this even has a theme wow

Do you mean to tell me that the romantic sweeping strings theme that is usually reserved for love interests coming on at the end of “Requiem for Methuselah” as Spock is doing a mind meld with Kirk at the end of the episode has no romantic implications??

Even though it happens just after McCoy made that huge speech about love “not being written in Spock’s book”?? After Rayna (Kirks love interest) was clearly paralleled with Spock when her emotions literally were brought to the surface and killed her (something that was mentioned could kill Vulcans if they didn’t control their own emotions in a previous episode)??

This show, man. I just. Wow.

nct 127 goes on a roadtrip

feel free to request stuff!


  • developes a hate/love relationship with google maps (taeyong: i diDN’T TOUCH THE SCREEN WHY AM I SUDDENLY IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN)
  • what do you even need for a roadtrip (johnny: nerves of steel / taeyong: lol not today)  
  • panic-googles roadtrip tips the night before they leave and can’t sleep
  • has seven cups of coffee and is as ready as he’ll ever be
  • lots of strained laughter
  • this whole ordeal is gonna take at least 20 years off his lifespan
  • why is yuta in the seat next to him
  • h o w did winwin get the passenger seat
  • double checks everything (taeyong: water, phone, sanity, food, sunglasses- “ / yuta: when are we leaving it’s been 10 years)
  • “has everyone got their seatbelts on?”
  • asks that at least 6 times before the actually leave
  • needs the loo but doesn’t say so bc they’ve only been on the road for 20 mins
  • openly doesn’t trust yuta as a reliable navigator
  • doesn’t even touch the sat nav
  • kind of calms down when the kids start a sing-along (and yuta is in the back)
  • nvm he’s gonna murder the next person who asks “are we nearly there yet”
  • exchanges pained mother smiles with the mum’s in the car next to them when they get stuck in traffic


  • ha lol taeyong is gonna age 30 years in one week
  • doesn’t know where they’re going and honestly couldn’t care less
  • generally looking forward to it bc long car rides are fun
  • *shows up 10 minutes late with starbucks*
  • smiles:) bc he got the seat he wanted (right behind the driver’s seat)
  • pillow, starbucks, portable charger, headphones and the calm mentality of a blue whale yes he’s ready
  • wait no taeyong being stressed is starting to stress him out
  • messes around with mark’s ear to relieve said stress
  • kicks back his seat when they get onto the highway (doyoung: my leGS)
  • puts on headphones and zones out
  • zones in again when doyoung kicks him in the back bc he was humming along to his music
  • takes out his headphones when yuta finally gets the aux cable from taeyong
  • yaY SING-ALONG oh no wait this is anime  
  • “i need the loo” x12 (taeyong: ohmYGOD OKAY WE GET IT)
  • how is he so calm in all of this noise


  • 9 people stuck in a blACK van for god knows how long
  • they’re gonna boil to death
  • carries everything down to the van before taeyong even tries
  • he’s stuck in the last row with his knees in his face bc jaEHYUN WON’T BE CONSIDERATE
  • what did he do to suffer like this
  • tries to sleep but yeah no that’s not happening anytime soon
  • the first one out of the car at a rest stop
  • he can’t feel his legs
  • why did he give donghyuk sweets
  • they all change seats at the third rest stop bc donghyuk keeps kicking mark’s seat and they’ve gotten lost several times bc yuta can’t read (maps)
  • get’s the seat next to taeyong
  • much better passenger seat person than yuta (can actually read maps wow)  
  • now he’s in charge of the aux cable yesssssss


  • knows this is gonna be a trainwreck
  • makes a playlist on his phone bc he knows he’s gonna win the passenger seat battle
  • wins the battle but gives it up for his one true love(winwin)
  • shit now he’s the navigator
  • suddenly can’t read hangul sorry:)
  • wow why doesn’t the foreigner tactic work with taeyong
  • great now he’s car sick
  • “yes these are anime theme tunes mark stop whining i have the aux cable u don’t”
  • pouts when he has to switch with johnny
  • complains but stops bc wow the backseat is so stress free
  • is quiet for like 7 minutes
  • but then the johnny sing-along is started and he’s bACK
  • (reluctantly) has a good time 


  • doesn’t even attempt the passenger seat battle
  • sits in the back bc that’s where the Cool Kids sit
  • oh god now he’s stuck with donghyuk next to him
  • eats an entire packet of gummy bears and now he can hear heart beating
  • now they’re on the same wave length
  • high on sugar and ready to fIGHT taeil for putting his seat back
  • “how about a game of fuck marry kill?” (taeyong: theRE ARE CHILDREN IN THIS CAR)
  • b o r e d and won’t shut up
  • gives mark his spare headphones
  • by the time they reach the third rest stop he’s made himself a lil nest
  • is considerably less bored when johnny get’s the aux cable
  • shares a pillow and blanket with jaehyun when he has to switch with donghyuk
  • the kids steal his sweets
  • now he’s hungry


  • made/bought most of the food and is exhausted
  • brought three blankets but forgot a neck pillow and wants to run into oncoming traffic
  • kicks his seat back like 2 centimetres but johnny won’t shut up
  • just trying to s l e e p
  • gives up and just sort of exists in his nest of blankets
  • lowkey backseat road rage
  • “that one is gonna cut u off tae”
  • “fuckin called it” when said driver does just that
  • rolls his window down to see if it’s cooler outside
  • it is not
  • “I’m hungry:(“
  • stares at the food he made like “why don’t i want to eat u”
  • bounds out of the car at every rest stop bc he wants gas-station food
  • moves into the backseat and his squished between doyoung and yuta
  • it’s chill for like 10 mins and then johnny puts on bohemian rhapsody
  • at least mark and donghyuk have stopped bickering


