this family relationship will always kill me

  • hinata: my husband is the hokage, but he still does his best for our children and plays with them when he can.
  • ino: my husband overcame his emotionless ways and learned to love me and our child, and now our child is growing up with both of us here to support him.
  • temari: my husband might be lazy, but he's taking the time to teach our son how to use his clan's jutsus.
  • karui: my husband always sticks by my side and tries his hardest to keep a close relationship with our daughter.
  • sakura: so-called "husband" left me with his kid for twelve years,never talked to us despite being in contact with naruto, and then like,forgot he had a kid and tried to fucking kill her.
  • sakura: i feel robbed.

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I am burning with desire to know more about Angelo's dad and Angelo's relationship with his dad and it's just killing me waiting for you to release more stuff about Angelo's family!!

I said the story was a bit too long to post along the art collection so you guys can have it here. Copy pasta from patreon blog:

Pomelo was an octoling soldier but quickly changed sides. He’s actually quite calm and silent for an octoling. He and Tarina met after he moved away from Octovalley. Tarina is a teacher and had always been interested in octolings and always thought they and inklings aren’t that different. So they quickly fell in love and wanted to start a family. After long time of trying, they finally got Angelo.

(also, Tangerine (Tarina) + Pomelo = Tangelo (Angelo). Tangelo is a hybrid fruit of tangerine and Pomelo. This is done on VERY purpose, AHAHAHHAHA)

Unfortunately, Pomelo died in a car accident on the same day Angelo hatched. So Angelo never met his father. And Pomelo never met his son. Tarina believes it was no accident and ever since her hatred towards inklings has only grown.

Tarina and Angelo soon moved to Pomelo’s old house in Octovalley and she wanted to avoid other inklings at all cost. Too bad young boy like Angelo had hard time staying hidden and he started to make trips to Inkopolis and got involved in battling, much to Tarina’s disapproval. She won’t stop him, but insists he wears his dad’s old mask to hide his true species. As she is afraid same would happen to Angelo that happened to his dad.


i thought i’d list some of my thoughts/questions about LoS so here we go

  • kit talking about how some idiot named will h. wrote in the library books made my heart so happy
  • jessamine’s interactions with everyone were great omg
  • why didn’t they use the mortal sword on zara to see if she was telling the truth about killing malcolm????? this part made me so confused
  • my absolute favorite part of the book was when jules and emma were making up family mottos on the roof and laughing and it made me so happy
  • ty finally agreed to be livvy’s parabatai but now thats not gonna happen cri rip my happiness
  • I’m really excited to see more of kit and ty’s relationship and how it will develop since kit will have to be ty’s support while he’s dealing with livvy’s death bc I’m kitty trash 400%
  • “the herondales have always been famous for their good looks,” said bridget, “but if you ask me, the lightwoods are the more sexually charismatic of the bunch.” ALEC SPIT OUT HIS TEA AND SO DID I
  • I was so excited to see clary and jace at the beginning of the book, but then they just disappeared for the last half of the story??? i feel like they shouldve been at the council meeting?? what about clary’s vision??? i need to know whats gonna happen with her asap
  • where the heck were simon and izzy during all this?? were they planning their wedding??
  • watching alec and magnus be parents is so adorable i love their whole family and all their cute interactions
  • gwyn and diana need to work out like pls
  • wHaT iS hApPeNiNg tO tHe wArLoCkS????
  • I’m sad jem and tessa weren’t really in the book
  • annabel was much more ruthless than i thought i mean dang she just killed malcolm asap like what i thought the book was gonna be her and malcolm vs everyone else
  • whats gonna happen with dru and jaime??
  • are kieran and christina gonna develop deeper feelings for each other? is this like the beginning of a romantic relationship? their interactions confuse me
  • IM SO HAPPY HELEN IS BACK OMG HER REUNION WITH ALL THE KIDS WAS SO CUTE(((: I’m so happy livvy got to see her before she died
  • robert actually agreed to help jules and emma tHEN HE DIED UGH. what are they going to do now????? are they still going to pursue the exile plan??? doesnt jules need emma now more than even since everyone is in such a state of grief???



Daaaamnnn…this is so important. On her most vulnerable moment she wants to go home. She considers ARKADIA, her brother, her people, HOME. 

The blakes have always been a weekness to me (since I have the most beautiful relationship with my siblings) so that hit me hard.

