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Hi, I wanted to request this but was scared first.. Well then... (if you have done this one before, can I get the link.?)Head canons on RFA guys + Saeran's reaktion when they meet MC's ex on the street and he is kinda deuchy or clingy 💜

(Oh? Don’t be scared! I love getting requests!! I have not done this before ^~^ and it sounds like fun! I’ve seen one really good one of these going around, so I’ll make this as original as possible.)
IMPORTANT: I realized this when I wrote it..but, I put “he” for your ex. (Not Jaehee’s but.) When it very well could’ve been a she?? I know I’ve dated my fair share of girls, so I’m not trying to leave other sexualities out T_T Please understand, thank you.
707: (TRIGGER WARNING?? Mentions of an unhealthy past relationship.)

• He was a little shocked when he saw your ex casually walking beside the two of you.
• Seven wanted to ignore the guy, and just get you out of there…
• But. He noticed you.
• “..(Y/N)? Hey!!”
• You looked over, and instantly narrowed your eyes.
• And seven knew..that this specific ex landed you in an abusive relationship. Your ex was a douche, no doubt about it.
• So, Seven pushed you behind himself, facing your ex with an aggravated glare.
• “I’d appreciate if you backed off MY girlfriend.” Seven growled, while gritting his teeth.
• It wasn’t often you saw Seven so pissed off, considering he was normally more of a jokester.
• Your ex and Seven stared at each other for a moment longer, before your ex nodded in your direction.
• “See you another day, (Y/N).”
• As soon as he left, Seven looked behind him, making sure he was really gone.
• Then, he put on a smile, and began joking/chatting with you as if nothing ever happened.

• He was too busy talking to you, to even notice the guy staring at you from across the restaurant.
• In all honesty, you didn’t notice, either.
• “Haha, I’ll be right back, (Y/N)!! I’m just going to the restroom!”
• Yoosung got up, and made his way to the restroom.
• You pulled out your phone, about to check the messenger..
• When someone sat down at your table.
• “Yoosung! That was fa-”
• It wasn’t Yoosung.
• “(Y/N). Pleasure seeing you here.” Your ex said, with a wink.
• You mentally gagged, giving your ex an awkward smile.
• After a moment of awkward silence, Yoosung walked back out. He put his phone into his pocket, and looked out to see your gorgeous face.
• Well, he wasn’t pleased when he saw his beauty, talking to some hobo looking piece of trash.
• His eye twitched, and he couldn’t help but feel that certain “itchy” ‘sensation’ taking over his body.
• Let me just say
• He may look like a cute snowflake
• But when jealous? SPAWN. OF. S A T A N.
• He walked up to your table, slamming his hand in front of your ex.
• “Excuse me, but you’re in my seat.”
• You ex just brushed him off??
• “I don’t think you heard me. You’re. In. My. Seat.”
• “(Ex’s name)…please, leave..” You quietly muttered.
• Yoosung actually had to use every muscle in his body to stop himself from trying to beat the shit out of your ex.
• Your ex rolled his eyes, sliding out of his seat.
• He didn’t even say anything as he walked away, leaving Yoosung alone with you.
• Yoosung sat back down, feeling relief take over him as he smiled at you.
• “Now..where were we, cutie?” He giggled.

• You were taking Jumin out to look at some of the more “Commoner” style attractions, which was actually a little fascinating to him.
• That is, until your ex decided to come up to you.
• “(Y/N)!! Hey, it’s me! (Ex’s Name)!”
• Even if Jumin didn’t know he was your ex, he still instinctively wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer to him.
• Jumin tends to be pretty possessive, and easily, he didn’t like this random ass dude looking you up and down.
• “I would say to take a photo, as it lasts longer..however, you happen to be looking at my girlfriend. I’d greatly appreciate it if you left us alone.” Jumin ‘calmly’ told him.
• “(Y/N), I was wondering if you’d like to hang out with me sometime?”
• You were about to reject, when Jumin grabs your ex by the collar.
• “I don’t think you heard me the first time. (Y/N) is my girlfriend. I don’t like anyone, much less you, looking at her. And we certainly do not have the time to be speaking with an imbecile.”
• By now, your ex is absolutely terrified, as he struggles to get out of Jumin’s grip.
• Jumin lets your ex go, pushing him away from you.
• “Now then. Would you like to continue showing me around, my love?”

