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Do you have any hcs about how exactly Vilde realizes that she is a lesbian? Or do you hc her as bi?

yes!!! i 100% believe vilde is the biggest Lesbian to ever lesbian nd i’m always down for talking about it:

- so i love my baby vilde but she can definitely be a bit clueless sometimes and i think it takes her a long time to sort out all her confusing feelings towards girls
- she barely had any exposure to lgbt people growing up and she doesn’t really know what it means to be gay until she starts meeting /actual/ lgbt people
- and shes never thought too much about her lack of attraction to guys, just brushed it off as not being mature enough or ready for a relationship, thinking ‘surely i’ll start to develop those feelings soon enough’
- but they never?? come?? and all her friends start to hook up with guys so she does too but the feelings just don’t arise, she feels nothing but vague discomfort when she kisses guys and she hates being touched by them, it makes her feel icky. and shes so angry with herself for not being able to feel what her friends feel when they hook up, she thinks shes not trying hard enough
- and then eva kisses her for the first time at that party and she finally /feels/ something and its a m a z i n g. it just feels so right and she never wants it to stop and she finally understands what you’re meant to feel when you hook up and why people do it in the first place
- she brushes these feelings off and tries not to think about it. they were both really drunk (even though she’d only had one glass of wine…) and it didn’t mean anything?? right??
- but she can’t get that kiss out of her head. she’s constantly thinking about eva, the feel of her lips, how good it felt to have her arms wrapped around her waist, how sweet she smelled
- and it happens again. and again. and again. and it’s always at parties, and vilde tells herself it’s just the alcohol talking, but she starts to catch herself staring at eva at school and when they hang out together, and just wanting to kiss her again (even though she’s sober??)
- so she hooks up with a couple of guys but it just doesn’t feel the same, and she tries to have sex with magnus at the christmas party but it just doesn’t feel right and she can’t go through with it
- she thinks maybe its just eva she has these feelings for… but she catches herself staring at other girls, girls she’s never even met before, just bc she’s mesmerised by their long legs or the way their hair ripples down their back and she just thinks: ??? what does this all mean ??
- she starts to do some research on being lesbian (even though it takes her 20 mins to actually type that word into the google search bar, and she has to do it in incognito because she can barely admit her own suspicions to herself)
- she starts to identify a couple more of her feelings through researching, and she learns about ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ which actually kind of… applies to her perfectly?? for some reason
- and ad she learns more and more, she realises how natural and normal feelings towards other girls can be, and she starts to think that ‘lesbian’ is not some big scary label, but an identity that she kind of connects with
- basically its a long, slow process but over time she sorts out her feelings and admits to herself that she just really fuckin likes girls, and thats ok

Physically, how I imagine Naruto and Sasuke, based on what we’re told in the series:

Naruto- Not really conventionally attractive. Not ugly, either. Sort of cute in a scrappy puppyish way. But he’s charismatic and lively to the point where it doesn’t matter. When he’s tired or lost in thought, you might start to realize that his individual features aren’t as amazing as your heart insists they are, but in the next moment, his eyes light up and his face is transformed, and you can’t remember what you were just thinking. His warmth, his strength, his energy, his hope; it’s practically irresistible.  Magnetic and infectious. After a bit of exposure to him, no one can deny that Naruto is ridiculously charming and incredibly attractive in a totally unique way.

The sad thing is, Naruto looks in the mirror and can’t see this for himself. All he sees is an ordinary, unimpressive face, and for a long time, he sadly, jealously, thinks of himself as plain. The truth is, he is anything but. Eventually, after he’s gained confidence in other areas, he feels more confident in this one, too. Seeing his own face in his mother’s helps as well. And no matter how many people come to love and admire him, Naruto retains an unaffected humility that is lovely all on its own.

Sasuke- Drop dead gorgeous. From every angle, at any given moment, Sasuke  is strikingly beautiful. He is also charismatic. His skill, grace, power, intensity, fearless and confident attitude, not to mention the zero fucks he gives about the way others perceive him- all this adds up to a cool factor that’s practically unbelievable. In fact, a lot of people assume Sasuke is just a poser, putting lots of effort into an act. But Sasuke is the real deal, and nothing is more mesmerizing or infuriating than that. 