But…not only that. It hit me in the feels because I know every delinquents will choose the same. They have become a FAMILY. I family that no matter what will fight to protect eachother. And that’s beautiful


Somebody Else *Harry One Shot*

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Anonymous said:
“Hey Kourtney and Betty, I love your page!! I was just wondering if you could write a little something with the storyline of The 1975’s Somebody Else please? Think it would be a good concept. Thank youuu”

I haven’t wrote anything in a while so please be patient until I get back into writing! But I hope this one isn’t too shit but I hope you like it! Please send me requests if you have any ideas for my next one shot xxx

Harrys P.O.V
The last time I had seen Y/N was last year when we broke up, and something was always in my mind about her, did I regret leaving her? Absolutely. She was the only person who could read me like a book and show me what it is like to be normal and not someone who is famous. Y/N was my everything and to me losing her was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. When I got this role in the movie I felt like it was wrong for her to stay with someone that has a boyfriend that she wouldn’t see for most of their relationship. But leaving her was killing me but I knew that’s what I had to do. I could never tell Y/N how I felt because I know it would of hurt her more. It still kills me to think that she is hurting and knowing that I was the one that broke her heart, I just cant deal with that emotion.
It was my dads birthday party at home, and I always make sure I am there for it regardless of where I’m at in the world, I always take time out for family 100%, but it was something that me and Y/N done every year together and I couldn’t imagine seeing her today and not being the girl that I used to know and love. It will kill me. And if she has moved on with someone else that makes her happy, that’s all I want.

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Colors (Part 18) [Min Yoongi x Reader]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15  / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20

Genre: Gang - Mafia AU || Angst (m)

The stillness of the night was an early indicator of the storm that was brewing

We all sit in knee deep silence; eyes shifting from one face to another, conveying messages that the mouth, otherwise, was too reluctant to speak. The air grows thicker as time drags on. With each passing minute you could feel it clogging your wind pipe – making it harder and harder to breathe. You couldn’t see it but there it stood, right in the middle of the room, everyone else must’ve sensed it too – the tension that was growing bigger and bigger – feeding on those around.

For some, it was ‘dread’ of harsh consequences, a bitter fruit of the seed they sowed for themselves. For others ‘shame’ brought on by guilt that forced them to hang their heads low. And for the likes of you, it was pity, which poured out of the heart but all in vain. 

But worst of all was the ‘hurt’ that you saw, pain that reflected in eyes that must’ve been once blindly veiled in trust. ‘Treachery’ scribbled all over the soul with permanent marker that no amount of loyalty could wash away.  

The night hadn’t ended yet.                                     

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The Contest-Part 18

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Also: re-reading part 12 might help something make sense if you don’t remember. That’s all I’m saying!

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Earlier That Day

I followed Bob Singer into his office, my heart pounding from my last-minute race across the lot.  I gratefully accepted the bottle of water he offered me. Andrew Dabb was sprawled comfortably on the love seat across from Bob’s desk, a yellow tablet resting in his lap.

You’d never guess by looking at them that Bob and Andrew were the two guys running the show.  Bob was an older guy with gray hair and a soft spoken demeanor who’d been there since day one.   Andrew favored super hero T-shirts and sneakers and looked like he belonged on “Big Bang Theory”. I had enormous respect for both of them.

I had loved every second of my time on Supernatural.  Now all I could hope for was that Andrew and Bob were planning on concluding Gemini’s storyline in a way that was believable and satisfying for the viewers.  But more than that, I had grown to love this wonderful character and I wanted her story to end in a way that made sense.

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You know what gets me mad? When Simon isn’t with the other vampires. It annoys me that he doesn’t give a shit about them, when he is one. Yeah I know he has relationships and friendships with shadowhunters, but for God’s sake, you have a family now. Somewhere where you fit in, and you don’t take it? And the worst thing, is that Raphael is always there for him. He always has his back. Like when Simon said something and Luke’s pack got feisty with Simon, but Raphael jumped at them, protecting him. And when the spear killed almost all of the vampires, Simon didn’t even care. Like that’s his family for God’s sake. He would pick the shadowhunter’s side over his own clan. That’s just fucked up. Simon really needs to open his eyes.

An endless list of things in The Librarians that will never ever stop making me emotional as all hell(i.e. I cry every time I see them like it’s the first time)

(I am so sorry this list is so long I didn’t mean to.)