• Zen can instantly tell that the guy that kept trying to talk to you was an ex.
• The two of you went out to watch a movie, but it seemed you couldn’t even enjoy that.
• Of course, Zen knew you wouldn’t leave him for your ex.
• I mean, Look at Zen. He’s the image of beauty. He’s practically perfection. There’s no way you’d want to leave him behind for an idiot~
• Still..Zen couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that came to him every time your ex attempted to strike a conversation.
• It was nearing the end of the movie, and Zen had had enough.
• “So, (Y/N), would you like to grab a co-”
• “We’re trying to watch the movie, okay? Leave my girlfriend and I alone.”
• Despite the whole popcorn thing, Zen seemed to be pretty calm about the whole thing.
• After all, he was yours, and you were his~
• Even when you left the theater, your ex knew not to mess with you and Zen ever again.

• The two of you were going out to rent a movie, so you could just spend the night cuddling with each other, while having entertainment.
• Sadly, one of the workers happened to be your ex girlfriend.
• “(Y/N)? (Y/N)! So good to see you, it’s been so long!!”
• Both you and Jaehee turned around, looking at the stunning female standing in front of you.
• Jaehee instantly felt her heart beat speed up in mild fear, feeling herself become sick to her stomach.
• “Who’s this…?” Jaehee quietly asked you.
• Before you had a chance to answer, your ex spoke up for you.
• “You didn’t know? I’m (Y/N)’s ex girlfriend. ..and you are?”
• Jaehee gulped, feeling every drop of confidence leave her body, as she only continued to stare at your ex.
• “This is Jaehee. My girlfriend. I’m sorry, (Ex’s name), but we really have to go. Nice seeing you.”
• Now, Jaehee knew you meant it in a friendly way, but she still couldn’t help but flinch at you saying 'nice seeing you’.
• When you two got back home, you began watching the film.
• But Jaehee’s thoughts were else where.
• “(Y/N) you love me?”
• You flinched, before tightening your grip on your beautiful girlfriend.
• “Yes. Absolutely. Why would you even ask me that?”
• “I guess..I just can’t get my mind of of your ex..she was so charming..she seemed to be everything i-”
• You didn’t even want to hear the rest of Jaehee’s nonsense.
• So, you shut her up with a kiss.
• When you pulled away, you placed your forehead on hers, running your fingers in her soft hair.
• “I love you, Jaehee. Only you.”
V: (Wasn’t asked for, but ima do it anyways, lololol.)

• Now, V was always a more gentle, down to earth type of guy.
• So, when the two of you were at the park, you sat down at a bench, just watching your blue haired boyfriend take pictures.
• However, this is when your ex boyfriend decided to come up to you.
• V didn’t really see it at first, since his sight wasn’t in the greatest condition.
• But when he did?
• He didn’t hesitate to stop taking photo’s of the small flower he had found.
• He casually walked up to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind, placing a kiss on your cheek.
• “Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there.. I’m V. (Y/N)’s boyfriend. And you are?”
• He’s actually super polite to your ex?
• Your ex starts getting hella uncomfortable with how “buddy-buddy” V was acting right now. He didn’t even seem mad?
• He didn’t show it, but on the inside..V was a little scared. Scared to lose you. He trusted you, but what if he wasn’t enough? What if you realized that you could do far better than him? He loved you. You were his world, his reason to be happy again. He couldn’t lose you to one of your dick ex’s.
• Your ex just continued to now awkwardly chat with you, as V kept a smile plastered on his face. Every now and then, he would place a delicate kiss to your cheek, forehead, or even the top of your head.
• “God..I can’t even talk to you seriously right now, with him all over you.” Your ex complained.
• “Heh. Well, he is my boyfriend. I like him being 'all over me.’” You said, leaning your head up to give V a small kiss on the chin.
• “..whatever..I’m out.”
• And with that, your ex left.
• “Thank god. I thought he’d never leave.” V laughed, coming over the bench to sit beside you.
• “I know, right? Psh, what a dick.” You agreed, leaning over to V.
• He wrapped an arm around you, enjoying your warmth.
• “I love you, (Y/N).”
• “I love you, too, V.”
Saeran: (Warning: harsh language ahead.)

