this family relationship will always kill me

Michonne In Love

I was really struck by the difference in the conversation in 6x15 East and 7x08 Hearts Still Beating

Rick and Michonne recognized their love at the height of their power and safety.    

I have always found this piece of dialogue notable in East:


“We’re not losing any of it again. I’m not." 

Who are we? Team Family or Richonne? Rick may intend it as a Richonne comment. But, Michonne didn’t pick up because the reply, is “No, you’re not. I’m not.” She didn’t say, “we’re not.” So, in this very early romantic relationship, there is still a wall there as they figure out what this “different” is between them.

So what just killed me about Michonne’s monologue in 7x08 is that now she has honestly “figured it out.” She knows what is different.


Look at her blush at 1:09 just before she says to Rick, “I wanted it to be ours. Me and you.” She realizes there is no backing out, her love for Rick Grimes has demolished whatever sliver of armor Michonne still had hiding her heart.

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Okay, so I feel stupid, but I've been considering watching Trollhunters and I just can't find anyone that will tell me what it's like, from a fangirl's perspective (I.E., someone who doesn't care if the animations' 'slick' or not, or whatever). Then I remembered you were a fan. So... Is it worth watching? And why?

IT’S REALLY GOOD. For myself it’s totally worth the watch. 

I’m always in it for loveable characters and exploring different relationships between characters, whether it be platonic, familial or romantic, It’s what I’m in for. 

Like strickler and his low-key affection for Jim at the start is something that KILLS THE MAN. I’m a sucker for villains who secretly care for the hero. 

Jim and how much he cares for his mom, just lay me to rest. How much he wants to protect her and the fact he wants to take care of her because she does so much for him. 

Jim and his father-son relationship with blinky has me comatose. BLINKY CARES ABOUT HIM SO MUCH. UGGHH. Wait till you get to the birthday episode and another ep when Strickler comes over for dinner. YES. 

The trollhunting trio, Jim, Claire and Toby. IT IS MY JAM. three best friends chillin and protecting a whole separate world that lives beneath them. Tobes and Claire support Jim and work through the whole trollhunting stuff with him. They all develop so wonderfully together, oh my godd.  and it warms my heart??? so much?? AND GROUP HUGS. 

(low-key reminds me of the phantom trio)

Jim and Claire are super great. I like their romantic dynamic. I find DreamWorks really approached it well and it’s so cute and just GOODD. Jim is super shy while Claire can be super upfront about her feelings AND I LOVE IT. 


And Like, there’s always something happening?? You never really get tired with the show. Nothing is ever cast aside or forgotten. 

There’s always the warm heartfelt moments but the ANGST. OOHH. THE POTENTIAL. god damn. 

I’m sorry this was so long and like not that descriptive of what I was trying to say pls watch trollhunters you won’t regret it.


Hey guys, this is a picture of my friend (left) and me. For privacy reasons, I’m not going to state her name, so I will just refer to her as “Tiny”. Me and her have been big fans of taylor since we were really young and we always supported taylor and her music together. This year, we got tickets to see Taylor in San Diego in August, but I fear Tiny won’t make it ‘til then. Tiny has had a very rough life; from being in an abusive relationship this past year, to self harming on a daily basis, and a fallout of her family, she’s not in a good place. On Sunday evening, I received a text from my friend saying that Tiny was going to kill herself that evening. I rushed to the address she was at and my friends and i tried to calm her down the best we could. She was crying and running away from us and at one point, she pushed herself in front of a moving car hoping to die, only for us to be relieved that the car had slammed their brakes on. We decided to take her home and while i was notifying her family that she was in a tough spot, she tried to jump out of our car while going 65mph on the freeway. Thankfully, my friend driving locked all of the windows and doors when he saw her attempt to jump out. The following day, we stood by her side and made a day for her that included watching her favorite movies, eating junk food, and relaxing. It all seemed to get better until yesterday. Yesterday, we got another message from her saying she was going to commit suicide that night and there was nothing we could do to save her. We immediately called the authorities who rushed to her home and took her to the hospital. She is currently there and will be there for at least 72 hours. Tiny’s dream has always been to meet Taylor and having Taylor follow me on this website gives me hope that I can somehow manage to make that happen. So Taylor, if you’re reading this, please please, help me make this happen. Please, I don’t know how to save her, but i know that you can.

After flipping through the channels and finding a few Lifetime movies, I realized that there’s no in between with them. It’s either a ridiculously cheesy love story that makes you roll your eyes. Or it’s a really intense dramatic story that always seems too far fetched to actually happen. I feel like one day someone needs to combine them both. Maybe a young couple is ridiculously in love and sneaks away to get married on some private island to get away from their family who disapproves of their relationship. But once they’re there, some crazy person comes after them and tries to kill them. It’s the best of both worlds and has a little something for everyone. Someone help me make this happen.

i’ve definitely talked about this before but mako’s second hallelujah in the ova as it pertains to her relationship with the student council always kills me with how good it is, and how good mako is

mako is maybe the character in the show who has the most reason to believe rei’s shpeal about the student council needing to be punished by their own sins for what they did when they ruled honnouji as dictators- mako was a no-star. mako’s family lived in povery because of their dictatorship, mako almost died getting to school because of how the student council punished no-stars through no-late-day, mako was purged by the tennis club and kidnapped by the student council and used as bait and beaten on time and time again bc of how brutal they were. the student council often personally made mako’s life hellishly difficult & yet, in the ova, she very obviously chooses to forgive and love them

mako’s second hallelujah in the ova is literally her expressing how much she believes in the student council, like she believes in ryuko, and how much she believes they can fight their past selves because she thinks they must be “much better than before!!” and thats incredible? mako had perhaps the most right not to forgive them & she did & treats them like family instead & expresses how much she thinks they’ve gotten better as people & that she thinks they’re good & strong enough to win & like. i love the infinite love & forgiveness of mako mankanshoku