  • Eve opening the fridge in her apartment and there’s just one water bottle in it
  • “I don;t need a guardian. You hear that? I don’t need her! I’m fine!“
  • Jake’s face in the bar when he says that Lamia is from somewhere “interesting” and you can see how he wants a different life so badly
  • Eve and Flynn’s conversation on the way to the Stone Henge and how their voices soften and crack as they start to realize how they’re similar in their loneliness
  • “For the record, you’re not as weird as I thought you were in Berlin…”
  • When Jake catches Cassie at the henge and helps her through her breakdown AND WHEN HE GRABS HER HAND ALL SOFT
  • “They’re so proud of me. They’re both so proud of me.”
  • Bonus: “I think that’s the last time they were proud of me.”
  • Cassandra’s whispered “they said they could save me” when she betrays the Library
  • Eve getting through to Flynn when he’s giving up and how she starts crying and his eyes get all wide and I stg they fall in love in that exact moment
  • Eve crying and laughing as she shakes her head and says “I’m henge and key” and something so different and so quirky and so weird and so Flynn actually charms her and just Eve’s transformation in the whole premiere okay
  • Everything about Eve and Flynn’s deleted dance
  • Eve crying and her pained “Flynn” as he’s dying and Jesus she just met him but okay they’re in love
  • “You already have saved me”
  • “I’m offering you a life of mystery and misery…”
  • Cassandra running and hugging Flynn when he offers them a job and Flynn’s face
  • “How much I need…how much I want, to be traveling the world with you.”
  • Cassandra holding back tears and gripping the handbar a little tighter after Jake tells her he trusted her
  • “You should’ve made a Christmas wish too Colonel. It would’ve come true.” and then Eve just looks at her friends around her and smiles and hums Hark The Herald Angel Sing and her wish did come true
  • Flynn kissing Eve’s hands and “of course I remember you and your hands they’re lovely.”
  • “She writes a lot in this little notebook and I pay attention.”
  • Eve’s face when Flynn tells her he’ll stay if she stays
  • Eve finding Flynn’s carnation left on the desk and twirling it over her fingers and just like melting and smiling all stupid
  • Cassandra’s little laugh as Jake and Ezekiel come to join her on her way to Peru and aaaaaaa
  • “Do you have any idea what’s on the other side of this door?” “No. And isn’t that great?”
  • I’m gonna save some time and say most everything in 2X01 and 2X02
  • But to get slightly specific Eve’s happy “Red” when she sees Cassandra again and basically that whole reunion scene
  • Jassandra hug
  • “Your friends needed you. I needed you.” And Flynn stumbling back after Eve kisses him
  • Eve all turned on by Flynn whispering “Macbeth” and also Eve all happy to the point of crying when Flynn makes a plan instead of winging it
  • “I knew you thought I was sick.”
  • Jake’s face every time he interacts with his father
  • Ezekiel’s voice cracking on “Because I like the way you look at me when you tell it.”
  • “Let me be the big brother.”
  • Everything about “And the Happily Ever Afters.” Every single solitary fucking second of it no exaggeration
  • But especially especially how happy Eve looks when Flynn is getting all in his head right before she gives him true love’s kiss
  • Their speeches to exorcise Prospero in Final Curtain
  • How proud Eve acts of Flynn when he acts even though she visibly knows how bad he was
  • “Ezekiel’s pretending he’s fine. Cassandra ain’t pretending at all.”
  • “Kissing you is exactly how I’d want to spend eternity.”
  • When they tell Apep they’re a family
  • Eve’s little pained breath in as she realizes Flynn is gone again and how she rolls her eyes when he uses the Winnie the Pooh quote and how she smiles and cries when he says they’re gonna take their vacation
  • If I go into specifics about “And the Reunion of Evil” we are literally going to be here for ten fucking hours
  • But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Cassandra’s smile after the first “you just gotta have a little faith.”
  • Same goes for Trial of a Triangle. It will take 10 hours
  • Specifically Eve and Flynn’s kiss right before he goes down with the plane
  • And “I’m afraid of getting close to people because I’m terrified of being hurt.”
  • Eve collapsing into Flynn when they get to the hospital and Jenkins tells them about Cassandra
  • “You’re with family now.”
  • How Eve fucking breaks down when Rockwell is insisting that her relationships at the Library aren’t real kill me kill me kill me PLEASE KILL ME
  • Everything about Charlene and Flynn’s interaction before she goes into the mirror
  • “I love you. Always and Forever.”
  • Eve absolutely breaking more than we ever see her break ever when she is about to lose Flynn.
  • I.E. her whispered “Please Flynn.”
  • I.E. “You’re Librarians. You’re the smartest people in the world. Prove it.”
  • Aaaaand the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10

And that’s not even counting all the moments that make me laugh with pure joy because of how beautifully stupid they are, or the moments that make me laugh because they’re just like me, and I left out some stuff that I talk about a lot to make the list shorter. And now I need to go curl into a ball after thinking about all that stuff and uh….feel free to add your own



Pairing: Kol x Reader

Summary: I love your writing! Can I have something with Klaus or Kol and a female reader? maybe the whole mate!au thing and he’s the first to find her, but she avoid him? Could she be quiet and sweet, but funny and sassy when you get to know her? Could she have baggage from her last relationship with an asshole so she’s really unsure on what to do or how to feel? Maybe something could bring them together and make them talk or something like that (can Freya and Finn be in this + Mystic Falls?)

Side Note: I’m not sure about this one, but I did my best.

Your plan was just to pass through Mystic Falls, but it seemed that life had a different path for you. Recently you went through a major break up that ended on not so good terms, for you however it was a relief to be away from a relationship that was dangerously close to becoming toxic. So you made the decision to walk away and save yourself from pain, misery and heartbreak.

Stepping foot into The Mystic Grill you needed something strong to heal whatever this feeling was. Taking a seat at the bar you swore you could feel eyes on you, shaking off what probably was unnecessary worry you ordered your favourite drink and the first sip really did taste like heaven. After several more sips the same feeling came back, but this time it sent shivers down your back, something you hadn’t felt in a long time.

“I thought drinking together at bars was our thing, kinda hurt that you’re here without me darling”.

That voice was recognizable anywhere, and that’s what made the urge to turn around harder. “Is this the welcome I get? Not even a hello? Or so glad that your insane lunatic brother un-daggered you?” he spoke once more.

