukrainian, occasionally also Romanian. I also speak a little Afrikaans.


Hi, I’m Katie and I’m 19. I do Spanish and Portuguese at university (and I’m desperately trying to improve my Italian) (fair warning I am HOPELESS at it). I like cooking, baking, cycling, watching films and reading (especially 19th century romance and those long-ass realist novels that no one has time for). I nap a lot.
Things you can talk to me about
- cats
- dogs
- cake
- pasta
- Renaissance theatre
- Brazilian pop music
- action movies
- Hugh Grant
- and literally anything else I’m not picky


My name is Ashley, N English speaker from the US. I’m a beginner in Dutch (A0); I’m focusing more on French right now on my own because it comes so much more easily to me (I’m A1/becoming more confident to almost be A2). But this would be a perfect opportunity to get matched up with someone who speaks Dutch. I can help them with their English, or study French with them if they’re looking for a newbie…



My languages:
* English - Native
* German - C1/C2
* French - B2
* Esperanto - B1
* Norwegian - B1 (but I forget nearly everything)

Hello! My name is Matt and I’ve been learning languages for as long as I can remember! Funnily enough language learning is one of my greatest hobbies, but besides that I would say writing and creating films are what take up most of my time (apart from studying). Currently I’m taking on the Add1Challenge with French (even though I’ve been learning it for quite a few months before this) and my progress is coming along quite nicely! My school was planning on taking an exchange program to Germany (one I’ve participated in in the past and LOVED, seriously it changed my life) but as of yesterday this year’s trip was cancelled. Nothing makes me happier than speaking German/French and I’d love to practice any of my target languages with new pals!


My name is Emily, and I’m 18 from the US. I am in between a beginner and intermediate I would say in German. I will be moving to college on the 25th for Environmental Science. I would prefer someone to email/message/kik or something of that nature with someone before we start snail mail.


I’m Cathryn or Cat and in a Sociology major. My native language is English and I’m currently learning Spanish. I love Harry Potter, DC Comics, One Direction, smoothies, pudding, My Little Pony, animals and my boyfriend. I enjoy going to the movies, concerts and reading a good book. I also like taking naps,  playing Pokémon Go, riding roller coasters, playing with my cat and volunteering.


My name is maha, im 16 years old and i like to laugh. i have a passion for languages and dancing. i really have no idea to what to say but i don’t bite. hehehe



Hi my name is nyla!  I’m currently studying Japanese in college.  I’ve taken two years so far and about to go into my third. I’ve taken Italian and Spanish in school as well as trying to teach myself ASL. My hobbies are reading; I read pretty much anything that is fantasy or science fiction. I also like to draw although I am still learning.



My name is Ida, I’m from Sweden so Swedish is my native language. I'm18 years old and right now I’m finishing my last year of high school at the humanities and language program. I study French (B2/C1), Italian (B1), Latin and I just started teaching myself Dutch. Languages and etymology are two big interest of mine. I also enjoy minimalism and trying to organize myself as good as possible.



My name is Jess and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Germany, but I will start university in England soon. I love travelling, tea, and science. My native language is German and I’m also fluent in English. My pronouns are they/them, but in languages without neutral personal pronouns any pronouns are fine. I study Spanish, Norwegian (both intermediate), and Japanese (late beginner/early intermediate), plus some dabbling in Dutch.


my name is noah, and my native language is english and i am currently studying spanish(intermediate) and dutch (beginner) and soon french (beginner).  i definitely want to focus on dutch though, since thats what i am having most trouble with atm. i am 16 going into my junior year in high school and i looove the sciences (mostly physics and chemistry). i also really enjoy reading and a little bit of writing. so yeah thats me! 😄


Native level: English, German
Intermediate: French
Target: Dutch, Norwegian


I’m learning German (low/mid intermediate) and Korean (very basic).
I’m 18 (about to be 19😄) a sophomore in college. I’m double majoring in Industrial Engineering and German. I teach an ESL class to internationals in my community. Fall is my favorite season. I enjoy reading and postcards. I like floriculture and flowers.


my name is Ivan (online name, not real name) and I’m German-American, 15, from Philadelphia in the US! my native language is English, but I speak German at a near-native level (besides my grammar, which I’ve been working on this summer). my target language is Italian, but I would also pen-pal with someone in French or German. (I’m learning Russian as well, but am not at a good enough level yet for a pen pal.)