Sasuke’s soul is an inferno, his eyes a bottomless well. He is fierce and deep and as frightening as he is enrapturing because of that. He has presence. He learns how to hide it when he needs to, though; how to fade into just a pretty, forgettable face in a crowd. Even then, he tends to draw admirers like flies. When he drops the mask, he moves like a thunderclap, and all heads turn as he passes.

Sasuke has never wasted a moment wondering if he’s good-looking because he simply does not care. (ironically, this only adds to his allure) What does appearance have to do with anything? The way he looks has never made his life any easier. In his reflection, all he can see is his family. He looks so much like Itachi. Like his mother. Like his father. Even the times when he has deliberately looked for those precious, awful points of resemblance have been agonizing. He avoids mirrors whenever possible.

Together, they are breathtaking.

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How would you go about contacting/interviewing local spirits? Do you go out and meditate until one shows up? Do you communicate with senses or do you use tarot/divination?

I personally use my senses but you can do those other options too!! 

Procedure 1

If I call them to me instead of going to them, my procedure is as follows:

1) Create my protective barrier, put out an offering and call for the spirit I would like to interview. The calling is usually something like “I call to any [spirit name] that would be interested in speaking with me for an interview. In return, I have an offering of [the offering]”. I formulate my words into energy and send that energy out into the energy network of the environment. I make sure the message is weak enough so that it will disperse before it goes too far and so it doesn’t keep going when I’m not ready for a spirit to appear. 

2) I wait to see if anyone shows up. Usually they don’t. Here is where I would use my senses to see if anyone comes. You could also use the meditation or tools but it might be hard to tell if someone arrives if you have a hard time feeling energy. Using pendulum or Ouija might help but I still recommend being able to discern for their presence before doing this. You don’t need to be a master, being at the level of “I can sense a presence. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t feel threatening” is fine because you can figure out the rest through your tools and meditations. 

3) Next, even though it was in the call, I ask the spirit if they would like to be interviewed just to make sure. I also ask if it is okay to write down and share the interview. Then I conduct the interview. 

4) Once the interview is finished, I bid the spirit farewell, make sure that they’re gone (another reason why being able to sense their presence is important), cleanse the area, take down my barrier, and dispose of the offering.    

Procedure 2

If I meet them where they live, my procedure is as follows:

1)  I set out an offering and say “Yo anyone want this?”

2) I use my senses to see if anyone does or if anyone is even around. 

3) If someone comes, I ask them if they would like to stay and chat. They usually say no. But if they say yes, we chat for a bit. Before they leave, I ask them if they would be interested in a formal interview. They usually say no. If they say yes, we either do it right then or we schedule a time to meet up later which usually involves me doing the previous procedure except using the contact information that they give me to call them. 

Though the second one seems more simplistic, the first one is actually safer and easier. Also, you can use the first procedure to meet spirits “at their location” just by tweaking the call’s energy to only go within a short distance. The second is better for casual conversations, like walking past your neighbors and stopping to chat with them. It’s also works best if you are using your psychic senses and not tools. If you want to use the first procedure for causal conversation, just cut out the “interview” part of the call.  

Tips for Procedure 1:

Forming the Call Energy-

Requires a bit of knowledge about energy work and visualization but not too hard. Say the call either in your mind or out loud and visualize your words turning into a condensed form of energy in front of you. Feed enough energy into it so that it will be powerful enough to go the distance you want it to before dispersing and disappearing. This is something you just have to get a feel for but start small at first because you don’t want any condensed, energy lingering out there for too long. Once it’s at the strength that I would like, I send out the energy in all directions. Visualize it as it goes. If you’re not sure if the energy completely dispersed after it’s been out there for a bit, you should recall it. Forming this energy takes a bit of practice to perfect so it’d be best to only send it out as far as the edges of your property at first. 

Feeling a presence- 

Exposure and experience is really what you need. If you have a spirit companion and you can’t yet sense their energy then I would refrain from doing this until you can. Gaining the ability to sense your companion’s presence will help you sense the presence of other spirits. For both those who do and don’t have companions, try to learn how to sense the presence of spirits within your property. Once again, do the call but so it only goes a short distance. First, try to sense if anyone shows up. Then use tools such as pendulum, ouijia, or automatic writing to confirm whether or not you sensed something. The important thing is that the tool you use doesn’t give you an answer even if the spirit wasn’t there (as in, dont use tarot or oracle cards for example). 