Taking the last remaining sip of your drink you turned around and meet his brown eyes. Those eyes you hadn’t stared into for a while and you forgot what it was like to lose yourself in them.

“Your back, how long will you stay around this time. A few hours or am I going to be lucky and you’ll stick around for a few days” you asked him. This was the last person you wanted to see, especially after the way your ex treated you.

“Well we are soul mates darling, I’ll always come back to you”.

Soul mates? You highly doubted such a thing existed but the connection that you and Kol had once did speak volumes. “So is it just you or can I expect the entire Mikealson family to arrive soon?”.

He sat down on the stool beside you, “Finn and Freya are the only ones with me. Is that what you really want to talk about, my family?”.

“Who’s Freya?” you turned to him and raised your eyebrow.

Just then a female voice spoke, “I’m quite hurt brother that you didn’t tell her about me”. Turning around you saw a blonde who in some ways reminded you of Rebekah. And of course Finn Mikealson was standing right beside her.

“I was just getting to that dear sister, before you rudely interrupted our conversation. Y/N this is my long lost sister Freya and well you know Finn”.

Standing up you shook her hand and the energy she gave seemed pleasant enough, talking to her you found out she was a witch and what you got to learn about her back story, made you feel quit sorry for her.

“Well as much as I would love to stay and chat some more, I have to go. It was nice meeting you Freya and it was very nice seeing you again Finn”.

You paid for your drinks and slowly walked yourself out of the Grill.

“Don’t tell me Kol, you’re going to go after her?” Finn asked.

“You know me too well brother”. Within seconds Kol was out the door.

Walking down the footpath you were doing well with walking until you mis-stepped, bracing yourself for the impact it didn’t come. Opening up your eyes you saw Kol smiling back at yuo.

“Is this the part where I’m suppose to say my hero?” you asked, as you stood up right and leaned against the wall. Before continuing to walk again, Kol followed closely behind.

“I was expecting more of a pleasant greeting love? Didn’t you miss me?”.

You couldn’t tell him about your past relationship, if he knew he would march over to where your ex lived and do things you probably wouldn’t want to think about. Ever since the first time you meet Kol the attraction had always been there, but the only problem was that he came with a lot of family drama which caused him to either get daggered or worse killed. And frankly you just couldn’t handle any more goodbyes, because not knowing when you would be able to say hello again tore you apart.

“I apologize Kol for not welcoming you back with hugs and kisses, but I’ve had a crappy few months so forgive me for not being in a welcoming mood”.

Heading down a path you came to your aunt’s place where you were staying just until you found a place of your own. She had told you she would be out until late, so you didn’t have to worry about the 100 questions she would ask if she saw Kol again.

Kol reached you and the two of you sat down on the porch, “What happened?” he asked without hesitation.

“You don’t want to know” you replied, burying your head in your hands.

The ringtone of your phone snapped you from your thoughts and the name that flashed across it couldn’t have been more worse. Pressing the decline button you placed your phone beside you, feeling Kol’s eyes as you did so.

“Who was that love?” he asked.

“What’s with the 20 questions?”.

Kol super sped and grabbed your phone, standing up you shouted. “Hey, give that back Kol. You can’t just take my phone!”.

“When the love of my life sees my again after a long time, and doesn’t look pleased to see me something is up. And when she tries to hide things it usually means something is wrong, you’re welcome to chime and and object anytime darling”. he stated

Sighing you missed Kol no doubt, and falling in love with him again just to have that taken from you every time hurt more than he could ever imagine. So you found comfort in someone else, who turned out to be an ass.

“Okay do you really want to know Kol?! That is my ex-boyfriend who I broke up with a few weeks ago all because he turned out to be a self-absorbed jerk. Then all I wanted was to move far away from him as possible, and instead another past lover shows up. So what did you expect me to do? Repeat what happened the last time you got un-daggered, only to have you leave me again?”.

Kol’s face softened and at this point it was hard to keep your emotions in check. All he did was come up to you and wrapped his arms around you. The ability he had to make you feel secure and safe was one of the things you missed most.

“I’m scared Kol, because all I keep thinking is what if you leave again. What if you’re forced to leave and I don’t get to see you until your bloody brother decides when the right time is to pull out the stupid dagger?”

He lifted your chin, “I’m here Y/N and I’m not going anywhere. Not this time, and no-one is going to force me to do anything. Darling I’m Kol Mikealson, not even a dagger could keep me away from you”.

The unknown feeling was still lingering, it was still controlling whether or not you allowed yourself to be happy.

The two of you were described as soul mates, always managing to found your way back to each other. So perhaps this time things could turn out different. No matter how many times you tried to denial it Kol had left a mark, one that wasn’t going away. Standing here still wrapped in each others embrace, was exactly the kind of thing that had been missing.

He was the missing piece, and you weren’t home unless Kol was holding you. And this was the first time in years that you finally allowed yourself to admit that. For you home wasn’t a place, it was a person…it was two strong arms, dark brown eyes and a very charming personality that also happened to be a 1,000 year old vampire. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

With the trailer for the movie dropping this is a good time to highlight some of my work!