• It was a chilly day, leaving you and Saeran with no choice but to dress warm, as you decided to go spend a day out with each other.
• Saeran wasn’t really talking much, which surprised you. Because, normally he was quite talkative around you.
• Awkward. But talkative.
• You were just about to ask Saeran if something was wrong, when your douche bag ex came up to you, slapping your ass.
• You felt Saeran’s grip on your hand tighten for a moment, before he just let go, going up to the guy.
• “What the fuck was that?!” Saeran yelled, pinning your ex up to the nearest wall.
• At this point, your ex got a terrified expression on his features, as he tried to get down and out of Saeran’s painfully tight grip on him.
• “Hey, mate! I’m sorry! Is she yours or something? Man, I used to do it all the time when I dated her..I didn’t know, honestly!”
• “You..dated her?!”
• “..Yeah..?”
• This actually pissed Saeran off even more.
• Without thinking, Saeran knee’s your ex boyfriend in the balls (does he even have any, tho??) about as hard as he could, making your ex gasp out in pain.
• “Saeran! Calm down!” You gasped. (Even tho you secretly enjoyed watching your hot ass boyfriend kick ass.)
• Saeran nodded, releasing him, making him slide onto the ground pitifully.
• “And don’t you dare..lay a finger on her ever again.” Saeran growled, before going back over to you.
• Saeran placed his hand in yours, while you couldn’t help but mentally laugh at your ex.
• “Saeran, I love you. And as much as I loved watching all that go down..try not to do it again. I would hate for you to get hurt.” You giggled, making Saeran’s cheeks tint with a light shade of pink.
• “O-Oh. Alright..I Uh- I- love you, too..(Y/N)..”

Candy - Yugyeom (Day 42/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Candy
Member: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count: 967

This was requested by Deliciously Evil Anon a long time ago! Hopefully you can read this and enjoy!

“Yugyeom?” you asked, stopping in front of the soup section, carrying around a small basket filled with candy and chocolates. Your best friend looked up from the two soups he had in his hands with a confused look that gave way to a big grin when he saw you.

“Y/N!“ Yugyeom exclaimed, walking over and pulling you into a big hug. You gave him a small squeeze back and when he let go, you gave him a small, sad smile. “How’s everything been going?” Yugyeom asked, listening to you while simultaneously looking at the soups.

“Oh you know…it goes,” you said, trying not to show any emotion.

The fact of the matter was that you were completely heartbroken. At some point, you and Yugyeom had been very close friends, but then you began dating your now ex-boyfriend. Your boyfriend had been so sweet and charming at first but after a few years, everything just seemed to be falling apart.

Then last week, he had asked to talk with you and you had both agreed to break up. You knew it was mutual and yet you couldn’t understand why you were so sad.

Maybe that’s why you were at the supermarket with a bag full of candy and ice cream.

“Yea, I know what you mean,” Yugyeom said, finally picking one of the soups and throwing it into his cart. He glanced over at yours and gave a small giggle. “Wow, that’s a lot of chocolate, Y/N,” he teased, motioning to you basket. You shrugged and then looked away from him.

“I like candy,” you simply stated, sticking out your tongue. Yugyeom nodded but didn’t say anything for a few moments, causing you to look away from him.

“Ah, I see now…” Yugyeom finally said, snapping his fingers. “Something happened, didn’t it,” he stated as a fact more than as a question. “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, genuinely asking if you were alright.

You felt a pang of guilt in your stomach.

Yugyeom always knew you so well. How could you have ever stopped being close with him? A few years ago you were always together, doing whatever you wanted to do without a care in the world. You knew everything about him and he knew everything about you.

You were best friends.

When your boyfriend came into the picture, you had less and less time to spend with other people and you had always thought that you and Yugyeom had just drifted.

But maybe it was your fault. Maybe you should have been better at keeping in touch. This made you feel even more upset and you had to fight the tears that threatened to build up behind your eyes.

“No, I’m…I’m fine,” you lied, avoiding Yugyeom’s eyes.