  • got the passenger seat and didn’t even have to lift a finger
  • shoes off the moment he gets comfortable
  • is never q u i t e comfortable tho and moves around a lot
  • get’s a blanket from taeil and curls up
  • headphones on but the music is really low so that he can hear everyone talking 
  • it’s so noisy even with headphones
  • tries not to laugh at yuta and taeyong bickering
  • has a vague idea of where they’re supposed to go
  • “i think that was the wrong exit but i’m not sure”
  • just adds fuel to the fire:)
  • reads place names out loud in a really satnav-y voice (mark: w h y / winwin: i’m practicing my korean)  
  • mispronouncing names so bad it’s making doyoung flinch
  • unfazed by the seat changes
  • dances whilst sitting down and slapped johnny in the face once by accident


  • forgot his headphones:(
  • has a bad feeling when donghyuk sits behind him
  • bad feeling is confirmed 13 minutes into the trip
  • 30 years of tension are being unloaded on this trip
  • taeil keeps fiddling with his ear (mark: ily but pls stop / taeil: i can’t sorry)
  • complains about yuta’s choice of music
  • would put on headphones but he forgot them:)))))))))
  • is he hangry
  • (yes)
  • drinks 1 bottle of coke in 15 minutes
  • regrets it 3 seconds later
  • taeyong: seat change i can’t take this anymore
  • what do you mean donghyuk is gonna sit next to him???? this was not in the contract he signed????? (taeil: he can’t kick u if he sits next to u)
  • *watches the entrance of a rest stop pass by* i need the toilet  
  • does this 5 times
  • donghyuk and he become friends again when johnny puts on some Tunes
  • harmonises with with taeil and donghyuk at the galileo (galileo) part
  • doyoung gives him a spare pair of headphones and he almost cries


  • ate sweets and now he can’t sit still
  • long car trips man they’re a thing
  • won’t!!!sit!!!!still!!!!!!!!!
  • yutae’s bickering keeps him entertained for exactly 6 seconds
  • “are we nearly there yet”
  • “i’m hungry”
  • pulls a face at the food that’s being offered (donghyuk: not that kind of hungry)
  • so much pent up energy h o w
  • johnny is googling tranquilisers
  • sings over the anime theme music bc he’s petty and b o r e d
  • starts a fight with mark bc he’s tHAT bored
  • yuta actually makes him run a lap around the parking lot of their first rest stop
  • laughs when doyoung get’s yelled at for saying fuck
  • bohemian rhapsody is the balm for mark and his friendship
  • calmer???? not really?????
  • suddenly goes out like a light and is dead to the world for a good chunk of the trip

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midoriya izuku

  • he would feel his heart explode
  • would ask them to send him the file of it while crushing them in a hug
  • ends up listening to it when he works out and he is just so happy that they thought about him enough to even make him a theme song

uraraka ochako

  • heart squeeze x1000000
  • would hug her s/o so tightly and while shes screaming about how thankful she is, her s/o begins to float
  • listens to it everyday because wow, they really made something like this for them