My native language is Arabic and I speak English too (advanced). My target language is German (beginner ).


My name is Emma, I’m 21 years old, I’m a student of German and Russian in the UK but am in the process of moving to Russia! I don’t have many hobbies because I’m studying a lot, but I love reading classic literature, watching the TV my friends recommend and also dogs. like so much. Looking for a Russian penpal ideally, can exchange for English/German :)



About me:  I’m Kiki, a curious Dutch girl with a strong love for tea, stationery, travelling, watching films and reading YA novels (especially contemporary but also sci-Fi and fantasy from time to time). I love taking photographs and developing them(mostly analogue but also digitally) and listening to records and indie  music (preferably both)

Languages I speak: Dutch (fluent/native) , English (quite fluent), German (basic grammar + vocabulary) , i’ve had 2 years of AP German in high school so I can communicate in German

I would love to improve my English by the exchange. So I consider english to be my target language:)


I am a native English speaker. I speak advanced/fluent French, and beginner/intermediate German, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. I can understand far more than I can speak in those languages. I am also around an A1-A2 level in Irish Gaelic, Danish, and Swedish.
And my name is Alexis, sorry I didn’t mention that before.


Well my name’s Cerith, and I’m a 16 year old boy from Cardiff, UK. I like reading and writing (even though I haven’t done either in a while) and I love musicals; I want to be an actor when I’m older. I’m starting sixth form college this September to do Performing Arts, English Literature and German.


I’m Nicola, 22 and from the UK. I’m currently a history masters student. The first foreign language I ever learnt was Spanish at the age of 11 (why so late UK?!) - although the last few years I’ve slacked off quite a bit. At the start of this year I started learning Hebrew, I’m still very much a beginner but that is the language I am focusing on at the moment if anyone is willing to communicate with me as I’m still getting to grips with it :)


My native language is Italian, I can communicate in English and I’m learning Swedish as a beginner.
I’m interested in languages (obviously!), psychology, philosophy, music (electronic, post-rock, instrumental, etc.), books, tv series (Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Bron, etc.). I also like animals, plants (nature in general), the sky, and pressing flowers.


My name is Chrysi im 21, i study psychology, im a native greek speaker and im interested in spanish (begginer), i know abit of german and i start learning the japanese writing system. My hobbies are karate and hip hop dance!


my languages:
Italian - pretty fluent (can comfortably communicate)
French - beginner intermediate (can understand 10x more than i can say)
Swedish - very beginner

Name: Sara
Age: 18
Country / Province / State /: USA, Michigan
Region: Midwest (???)
Studyblr URL: swedenerd
What Interests You: animals, languages, cultural differences (I love talkig about cultural differences so much), Pokemon, cats!!!, bears, nature (I love the mountains), snacks, food, lots of things.
What You Absolutely Wouldn’t Care About - I cant think of anything tbh
Would You Include a Goody Bag: probably a very small one (probably something I could stick inside an envelope)
Local or International - both!



I study french, (near fluent speaking, decent written) german (decent / decent) and arabic (beginner). I enjoy languages, random facts, politics, history…


My name is Annie, I live in Canada and I study Central European history. I specialize in contemporary Czech and Slovak history and I dream of studying in Prague. That’s why I’m learning Czech (I also plan to learn Slovak in the future). Besides history, I also love reading, traveling and learning languages.