“Look at her. You can see it. You can see Yamatai in her eyes. I told you. You never leave that island. It’s always with you. Always.”

A series of medium and long fics chronicling Lara and Sam’s adventures as they track down ancient, powerful artifacts, while also navigating their relationship and eventual marriage. There are some shocking revelations about her family’s past and a cast of new characters that were a lot of fun to write. Includes a 55-chapter and growing collection of shorts that are set in the same universe.

I also have a series of AU fics, all of which can be found here, but some of my favorites are below.

Doom Raider

Mars, 2145. Renowned archaeologist Lara Croft is under contract with the Union Aerospace Corporation to investigate and translate ancient ruins buried beneath the human settlement. She discovers a warning on stone tablets, only the warning comes much too late. The UAC has been experimenting with teleportation and new energy sources for months. and they’ve made a critical error.

All Hell is about to break loose.

Ser Croft

Lara Croft, the daughter of the fallen General Croft has been the personal protection for Princess Nishimura since she was old enough to hold a sword. She’s always at her side, no matter how awkward it gets. But war has come to the kingdom, and the gates have fallen. She must protect her charge at all costs.

Leaving London

The Cordyceps Pandemic has been raging for years. London’s Quarantine Zones are on their last legs and are no longer safe. Lara and Sam are grizzled and hardened by surviving both Yamatai and a post-infection world. When the walls come down it’s time to leave London.

What always kills me about the whole “shameboner” thing (not surprised geeky-jez said it, she has a LONG history of racism) that there are MANY legitimate fears anyone who dates/marries interracially we have to deal with.

It isn’t sexy. It isn’t anything to be fetishized. If I date a white Christian, I’m supposed to put MY culture on the back burner. I gotta worry about how they’ll view my faith, my culture, my family, everything….I gotta have this conversation, I gotta navigate my way around and am expected to assimilate to whiteness. Any “culture clash” in the relationship would be my fault by default, because we know how barbaric Islam and Arabs are amirite? That’s why we have the Arab ban! 

I’ve had to watch so many friends put up with this shit when they get in relationships with white (mostly) boyfriends.

Which has created a neuroses for myself tbh where I would be quite unwilling to be intimate with someone who is white or identifies as such.  So yeah, I’m a little neurotic about being intimate with white people. If I find one attractive, I joke about “shame boners”.

But this country has literally barred some of my friends and family from entering the country. Citizenship has been denied, friends have been stalked by the governemnt, masjids in my area have been infiltrated by feds trying to entrap more people like me into turning “I’m dissatisfied with America” statements into terrorism charges.

Every Arab man my age has already been placed on a registry and tracked. 

It’s not some kind of perverted sexual frustration that wets WAY too many panties (i.e. which explains the very creepy popularity of Cullen/Amell and Cullen/Surana) - it’s not “shame”, it’s FEAR.

Because millions of people voted for a man who wants to kill people like me with no remorse, and liberals parrot his mantra under the guise of being “progressive” and “enlightened” i.e. Bill Maher.

And according to exit polls from the last election, if I date a white person, I’m dating someone who VERY LIKELY supports that goal. 

So stop fetishizing my fear for your creepy fuckfics k thx.



prompt; You’re a muggleborn secretly dating Draco, and are captured with the golden trio to the Malfoy Manor where you’re tortured

