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Why do you like Gency? :/ i followed you for mcgenji not that nasty het crap

Feel free to unfollow me if that’s what’s best for you ❤️

my inner wolf -jimin

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What is festa? (Sorry I am not a kpop fan so I don't know)

FESTA is the annual celebration thing that BTS does for their anniversary, they always plan out like a schedule of events for ARMY and it’s really cool

Last year they released Young Forever Unplugged Version and also 알아요 By RM & JK as well as their annual BTS 꿀 FM where they sit down and chat and talk about what they achieved that year and but they aspire to see happen in the coming year.

Here’s actually the schedule from last year

anyway I’m hyped because they never fail to deliver

remember how in book 4, the remembrances episode wasted time on mako reflecting on how shit he is at relationships and bolin/verrick’s comic relief story rather than letting asami reflect on how she’s grown throughout the entire story being betrayed by her father and then bringing her company back from the brink of bankruptcy to where it is now

Zine email updates+Charms update

I’m sorry for being so spammy about this!! A lot of people were having problems receiving it so I’m :’-(

Anyway though, I sent out my last email of the most updated zine PDF (if u never got my 2nd email) and everyone should get it this time! If you didn’t, then you might have misspelled your email (which a few of you did but it’s ok!!). Just message me or e-mail me here or on Also check your spam boxes as well!

As for the charms, I just emailed everyone right now for updates! Lmk if you have any questions :-)

Interestingly, the locus of Beren’s and Lúthien’s love is the forest, a space beyond the traditional fixtures of cultural codes and systems. Because the text repeatedly places the lovers in this highly charged locale of freedom and natural power, it asks us to consider their “forest time” as Other, as atypical, and perhaps as somehow sanctioned by larger forces. […]  a kind of private marriage sustained by only themselves and that can exist only in “forest-time.”