kirishima eijirou

  • “THIS IS SO… SO MANLY!” has tears in his eyes because holy shit
  • now thinks he needs to do something as thoughtful as this for them because they deserve it
  • asks them to show him how they made it because he loves how their eyes light up when they make up
college yoongi
  • min yoongi, the college’s resident music theory major (see also: genius)
  • seriously though, almost everyone thinks he’s a genius and his professors gush over him but not when he’s around bc they think he’s indifferent
  • but he’s not indifferent bc it’s easy to notice the little smile on his face whenever he overhears someone mention that he has mad skills or something and he just shakes his head and continues to walk
  • and if anyone ever stops him to talk about something of his that they heard he just shrugs and it’s good-naturedly and replies with “ah, i was only messing around you know”
  • so he’s obviously very humble which kinda gives people whiplash bc they didn’t that at all like most people just thought he knew how amazing he is but nope he’s actually really chill
  • there’s always flyers in like every department saying that people should listen to his soundcloud and follow him
  • the number of followers and plays that his tracks have is insane but not really bc he’s a genius and his username is min genius so i mean yeah
  • he has this really nice, chill style that’s kinda a hybrid of tomppabeats and it’s great and sometimes he uploads remixes and they’re also great
  • even uploads some of his soft rapping tracks to keep like this chill theme but if you’re into like hardcore rapping, he has another account for that
  • like the baristas in the café on campus asked if it was cool to play some (all) of his tracks and he’s like yeah sure why not
  • he even has a few eps on itunes and the ratings always surprise bc “wow people actually like my stuff??” and it’s one source of income so
  • but more about his rapping tracks. like, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and are one of the main reasons people enjoy them
  • bc he talks about a lot of relevant stuff that he felt like he wasn’t able to talk about and they really add on to the “only few will understand” idea
  • yeah twenty one pilots are one of his many inspirations amazing i know
  • another thing that confuses people is the fact that he’s best friends with the kinda hyper sophomore & kinesiology major, junghoseok
  • like they’re kinda opposites but they’ve known each other since like middle school and they’re still really close
  • hoseok was the one they helped yoongi decide what to minor in bc he knows how much his best pal loves photography so it was a pretty easy decision to make
  • he also helped yoongi with his major bc there’s always those majors that people don’t see as being stable but yoongi defied all the odds that were stacked against him bc he already has companies reaching out to him about his composing skills
  • it was mentioned on the music theroy’s major website about students having things published and having companies contact them before graduation and he didn’t really believe it until it happened to him and it’s so cool but he doesn’t brag about it bc he’s super humble
  • okay about him minoring in photography
  • he loves taking nature pics bc it’s so nice and has such a nice aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else
  • he studied abroad the year before in florence, italy and took a thousand pictures there bc everything was so captivating
  • so when he’s not making music or playing basketball (which he also does), he’s snapping some quality pictures of forests and sunsets and etc. and those that know him are like wow he’s so multi-talented
  • sometimes you see him sitting under a tree in the park not too far from campus with his headphones on while he works on his laptop and you can see his camera peeking out of his backpack
  • he calls the camera his life bc he was saving up forever to buy it but people buying his eps on itunes helped out a lot
  • yeah so you see him a lot in the park when you’re studying or whatever and it’s nice to watch him work even though you feel kinda creepy when you do but he’s really nice to look at and his mannerisms are so gentle idk if that makes sense but yeah
  • so you make it a habit to go to the park a few times a week and sometimes yoongi’s playing basketball with his friends and that kid jungkook tries to throw the ball a bit too hard and you’re kinda close by so it almost hits you
  • and yoongi’s rushing over to make sure you’re okay an dyou’re yeah i’m fine while clutching your chest and jungkook just stands there wide-eyed before he apologizes 20 times
  • and yoongi notices that the ball knocked over your coffee and even though he’s not all that sociable, he offers to buy you another one and you’re like nah it’s fine and he’s like okay and you’re :/ ?? bc you kinda hoped he would insist but nope
  • one of his friends, hoseok, calls him back over to finish the game but he doesn’t call him yoongi but min genius and the cogs are turning in your head bc that sounds familiar and yoongi checks that you’re okay before he gets the ball and continues playing
  • and after that you grab your things and head to your class but it’s hard to concentrate bc you know that you saw min genius somewhere so when you get back to your dorm you look it up and yoongi’ssoundcloud and itunes comes up and it clicks bc you remember seeing flyers with min genius on them
  • when you see him again a few days later you tell him that you really like his stuff and he just smiles and thanks you and he shyly asks if you’d want to grab a coffee with him bc hoseok gave him a lecture the night before about him asking you out or something
  • yeah so you agree and while the two of you are waiting for your coffee, you realize that his music is playing and you’re like wow and yoongi just smiles his gummy smile and it’s cute and he finds you cute and it turns out that you’re taking intro to digital photography and he’s like i took it last semester and i can help if you ever need it
  • the two of you hang out sometimes whether that’s meeting up in the café or at the park when he’s editing some of his music and he shows you his pictures and tricks to help you with class and they’re really amazing
  • esp the ones from florence and you think it’s so cool that he studied abroad and he tells you about it and it sounded like a lot of fun
  • he even made these little short films and they’re so nice and aesthetic with some of his tracks playing in the background and it’s so chill
  • then sometimes you find yourself making playlists for him bc the way he talks about music, you know it’s important to him and when you meet up again you let him listen to them and he has a smile on his face bc it’s good music
  • before either of you can really process it, you realize how deep the feelings you have for each other run like it’s way past just friends
  • when he realized that he likes you he wasn’t !! it was just okay so like i them in that way and it took him a while to mull it over and he doesn’t tell you right away or at all
  • since he’s been helping you with photography, you take pictures of him when he’s working on music or playing basketball with the rest of bts and create this little collection that you posted on vsco and show him and he’s like wow these are nice without really noticing that it’s him then he’s oh and kinda blushes bc you titled it ‘i like you’
  • and within a few weeks, you’re officially a thing and the rest of bangtan are so happy for you guys
  • lots of really chill dates where you watch him edit his music and photos and your bf min yoongi, well, min genius is just that: a genius that has a soft heart and cares about you and his friends a lot

A small detail but a cool one.

Yeah, I know, menacing door for Atem and whatnot, but what I’m really focusing on here is Yugi’s room. I noticed a while back how the bricks on Atem’s door were detailed and worn when no such thing has been done to Yugi, when it became obvious: they weren’t bricks at all.

Even the wall is composed of a game. Its Tetris.

Takahashi went all out with the gaming theme for this boy.

Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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and that is all in life i ever do

Summary: “I was wondering if we might talk to Auvergne about the trade routes,” she says, “and I was also wondering if perhaps you would like to get married.”

There is a small pause. The candlelight flickers.

“Tomorrow?” says Aramis, and Anne turns back to look at him right as he fully understands what she just said, which is either blessed or unfortunate, Anne’s not sure, because his eyes widen to an even more comical degree than they did before and he seems to have difficulty closing his mouth after the “tomorrow”, which had a crack at the end.

WOW I AM TRULY SOMETHING i just. i really feel like i cope with final exams by writing fic. anyways, the title of this document was “ana maria i thought ud never ask”, all in caps, which is copyrite @emilybrontay and this fic is completely For Her. the meme [amy santiago voice] “come on, anne” is a recurring theme in this fic. also, the title is from the END CREDITS ZORRO SONG which is truly an Icon in itself and very very annamisTM. takes place in between athos leaving and anne and aramis kissing in those gardens!!!! wow!!! i love happy endings.

Anne has always liked the candlelight.

It is yellow, and buttery, and warm in so many ways, and perhaps there has always been a part of her that has gravitated towards warmth. Even as a child, she would watch in fascination at the way the lights danced across the wall of the nursery when her governess moved, candle in hand, scolding them for refusing to go to sleep. Her sister Maria, Anne remembers, shied away from candles, because they threw shadows on walls and she was sure, in her nine years of age, that bad things lurked in those shadows.

Anne has become well-acquainted with the bad things in the shadows, over the years, but her love for the candlelight has not changed. Nor has her love for warmth, which she is feeling now, sat as comfortably as one can be this late at night over the desk in the first minister’s office, pouring over taxation documents. She has not seen Maria in a very long while, and her heart aches for her sister’s smile, but she thinks that if she were to see her little sister again she might tell her that candlelight now marks the evening, and the evening means tucking little Louis to bed with a soft kiss to the forehead, and ridding herself of heavy, ceremonial dresses, and no longer having to smile at people she does not particularly like.