Warnings: pain/torture mentioned 

If you asked me a year ago, where I saw myself in a year from then, I’d say at Hogwarts studying for my OWL’s and looking forward to spending the summer with my best friends in the muggle world, who I haven’t seen in months, and with my secret boyfriend Draco Malfoy. But never did I expect to be horcrux hunting with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Although I was more than happy to help, Harry was one of my best friends, I missed Draco more than anything. We’ve always kept our relationship a secret, especially when the war began to break out. If Voldemort found out, he’d kill me and Draco too. Although I wish Draco was fighting on the good side, I know he can’t just leave his family. And things were going relatively well until today. After months of successfully avoiding detection, we found ourselves running for our lives in a dark, empty forest. I saw dementors fly through the sky, as my legs continued to carry me as far and as fast as they possibly could. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw the snatchers who were chasing us, were approaching closer and closer. “Faster Y/N!” Harry yelled, a few feet ahead of me. My legs were numb and my heart was beating outside of my chest, as my legs began to move even faster, but it was no use. I felt two large hands, aggressively grab my shoulders, forcefully pulling me down to the ground. I let out a loud scream, as I fell face first into the dirt, causing a large gash to appear on my forehead. I felt hot blood dripping down my forehead and into my left eye, my vision becoming hazy. Yet, I was able to make out that Harry, Ron and Hermione, had been caught too. "Get off me!“ I hear Hermione yell, as a snatcher begins to caress her face. I turn away, not being able to watch the scene unfold in front of me, as tears rapidly stream down my cheeks. Just then, a harsh grip on my arm tugs me to my feet. "Get up. We’re bringing you lot to the ministry.” The guy holding my arm shouts. ”Wait!“ Another snatcher holding Harry tightly yells, causing all of our heads to turn in their direction. He pushes Harry’s hair back, and all of our hearts stop. “Change of plans” he begins, "we’re bring them to the Malfoy Manor.” My heart drops at the mere thought of seeing Draco. I haven’t seen him in months. He’s written to me as much as he could, but I could never respond. I’m pulled from my thoughts, by the snatcher roughly grabbing my arm and dragging me along with them. Once we reach the gates, Narcissa appears. She looks the four of us up and down before responding, ”get Draco.” My mind races, as I’m filled with both fear and excitement. Next thing I knew, we were roughly thrown to our knees, in what I’m assuming was the dining room. I can barely see due to the blood thats made its way into my eye, but from what I can make out, there’s a huge chandelier in the middle of the high ceiling and a dusty mantel hung with cobwebs, which only adds to the manors already eerie feeling. “What’s this sissy?” Bellatrix shouts, as she skips into the room and stands next to Narcissa and Lucious. "They think they’ve found Potter, but we must be sure.” She responds. "Draco! There you are.” Lucious says relieved, which causes me to snap my head in their direction. For the first time in months, I’m seeing my boyfriend in person. As he stares back at me with worried eyes, his jaw clenches and his face shows a mixture of him trying desperately to hold back the tears that are threatening to fall down his cheeks and raging anger. "Go Draco.” Lucious says, startling Draco and causing his gaze to avert from me. Draco slowly stalks towards Harry, kneeling down so that he’s eye level to him. "W-what happened to his face?” Draco asks cautiously, possibly trying to buy himself time. I know he knows it’s Harry. He knows that’s who I’ve been with for the past four months and Ron and Hermione are here too. "I-I can’t be sure.” Draco lies, standing back up again. I look up, catching his gaze and smile at him, silently thanking him, wanting to do nothing more than run up to him and wrap my arms around his body, nuzzling my face into his chest and having him hold me tightly, while telling me that everything was going to be okay. Bellatrix notices my smile to Draco and instantly rushes over to me, grabbing my collar and pulling me to my feet. "Draco, do you know this girl?” Bellatrix shouts, causing me to flinch. "Don’t touch her!” Harry threatens menacingly. I glance over at a confused Draco. ”N-no?” Draco lies, but it comes out as more of a question. “No?” Bellatrix snarls, "then you won’t mind if I do this” she finishes, releasing her grip on me and forcefully shoving me to the ground. ”CRUCIO!” She screams. As the hex hits me dead in the chest, I feel like my limbs are being torn off one by one and every inch of my body hurts. The pain is excruciating and I curl up into a ball and let out bloodcurdling screams. “Stop! Stop it now!” I hear faint screams, before I feel the pain slowly begin to fade, as I’m being wrapped up in strong arms. ”Shhh Y/N, you’re okay, you’re safe now baby.” Draco coos, tears now falling down his cheeks as he holds me close to his chest, gently stroking my hair with one hand, and rubbing soft, slow circles on my back with the other. After crying endlessly into his warm chest, I slowly lift my head and realize we’re no longer in the Manor, but a small bedroom of what seems to be in a cottage of some sort, that Draco must have apparated us to. Draco must have noticed my confusion because he gently removes his grip which was holding me down into his lap, and gently lays me on the bed before continuing, “We’re in a safe house. A cottage actually. It’s small and secluded, but it should keep you safe for now.” He says, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear and leaning down to gently kiss my forehead. "Why’d you do it? Why’d you blow our cover?” I ask, a stray tear falling down my cheek, as Draco’s thumb comes in contact with my face, instinctively wiping it away. "Because I love you Y/N.” He says immediately, not even having to think of his response, "and I couldn’t let her hurt you anymore.” He says, now a tear falling down his cheek at the memory, and I reach up and wipe his tears, imitating his previous actions. "I love you too.” I whisper. Draco smiles, before slipping in the bed beside me, and pulling the covers over us. I immediately snuggle into his warm embrace and for the first time in months, fall asleep feeling safe in the arms of my boyfriend. ”I’ll always protect you Y/N.” Was the last thing I heard before falling into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Imagine being Mike’s 18 year old sister and having to keep your relationship with Sonny a secret.

Requested by anon.

Warning: Fluff, after sex

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Hc where Philips s/o is Charles Lee daughter and Lee is angry protective dad

Aww, poor Philip!