“Oh yea?” Yugyeom asked, teasingly once more. You felt that you should have been annoyed by him, but you weren’t. You just felt sad and guilty, so you simply nodded.

“Great! Then let’s go to my place to eat all of your candy,” Yugyeom said, grabbing your basket and putting it in his cart. You began to argue with him but he just said he couldn’t here you and began walking back to the cash register.

“Wow, this is really good, what flavor is this?” Yugyeom asked through a mouthful of ice cream. You laughed lightly as you leaned over to grab the tub.

“It’s coconut cream with chocolate drizzle,” you read, dramatically. Yugyeom moaned in happiness and you shook your head, tossing him the tub so that he could have more of it.

When you had returned from the shop, you had both plopped down on the living room floor and begun opening all of the candy and ice cream, eating to your heart’s desire. The tv was quietly on in the background, but you were much more focused on the chocolate at hand.

“You know,” Yugyeom said, setting down the ice cream tub. “That guy was a jerk, I always told you not to date him,” he added, seemingly out of nowhere. You almost choked on your spoon as you coughed at his words. Your joy had proven to be short lived as sadness settled back in.

“How did you…” you trailed off, staring down at the ice cream in your hand. Yugyeom moved closer to you and leaned back against the couch.

“How did I know you guys broke up?” he asked. “Y/N, I know you. I haven’t seen you in weeks and then out of the blue you’re at the supermarket alone buying a bunch of candy and chocolate. You don’t even eat ice cream that much. And you just looked so…defeated…I hate him for making you feel that way,” Yugyeom explained, looking at you with genuine care. You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning your head back against the couch and letting the tears come.

“I just…I don’t know what I expected to happen,” you said, quietly. “We both agreed to break up. I have no right to feel like this,” you added, your voice breaking lightly. Yugyeom wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you into him.

“Hey,” he said, soothingly. “You have every right to feel like this. It doesn’t matter if it was a choice you made, you’re allowed to feel sad,” he stated, chuckling lightly. You nodded and then rubbed your eyes dry.

“You were right though,” you added after a few moment. Yugyeom looked at you questioningly and you just let out a short laugh through your tears. “He was kind of a jerk,” you stated, making Yugyeom laugh lightly.

“Well,” he said, grabbing a candy bar and handing it to you while opening up one for himself as well.


p>“I guess you’re just stuck with me from now on,”

Seeing Other People (But I Only Have Eyes For You)

I had the idea for this ficlet ages ago, following a very confusing conversation with a co-worker where it took me way longer than it should’ve to realise why we were talking at cross purposes. But it fell by the wayside until something @lovethesnark posted (and tagged myself and @halespecterwinchester and @specterxross in) brought it to mind again. So you can blame her for this! Tagging @booloveshiscuppycake, @rolodexthoughts and @seasless too because I’ve been talking headcanons and stuff with them lately and thought they might be interested.😘

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30 Days of Hunters Challenge

Thanks to @theraiderradiostation for the idea from their Fallout 30 day challenge.

Write it or draw it, doesn’t matter so long as you talk about your hunter(s). Be it a sentence or a stick figure, paragraphs or comics. Could talk about one or as many as you want. Also yes, tag me when you do this I am nosey af and love OCs.

1. Introduce your hunter(s)! What are they like? What do they look like? Age? Gender? Sexuality? Quirks? Anything you wanna say about them! Go nuts!

2. Where are they from? What language(s) do they speak? How do the locals react to them? Any language barriers?

3. What is their weapon(s) of choice? Why? Which one(s) do they hate? Why?

4. Favorite areas to hunt in? Least favorite? Why?

5. What sort of attire do they usually wear?

6. Out of all the beasts, Great Ones, mad men and nightmarish creatures which one scares your hunter(s) the most? What is the reasoning behind this fear?

7. If they do, what chalice dungeon do they love to explore and why?

8. Out of all the factions (The League, Vilebloods, Hunters of Hunters, Executioners, The Choir, The Church etc.) which one did your hunter(s) choose to side with? Why did they choose it/them? Which one(s) do they hate?