The most important thing for spirit work is to PRACTICE. Practice, practice practice! If you’ve never done this level of spirit work before, you will fail. Usually it’ll be your first attempt, then your second, maybe it works on the third, but then it fails on the fourth again. 

It’s 100% foolish to think that you will get everything on the first try and then when you don’t, you think it’s because you’re not made for spirit work and that you can’t do it. YOU CAN DO IT! You just need to try and keep trying. 

When you play a sport for the first time, when you pick up an instrument for the first time, when you practice art for the first time, are you immediately at the level of a professional? No. Because the professionals practiced for years and you’re just starting. And then even those who have practiced for years still fail. 

If you don’t practice anything then you’ll never get good at itEven those who were born with good abilities spend time honing them. 

Don’t make excuses. Don’t give up. Practice.

The other most important thing for spirit work is to believe in yourself. If you’re constantly doubting your abilities of course they’ll keep failing. You cast a spell expecting it to not work, you call a spirit expecting it to not work, what do you think will happen? Now belief won’t make anything and everything come true but believing in your abilities is a hell of a lot more useful than constantly putting yourself down. 

My final tip is: try not to go in with a golden standard. You see how other people interact with spirits and you expect your interactions to be exactly the same. Well guess what? That’s not always gonna happen, especially when you’re just starting out. People experience spirit work in many different ways and if you’re too caught up in what “should” happen then you’ll miss what “is” happening. Keep an open mind. 

That’s probably a lot more than what you were looking for but eh, it’s hard to talk about one thing without needing to call attention to a lot of others. But yeah, those are pretty much my processes in-depth for contacting local spirits.


I gave my Calumet 4x5 a go today, and it worked! Except….

I’ve read that the Ilford paper I decided to use was 6 ISO, but it’s definitely 3 ISO, or my developing time is too long. But when you’re developing for 60 seconds, it’s a bit hard to gauge. On the next run, I’m going to meter for 3 ISO and shoot that, and see what it gives me. So far though, I REALLY like the results. The sharpness looks pretty nice on RC paper, and once I get the exposure times figured out, I think it’ll look even better. I’m still working on how to clean up the prints, as the Dektol developer I’m using tends to leave little bits on the prints (as it comes powdered). I’m thinking I may switch to a liquid developer. We’ll see as time goes on, for now the experimentation will keep going.

Give me a mitjo YouTubers!AU, where Jonas vlogs about things he loves like Pokemon and marine life, and Mitch does gaming videos, pranks on his friends and swears a lot.

Give me them watching each other’s videos and being a bit shy about things, so they keep their love of each other on the down-low

Give me them meeting up at a convention and hitting it off, thus forming an unlikely friendship!

Give me them slowly falling in love in front of a camera, whilst many, many people speculate on their relationship.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Periphery of Sunrise by David Langan
Via Flickr:
Another photo taken on beautiful Balmedie beach. This time I was on the beach witnessing a biblical sunrise. The colour, saturation and intensity from the rising sun was pretty spectacular. I really liked the long whisps of clouds picking up some of this colour against a cooler sky so set up this composition with the main part of the sunrise out of shot . Even though the bright and fiery part of the sky is way over to the right hand side i believe the curve of the water heading left is a good counter too this. Just for your info, the strange concrete blocks are the remnants of WW2 coastal defences The eagle eyed among you will spot where this stream exits into the sea, I would rather it featured a bit more prominently in the photo but you cant have everything!

An Angel In A Leather Jacket (Ch.4)

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Summary: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

A/N: Hi everyone! :)
After as thrilling chapter as the last one turned out to be, I’m here to bring you another one. I really enjoyed writing it, and all in all, so I don’t make too long speeches here, I hope you enjoy it, too :)
This chapter (as well as others) was beta-ed by my awesome friend @yesiwritefanfics. Thank youuu, you’re the best <3

Chapter 1

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hi! was just curious as to how long exposures coming along? i love all your writing by the way!

Oh my gosh I thought I answered this already and I clearly did not!!  Sorry to leave you hanging.  I am working on Long Exposure and I REALLY want to have the next chapter out before the end of the month so fingers crossed on that.  

