this fandom has enough problems

Rules of a supernatural fangirl
  • Rule one: the words " Salt, profound,bond,lost,shoe,Tuesday, Thursday, Chevy,Idjits and Assbutt " are triggers in no particular order.
  • Rule two: Dean is squirrel, Sam is moose, Cas is the baby in a trechcoat. No ifs ands or buts about it and we all agree.
  • Rule three: Don't hate on the actors, seriously, keep your opinions about the hate to yourself.
  • Rule four: Dean's eyes are "fan fiction" green, Cas' eyes are the bluest blue to ever ocean/sky/jewle-tone sheets blue, and Sam is a moose.
  • Rule five: SAM IS AMAZING. Don't care, you love all those damn characters equally.
  • Rule six: miss luci.
  • Rule seven: saying "see you then" is like opening a can of worms, don't do it.
  • Rule eight: SHIP WHAT YOU WANT!! whether wincestiel, destiel, samstiel, sabriel, wincest, some other thing probably involving Chuck...Bobby and Crowley or all three.... You do it! Kink it up, make it meta, you do you boo.
  • Rule nine: it's unspoken but we're pretty sure Chuck being God isn't just a headcanon anymore.
  • Rule ten: miss the Erick Kripkie show run days, those were the good ones.
  • Rule eleven: Don't cause shit, this fandom has enough problems, just have fun. Lord help you if you disagree with a headcanon or have a canon complaint.
  • Rule twelve: WE ALL HAVE CANON COMPLAINTS, and deep down we all love demon!Dean.
  • Rule thirteen: Jensen is COVERED in freckles and its a miracle to the universe.
  • Rule fourteen: bow down to cockles because we all know we're cockles trash.
  • Rule fifteen: J2M is the most precious thing in life, remember this always.
  • Rule sixteenth: Misha has wondering hands, and always watch the gag reel.

Okay, I understand the gripe people have about female characters in Teen Wolf. However, people seem to be forgetting that Arden Cho has a whole career outside of Teen Wolf. She has both a music career and a modeling career. She wasn’t “written off because she became irrelevant to Scott’s arc.”

I am almost 100% positive that Arden was not in the last two episodes because her schedule wouldn’t allow it. This happened last season as well.

Calm down.