I am 15 years old. I like to watch anime and read books and manga. I’m from Singapore and would like to meet new people while learning from them at the same time. Also, I am just a beginning at Spanish so I’m not good enough to really have a proper conversation yet but I really like to learn this language so I’d like to get as much help as I can.


guess what ive been playing recently y y lalna is definetly a chicken and not a duck. cant u see that strange shapeless pink blob on his head he is 100% chicken for sure. also at some point in my life i was very good with bubble letters but i seem to have completely lost that talent please dont laugh at me

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do you have ushioi headcanons for what oikawa and ushijima would be like on the same team? like, either if oikawa had gone to shiratorizawa or if they end up playing on the same team after high school

This is going to be a college setting, because I would never take Oikawa away from Aoba Johsai… But I may have took this idea and ran too far with it, this is more about getting together than them on the volleyball court, sorry :3

  • I imagine it would be pretty likely, them going to the same college, one that’s very good for volleyball (plus it would be another narrative like Hinata and Kageyama’s, where declared enemies have to learn to work together (except the animosity is more one-sided in this case))
  • Oikawa would make such a fuss at first, like he’d try to be mature in front of all these college upperclassmen he wants to impress, but he’ll sneakily do childish stuff like stick his tongue out at Ushijima when nobody else is looking etc
  • maybe Ushijima could cut it out with the “You should’ve come to Shiratorizawa,” like either Tooru talked some sense into him with his grand speech (you know the one), or he’s realized that it doesn’t matter because it’s in the past and they’re on the same team now
  • but Ushijima would be so, so pleased when he finds out Tooru is on his team (like, maybe he even tried super hard to end up at the same college)
  • (and I feel it’d even be better for Oikawa this way too, although he may not like it at first, to shed his feeling of inferiority and this petty grudge he has by working alongside Ushijima, instead of striving to defeat him)
  • eventually they start working together, but Oikawa still a little frosty to him, and never wants to see him outside of practice
  • somehow Ushijima clues in, that Oikawa doesn’t really like him? maybe somebody told him, or one of the upperclassmen asked why Oikawa doesn’t like him, and Ushijima was like ???
  • Ushijima is confused, and wants Oikawa to like him, because he really admires him as a player, even more so now that they’ve played on the same team
  • so he basically starts courting him, leaving Oikawa little presents of flowers, or food, or little soft toys
  • they’re not anonymous either, like he signs his name every time
  • Oikawa’s way used to getting presents from admirers though, so he’s trained himself to be grateful of each gift, even if they’re from… Ushibaka
  • and Ushijima’s just relentless with the presents! he’s stopped pestering Oikawa in person though, which really ticks Oikawa off, like what’s with these mixed signals??
  • and it kind of affects Oikawa in the game, because he just doesn’t know where he stands with Ushijima… like is he seriously into him? because these are romantic gifts, red roses, toy bears with little hearts on them, delicate pastries…
  • the upperclassmen lament, because Oikawa and Ushijima were quickly becoming a real powerhouse together, and now Oikawa’s losing focus every time Ushijima looks at him for too long, and Ushijima keeps staring at Oikawa and not paying attention!!
  • even Oikawa’s fangirls find out… some of them are rooting for Ushijima
  • eventually Oikawa’s just had enough, and catches Ushijima leaving yet another soft toy in his gym bag, and Ushijima confesses that he wants to be friends
  • Oikawa’s like okay… not what I was expecting, but okay
  • so they start spending more time together outside of practice, like meeting up for lunch between classes and stuff, and at first it’s incredibly awkward because Oikawa doesn’t know how to talk to Ushijima, but they soon hit it off, and Oikawa just chatters away and Ushijima nods and interjects the odd comment
  • and because they’re getting along, their volleyball skill goes back to normal, in fact they even get better! their upperclassmen are impressed, because they’re communicating better than ever, and Oikawa actually begins to really enjoy having Ushijima as a teammate, and is proud of him when he succeeds, instead of having a lingering feeling of bitterness
  • and things stay like that for a while, because Ushijima said he wanted to be friends, and Oikawa accepted that (even though they were very romantic gifts)
  • until one of the upperclassmen asks Ushijima if he and Oikawa are dating (like, it’s an assumption one could make), and Ushijima says no, and the upperclassman is like wow… sorry about that, and Ushijima’s confused, and the upperclassman explains that everyone thought all the gifts were Ushijima asking Oikawa out, and if they aren’t dating Oikawa must have turned him down
  • Ushijima then experiences a sort of anagnorisis, and realizes he would in fact like to date Oikawa, and he stews over it for a little while, before talking about it to the smartest person he knows…. Oikawa
  • and Oikawa is pleased, firstly because he was right, Ushijima did want to date him, and secondly because he was right, and Ushijima wants to date him
  • so they date for real this time, not just as imagined by their teammates
  • and, to the surprise of their teammates, Ushijima is much more of a PDA fiend than Oikawa, he’s always the one pecking Oikawa on the cheek before they get into position, rushing over to hug Oikawa after the team wins a match, etc
  • of course, in this universe, all the captains are on this team, so you’d have Bokuto and Kuroo in the background hollering and wolf-whistling at them every time they do

