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Merry Christmas // Jack Maynard

Requested by: @dansdimpledance

Request: As I loved that imagine so much I’m here to request one more. A Christmas one, where you decorate the tree with one of your families and eat, open your presents (you both get each other amazing things) and just lots of love and with Jack again.

Pairing: Jack Maynard x Reader

A/N: God, I’m so sorry for not being active. It’s literally nearly been a month since Christmas but I didn’t forget you! I’ve been really stressed by school recently because the first half of the school year is over in a week and since Christmas they’ve been torturing us with homework and shit. Also I have to get an important essay ready anytime soon and have been writing on it every day. Sorry again but here’s your imagine and if you want you can request more if you want. As many as you want. ♥

You’re in the kitchen cleaning the dishes when you hear keys opening the apartment door of the Maynard/Pieters/Y/N household. Heavy breathing and weighting steps are heard in the hallway.
“Love, we’re home. Got a surprise!”
“Coming!” , you shout over they playing music you turned on because every work is done faster with music. You finish cleaning the dishes and open the kitchen door to get wet socks because you step directly into a trace of snow that the boys probably got in with them. You made your way after the trace, into the living room.
“Seriously boys, I’ve just cleaned the whole apartment and you’re not even able to take off your shoes before you-“ , you were distracted by your boyfriend Jack and his brother Conor putting up a fir-tree.
“C’mon Y/N, stop complaining and be proud of us instead, we got a bloody Christmas tree”, Conor rolled his eyes playfully, knowing how stressed you were about the fact that you would celebrate Christmas with the Maynard family the next day and had to do all the food, wrapping up presents and clean and decorate the whole flat. Because since Josh was with his family in South Africa you offered to take the work from the boys mother and be in charge of everything this year. You wanted to make a good impression, their family has met you before but you’ve never cooked for them and you just wanted everything to be perfect.
You went up to them, pulled your boyfriends beanie from his head and ruffled his hair slightly before you pecked his lips shortly but full of love and relief and then gave Conor a little kiss on his cheek.
“You guys are the best!”, you smiled widely while Jack blushed a light red, smiling sheepishly.
“I know, we are and that’s why you guys are in charge of decorating this tree. I’ll be off filming a video with Joe. Sorry, my dears.”, Conor winked at us and went out.
“Well there were only two left I guess.”, Jack giggled.
“What an asshole.”, I shook my head laughing, walking out of the room, Jack following me to finally take off his shoes and jacket. I came back with 3 boxes full with beautiful silver and golden stuff to decorate the tree with fitting the decoration in the flat. You put them down on the sofa that stood close to the tree when Jack came up to you. He slung his arms around your waist and pulled you closer carefully.
“I didn’t say a proper Hello yet”, he said quietly in a raspy voice.
“Well hello then, handsome”, you grinned, cupping his face with your left hand while your right hand rested lazily on his chest. You caressed his cheek with your thumb as he closed the gap between the two of you kissing you passionately. You kissed back immediately and melted into the kiss. Jack smiled as he felt your enjoyment and deepened the kiss before you slowly pulled away after a time.
“Got some work here, aye?”, he pointed behind you to the boxes with the tree decoration.
“Ugh yeah.. little compromise; I’ll go back to the kitchen because I still have to prepare something for the food tomorrow and you start with putting the lights onto the tree. When I’m ready I come back to help you decorate the rest of the tree, okay?”
“Okay, princess, hurry up, because I love some hopeless romantic, decorating the Christmas tree with my amazing girlfriend for the first time.”
You giggled, “I’ll do the fastest I can. Love you, idiot”, pecked his lips and went to the kitchen again.
While preparing some cooking for tomorrow you heard Jack struggling which put major smiles to your face. He was too adorable.
As you were finally done, you came back to the living room just in time. Jack had put the lights on and it already looked amazing.
“Good job, Sexy”, you wiggled your eyebrows.
“Of course”, he said confident, “where do we start?”
You laughed getting a smaller box out of one of the three you placed on the sofa. You gave it to him explaining,
“These are the biggest balls, hang them onto the bottom  and always switch from golden to silver and from silver to golden again. I do the top parts instead.”
He nodded taking the box and you started. You talked about everything and more while decorating until Jack kept quiet after some time. You were too concentrated not to break something so you didn’t really notice until tons of tinsel flew over your head.
“Suits you. Glowing even more now”, Jack laughed while you didn’t say anything, thinking about your revenge.
“Fuck off, Maynard, that was a bad decision.”, you grinned evilly, storming up to him, starting to tickle his stomach.
“N-no st-stop PLEASE!”, he begged between laughers, “ I c-can’t breathe!”
I stopped laughing as you put some of your tinsel around his neck, over his shoulders and onto his head .
“Who cares about the tree though? We look better anyway.”, you giggled, Jack getting some tinsel out of your face.
“You’re the most beautiful anyway”, he pecked your lips and hung the last ball onto the tree, now only the top star was left. He gave it you.
“You should do it.”, He grinned.
“But I’m too small”, you laughed.
“Nothing’s impossible…”, he giggled giving you a piggy back ride so you could reach the top. You put the golden star onto the tree and finally finished your first joint Christmas tree.
“Wow….”, both of you gasped as you took in your work. The tree was huge and beautiful as hell.
Jack stood behind you and began hugging you from behind snuggling his head into the crook of your neck. “I’m so tired”, he whined.
“Let’s go to bed then.”, you whispered and so you did.

