this fandom can sometimes frustrate me

Can’t Sleep

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set sometime in the future.
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Prompt: Hey I was hoping if you were in the mood for writing some linstead smut maybe you could do a oneshot where one of them is in ny or somewhere for a case and so they have to satsify their needs in other ways (phone/skype sex) 

A/N: I feel like Linstead fandom has been so tense lately, so you all deserve a little treat. I hope you like this. Let me know your thoughts?

I wrote a companion piece to this: I’m Home (x)

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I’ve seen some posts from the more historical side of the fandom that seem kind of resentful towards the musical side. And I can definitely understand that. There was a community in place beforehand and it’s gotten a rapid influx of new fans, some of them not exactly particularly mature or… unshitty. I can see why that would be frustrating.

But I also sometimes get a condescending vibe from the history side. Like, the sense that Hamilton is the jumping off point for the fans for getting to where history side has been all this time. And if those fans don’t cleave to historical fact in their interpretations or fic or headcanon or whatever, it’s wrong. And look, I love history. I really enjoy learning about these assholes and the dumb shit they did and I have a stupid fondness for them. And lord knows I’ve been guilty of seething over cinnamon rolls Eliza and John.

But Hamilton, while it clearly incorporated a lot of historical information and did its homework, is not a historical play. If it were, Daveed Diggs would play Jefferson as the awkward recluse he was, rather than as a metaphor for how people will fall in love with racism if it’s charming and slick and high class. And the thing is that Diggs playing Jefferson unhistorically created something so much more powerful and meaningful than the most pinpoint accurate portrayal of Jefferson ever could have. And it also served as a far better commentary on the Founders and their legacy than a nebbish Jefferson ever could have. Hamilton’s deviations from history aren’t just a palette swap and sloppy research. They have meaning.

So it just kind of rubs me the wrong way when people criticize people going with musical characterizations over historical ones, or getting more excited over the Hamiltome than Chernow, or just straight up not caring about history at all.* Those fans aren’t intellectually lazy and their fandom isn’t inferior. The musical side of the fandom looks at history and our contemporary society from perspectives that the historical side frequently cannot do in the same amount of depth.

Again, I love learning about history. And I’ve met some amazing people through this fandom who write and talk about history in such cool and intelligent ways. I feel really lucky and grateful for that. But frankly the historical side stands to benefit from the perspectives of the musical side a lot more than the musical side stands to benefit from more trivia.

*Not to mention the fact that, as much more capable writers have said, Hamilton is at the end of the day about dead white dudes. There aren’t any Oney Judges or James Armisteads or Catos in the play. So it’s kind of understandable that people might not be super jazzed about the historical counterparts.

Let’s talk about picking URLS.

Whether you’re changing urls or setting up a new blog, chosing a URL is a crucial decision and sometimes, it can be extremely frustrating. Often a URL will be taken by a fandom blog or saved by someone, causing rpers to take creative measures to try to use that url. Some people replace vowels with an X, some replace A or O with C and some add extra letters to make it work.

But one thing that is never okay is using a URL that is almost identical to another active rper.

By active, I mean, has posted within the past 8 weeks, you should not just change one letter of a url to make it work. This can lead to A LOT OF CONFUSION. Not only will tumblr autocorrect @ mentions to the older url but the tags can also end up autocorrecting to the older url.

As annoying as it is to have to try to pick a new url, please do not barely change a url when your first choice belongs to another rper; it’s remarkably rude and causes unneccesary problems.

Sometimes the Bellarke fandom exhaust me. Spoilers are making people crazy, I’m actually SO frustrated right now. I understand that people worry so we allow our imagination to just go crazy but for the love of god, please find your chill! How can people possibly have so much to worry about? Not every tweet is something to worry about, not every rumor is true, not everything is worth getting worked up over! Can we just fucking chill and for the love of god, stop this madness because right NOW, I’m the one losing it.

Hey DCMK fandom…

I know I complain about Detective Conan quite a lot for someone who’s supposedly a fan. It’s just… I became a fan about thirteen years ago, and sometimes things can be a bit (or more than a bit) frustrating, but at this point I’m too emotionally invested to drop this entirely, and also there ARE aspects of the canon that I like.

If you’re another fan, and you see me complaining about some aspect of the series that doesn’t personally bother you, even though it bothers me, I promise that I will not judge you for that. It occurs to me that this damn site has this weird culture of doing just that, so my sourness has probably at some point come across as more directed towards my fellow fans than I’ve intended. Sorry about that. Some of y'all probably just want to enjoy stuff in peace, without trying to focus on what could possibly make you enjoy it less.

An apparently unpopular set of ideas
  • Fanfic is not something you write just because the ship you’re writing about isn’t canon (yet)
  • You can ship a ship without worrying about whether it will become canon
  • You can continue shipping a ship even after it has lost all hope of becoming canon
  • You can continue shipping a ship even after it has become canon
  • You can keep writing fanfic about your ship regardless of whether it becomes canon
  • You can keep writing fanfic about your ship regardless of what the creator says/does/thinks
  • You can write fanfic without worrying that canon will somehow render your fanfic pointless or unnecessary 
  • The show creators and what they do/say/think/write actually has nothing to do with your ability to write fanfic, or to ship your ship
  • Fanfic is not only something you do in pursuit of a shipper ideology that only flows towards canon and in no other direction
  • Your ability to write fanfic or ship a ship will not be ruined by canon
  • Fanfiction is something you do because you like the characters and want to explore the world
  • Shipping is something you do because you love the characters together
  • Neither of these things have anything to do with canon at all
No Tumblr, My Wife Does Not Have Monosexual Privilege Over Me.

It’s true that Bisexuals like myself experience some forms of discrimination that our gay and lesbian cousins do not.   Bisexuals often must battle with Bisexual Invisibility in greater society, and sometimes experience diaspora from sections of Lesbian and Gay communities who wrongfully take their frustrations out on Bisexuals.  

It is equally true that Gay and Lesbian people experience some forms of discrimination that Bisexuals do not experience or can often avoid. Privilege from heteronormative-presenting dating is very real and I took it for granted until the moment I got a girlfriend. Lately, there’s also been a movement of bisexuals on tumblr that vilifies lesbians as a whole, rather than tackling the root of Bisexual Invisibility.   

Just because we endure some differences in experience doesn’t mean it’s time to start creating hurtful, divisive labels and concepts like Monosexual Privilege.  It is a toxic label that pairs oppressed LG communities with the privileged straight communities that often oppress them.   Unfortunately, it’s becoming so widespread that I’m even seeing it infiltrate my Steven Universe tags as people bicker over their ships. 

If you want to talk about the very real problem of some toxic sections of the LG community ousting/invalidating Bisexuals, talk about Bisexual Invisibility.  It’s a perfectly good term that doesn’t betray our allies among the LG community.   The LGBTQA+ community doesn’t need toxic phrases like Monosexual Privilege tearing us apart.  Please and Thank You.

Supernatural is the only fandom I know that can get Lucifer Is Coming and God Is Coming to trend within the same season it’s times like this that I’m a proud member of the Spn fandom

Author Interview - thegirlfromoverthepond

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I’m excited to hear from our favorite girl from over the pond, @thegirlfromoverthepond. I call her Frenchie, (she doesn’t know it, but it’s easier than typing out her full url), plus it reminds me of Grease and the Pink Lady’s! 

How many Everlark fics have you written?

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Only 8 - two of which are collections of drabbles / ficlets written for Love in Panem and the April drabbles ;)

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