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why do u stan pewdiecry actually why not pewdieken etc

Before I answer this, let us remember that we’re just shipping for fun. Either way, neither of us win because neither ship is real, so really it’s all just fun and games here. (This is codeword for: Don’t get offended by my opinion of PewDieKen, please. ;~~~~~~; Love you guys.)

PewDieKen just seems too forced to me. Like it was specifically intended to cater to fangirls by having Pewds and Ken make as many gay sex jokes as possible. The “look I’m naked for Pewds right now haha”, “look I’m mentioning Pewds as if he were my partner haha”,”look me and Pewds are HUMPING each other in this game haha” is just too in your face, too attention seeking that it pretty much sucks out all the potential interest that I could have had for this ship.

This isn’t to say that PewDieCry has never made blatant gay sex jokes or that PewDieKen doesn’t have its moments were it’s as sweetly sincere as PewDieCry is, but the obvious catering just takes up so much of the ship that I just end up not caring for it, I’m sorry. (And, let’s be real here, PewDieCry only started the gay jokes when they became aware of the large fanbase the collabs garnered. PewDieKen started as jokes, without even having any shippers aboard.)

And really, the same goes for pretty much any ship that has tried to follow in the steps of PewDieCry. It’s too much for so little, if you know what I mean.

I just like my ships not so catered to this false sense of knowing what the shipper wants. I like something a little more genuine.  

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the real question is: who are yOUR favorite blogs?

alright boi sit down imma give u a big list 

blogs i look up to: @getstudyblr (ravena’s posts are so consistent and her grades are so good she inspires me to work everyday!!)
@coffeesforstudiers as she voices her opinions on studyblr issues really well and the amount of courage that takes is already inspiring
@somestudy as we both fangirl over the raven cycle anD the foxhole court?? the real reason for my inspiration to get those crayolas
@academla bc reading edye’s Talks are really motivational + the amount of effort she puts into everything she does is actually my ideal

friends on tumblr dot com: @educatier @love-adore-study-more @obsidianstudy @asazora @studywithmaggie dream team!! also @studistrict @ohlookimstudying (fangirl over acotar and rhys like the world is going to end) @genspen @hufflestnerd @studymelonz and so many more i would add but this list is getting too long

++ lots more blogs whose posts i LOVE but i dont think they even know i exist rip

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Oh yay, a new imagine blog!~ Good luck with it <3 How would the GoM + Kasamatsu from KnB react to their s/o spending most of their time playing dating sims and gushing over fictional characters than with them?