The next day you were up quite early, leaving Jack in bed but meeting a sleepy Conor in the kitchen.
“How come to the honour to be greeted by you at this time of the day?”, you laughed about the half asleep man.
“I don’t even know myself. I actually wanted to help you with the food but I’m really not made for getting up before 1pm. But please tell me what to do, I need to get properly awake”, a yawn escaping his lips. You laughed, introducing you to your masterpiece of food. Conor was a better help than you would’ve thought and everything went out pretty well. Also Jack decided to join you an hour after you left him in bed alone and started setting up the table.
You wanted to get everything ready because you still had to film a video for Jacks channel so you decided to bake some Christmas cookies for the video. A horrible flour fight and cleaning the kitchen again later and you had to slowly start to get ready.
You were just done as the doorbell rang.
“I’m going!”, you shouted since the boys weren’t ready in time as always. You opened the door to be greeted by a warm hug by Anna who you were very close to. Jack’s mum hugged you tightly after Anna let go of you and also Jack’s dad embraced you in a lovely hug. You told them to take a seat at the table and went to get the boys. As everyone was ready you started to serve the food. Everyone was impressed by your cooking skills and enjoyed the whole meal.
Everyone went over to sit on the sofa and around the tree while Jack and you brought the dishes from the table over to the kitchen.
“That was amazing.”, Jack whispered, kissing your forehead.
“Thank you so much”, you smiled relieved about the fact that everything went out so well.
“C’mon, love birds, we finally want presents!”, Anna shouted from the living room.
You giggled and took Jacks hand. You sat down on Jack’s lap on the arm chair across from the tree. You watched everyone unwrap their presents, huge smiles plastered to their faces. Everything was perfect in that moment, pure happiness and love filling the room.
Jack’s head rested on your shoulder until it was only his present for you and your present for him left. You stood up to get his. It was a simple red box with a cute white bow on it. You gave it to Jack as he smiled up to you, taking it. First he noticed a little note that was embattled to the bow. “For a better Vlogmas next year”, he furrowed his eyebrows not knowing what this meant when he opened the box carefully. His eyes lit up as he saw the new vlog camera in it that he’s been talking about for ages now.
“Oh my god, Y/N, this is incredible! Thank you so so much!”
He quickly stood up, kissed your sleeve sweetly and went over to the tree. He held up a long but slim present bag.
“This is for you my love.”, he smiled sweetly as you took the bag.
You pulled out a glass bottle with a parchment roll in it. It was decorated by a red bow and a not saying “ Wanderlust”. You opened the bottle and pulled the parchment out. There was a world map on it, a red point on London and a red line leading to a red cross over an island. Underneath the map was simply written “Hawaii”.
Your face lit up as you realized what was going on and slung your arms around Jack immediately.
“Thank you so much!”
“You’ve been telling me about how bad you want travel to Hawaii for ages now.” , he laughed, little did he know that he made you the best Christmas present ever.