And evenings mean that she is allowed to be alone with Aramis, pouring over taxation documents.

In the small hours of the night.

It is not quite bliss, but if her sister was here right at this moment, Anne would be tired enough to not think of the consequences before telling her that it is almost, Maria, almost bliss.

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Hey, everyone!

Here are a few things and ideas I’ve been having!

1 - The rest of the books will go on sale at the end of the week, and the PDF will follow shortly after that :)

2 - I’ve been mulling around the idea of doing a new zine! I now have a very clear picture of what it will take and what the time period would be to make the project come to life, and I think I’m ready to host another zine if people are interested!

Even with the recent patches, I don’t feel as though there would be enough content to produce another zine with a ‘Legion’ theme SO my alternative idea is to do something that covers everything from Vanilla to Now!

Primarily, I’m viewing this next project as a type of scrapbook. Everyone I know has their favorite moments in WoW whether it is about canon characters, their ocs, friendships, dungeons, raids, everything!! World of Warcraft means a lot to a lot of different people, and I’m interested in documenting it.

So by doing it this way, I was thinking artists could have up to 3 pages, and I would accept not just art work, but also pieces of writing or a mini comic. Really anything as long as its SFW. It would also be really fun to collab for a project like this, like maybe you and your friend have ocs together so one of you writes a piece for them while the other draws something to accompany it, the sky’s the limit!

With this new zine, the time period would be a little bit longer as I now know for certain what it would take to deliver goods at the best quality. If people were interested, this project would start towards the end of this month (July), and artists would have until November/December to work on their pieces, and we’d receive the books by March. A long process but great things take time!

Another thing, I think I’ve found a way to donate book proceeds as well as pay artists this time around!! Its a detail I’m still working out but its something I want to do.

OK, I think that’s it from me!!! Let me know if you’re interested in this idea OR have a different WoW related zine idea that would be more intriguing to pursue that I can try to put together.

Thanks everyone!


World of Winx season 2 review


Now that I’ve said bye bye high school,  let’s talk about WOW!

~(beware my ability to make gifs)~

Holy canoli.

This season was A-MAZING! Definitly better than the last one, and I loved season 1.

Things I utterly loved:

The winx


Okay maybe Bloom in the beginning was a a bit spotlighted (what else is new) and I had to take innumerable deep breaths whenever she sang or was mentioned that SHE was the one who wrote the lyrics for the band, I must say that she was great in this season. I found really interesting how her nemesis was approached: The fact that nobody else could see her but Bloom, how the others thought she was a little “cuco cuco” with her actions and words but always worried for her. Idk I liked it, it made her vulnerable and not so FOREVER INVINCIBLE. She was great in this season.


Oh, my heart. I believe Stella’s personality was one that definitely was rescued, I found myself laughing more with her, she wasn’t so “exaggeratingly eccentric and childish”, she showed that she was aware of what she was capable of without being cocky. She was more mature.   And when her nemesis brought back her childhood insecurities (COF COF FLASHBACK SEASON 2) that nearly crushed me. Stella isn’t confident all the time, she doesn’t find herself perfect nor adored by everyone. She has her insecurities and demons and she overcame them and that is such an important message…Stella you won my heart.

(And fuck you mermaids)


HANDS UP FOR THE SHY BADASS FLORA! HER POWERS WERE ON! Seriously, I know that in beginning she was considered one of the most powerful fairies of the squad, but I couldn’t see it until now! I mean, the way she defeated her Nemesis and managed to restore (even if it was only for some seconds) the forest of the world of dreams made me speechless. You go Flora, you goddess, Nature is powerful indeed! Plus, extra kudos for the flower scene…WOW knows what truly is important and what messages should be transmitted to the audience.

(I also adored her playful side, so kawaii)



(Despite that) I got many good surprises from Musa in this season, in fact, she features one of my favorites scenes:

I said- I CAN’T SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON!- I died in that scene.

Her personality was back: Boy did I miss the sassy, bossy and “I’m gonna kick your ass you pirate son of a witch” Musa.  Yes she’s more feminine but she knows when to raise her hand and voice on a tough sitch! (Not to mention how to stop fires) And even tho she has that tough side of hers, they were loyal to her soft side: she still is a dreamy person, creative, emotional and feels things intensively. I love that. [thinks about the scene where she stares at the ceiling of the theater].

I loved how she was more involved with music during the show, either in casual short scenes or in her powers.  Speaking of wich, one of the things that I believe WOW ruled was exploring their powers individually: I got so many shivers at the Notre Dame scene, when those bells started playing the theme song in such a sweet delicate melody *dies*, all in all, Musa worked a lot with sound waves and finally did something that I was dying for her to experience! – Eco localization.

I say yes to the Paris lover/rules at gymnastics Musa(I mean she pratically had a Quasimodo moment on Notre Dame) and I hope we can see her singing more instead of just testing the sound…


My baby, my precious. I felt like my soul left my body when I saw her fighting Virus with the sword. EPPPIC! Tecna is not all about computers in WOW, she actually shows how clever and perceptive she is. I meam sure she loves technology and all that but her logic isn’t dependent on a computer: she can fight, she can think, she learns how to trust her instincts (one of her biggest battles during the whole show) and she can also be goofy, kind, an amazing friend and a beautiful “control freak” *w* (yes my girl loves her shit in order prob TINK?!)