{ Yayayaayy ^u^ haha thank you lovable anon ~!! } 

  • Kuroko: He finds it interesting and amusing. He takes it lightly and lets you like what you like. Of course sometimes he will point out how much he wants to spend more time with you , so you both will end up playing dating sims together , he lets you fangirl around him , telling him spoilers and plots from your favorite animes. As long as he’s with you he doesn’t mind.
  • Kise: ‘‘___-cchi!!! Am i not enough for you ??? Is that it??’’, he even cried one time you two were arguing about that. You always try to explain how dating sims is just a fun thing to do and how fictional characters were always an obsession you had. He has accept these facts of course but he still feels like it’s a kind of competition.
  • Midorima: He doesn’t mind. He understands that you are obsessed with some things , exactly like he is ( zodiac signs, lucky items etc.) BUT if you ever fangirl hard around him he will feel awkward and point out that it would be more logical to calm down and think straight. He won’t hesitate to tell you to shut up either — after that he will give you awkward hug because he’s gonna feel guilty. 
  • Aomine: ‘‘Oi , stop that . I’m here too.’’ , he just can’t accept the fact that you spend your time over dating sims and fictional characters other than just being with him. He needs to have your full attention. It’s a weird situation and it makes you two fight a lot , but at the end of the day you will always end up with you telling him how important he is to you and him apologizing for acting like a jerk. 
  • Murasakibara: As long as he’s next to you while chewing on something as you gush over fictional characters - everything is just fine. Once in awhile he makes sure to shut you up with a kiss or two. If you ever stop talking he will notice and ask you if anything is wrong , because it’s gonna be pretty weird for him to have you next to him without speaking unstoppably.
  • Akashi: He’s pretty annoyed at first. He demands your full attention and love and sometimes you two even fight for that matter. He keeps saying things like ‘‘They are fake.’’ , ‘‘They aren’t even real.’’ , this keeps going until you’re really hurt and when he finally realizes that being a hardcore fangirl is just who you are he kind of feels awful for the way he treated you. He makes sure to show it by buying you new otome games and gift cards once in awhile. 
  • Kasamatsu: He’s too shy to tell you he needs more attention and he doesn’t want you to change either - after all he fell in love with you because you are who you are. He’s kind of lost with this situation but he loves you too much to say something. He just keeps calling you to get your attention. In the end it’s up to you to give him some of your time. ( After all he deserves it because he is a freakin’ lovable little babyy )
Contingency - Kise Ryouta

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

brave: to meet or face courageously;


Kise had seen this all too many times; girls who had seen him in magazines and fell in love, wishing for him to be their soulmate.

Many of them looked for him and tried to meet him for the first time once their clocks winded down close to zero. Kise never actually got to meet any of these girls before they saw their real soulmates.

Not that Kise really thought he would end up with any of his fangirls. After all, his counter wasn’t down to its final moments yet.

Well, not until now.

He was annoyed that this had to happen right before a big game. It was already nerve-wrecking enough without being surrounded by shrieking girls. He looked around the halls of the arena, trying to find his other half in the remaining 1 minute.

Meanwhile, you rounded the corner, making your way to your seat at the arena. You were aware that your soulmate was near, but you weren’t tense about it. What was about to happen was good, you had faith…

…even when you bumped right into him.

“Ouch… sorry.” You apologized, looking up into an attractive face, before hearing the beeper go off. You can’t even think about how good-looking he was, all you could recall was “don’t I know this person– he looks familiar–”

But then he speaks and offers you his hand. “Hey. It’s you!” And the way he looks at you, like you were his best friend and he’d known you all his life…kills you. He wasn’t anything like what you were expecting; you couldn’t even dream of this.

And then you finally recognized him as Kise Ryouta, that member of the Generation of Miracles.

Suddenly, you sense the presence of multiple people beside you. There are girls staring at you. You now felt the pressure from them weighing down on you. It only took a few seconds to piece together that they were fans of Kise’s. Kise has his hand on you, silently telling you that it was ok.

You took a deep breath and stepped out in front of the waiting group. Against everyone’s expectations, you suddenly bow down to the girls. “I promise to take care of him from now on, so please…” You locked eyes with each of them. “…give us your blessings.”

Kise felt his heart warm up even more for you.