Jack’s parents and sister had left and Conor had gone to bed as you guys decided to get a little fresh air on the balcony before going to sleep. As soon as you stepped outside you began to freeze. As Jack noticed he laid his jacket over your shoulders.
“My little frostbite.”, he giggled kissing your nose and embracing you in his arms. You took in the beautiful skyline of London as….
“Hey, Y/N, look up..”
You looked up to your eyes meeting the sight of a mistletoe.
“Cheater.”, you laughed. Jack used every opportunity to snatch a kiss from you.
“Well I guess tradition is tradition.”, he shrugged confidently, leaning in.
“It probably is.”, you smiled, leaning in as well.
“Merry Christmas”, he mumbled sweetly against your lips before kissing you passionately.

Anonymous asked: is there any chance you could do a fluffy coffee shop one? c:

“Can I have a Tripple Red Eye or something equally strong, please.” A deep voice asked.

Castiel was startled by the sudden request, and his head shot up from his book. The late night shifts at his older brother Gabriel’s coffee shop were always slow and kind of boring, so after cleaning the place, he’d decided to kill some time with reading.

The second he peered up at the unexpected customer on the other side of the counter, he was met with a pair of exquisite, moss-green eyes. There were dark circles under those eyes, but they did nothing to make the guy’s face any less handsome. Handsome, but exhausted. Castiel recognized a worn out college student when he saw one. The guy couldn’t be much younger than Castiel, so he suspected that he was in his last year, not the easiest period in a college student’s life. He was carrying a laptop under his arm, and his fingers tightened around it as he expectantly looked at Castiel.

“Yes, a Triple Red Eye, coming right up.” Castiel said quickly, feeling slightly ashamed when he realized that he’d been rudely ogling the boy.

There was a short silence as Castiel prepared the order, but when he placed the extra strong shot of coffee in front of the guy, he was rewarded with a grateful smile.

“Thanks…” The guy said, then paused to peek at Castiel’s nametag as he handed over some money. “Castiel…

That low voice saying his name like this did some very… unforeseen things to Castiel. Castiel attempted to sound unaffected as he replied. “You’re welcome…” He left a suggestive pause of his own, and to his delight, the guy played along.

“Dean… It’s Dean.” He said, his tired features lighting up a little as he picked up his coffee.

“Dean…” Castiel repeated with a warm smile; Dean looked like he could use some kindness.

“Yeah…” Dean muttered. “Hey Castiel… Is this place closing anytime soon?”

Castiel shook his head. “No, we won’t be closing for another couple of hours. Why?”

Dean sighed in what appeared to be relief. “Well, if it’s okay I’m gonna stick around for a bit to see if I can finish my essay. It’s important, and it’s due tomorrow, so naturally my annoying roommate is having his friends over tonight of all nights to have some kind of drunk party. I’m not getting any work done there, and it’s really nice and quiet here…”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Castiel answered immediately, thrilled at the thought of Dean staying a bit longer.

“Thanks man, I really appreciate it.” Dean threw him another tired smile, then made his way to the nearest table, sitting down and sipping his coffee as he waited for his laptop to start up.

Castiel pretended to go back to reading once Dean started working. Pretended being the accurate term, because he was more than a little distracted. Never before had Castiel given it any thought whether or not he had a ‘type’, but it was safe to say that this stunning, green-eyed guy was very much his type.

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