-Layla (Don’t care she’ll always be Layla to me)

Was I the only one who felt she was very bitchy during the whole season? And not just with Matt but, well, in general. Anywho, tossing that to the side, I liked her character development, how she learnt to trust Matt and that, episode by episode, her faith on him was growing. I also liked how they portraited her as a girl who “doesn’t think before she acts”, who’s impulsive and wants to get down to business, because Layla is brave, strong and powerful and dealing with her Akeles heels also seemed interesting to me (even tho I found her Nemesis the most boring).  Her powers got another turn: she was a morphix fairy, then fluids fairy(1st movie), then fairy of waves and now back to the fluids (I’m actually pretty okay with that).

Thumbs up on the sarcasm and on the more screen time.

New characters and plot

I found the plot itself very interesting. Once again, it’s like Disney, Once upon a time ad winx had a baby and Dragon is it good.

The story was intriguing, the characters design was beautiful and unique: in love with Matt’s hair, the pirates concept was awesome and the mermaids style was so back to rainbow 2008 art! Heck even the nemesis look incredible even tho some scared the shit out of me(yes virtigo and banshee i’m talking to you). The songs were also good (mainly onirix), there wasn’t an episode where I felt like”END ALREADY”. I SAY HELL YEAH to transformation sequences that seduce me. I specially loved how well their powers were explored, how Flora was so incredible and SHE TRAVELLED THROUGHT THE ROOTS OF THE PLANTS OF THE EARTH YALL, Layla surprised me with the way she managed to control water….They’re not just “naming powers” that look the same,this is deep stuff guys, each fairy is powerful because of their uniqueness and essense and that amazed me.

Summing up: 5 STARS!

So that’s why I’m just going to state the things that slightly annoyed me (EVEN THO THE GOOD THINGS OVERWEIGHT THE BAD ONES, THE BAD ONES ARE PARTICALLY NOTHING BIG OR DRAMATIC)

-How Tinkerbell gave up her powers-“Tinkerbell, you can’t get rid off your powers for someone you just met!” I mean, I’m a romantic person, I’m all about the cheesy loving stuff, but that was too much, too desperate and quick. Their whole love story was pretty much like that and I was actually excited when they met in forest, but now… No me gusta.

-I know plenty of people shipped Tinkerbell and Matt but…


-The winx in action (as fairies in the world of dreams) I felt like they were more powerful individually in this season than together. Yeah, we got some nice convergence scenes but they didn’t seem so BAAAM you know? Like in the finally battle what did they do? It’s not that I don’t like Onirix, I actually found it very nice (including song and outfits) but when during action time? Ehhh…


-Tecna only makes shields…I only liked when she fought without being transformed, when she could just touch the floor and get acess to the systm in the room, her logical vision, her fighting skills, etc… Onirix was just boring for her ☹

Do I want a third season?

 YES and no. Yes, cuz damn I’m loving WOW so far but no because we all know in this fandom what happens to things when they get long…they end up “corrupted”, ruined, fucked.

So yeah there you go 😊 Thank you Netflix for bringing my girls back, for restoring their personalities, their “badassness”. For giving important mature messages without making the show childish and dull. For reminding us that our fairies rule with or without magic and that they’re not completely lost. Thank you for making me really happy and hopeful.

(I bet Venomya would cringe at my review…)

Impala Meta Masterpost!

I was bored, so… Here. Have a whole bunch of links to meta about the car :)

Usual disclaimer - this is far from definitive, these are just the posts I found while wandering around looking for things about the car on my own blog and a few others. And of course there’s a huge Destiel bias because I am a Destiel blog, and since this isn’t a meta masterpost about Destiel related stuff, it’s just going to… randomly show up whenever without warning.

Anyway. Car!

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Thoughts while watching The Princess Diaries (2001) as an adult:

- those school uniforms are bad even for the times

- wow she’s magically pRETTY WHEN SHE TAKES OFF HER GLASSES?!?!?!?!?!

- Julie Andrews is a national treasure just the heckin best amirite

- Anne Hathaway is legally obligated to have at least one (1) scene where she cries in the rain in every movie (life has killed the dream i dream lmao)

- fuckin pears

- Genovia, supposedly between France and Spain, is made up of white vaguely British English-speaking rich people

-with a lame ass theme song THAT’S ALSO IN ENGLISH

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Can you do male MC and ZEN raising a son together as a married couple? From childhood to teenage kind of thing.. if that makes any sense. I really love your writing thank you so much for your great work

Sure thing chicken wing! If this turns out I can write a one shot too :D 

List | Mobile List |

Male!MC x ZEN (Their Son Tae) 


  • Both had decided that they would adopt in their city. 
  • Tae, their adopted son, was very unruly and had a hard time in school. 
  • During Zack’s studying in psychology he noticed some symptoms that were very similar to Tae’s. 
  • Thin lips, a short nose with a low nasal bridge, etc. 
  • He called up Hyun and told him he had something important and crucial to talk about. 
  • While Tae was coloring he pulled Hyun aside and whispered, “I think Tae has Fetal Alcohol syndrome.” 
  • From that point on Hyun and him moved their schedule around and homeschooled Tae. 
  • They also got themselves a small farm to help Tae, as being around animals normally help children with FAS. 
  • It was expensive and the two work hard to provide for him but the smile on their sons face was worth it. 
  • There was difficulties but they work together. 
  • They own a cow and lambs and a few chickens. 
  • Tae’s favorite time of the day is getting to feed the animals and pet them. 
  • He’s really chatty and talks to them constantly. 
  • Yoosung comes over and plays video games with Tae when either of them are busy. 
  • When Seven comes over both Tae and he need a nap from how much they run around. 
  • Jumin brings El and helps calm Tae down with his own cool demeanor. 
  • Jaehee teaches Tae the joy and comfort of brewing coffee. She’s very caring and teaches him at his pace. 
  • At night Hyun and Tae act together with Zack and their Shepherds hound as the audience. 
  • Hyun and Tae sing and, although the boy is off key, they cheer and dance because really who cares. The boy is having fun and that’s all they care about. 
  • Once they put him to bed the two sit and drink coffee if Jaehee had visited or share a beer. 
  • “Now that we have Tea, beer tastes more bitter than it did before.” Hyun always says that. 
  • “I know.” 
  • “This drink… this drink did that to him.” 
  • “I know. But… he’s a great son.” 
  • “Always.” 
  • “Heh,” Hyun lays an arm around Zack’s shoulder as they watch T.V. on low not really paying attention to what’s going on, “when we first adopted Tae I was so nervous and stressed but you were there to keep me grounded. You found this house and let him pick our animals and the smile on his face. The smile on his face when he first held that little lamb. All the frustration he had been feeling just melted away.” Hyun’s voice is seizing up as he tries not to cry. “It was then my eyes opened. I just looked at you and him and I thought, that’s my family. This is my family and I will do anything for you all.” 
  • Zack smiles and hold’s Hyun’s hand. “I was nervous too. I’m no good with kids but with Tae and with you by my side I feel like I can do anything. It was because of him I chose my major and started to pursue my passion.” 
  • Life is good. 


