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What's wrong with season 2 keith?

“not all galra”

So I finally marathoned Gravity Falls and can we just take a moment to appreciate that this:

was how the twins reacted when the bus driver wouldn’t let Waddles on the bus.

  • me: there are no stupid questions!!!
  • me: except that one. that one is a stupid fucking question. never open your mouth again.

per several conversations i had today & in case anyone else is interested: varric’s flirt option post “night terrors” in act ii

What I Love About The Yugioh Fandom Is That It’s The Only Fandom I Know Where Somebody Can Tell Me Their Favourite Character Is Bakura And I Still Can’t Be Entirely Sure Who They Mean.

Somebody Could Come To Me And Be Like “I Really Love That Bakura Guy With The White Hair And No Friends And The Really Angsty Backstory” And I’m Just Like

Bellamy Blake has...Feelings?

You know, there’s another thing about Bellamy Blake that this fandom hasn’t even thought about. How will Bellamy be affected by what’s happening? People are so caught up in blaming him for literally everything (which is ridiculous) that no one has even stopped to think: what’s this going to do to Bellamy?

The people that he strived to protect no longer trust him. Despite knowing what kind of man Bellamy really is, knowing that he never meant for anyone to get hurt, his own people have decided to condemn him. Kane, who’s been almost like a father, is suddenly willing to drop Bellamy in a second. His own sister blames him for Lincoln’s death even though Bellamy didn’t have anything to do with Lincoln’s death. I’m not saying that Bell didn’t make poor decisions that contributed to Lincoln’s death, but the only person that put a bullet in him was Pike. PIKE is responsible here. NOT Bellamy. And yet his sister, who he’s raised and loved and protected and supported from the very day she was born, is willing to erase him from her life entirely. The others willingly and enthusiastically (aside from Miller) decide to TRADE him for Monty (who by the way is just as responsible for the tragic events that have happened). His best friend abandoned him entirely and then came to see him and proceeded to treat him like a child. Clarke doesn’t know shit about Arkadia (I love her, but it’s true). She hasn’t been there. It’s Bellamy who picked up the slack. Bellamy shouldered all responsibility. He allowed Jasper to treat him like shit because he felt responsible for Maya’s death. Maya who saved his life and kept him safe. He allowed his sister to nearly beat him to death, so that he could ease her pain, so that she could let just a little bit of it go. He’d rather be bleeding on the ground than see his baby sister in pain. Bellamy has never been selfish. He’s never done anything for himself. Everything he’s ever done has been for everyone he loves. He may not be going about it the right way, but he’s trying. Damn, is that boy trying.

But, everyone is just throwing him under the bus rather than actually taking the time to realize just what Bellamy is going through. Why are Lex.a and Co. given a get out of jail free card? This fandom is warped.

Here’s some more food for thought:

-Bellamy is grieving Lincoln too. If you didn’t see that in last night’s episode, then you’re unreachable. Lincoln was one of Bellamy’s closest friends. He was kind of like a brother to Bell by the beginning of season 3.

-He’s suffering from PTSD and depression. This is an important point that is all too often overlooked.

-O disowned him. The most important human in his life no longer trusts him.

-Kane and Co. literally treated him like shit and the fact that Kane questioned Bellamy’s motives when he saved them all kind of makes me ill.

-He’s carrying the guilt over every life ever lost since they hit the ground. He knows how many people have died and it’s eating him alive.

Bellamy has reached rock bottom. He’s hurting and he has no one. Imagine what it would feel like to be in his position. Imagine losing everyone you love. Imagine realizing that your mistakes led to people dying. Imagine feeling that guilt and feeling helpless because there’s nothing you can do to make it better. Imagine that. There’s so much more going on here and I am so sick of the way people are treating Bellamy right now.

Rebels headcanon

Hey Rebels fans! Listen closely.

You are now thinking of the possibility of Vader, using his past as Anakin, turning Ahsoka to the dark side in season 2.

… Have fun with that.

I can't understand fandom sometimes

Week ago everybody (ok, maybe everybody who likes Juvia) were screaming that Mashima’s stupid and spaming his twitter that he has to bring Juvia back.
And now, when he did it, many people changed mind, that it makes no sense and Juvia should stay dead.
Why Juvia’s comeback makes no sense? There wasn’t clear information in last chapter “Juvia died”. We only saw Gray’s pain, because he thinks that Juvia died. But, as we see, she doesn’t. Wendy healed her before she died, not resurrected her, so why people’re saying that makes no sense?
I’m sure Mashima knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t bring her, if he haven’t got mission for her.
I’m happy that she’s back and I don’t care that weren’t spectacular. I only care that my baby’s back.

If Liam has this much pent up frustration about Larriedom, can you imagine how Harry and Louis feel at this point? 

Oh for fuck sake...

If you are on Tumblr, and if you are a fan of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, you’ve likely heard of Gillovny. Coined in a catchy moniker, it’s easy to see why people would want these two to get together in real life. 

I mean…

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They’re attractive. They have amazing chemistry. They’re both single. What’s not to love, right? Where’s the harm? It’s all fun and games… 

Except, it’s not. Not when it involves their children, and not when it involves former spouses

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