  • Philip is legit scared of Lee
    • he gets nervous to come over if he knows your dad will be there
    • you think it’s kinda funny, but you also tell him to just relax
      • “your dad doesn’t exactly make it easy to relax!”
    • Lee is always questioning Philip
      • “what’re your intentions?”
      • “why are you dating?”
      • “how long do you intend to be with them?”
      • “how far do you think you’re going to get here…”
        • “Well sir, I” Philip stuttered
          • “He’s gonna fuck me and I’m gonna have his babies, Dad,” you chime in only freaking Philip out and making your dad furious
            • “n-n-no no, that’s” Philip swallowed harshly, “that’s not what’s happening here!”
              • “you wouldn’t want to have children with my daughter?” Lee asked.
                • “if- we, um- in time…possibly?” Philip was beyond freaking out

  • Lee rarely lets the two of you out of sight
    • he literally keeps an eye on you everywhere
      • the worst time was when you found him following you to the movies
      • he literally sat behind the two of you the entire time 
        • he found that you initiated a kiss
          • which still made him mad 
      • you told Philip that you knew your dad was behind you the entire time
        • “HE’S GOING TO KILL ME! I KISSED YOU!” Philip freaked out
          • “Nah, I wouldn’t let him,” you nudged Philip
  • In poems he compares you two a lot to Romeo and Juliet 
    • because your dad really doesn’t like the two of you dating 
      • you tell Philip that you’ll always love him
        • you have to remind him a lot because he gets really insecure about the relationship since your family isn’t for it
        • but no matter what you both have each other 
          • and deep down Lee likes Philip
            • somewhat
Day 8: Laito Sakamaki

Sorry, but as some of you may know I’ve just went back to school. I still haven’t adapted so it’s been quite difficult. Anyway, here it is:

First of all:


As I’ve mentioned before, Laito is my favorite (tied with Subaru) boy in the serie. His intense dark green eyes, his coppery-reddish hair, his smirk, his fashion style, his fedora *-*, his voice, his deep tone, his way of speak, his “nfu~“, his “bitch-chan”that no one else can imitate, his laugh, I love everything about him, but must importantly: his true self. Tha part of him which is sweet yet insecure. He doesn’t know quite good what is love and how to express his true feelings. He likes macarons(?) and he knows how to play the piano. And so many things more! Sometimes I see him as an insecure boy which wants to learn to do things (feelings) correctly.

I need to admit that I was only interested in his looks (as I saw first the anime), but something inside of me told me he was so much more, that he had way many layers. And god I wasn’t incorrect. I cried and was shocked when I discovered what happened to him. I knew he must have a reason to be this way. It was clear why he was made that way. We know that Laito was the first one to be born, however due to a very old tradition he isn’t cosidered as the eldest rather as the youngest. For us he is but he isn’t, get it? LOL When he was younger he saw his existence as useless to his mother: she only cared to turn Ayato into the best and she only needed Kanato for his singing. Then Cordelia, as a way to attract KarlHeinz’s attention, seek Laito and used him to satisfy her needs. People always tell me that Laito liked to do the nasty thing with Cordelia, but the truth is he knew it wasn’t correct yet he didn’t know how to stop (he craved his mothers attention, even if it meant this way). He stopped looking Cardelia as a mother rather as a lover. He felt jelous towards all her partners and he killed them. Richter was one of them so they saw each other as rivals rather than as family. He kept this relationship in secret, though his twin brothers suspected what was going on. When KarlHeinz found out instead of punished his wife he punished Laito. Then Cordelia came and infront of his prision had sex with Richter to make clear he wasn’t useful for her anymore. From this impact Laito became a pervert, brocken and sick. He killed Cordelia just to make sure he won’t be influenced by her anymore and for her to belong to him.

Now I ask, don’t you think Laito had his reason to be like this? Yet he always hide his pain and anger with his playboy mask. I read somewhere that it’s possible for boy that were raped by their close familiars (more exactly mothers) they tend to act as perverts…like they feel dirty yet they continue trying to erase this with pleasure. Which is Laito’s case. I don’t justify his actions (most of them) I’m just saying he had his reasons.

Yet when we se how Yui slowly shows him what love REALLY is about, his actions became different! He’s kind, he’s playful, he shows his weak side, he cares for us and his brothers, he shows/tells his insecurities, he won’t share you, he’ll protect you and! He’s very intelligent as to know with whom he can use his force and how to act.  Something you can’t tell me is the fact he’s VERY WITTY AND INTELLIGENT. Even Carla recognizes this strength of his and is careful as to convince Laito to help them with their plan. He can be manipulative and scary if he wants to.

He’s the kind of character that is worth getting to understand, we can’t change him and to be honest I don’t want him to change. He has a very BIG AND SPECIAL placein my heart! I’ll protect him and present him to all who wants to met him. He’s my precious baby and I’ll always be happily living in his hell which for me…is a paradise!

(confession: He makes me so happy! Just by seeing his face I feel happy. He makes me laugh, cry, hate, love or calm on his CD Dramas. I would love spending a day with him! Going shopping, eating macarons(?) and talk in general. Those eyes take my breath away and he’s in my heart for all eternity. If he woldn’t be “my lover” I would love being his best friend, caus’ I can see him as a brother!)

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sorry it was so intense and damn long! Thanks for reading though~ ^_^

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What exactly is castiel's endgame? I know you must've written in somewhere so did you mind just linking me to it? Sorry I'm new lol


You might like to scroll through my #human!cas tag :D

Here’s one in particular: What does Cas want?

Most of the exposition we have IMO is through Chuck and the Angels (because they’re his original family they expose his emotions and desires in the same way  that Amara and hunters do for Dean), through his time as Crazy!Cas and as a human.