9. Do they have any family? Do they get along?

10. Any particular preparations they do before the night of the hunt? Why?

11. Are there people or other hunters that they hate?

12. At what age did they become hunters? Why did they join the hunt?

13. Any significant other(s)? How did they meet each other?

14. Any scars or missing limbs? What’s the story behind them? Disabilities? How does this affect the hunt?

15. Any traumatic events? How did this affect them? (ex. Developed PTSD, phobias, depression, and so forth)

16. The hunt can get pretty messy, how do they feel about ending up covered in muck, blood, gore and whatever else lands on them?

17. What do they do as soon as dawn breaks? Do they just go home or do something else?

18. Where do they live? Describe their home. Do they live alone?

19. What tools do they refuse to use? What’s the reason behind that?

20. How do they feel about Great Ones?

21. Any old hunters they look up to or aspireto be like?

22. Are any of them retired? What age did they retire? Why did they retire?

23. Any particular superstitions? Do they have some type of ritual they do before starting the hunt? (Ex. carry a lucky charm, prayer, lighting a candle, and so forth)

24. Do they avoid killing any sort of beast or creature? How come?

25. How do they feel about Patches?

26. What was their experience with the Hunter’s Nightmare?

27. Does the Plain Doll scare them? Does she give them a sense of hope? Or do they feel nothing when it comes to the Doll?

28. What do they think about what happened in the Fishing Hamlet?

29. Do they prefer to hunt alone? With a particular person? Or in a group? (Can be other OCs, a friend’s OC or even in game characters. Doesn’t matter.)

30. What kind of ending do you have planned for your hunter(s)? Happy ending? Tragic? Neutral?

I don’t understand why everyone is getting upset over the Waverly and Rosita theory? The actress who plays Rosita is beautiful and so is Dom that chemistry would be 🔥. Obviously we all want Wayhaught, they are soulmates. But love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies there is drama and a couple without any drama on TV gets dull ex Prince Charming and Snow White from Ouat ( snooze ). So yes, knowing how Emily is she will throw us a Wayhaught curve ball that will make our hearts stop, but Nicole and Wav are endgame!

