this eye is shit

i watched all of lasagna cats videos when i first joined youtube when i was 7-8 and they had a huge impact on me. i watched them all many times and would periodically check his channel to see if he ever posted anything new and today is the first time since then that he has. i havent been able to bring myself to watch them yet, i kind of want lasagna cat to be untainted in my memory, the way it felt to watch those videos when i was 7 years old

A Lady’s Charm Mini Post

I’m working on the Lady’s Charm series, which was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek series of posts about Ladybug flirting with Chat.  It wasn’t supposed to be proving ships (or serious), but I keep coming across actual Ladynoir stuff.  Remember this post?  Yeah, it’s like that.  I’m probably not the first person to think of this, but I’m probably the first to loose sleep over it >_<

  • *is almost asleep*
  • *thinks about ML Christmas Ep for SOME REASON*
  • *eyes pop open because HOLY SHIT*
  • Guys…
  • Marinette/Ladybug jumped off of Santa’s sleigh twice to save Chat
  • She “fell for him” twice
  • She fell for Chat twice
  • Official lyrics from "It’s Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas"

My wish for a cat who’s in love, with our own ladybug.
Is that he’ll get what he’s always wanted!
She doesn’t know she loves him; only sees Adrien.
But Christmas miracles always happen!

  • uhhh…Ladynoir….confirmed?
  • this series of shitposts started out as a joke…
  • …now I’m not so sure…
  • Not gonna stop me from putting these things into my posts though
  • if anything, I’m shameless


  • Stop right there!
  • You’re *snicker*  under Agreste!

…ok, I’m going to work now.

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ø - Seven

“ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.

from: 707
to: MC

> LOLOLOLOL, MC! You HAVE to see this!
> I found a super rare pepe while looking through reddit 8)
> In fact, let me look for another one!!!!! Mission: ACQUIRE THE MEMES
> Huh… weird… I just………… thought about precious Ellie as a Pepe.
> Would that be a white Pepe with blue eyes and whiskers or Ellie with green fur?????????????????
> Shit, I’m out of Dr Pepper T_T

Met With A Zap, Chapter 8

TITLE: Met With A Zap


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Darcy and Loki meeting for the first time. They instantly dislike each other and are constantly at one another’s throats in arguments. Darcy even ends up using her taser on him at one point. Others around them get fed up of being stuck in the middle of their pranks and arguments. But eventually, Loki finds himself falling for her sassy mouth.


I woke up with a killer headache. Idiot I am had forgotten to close the curtains so the sun was shining in and nearly killing me. I groaned as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

‘Shit.’ I hissed as my head throbbed. That was some hangover. I couldn’t even remember much about the night before. Especially after having a drink with Loki… Shit. Loki. How long had he stayed for…. fuck. There was someone. In. My. Bed. Next. To. Me.

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Man, listen. Kylo Ren arriving on the island all "I've found you" and menacing and shit. But he stalks over to Rey, who is in a fighting stance already, and DROPS TO HIS KNEES and "We could rule the galaxy. Together. We could lay it to waste. Whatever you want. Just say the word".

Oh fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuck. That’s the shit. Right there. 

And she’s like “Never!” and attacks, and he just defends. He deflects her attacks and dodges, but he never attacks back. Then he starts catching her wrist or her arm and pulls her toward him, each time asking her again, his face inches away from hers, asking, giving her a reason why, each time. The final time she seems to relax a little bit, and her eyes flicker to his lips….

Then Luke interrupts them or some shit. 


omg so this happened

Me: *tries for months to queer code myself in real life and gets frustrated when people still think I’m straight as a ruler*

My mom: What’s been going on with you lately? Is this something to do with boys?

Me: lmao no

Mom: ……… girls??

Me: ‼️🚑🚨❗️What??? Me?? 🚨 Pshhhh nooooo lololol

Mom: ……… you sure?

Me: *coughs* *shifts eyes* *awkwardly looks around* *mumbles* yeah…

Me @ myself: you piece of shit you literally asked for this 

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for the body swap thing: travis doesn't know what to do now that he has two eyes so they just weirdly move independent of each other because he doesn't know how to work two eyes...

i was thinking about how the eye change would be really weird
fysh would keep bumping into shit because now he has like, no depth perception

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water