  • The teen years are always the hardest
  • But it’s okay because Tae seems more connected with himself than those around him. 
  • Tae has asked to go to a normal school 
  • He brings over friends and they all play games. 
  • They don’t treat him wrong and understand he does have some of his own developmental issues. 
  • The girls like coming over to see the animals 
  • “That girl has a crush on him.” Zack says as he basically spies on them from the window. 
  • “It will be fine.” Hyun always says. “You can’t shelter him forever. And plus she’s really nice and is gentle with both Tae and the animals.” 
  • “Mmmngh.” Zack grumbles as he continues to clean the dishes. 
  • They help him find a nice tux for the prom. He even has his own date.
  • The girl from before is dressed nicely and the both of them together are glowing. 
  • Jumin had paid for a limo
  • Yoosung gave Tae an exclusive cosplay item of “Holy Materia Necklace” to give to the girl. 
  • Seven persuaded the school to do a space themed prom
  • Jaehee helped plan the whole thing  
  • Zack and Hyun dropped them off and peeked into the prom. 
  • “Wow!” Zack looks around, “Ahaha…” 
  • “What the? Babe are you crying?” 
  • “I just… the RFA all work so hard to help us. Look how happy he is.” 
  • They look over at the twinkling dance floor as Tae and his girl smile at each other and dance. 
  • “Life… life didn’t start to mean something to me until I met you. It didn’t start to feel so glorious until we married, it didn’t feel so fulfilling until we adopted Tae. Everyday I’m thankful. Everyday I feel so happy.” 
  • He holds Hyun’s hand and whispers. “One slow dance, er… if you don’t mind. And in the back so we don’t embarrass ourselves.” 
  • “Oh course, my sweet prince.” 
  • Life is fulfilling. 


Kyahh! That was so much fun to write ❤❤

Headcanons are open! Request your male mc’s!

“Hi there everybody, I’m Lee Squidly. It’s been a long while since I played Turf Wars but I’m looking to get back in the groove. There’s a lot of new things that even I’m not sure of, but since I like to stay informed about what’s going on in my city, I’ll do my best to show you what’s going on!”

“Getting here isn’t the same as it was getting to Booyah Base. There was a train station right next to the lobby but here– seems like they couldn’t find property more conveniently located. From the nearest station it’s only 5 minutes by bus, 10 by bike, and 15 by walking or skateboarding. It’s not bad, but still…”

“They don’t even have an  area for vendors yet. It seems l ike Squidtendo wanted this place up and running as soon as possible so even without all the amenties they previously had, they just took whatever permits they had and got started. I hope they can get it built soon, that was a big deal for small businesses here in Inkopolis and if they can’t move their karts and trucks where the business is… I just hope it gets finished soon!”

(interesting enough, this area plays a remix of Maritime Memory)

“It seems like the only one who has a permit is Mr. Crusty Sean who is just as nice as ever! I swear I didn’t know he could cook but wow… this shrimp can fry anything to perfection. He even told me ab out dipping fries in ice cream which hey, don’t knock it ‘till you try it”

(his truck also plays a remix of the shop theme from the first game)

“Ahh new stores; as much as we’re all into the latest trends around here, you know, out with the old, in with the new, there are some looks that are just classic and never go out of style.”

“my mom told me to stay away from here. Grizzco has been a seedy staple around these parts for decades but nobody really knows much about them other than theit whole mission relies on picking on Salmonids. They already get a bad rap as it is… Inklings call them hicks, yokels, seabillies… I just dont want any part of that. It seems like they’re only here because the owners of the property were desperate for money so they let them rent here.”

“my friends think because I’m such a Squid Sisters fan I wouldn’t like the big new act but far from it! Off The Hook are something else. Their style of Pop-House-Hip Hop is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard! A lot of people don’t seem to like Pearl, parents especially since during her solo career she made some pretty intense music but she never like– said curse words or anything. She laughs off a lot of the criticism she gets. I remember a year ago a lot of people were calling her a gremlin so she came out with a song called "The Grimy Gremlin” out of spite. Like her or not she discovered her partner who was one heck of a night club DJ. They work great together, just like the Squid Sisters did… sigh"


look at who i found while taking these pictures!

@ddbofthestars i can’t believe it! i’m so glad to see you!

@inkgay we don’t know each other at all so I’m sorry to @ you but I knew for certain that was you and I got really happy seeing you!

Toxicity Is Becoming Supergirl Season 2′s Theme

I mean, seriously, though, are they trying to send a very heavy-handed message? Or is it a complete and total accident that so many of the storylines and ships this season end up being really toxic or revolve around the idea of control and consent in relationships?