“Is he really like that?” - An Yoongi scenario - Part 1

It was 2 am in the morning when you slammed your boyfriend’s
door after breaking up with him. You’ve been together for a year now, but ever since your birthday things started to change. There was this girl at the party, your childhood friend whom you invited because she was a v.i.p of your life. You could feel something growing between them since then, but you decided to ignore it because you trusted both of them so damn much and maybe too much. It’s been 2 months since your birthday and your boyfriend Dong Wook started to change. He was colder with you, he was not sleeping at your house so often saying he has to work and slowly he started to ignore you. You knew it, you knew he found someone new, but your heart didn’t want to accept it so you decided to let it all out to your childhood friend. You called her, she didn’t answer, so you got worried, took a taxi and rushed to her apartment. The bell kept on ringing because of you, waiting for someone to open the door and it finally happened. The door opened but the silhouette
behind it was not the one you expected. It was Dong Wook wearing the batman boxers you gave him as a tease. He looked you in the eyes and you could not see anything, but a blank stare as if you were a ghost.
“What are you doing here?” he yelled.
“No, what are YOU doing here in MY friend’s apartment?!” but then
she showed up as the wine glass she was holding touched the ground
“I-I can explain” she said, fear occurring her eyes. She knew your temper better than anyone, she knew how you could kill her in less than a second if you were angry.
“Don’t you dare talk or even look at me ever again” you said slamming the door behind you as hard as you could. You were angry, you were mad, you wanted to cut both of their heads off and throw them in the Pacific Ocean, but all you did was stop in the middle of the road, screaming at the top of your lungs until the tears stopped. Now you were more than mad, your crazy ass bitch mood was on. You put your crazy look on and went straight to his house. You “forgot” a lot of things there and now it was the time to take them all back. Well, if unfortunately something expensive breaks, it is not you fault, you were just taking your things.
This time you got the bus and went to his house. You had your own key so you entered nonchalantly. You started gathering your things and
when you were almost done you heard someone entering the room. It was him.
“What are you doing here?” he says with that asshole tone of his
“Really? That’s whatyou have to say? What am I doing here?”
“You are the one who’s in my room”
“And you are the one who cheated on his girlfriend and doesn’t even apologize”
“What should I apologize for? You said yourself that things were not working anymore between us, so take this as our ending”
“You don’t say. I could’ve bet it’s our beginning”
“ Very funny. Will you please get out of my house?”
“I don’t have anything to apologize for. You were the one
who destroyed our relationship. You didn’t even care I flirted with other girls and didn’t come home for weeks”
“I did care. I was so worried that I thought I was going to
die like that, but I trusted you. I trusted you with my life. Even if you came and told me that aliens are taking over I would’ve believed you and hidden under my bed”
“Always naïve”
That was enough and you couldn’t take it any longer so you grabbed a vase, threw the flowers away and poured all that water on him as you took your things and left. You kept on walking until you found yourself in the middle of a strange park. You didn’t really care whereyou were or how you got there. You sit on a bench next to a guy who was smoking his cigarette and put your things next to you. Tears started rolling on your
face again. You really loved that idiot and it really hurt you to see him like this. “When did he become like this and how?” you thought to yourself as looking at the sky painted with stars and tears touching your collarbones. The stranger next to you saw you and asked if you were okay and you certainly weren’t. You hated smoking, drugs and stuff like this, but you didn’t care anymore so you asked him for one. He took one out, set it on “fire” and gave it to you. You stared at it wanting to put it in your mouth as you sighed, but you didn’t, so you gave it back to him.
“Thank you and I’m sorry but I can’t” and you stand up and began to walk,
wondering how will you get home. That stranger kept on watching
you, noticing how damaged and lost you were so he came next to you, grabbed your hand and said “I can’t let a lady get home alone. May I take you?”
“If you know how, then please” you told him your address and he got you
there, making sure you’re safe. You thanked him and got into your
house. You were so messed up that you didn’t even ask him his name or anything else. He watched you enter your house and then he left, getting another cigarette out of his pocket.You threw your bag in a corner of
your room and laid on your bed thinking of everything that happened today. You found out your boyfriend was cheating on you with none else than your best friend, your heart got broken and you almost did the thing that you hated the most: smoking. Tears started to show up again,
pictures of everything you saw today rolling in your mind. You wanted to forget, to stop thinking about them, because they didn’t even deserve your attention. Even though you felt sad and betrayed, the pain was not as harsh as you thought it would be, either because your relationship started to vanish 3 months ago, either because of this stranger. You had the bad habit to fall too easily for the smallest things. As an anxious person, you wouldn’t have accepted a stranger to take you home, but he had this thing that made you trust him. He walked you home without saying a word or trying to approach you. You needed silence and that’s what he gave you. You started to think about him more and more, making you almost forget about your ex boyfriend and ex bff. He seemed so mysterious and charming with his little eyes and pale face. You’ve just met him and you’re already starting to fall for him. Maybe it was just the need to keep your mind away from your problems. It’s impossible to fall for a total stranger after you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, after a one year relationship. Your mind was so messed up that