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It’s been too long.  I got past the one bit that had me really stuck for whatever idiotic reason. I’m hoping this next bit will go more smoothly. Also, thank you!!

the signs as mumford and sons

mumford and sons are a band that was formed in britain in late 2007. consisting of marcus mumford, ben lovett, winston marshall, and ted dwane, most of the band’s songs fall into the category of folk rock and other alternative sub - genres. the themes of a substantial amount of their music is heavily drawn from literature such as shakespeare, the odyssey, and plato’s cave, while several other songs do consist of more modern themes such as a relationship ending on bad terms and even just depression in general. overall, mumford and sons are an absolutely fantastic band and in this post, I’ll be showing how each signs of the zodiac relates to one of their songs.

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aries // | “holland road” | this song details the narrator’s struggle through a relationship or another difficult circumstance. he does struggle heavily with this, but he has a heart of stone and presses on. he focuses more on himself and eventually escapes the difficult situation and still believes no matter what.

taurus // | “lover’s eyes” | this song covers the themes of a lover that the narrator has given everything to, both emotionally and physically. he wishes not to discuss the price he paid for his lover and has to live with his quiet anger towards this. he still, after everything, gives anything he has to his lover.

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gemini // | “winter winds” | this song talks heavily of the topic of the heart and head warring over something. in this song, that something happens to be love. like the two - sided gemini, this song involves two sides warring over one person’s actions and never reaching and agreement or conclusion.

cancer // | “ghosts that we knew” | this song can be taken either way as relating to cancer - from the narrator’s perspective or the person he is directing the song towards. the narrator is singing towards his lover who has devoted everything to him and is thanking them. he asks them to show him the light and pull him from the darkness. a cancer can do this, but will also desire this. they will show you the light but will also fall into the darkness they pulled you from.

leo // | “little lion man” | obviously, the song about a man being compared to a lion would match leo. and, in all seriousness, it does. it covers themes of a man that was so full of pride that it eventually led to his ultimate demise. his pride and confidence got in the way of love and is now his downfall.

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virgo // | “after the storm” | this song centers very strongly on themes of depression and escaping it, with the mentioned “storm” being the depression. virgo has a very analytical and sometimes pessimistic outlook on life and this can, of course, lead to a downfall into depression. but yet, virgo knows it will end someday. they will find happiness in some way.

libra // | “lover of the light” | libra, being the romantic that they are, are also idealists. they dream of the perfect relationship and will always find flaws in the one they may currently have. they will be your goal and you can be theirs. they want to have and hold someone, but can never find the perfect one and keep them. it’s a tragically beautiful song, just like libra.

scorpio // | “thistle and weeds” | to begin, this song has always had a scorpio - ish vibe to me. it has a very dark tone to it, an almost menacing and even ominous one at that. it also covers themes of losing one’s hope and barely holding on, but still finding the strength to do so.

sagittarius // | “hopeless wanderer” | this song definitely suits sagittarius. it covers themes of wandering for one’s entire life and simply wanting someone to hold or to hold them. they never can find someone perfect or as adventurous as they are and this leads to continuous disappointment. all they need is someone.

capricorn // | “i will wait” | although the this song has received much exposure ( maybe even a bit too much ), I wanted to include it here. capricorns are analytical and will settle if it will make you happy, very much like cancer, their sister sign, will. they will wait for you as long as it takes, but you must eventually be there for them, or they will move on in an instant. many see capricorns as being unemotional, but this is far from the truth. they feel so much but hide it so deeply and wait for someone to find it.

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aquarius // | “dust bowl dance” | although the this song does include some historic and literary elements, it can also be compared to more modern and emotional themes. the ending of this song ( sorry to spoil ) shows the narrator actually killing someone after they broke their pride. now, aquarius is not exactly murderous, but they possess quite a large amount of pride. if someone is actually able to break this pride, their consequences will not be pleasant.

pisces // | “the cave” | the reason that pisces matches this song is that this song describes themes of enlightenment and escaping a cave- whether it be metaphorical or literal. pisces is a dreamer and and idealist and imagines a perfect world rather than being trapped in a cave. and if they can escape, they will bring you with them no matter what.