Essentially IMO:

- Human!Cas is set up since…. forever. He loves Humanity, he watches over them but through Dean (and Sam, but Dean is the embodiment of Humanity and his love interest and this is a standard trope so…mainly Dean) he learns that he wants to be a part of it and experience it himself.

- Feeling a sense of belonging in their family and being wanted for who he is, not as a tool or part of a military unit.

- Not needing to fight anymore (the look he gives in 5x01 after he kills the Angels, the relief, the way his shoulders drop, how he consistently always tries to fix things through diplomacy and is a BAMF only when necessary). I love how Crazy!Cas (and Emmanuel) is actually, really for me, Cas without his hang ups and repression, he’s kind of ultimately himself deep down here, kind of like Dean in 12x11? Food for thought anyway.

- Enjoying life, smiling, spending time with children (Cas x kids is a consistent theme), teaching others what he knows, relaxing with Sam and Dean, spending time with his family.

- A profound brotherly relationship with Sam where they can build on all the things they have in common (seriously, they have loads) and a romantic relationship with the love of his life Dean Humanity Winchester.

- Feeling like he deserves good things and getting them.

I feel like this is all the stuff that is canonically en route to his endgame, but it is still my opinion based on what we have seen.

Castiel (and TFW as a whole obviously) being happy is my jam.

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I know Rey considered Han a father figure in less than a day but this kind of reminds me of when someone told me that they saw my mom as their own mother just because she was nice & did some things for them in their time of need. I told them "just because you had a nice experience with my mom in a short time, doesn't mean you really knew her, & it doesn't mean she was a good mother to me. She hurt me in alot of ways.You don't know what really goes on behind closed doors & don't assume you do."

pt2 Not to excuse what he did on the outside, but I’m just trying to understand his family situation separately from the other stuff because I am curious. We haven’t got the whole story yet. We got bits and pieces from books, interviews, and stuff, like Carrie specifically saying they did neglect him, but hopefully they will explore this case more in the TLJ. Also not saying they were bad parents, but it’s been made clear they did make mistakes & we can’t overlook that cause it’s Han & Leia.

 pt3 and regardless of the family situation, I think Kylo will pay in some way for what he’s done Don’t know how yet, but it does seem it will also lead up to a redemption afterwards. They seem to be hinting at that very strongly. I think Kylo is a very interesting and complex character, and I’m looking forward to seeing his story develop and progress in the future.

I am 110% with you anon, you put this perfectly into words!

I don’t necessarily think that Han and Leia were bad parents, I’m expecting its more of the case of them having a child that neither of them knew how to help, and especially Leia, tried her best. While I’m sure Rey did build a connection with Han its nothing compared to what the family itself probably feels, and if you look at that scene and tell me Kylo is enjoying killing han then I’m going to ask if we watched the same film.

Kylo seems to have a very complex relationship with his family, much more than “he hated his dad who was always good to him and stabbed him” and thats honestly what I’m looking forward to seeing most.

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Why do you like sq? If you like emma why would you want her to be with someone who ruined her childhood? Regina plain up abuses emma - why do you not like killian or captain swan anymore? Im unfollowing you cos you ship sq now ...

You’re completely entitled to unfollow me for this and I understand why, if you’re a CS shipper. Thank you for following me up until now and I hope you enjoyed my blog! Actually, I’m so glad I’ve got this ask, because I’ve been thinking about how confusing it might be to some of my followers that I converted from being quite a hardcore CS shipper to SQ practically over night, so here’s why (warning: this will be long and anti CS): 

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Alex Summers

(Alright, well here’s a personal one about a crappy past relationship that I managed to turn into a decent fic about Alex Summers. I struggled with writing  this and trying to turn those feelings into words that correctly depicted what I wanted. Lyrics are from Sharon Van Etten’s song of the same title as the fic. I have two more coming maybe later this week (or in a month, who knows). One for John Allerdyce and one for Peter Maximoff. Once again, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!) 

Your Love is Killing Me 

It’s understood, you’ll be a man

By the time I’ll see you

We’ve been through better days

And you’ve tasted all my pain

You’ve always had a hard time opening up to people. Whether they were family, friends, or significant others. When it came to significant others, you’ve dated a few people, but the relationships seemed to end as quickly as they began. There seemed to be a constant feeling that something was missing. You just didn’t feel it. It? You weren’t sure what you meant by “it” but you knew that something was lacking. You felt that you couldn’t open up to these people, or maybe you just didn’t want to because you were scared of what they might think. Hell, you kept your powers hidden until they grew too strong to ignore from anyone you knew for well over a year. On top of being a mutant, you believed your ideas and thoughts were to outlandish and you were worried people wouldn’t understand you. If you opened up completely about your past, would they stay? Would they say they cared for you regardless of your faults and flaws? You couldn’t be sure and didn’t want to take that chance. So you did what you did best, you kept to yourself. Silently suffering and believing you could carry the weight of everything that made you hurt. But what happens when you finally meet someone that gets you to open up like you’ve never done before. Is it for better or worse?

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