Let’s look at some of the examples of this. 

Karahell being the most egregious one, of course, but clearly Winn/Lyra is trying to give them a run for their money. I can safely say I didn’t see that coming. 

I actually didn’t particularly care for Winn/Lyra, but that was mostly because of how rushed it felt and how… weird the relationship was. I mean it starts with them just sort-of immediately hooking up after she saves his ass from a beating at the alien bar and they later bond over a book they’ve both read and commitment issues? And then we find out she’s been playing Winn but only to save her brother who got caught up in some bad shit, so while it’s not a good thing to lie in a relationship it is still mostly forgivable given that she was under duress. I just didn’t really understand what I was supposed to be feeling for these two. That they were soulmates? We barely know anything about Lyra and she barely gets any screentime or real personality. She’s just… kickass? Mysterious? Anyway, I didn’t HATE the ship, I just didn’t really like it. They weren’t writing it well and that’s been a big problem this season too, but not the point of this post. 

Anyway, this episode? Dear God, where the fucking hell did that come from? She’s never been outright abusive like this before nor has she ever shown signs of possessiveness. She claimed she had commitment issues back when they started because she didn’t think any human would want to date an alien and then she revealed that she and her brother had essentially been kidnapped and escaped to Earth or something. But she seemed fairly genuine in her care for Winn and didn’t get irrationally angry and violent even in 2x16 when her secret came out and he was running after her with armed agents. 

Has anyone made gifs paralleling the bar scene with Winn/Lyra to the DEO scene with karahell? Because those would be pretty fucking close. Insults and yelling in a public space. Irrational anger and jealousy. Blaming the partner for their own mistakes without taking any responsibility. She gets up and walks away, but she threatens Winn with harm if he’s not out of the bar when she gets back from the bathroom. Man-Ew doesn’t let Kara leave the argument at least twice, though there was no explicit threat of violence or breaking of items the way Lyra does. 

And Lyra never apologizes. You know who is made to feel bad about the whole thing? James. The Black guy. The guy who nobody thought could be a superhero because he’s only human and doesn’t have powers. The guy who has been trying to prove himself as a viable superhero this entire season is now essentially being forced to work with someone who could very easily give him a bad reputation if she hurts someone and he gets blamed for it because no one knows he has a partner or even who Lyra is and he’d be too good to throw her under the bus. Musty-Fail doesn’t apologize for his own behavior in 2x13 either. Not once that I can recall. You know who ends up feeling bad at the end of that episode? Kara. 

Anyway. So that’s that bit. Let’s head over to Lena.

Lena’s had plenty of issues with people she cares about/trusts taking advantage of her/betraying her this season. She’s cleaning up Lex’s mess and trying to keep his company afloat and he sends assassins after her. Lillian is constantly trying to use Lena to her own ends by manipulating Lena’s desire to be loved by her mother. Lionel lied to her about her true parentage. Even Kara is lying to her, whether Lena is completely aware of it or not. I know it doesn’t compare to either of the other two nor is it intentionally hurtful or manipulative on Kara’s part, obviously, but Kara is definitely still lying to her and Lena would have every right to be hurt by that whether she’s in the know or not about Kara’s identity. And now Lena’s forced to see a guy she obviously cared about and loved being literally physically controlled by a person he probably trusted and she can’t even save him. She even nearly gets subjected to his same fate herself, only saved by at the last moment by Kara. 

Add to that Rhea’s entrance at the end of the episode, clearly showing us where Rhea’s plans to end Supergirl once and for all are going to start (and wow, is she keeping an eye on Kara in secret and if so, I kinda love that her first thought to get to Kara is to go through Lena. Not Alex or James or Winn or J’onn, but Lena. Says a lot about how much that relationship has progressed, doesn’t it?). Rhea’s definitely manipulative, so she’ll likely manipulative Lena even more.

Lena’s obviously got plenty of her own agency and she tends to beat everyone who tries to control and manipulate her, but it’s still clearly a reoccurring theme with her character.

Jeremiah, the storyline we all thought was going to be WAY bigger and more important when it was first introduced last season, is being manipulated into hurting people by Lillian in order to keep Kara and Alex safe. He’s been physically changed, probably without his consent, and likely been experimented on and brainwashed in the years he’s been with CADMUS. 

Maggie was forcibly outed to her family and now has severe trust issues which causes her to lie to Alex about her past sometimes.

This theme is just so prevalent this season with the characters and that’s not even taking into account some of the minor storylines that have emphasized control and consent. The alien fight club where J’onn gets forced into being a gladiator against his will? The slaver taking humans to another planet to sell them off? Mr. Mxyzptlk trying to force Kara to marry him? Aliens being forcibly kidnapped and deported (almost)? The musical episode where Kara and Barry are forced to follow a script and can only be saved if specific people kiss them while Kara and Barry are unconscious? Tonight’s episode where the nanobots can heal you instantly but also allow for someone in charge of the nanobots to completely control you?

I don’t truly believe the CW is doing this intentionally to send a message about toxic relationships and control/consent (they’re not good enough writers for that), but it is definitely a pattern I’m noticing this season. If it’s intentional, it damn well better go somewhere really good with a very very very obvious message about how awful karahell and Winn/Lyra are and both of those relationships ending. If it’s not intentional, it’s really fucking ugly and this show is so going down the toilet and there’s really no saving it. 