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I figured the pace of promo would slow down a bit after last week's epic barrage of harry content but I think there's definitely more coming up, and this quote from Columbia's CEO "Columbia is plotting a long campaign to help win over new audiences" has me super 👀 because who knows what else they have planned. And now there's Dunkirk promo too!! We gotta be on alert always but I'm loving every bit of it 😜

i’ve been waiting for this for a very long time so i’m loving every fucking minute of it even tho i feel like i could sleep for a month sometimes sdkjdf last week was overwhelming as hell, i still haven’t processed everything that happened tbh but yeah, now we have movie promo to look forward too, which will get him even more exposure as a singer too! and knowing harry they’re always plotting something

Warning: Dragon Age Inquisition end game, Trespasser, and Jaws of Hakkon Spoilers Ahead

One of the things I find so interesting about Solas is how almost everything he says and does can be seen two ways. Of course banter and conversations with him get scrutinized, and rightly so (I personally think some of his banter with Cassandra gives us some of the most interesting insight into his thought process), but I find it interesting that there are also double meanings with his approvals and disapprovals.

Before I go further, let me explain how I see the approval/disapproval system. To me, the (dis)approval system breaks the fourth wall a bit and gives us, the players, an insight into companions that the PC doesn’t necessarily have. I see it as the truest indicator of a companion’s values, thoughts, world view, etc. In other words, if a companion says one thing, but his or her approval indicates another, I think the approval is the true gauge to go by (even if it is only on a subconscious level for the companion). What’s interesting about Solas is the writers had to be able to give us an honest approval system without tipping their hand to his true identity. Thus, many of his approvals and disapproval can be interpreted two different ways.

For instance, when in the Hinterlands there is a quest to convince an elven healer to go help at the refugee camp. If you try to convince her to help by saying something along the lines of “history will remember you for helping,” Solas disapproves. Pre-endgame, you could interpret that as him being annoyed that the Inquisitor is so naive. History has not typically remembered elves kindly. Just look at Shartan or Ameridan. But, once you know that Solas is Fen’Harel you can look at it another way. History has not remembered him kindly. Heck, history barely remembers him at all and where it does it’s been so misshapen that only the barest of details remain true.

Another example is when you talk to him after the ball at the Winter Palace. He mentions how he had forgotten how much he enjoyed courtly intrigue. If you question him as to when he’s ever been a part of courtly intrigue, he disapproves. Pre-endgame, if could be interpreted that he’s annoyed you haven’t listened to him say, over and over again, that he’s seen things in the Fade. Post-endgame, however, it could be that he’s frustrated because you’ve got just a bit too close to learning about his past (note, this is also one of the few times he actually gets flustered). Or it could be because he’s been reminded of how out of place he is in this world. He may not want to be seen as a god and he may not have freed the elven slaves for his own glory, but Solas does enjoy it when people recognize his intellect and knowledge. To have someone question his exposure to intricate politics (something he’s extremely well versed in) has got to sting a little.

Sorry for the long ramble. This just has been bumping around in my mind for a while and I really wanted to share!

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Hi! Do you have advice for taking photos when the light is bad? Those days where the sky is grey and all the colours are off.

That is indeed a bit of a problem and depends largely on the subject of your photography of course. Since you mentioned gray sky and dull colours, and knowing your photography-blog @principioinfinito, I presume you are talking about outdoor sceneries, like landscapes.
Overcast days are sometimes a bit tricky at first glance. Not only because of the missing light, but also because of missing shadows. On overcast days, the light is very soft and so we have extremely low contrasts, hence: almost no shadows. But shadows and contrasts are what make a photo interesting most of the time.
Days like these can be very challenging. Things look differently. A plain gray sky is usually not something that is very exciting. So… well… as stupid as it might sound, if it’s not exciting then don’t photograph it. I honestly believe that good photography is to a very large extent a heavy (sometimes even brutal) selection process. In both: Choosing the subject and then throwing away the photos which don’t work. Not that I follow my own advice *lol* else I couldn’t post a photo a day, but only showing the best of the best of the best, is an important step. But I’m rambling.
A gray, plain sky can be interesting though, if it’s contrasting to details, shapes, patterns.
Another approach is to go closer. I found that on days like these, because of the soft light, trying to capture details can be a very fascinating endeavour.
You can also have in mind that - while removing contrast in post-processing is sometimes not too easy, sometimes even impossible - you can introduce contrast quite easily. The benefit is that you can capture lots of details which might get lost in high contrast sceneries, and then introduce contrast to you liking. That offeres a lot of control in post-processing. One reason why I love foggy days btw.