you decided to fall asleep, while listening to your favorite sad song. You woke up as you heard the sound of your phone ringing. It was her. You decided to ignore her calls, as you went back to sleep. An hour later, someone started to knock at your door. You got up from your bed and went to see who was bothering you. You opened the door only to see your “best friend”. You wanted to close the door but she stopped you and entered your house.
“What do you want from me now?”
“I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. I have no idea why I did that”
“Three months. It’s been three months since you’re doing these things behind my back. You could’ve just told me that you like him. It would’ve been easier and better for all of us”
“I didn’t want you to get mad”
“Did you think that I wouldn’t have found out eventually? Were you planning on lying to me until I would’ve broken up with him?”
“I-I don’t know”
“Please just get out of my house.I’m sick of both of you. Just leave me alone and never talk to me again”
“But..” you didn’t let her finish and closed the door behind her.
“Now she apologizes. Three months she kept on lying to me and now she expects me to forget and forgive her so easily? Hell nah” you said to yourself as going back in your room after getting some snacks. You watched tv dramas all day long and fought with the characters as you were eating your sadness away. That’s how you spent the last 2
It was already 11 pm and you remembered that stranger again, actually you didn’t stop thinking about him. You wanted to see him again, to get to know him and why he was smoking at such a late hour in the middle of a strange park. There was only one way to find him. You dressed up as fast as you could, grabbed your bag and your phone and tried to remember the road to that place and you made it. You found that park and started looking for him. You walked around for like 20 minutes, but he was
not there. Eventually you gave up and wanted to go back home. As you turned around looking at the ground, you saw a pair of black shoes. It was him. He was behind you all this time, ever since you left your house. After that night, he kept on coming in front of your house, searching for the light of your room so he could make sure that you were safe. He smiled when he saw your surprised face and sat down on that same bench when you first met him, in the same position, with the same way of smoking his never ending cigarette. You smiled happily when you saw him and sat down next to him again. He secretly enjoyed the sight of you sitting next to him again. He felt the same way towards you. The other day when he saw tears rolling down your beautiful face, he felt his heart breaking and couldn’t help, but take you home only to make sure you were safe. He wanted to talk to you, to know your name and why you were crying at that hour in such a place, but he knew you needed to calm down so he preferred to keep his mouth shut, hoping that he will see you again and there you were. He felt the need to protect you, he was drawn to you by that something that made you fall for him too. Both of you were covered in mystery, but his was more complicated than yours.
“Lost again?” he asked you with a cute, but mysterious smile on his face.
“Not exactly.” You answered smiling back at him
“Is it bad if I say I wanted to see you?”
“Is it bad if I say that I wanted to see you too?” He laughed as a sparkle started to show up in his dark eyes while looking at you.
“Sorry for the other night. I didn’t even get to know your name. And thank you again for walking me home. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve probably been dead or in hospital by now” you laughed again, trying to hide the red color of your cheeks. He was so charming and hearing his voice felt like listening to your old favorite song which you can never get bored of.
“It’s okay. I know you weren’t in the mood for talking or anything else. It’s Yoongi, by the way. Min Yoongi.”
“Well, nice to officially meet you, Yoongi. I’m Kat.”
“Nice to officially meet you too.” He smiled at you while shaking your hand. You both started laughing at how awkward that hand shake was and looked in each other’s eyes for 5 seconds. None of you said a word, only admiring the way that the moon’s light was reflecting in the color of your eyes. He broke that silence and looked away while biting his lips.
“If this doesn’t bother you, I have something to ask you.”
“It’s okay, go ahead.”
“What happened that day that made you cry?” he looked at you again with worry in his eyes after throwing his cigarette away.
“Long story short, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend for the past three months.” You said while playing with your hands. You always did that when you were nervous or tried to hide something. This time it was your tears.
“What the f. I’m so sorry. Do you feel better now?” he said while taking your hand.
“Yeah. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that, but it still hurt. Anyway, I’m better now. Thanks for worrying about me.”
“Make sure you never cry like that, okay?”
“I’ll try, but now it’s my time for asking”
“I’m listening.”
“Why were you here that day though? You looked as messed up as me.”
“It’s a bit hard to explain. Let’s just say that I have some problems and it’s complicated.”
“Oh, I hope I will know about these problems one day. If you want us to be friends, of course” You knew you wanted more than that, but you had to know him first, to become his friend, to show him that he can trust you.
“If that means I can see you again and get to know more about you, then of course I want.” You started talking, the chemistry