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Do you really believe destiel become canon?Deen said "i love you" only for Mary to bring her back. He didn't say that to Cas in 12x12, when he was dying. Cas survived but do you really think he didn’t understand? In 9x03 Dean kicked him out (He had reasons, but he could explain why or give some money, at least, don’t be a dick - it was like "cas, i need your powers. You haven’t anything? You cann’t stay" AAAAAAAAAAA) IT STILL HURTS (p1)

in 10x22 Dean almost killed him (MOC but still how can Cas feel like home at the bunker after he was almost killed there and kicked out there?I’m not surprised he didn’t feel belonged. Dean helped him to made a choose in 4 season. But did Dean really realizing that he must to takes care and responsibility for a thousand-year-old creature? Dean was worrying only about saving his brother. What about Cas? He betrayed his family (not perfect but still) for nothing? (p2)

HE DIDN’T FEEL LIKE HE BELONG AT 12 SEASON! It°s huge. It speaks a lot. and now he is dead. I’m cry again and i need some good thoughts. (Sorry for this) (p3)

I wish I could say more…. but literally, this is an ask asking me to explain the 1000s of words I’ve written on my blog (and others have written long before me) about how all this is totally relevant to the overall romantic love story of Destiel.

Point by point as I don’t want to be rude but…. sigh.

1. Dean saying “I love you” to Mary is precisely a good thing for Dean overall and his hang ups, it allows him to move forwards with being more free about his feelings for others, of which of course CAS.

2. Dean didn’t say it to Cas in 12x12 because it was BEFORE 12x22! That was his climax moment as I say that exactly means it’s easier for him to do so, in 12x12 he is still sublimating as well as feeling GUILTY for the fact that Cas is lying there DYING hence the look of self hatred and anger on his face when Cas says it.

3. Dean kicked him out in 9x03 for sure and it was awful but it was also a plot point, come on. It’s a way to get Cas out and away from them and build the angst. It was NOT about Cas not having powers and all about Cas feeling that way and how it built their relationship moving forwards. I mean Dean literally ran out the bunker to go see him and got himself a second bedside table…

4. Dean and the MoC was exactly proving that when he was around Cas during his MoC era he was SOFT, that was proven on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. The fact that Cas then in 10x22 FAILED, by even using the same gripping hug as what worked in 10x03 and is believed to be the way he brought him out of Hell is precisely to show us how far Dean has fallen into the Mark! It’s the EXPOSITION - It’s telling us LOOK LOOK!!! DEAN HAS FALLEN SO FAR DOWN INTO DARKNESS THAT HE IS BEATING UP AND NEARLY KILLING CAS! THE ONE WHO HAS SOFTENED HIM THE WHOLE TIME BEFORE THIS!

5. Season 4 was a DECADE ago of course Dean was focused on Sam! It took time for them to fall in love, wow, this is…. I don’t even know.

6. Cas doesn’t feel like he belongs, that’s a running theme, Dean feels like he can’t be himself, that’s a running theme.  THEY ARE GETTING TO THEIR ENDGAMES TOGETHER AND THROUGH EACH OTHER.

For more coherent and long answers please take a scroll through my #endgame destiel and #storytelling tags.

Okay so in defence of chapter 200 I would like to share my opinion.

When I read the chapter for the first time I thought “Wow, chill He Tian, you’re basically acting like an alfa marking their omega, which hasn’t agreed to be your omega, lol. But nice chap Old Xian~”.
But then I read the comments and well I can understand why people critic HT and his actions but… he has always been like this with Guan Shan.
Before the kiss he was even more violent towards GS, not to mention his constant threatening. But that’s their dynamic, they don’t have to act like two gentle and innocent boys in love. Mafia, kidnapping, violence… maybe Old Xian likes themes like these and doesn’t feel like making romantic comedy. It’s their choice and I would like to read their comic with all the dark themes they wants to put in there.

However, there’s a high possiblity that HT and GS will get their character development + development of their relationship and we will finally see them being in love which this fandom desperately wants (including me).
But I think we need to enjoy the slow, steady progress too. People will be bitching to no end if OX suddenly make TianShan a cute couple which is getting along just fine. That wouldn’t feel right.

And in defence of HT.
People are pointing out he is smart and should learn from his mistakes. But you know, sometimes people act first and think later, especially when they lose control over their emotions or when they are young and energetic.

So I’m glad we see what is wrong and what is unhealthy but this is fiction so chill.

So I was making my way downtown, scrolling in the ks tag you know enjoying the shit storm; when I found a gem. A literal gem, this gem. 

Now I just wanted to idk let’s put it as break this post down to my best ability so here we go. (The cuts are in chronological order.)

Since the webtoon is called killing stalking and is in fact categorized as adult horror and psychological, I’m not making this up btw don’t worry it’s here:

I don’t really think anyone was expecting the world’s cutest webtoon about friends going on lunch dates. Violence was obviously going to be a theme here. Sorry to surprise you though!

Okay but let me ask, how is it that gay relationships are suddenly incapable of being unhealthy and abusive? I obviously get their point but anyone who would generalize gay relationships between men basing their opinion of off this depiction of it, surely isn’t mature enough to even understand the context of the entire webtoon! It’s obviously abusive since I've stated before, violence is in fact a greater theme in this webtoon. Both characters are mentally unstable and traumatized. Let me tell you these kids aren’t even in a relationship, this is kidnapping. Yoonbum, the person getting kidnapped has wanted to escape countless times. He does not want to be there. This is not a love story. I’m sure if you would have read more about it you’d have known too, It’s okay.

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Probably the most resonating theme in Observer is the high key classism. The people in the world are literally labeled as class A, B, or C citizens. It’s on their ID’s like a drivers license type, and it decides where they’re allowed to live, work, and spend their off time. How technology, and capitalism play into it is more haunting. The fact that the implants almost every person has is necessary in their society, whether it be for recreational or even medical reasons, they will find a reason to give you one. Because the implants themselves play a key role on how the class A’s and ceos control society with the mere flip of a switch.