How to deal with low light and dull-colours? There is no real antidote for low light other than fast lenses, longer exposure times, and probably higher ISOs. Not too long ago, I was one of those people to say: Don’t care too much about ISO’s. Modern cameras are very good with noise and stuff. And I still feel that way. But since I overcame my lazienss and carry my tripod with me a bit more often, and so can easily work with longer exposure times and so with ISOs as low as ever possible and I’m not restricted to wide aperture openings. Low ISO’s btw. not only because of lower noise, but also because of a better dynamic range.
Tripods come in all shapes and sizes. Even a small table-tripod (or a bean-bag) can be very useful. I usally have my table-tripod with me. Alternatively you can check monopods. I personally don’t like them too much, but they come in handy sometimes.

Colours… well… If colours aren’t great, why not play with them? Changing the white-balance setting… making things a bit cooler or warmer… If things don’t look great around us, why not change them in camera? And dull colours can be very easily enhanced in post-processing. Or you can go the b/w way. If a day is dull, why not ride the wave, you know? Making it a bit more dull.

In the end, it’s all about making the best out of a situation. Sometimes we can’t change what is there. So trying to find a different approach can be huge fun. And that is the great thing about digital, isn’t it? We can simply delete photos. And they don’t cost a cent. We don’t have to justify our expensive hobby *lol* Because once we have a camera, a battery, and a card, we have everything needed. So it’s not expensive anymore ^^ And we can go crazy. In a good way.

These are my 2 cents and what I came up with.
Maybe someone else want to chime in. I know, we can’t comment at the moment, but in case someone has something to add here, they can simply submit that to @letstalkphotography and I will either reblog this or link it as an edit in this ask.

Fade-rocks in the Hissing Wastes

You know something that’s been bothering me for some time now? The various strange, dark. pointy rock formations in the Hissing Wastes. Just sitting there, smack dab in the middle of nowhere, completely unlike all other solid rock in the area.

It’s quite apparent that they’re fade-rocks, as they look just like the ones you find in the fade and at the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes. The fact that they usually appear in a circle-formation around rifts support this.

Why do they glow green, though? And why the particle effect that is so very similar to the one on red lyrium? Could it be a third kind of Lyrium? possibly, but a more likely theory is that it is Veilquartz, the ore that drops from rifts in the Frostback Basin, in raw form. 

These rock formations don’t show up there, though…

Anyway, from how they are placed, it looks like they’ve fallen down from the Breach, doesn’t it?

But that’s a little strange, no? The Hissing Wastes is one of the regions that are located the furthest away from the conclave explosion. Why don’t we see these in other areas that are way closer, like Emprise du Leon or the Hinterlands?

To be fair, they DO show up in the Emerald Graves, but then again, none of those glow green… Long-time exposure to the rifts, perhaps? Seems possible, considering that the Hissing Wastes is a late-game area, so by the point you get there, they’ve probably been there a while.

That doesn’t explain their absence in the Emprise du Leon, though. I doubt that the Red Templars would bother removing them and the rest of the area is in too poor a state to be able to do anything about them.

But if they came from the fade, why would long-time exposure to rifts change them? And why don’t we see any of the glowing green stuff in the fade in the first place?

It’s likely simply environmental design, as the HIssing Wastes are very large and barren. They needed to shake things up a bit, make it look more interesting.

But what if there’s something more to it?

Some time ago I found this little rock, of the same brand as the other rock formations, save the green-glowy parts thatonly showed up near rifts. 

Alone save for a few ruined statues and a few buddy-rocks, no rifts around it, no landmark in sight, in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Probably fallen from the breach, right?


After taking a closer look, I noticed something interesting. The direction of the impact. By observing the direction that the tip of the stone was pointing, which was the same direction as that of its buddies I might add, I noticed that it pointed to the north-north-east.

And considering where the Hissing wastes is on the map…

North-north-east is nowhere near the direction of the breach.

So, that begs the question, just where did these rocks come from if not for the breach? Was there a previous breach in times now forgotten? That seems unlikely. The hissing wastes is a desert, and a desert is constantly shifting. Any loose, fallen rock like that would have been long buried. They must have landed there recently. Unlike the dwarven ruins in the area, they’re quite small and situated on comparatively unstable ground.

Space-rocks? Wrong shape, but… space-rocks?

You know what, I’ll just call the green, glowy stuff space-lyrium until I think of something better.

Thoughts, anyone?

(Also, hey Jez! I developed the theory a bit! *waves franctically* I hate to bother you, but I have pretty much no one else to discuss this with, not even IRL, and it’s really bothering me! 

…this wouldn’t be an issue if I actually had any followers… TwT)