Fangirl (otome fan parody)
Fangirl (otome fan parody)

Fangirl - an otome fan parody song

Another parody, whoo! :D This one’s dedicated to hikarunohana because I believe she mentioned “Human” is one of her favorite songs. If that was not you, Daph, permit me to crawl under a rock right now in shame. X);;

Le lyrics:

I did my best keep cool
When that game released on time
Up ‘til that moment I was chillin’
Then I played and lost my mind

Of course I had my bias
From the moment I hit 'start’
$3.99, now he’s mine
Play all night

Are we human
Or are we fangirl?
My heart is racing
My face is warm
I can’t help but squee
Choosin’ the right answer
Are we human
Or are we fangirl?

In this game I have grace and virtue
In real life: well, who’s to say?
All these men are fallin’ for me
But too bad, it’s not their route

So long to the real world
You can find me in my room
Wave goodbye
Good riddance, life
Otome’s got my soul

Are we human
Or are we fangirl?
My heart is racing
My face is warm
I can’t help but squee
Choosin’ the right answer
Are we human
Or are we fangirl?

Well, my feels are not all right
But I’ll be playing through the night
There is nothing that still has meaning
Unless you count my otome 

Are we human
Or are we fangirl?
My heart is racing
My face is warm
I can’t help but squee
Choosin’ the right answer…

Otome’s got my soul

Are we human
Or are we fangirl?
My heart is racing
My face is warm
I can’t help but squee
Choosin’ the right answer
Are we human…

Or are we fangirl?

Are we human
Or are we fangirl? (x2)

Nu’est Love Keeps Growing.

I love reading through the comments under Overcome’s M/V and see so much support and new people asking “who is the blond/ the guy with the long hair?” or “why did I just now find this/who are they?”

Honestly I’m crying cause I’m so happy. They worked so hard and the L.O.Λ.Es came out so hard that I felt a connection with everyone and it was so much fun and awe inspiring. I hope Nu’est does well in the future too. I also hope that we can continue to support our boys as they do well and we grow as a fandom.



That’s it for now.

                         - Love, Peace and HOT PINK everywhere.

*big ol’ exasperated sigh* alrighty, so i think we all have to thank gambino for his because the internet flow rn. well if you’ve been tagged yo!! hi!! i either rp with you or want to, so yeah let’s get down to shenanigans shall we pals? brace yourself for a lil mini speech, i gots to, bc it’s my first follow forever on here. oh right shouts out to 70+ followers! To all 184 of y'all thanks for being gr8. this is really like a 150+ follow okay y'all get it bye. 

k bout 5 months and a crazy night ago, i got an urge to make a new muse. & about five minutes of brainstorming, lead to a result of fucked up lil princess amani. so thank you friends and family for gathering here today on harold styles’ birthday, i know it’s v emo today & if you have any objections to him growing older, sit the fuck down bc we all knew this day was coming. tf am i saying?? hopefully someone found that nonsense funny. 

🙏 the OGs/FAM 🙏

okay, so apart from my unyielding heart eyes for you guys, you guys really make me smile in every way. all of you in this lil section met me via blondies and i couldn’t consider myself any more blessed. you all are so fucking talented first off, but so true – too real– very swag & much majestic. i love you guys so freakin much idk what imma do if any of y'all dip without notice – so let’s not play that game k cool. i tried to make this light-hearted bc im not tryna get mushy on y'all, but just know that before i even get on, i’m already hyped bc fam is already on doing their thing and im fangirling from the side lines. i’ve seen so much character development tho it’s kinda crazy. k peace y'all gots gr8 grammar fer days unlike urs truly.

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🎀homies/quality af🎀

homies know who y'all are, which means the rest of y'all *gasps* are quality in my eyes. deny it and i’ll fight you. not really omg that was so damn aggressive. anyway, im not gonna fight you, but you guys are tight tbh. so is everyone i follow and i h8 to categorize and shit, but we all do this bc it’s one mutual hobby. so lets not have hard feelings, unless y'all still hung up bout harry. in which case you’re looking at a solid three day mourning. anyway, im v lucky to have experienced such great muses with such depth & i feel just as lucky to fangirl over the muses i have yet to expirence. you all are fantastic keep doing yourselves, wow that sounded hella sexual, but y'know what i meant.

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