between you two starting to show up. You began to see the things you had in common and how sexy his voice could get when he was saying your name. He told you about his band, about his hard work and how much he loved his music. His eyes were sparkling when he was talking about his passion, about his friends. It was already 2 am again and he
walked you home again. You hugged him, smiled and said goodbye. As soon as you got in your room you started smiling like an idiot. The pain you felt these days was starting to disappear and it was all because of him. You were officially friends, but you felt and wanted more. He was worth the waiting. You wanted to see him again and you already missed him even though only 5 minutes have passed. While changing your clothes you
remembered something. You didn’t even get each other’s number. You put your clothes back on and rushed outside, hoping that you’ll catch him. As you were preparing to run you heard his voice behind you.
“What are you doing?” he laughed and looked at you.
“Oh well, I-I, well..”
“Our numbers, right?”
“Yep.” You exchanged numbers and smiled at each other. “But why were you still here? I thought you already left.”
“Well, I was supposed to do that, but I, I had to tie my shoes. I’m lazy so that can take a little longer” You glared at him, said goodbye
again and got back into your room. As soon as you laid down on your bed, you heard your phone ringing. It was him.
“Talk to me until I get home.” You laughed and kept on talking
more than you expected. It was already 5 am and you still had so many things to talk about, but you decided to hang up, because you knew he would be too tired the next day.You fell asleep smiling to
yourself. When you woke up you checked your
phone and you saw you had a message from him “Good morning. I’m going to
practice. Text me when you wake up” You smiled and texted him back. He
was so happy when he saw your name on his screen that he replied within 10 seconds. You texted each other for like an
hour, but he had to go back to practicing and you couldn’t do anything about that. You ate something, watched a drama, ate again, but the time seemed to pass so slowly, waiting for him to finish. You got dressed up, grabbed a pair of converse, your phone and decided
to go for a walk and listen to some good music. You walked around for more than two hours and it was already 10 pm, so you went back home only to see Yoongi waiting in front of your house.
“Hey, where have you been?”
“Hey, I just went for a walk.”
“You’re ok, right?”
“Yeah, I was just bored.”
“Take care, ok?”
“Yeah.” you laughed “But what are you doing here?”
“I just finished practicing and I wanted to see you.”
“You just finished? Isn’t it too much?”
“We actually finished earlier.” He laughed
“We’re preparing our debut, so we work really hard to be good enough.”
“I can bet you will be more than great.”
“Thank you.” He smiled and hugged you. God his hugs were so damn warm. When you pulled back you heard his stomach crying. He was definitely hungry and tired.
“Please don’t overwork yourself, ok?”
“We’ll be fine, don’t worry” He waved at you while saying
goodbye and you got back into your house. The second you entered your room, your phone started to ring. Of course it was him.
“Talk to me again until I get home.”
“Sure, but Yoongi-ah, did you eat?”
“Well, I-I, of course.”
“Your stomach said something else.”
“Damn. I will once I get home.”
“Of course you will, because you will talk to me while you do that and until you go to sleep. Please eat from now on, ok? And sleep enough so you can have energy for the next day.”
“Yes, mom.”
“Promise me?”
“I promise.”
As you said, you talked while he was eating and until he went to bed. He told you his favorite food, and even though you were not the greatest at cooking, for the next few days you practiced until it was comestible. He made a tradition from coming to see you every night after practicing, so one night you invited him in and showed him what you’ve been working on.He smiled with teary eyes while looking at the bowl in front of him.
“It’s been a while since someone cooked for me. Thank you, Kat. I’ll eat and enjoy every single bit of this.” And so he did. He ate everything and asked for more. He even made you promise him that you will cook for him every night from now on. You could not resist his puppy eyes, so cooking became your daily program.
As weeks passed, you got to know more and more about him, his walls beginning to shatter. He told you about his family and also his problems regarding that. He told you about the boys and he spoke so much about them that you felt like you already know them. Even though he was claiming that they always piss him off and how he wants to kill them, you knew how much he loved them and how much he cared about them. Finally, after so many weeks, you were going to meet them.

That’s the first part and I have soooooo many more ideas about this. It’s like a pre-debut story and I hope you like it, though I know my writing and English are not the best/

Fic: Heart by Heart (13/?) (M)

Author’s note: Remember when I said there were be two more chapters left? Well, I lied. I had to add one because I was trying to cram too much in. Enjoy! And I hope I’m forgiven for any possible legal fudging. ;)

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Chapter 13

Ten days, fifteen hours and forty two minutes. That’s how long it had been since the Feds had carted Killian off. Not that she was counting.

“Emma, you have to eat something.” It was Elsa, trying once again to coax her into eating.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You said that at breakfast too.”

“Well, it was true.”

Elsa huffed in frustration. She snatched a mirror off Emma’s vanity and shoved it on her face. “You’re not sleeping, not eating. There’s circles under your eyes. Look.”

Emma frowned. “Why does it matter what I look like? I’m trying to actually do something to get Killian back!”

“I know you miss him, but running yourself into the ground is not going to help. I promise you.”

Emma pushed the mirror aside and buried her face in her hands. “It’s been dead end after dead end,” she whispered. “I don’t know what to do.”

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