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I'm new to watching the show. When would you say it became clear that there was something between danny and mindy?

To me, it was the pilot, honestly. Danny is just SO pleased with himself when he makes her laugh, and in the beginning of the episode he is way too defensive around her. He totally likes her, but is doing that thing that some guys do where they act overly macho/confident. He’s protecting himself from possible rejection, but also from what it would mean to admit that he like her. She’s the polar opposite of him, and she would turn  (and now is) his current life upside down. (I’ll be honest though, I didn’t realize how much of a front his arrogant behavior was until the Hallowen episode, when all of his insecurities spill out while trying to get his driver’s license… THAT’S when I started to feel for the idiot).

Now, when does Danny realize this himself? I’d say by the season 1 finale he realizes his goose is cooked in regards to this particular colorful coworker. But he pushes it way down because she’s completely unavailable, and he throws himself into making his reboot of the Christina relationship work.

It’s only when they’re both single, and he thinks she’s admitting that she has feelings for him that he lets himself think ‘this feels right, this is possible’ (because he’s still afraid of rejection, and isn’t sure of her feelings until she says something) and that’s in You’ve Got Sext… and of course we see that heartbreaking backpedal when she tells him she’s angling for Cliff. Oh danny….. 

Anyway…….. there are so many moments along the way, the unlamplike feelings in “dcimg”  the hand grab in “santa fe”, the almost flirting in “in the club”…. i could go on and on and on……

It’s hard for me to look at the show and not see Mindy/Danny being endgame in any episode really. :D

so my brother was watching the first few episodes of legend of korra on our apple tv and my dad decided to watch cos he had nothing else to do, and my mum was ironing clothes in our living room so she was watching while simultaneously ironing clothes so i just decided to watch too even though ive seen all of it already

anyway BOTH my parents started getting really into it??? like more than i was expecting?? ???

and then as soon as an episode ended my parents would be like “HURRY UP PUT THE NEXT ONE ON” omfgggggg… pls… mum.. dad..

and then my mum was all like “oh my gosh i really like the romance in here it makes me heart tighten” bc in book 1 of lok theres that whole drama where everyone likes everyone and its confusing but she really likes it and i think she might ship makkora im laughing so much omfg, like little does she know this show ends with lesbians :))) (and also she also called makko very cute and asami very good looking iM dEad)

also omg when it was time to go to sleep she literally said “dont start watching this tomorrow until i get back home” iM DONE

Ok so I haven’t been on in awhile with school starting up again and I had to move back to college recently, so I am still adjusting still. I am here with some slight good news though and that news is that I am starting a new Korean Drama. The drama I started to watch is a new one called “Oh My Ghostess” and its on Drama Fever.

I am barley on the third episode, but so far it is really good and it makes me laugh so much. I’m actually scared to watch any more episodes to be honest with you. I’m the type of person where I don’t really like love triangles or anything more. I feel like this is going to be that type of drama seeing how the ghost ( Soon-Ae) posses Bong-Sun and Bong-Sun’s crush might end up liking the ghost with out knowing. I don’t know yet seeing how I haven’t watch any more episodes yet. I am going to push through it and keep watching it because I feel like it is going to be a good drama and something worthwhile.

My heart goes out to the ghost Soon-Ae for dying a virgin because I know that must suck and also for not even remembering anything when she died. Her story is very interesting and I would love to find out more. 

I hope who is considering watching this drama helps them a little and I hope whoever is already watching this drama is liking it.

P.s there is some nice guys in this drama with very nice bodies. 

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#[nervously waits for him to catch something on fire] I saw a gif of him burning his dessert my god that was funny! i understand i understand

Y E P oh my god that episode was epic like

time to make cute cookies

leo = stuffs his in his face before anyone can look at it that is what food is for

ravi = fucking catches his on FIRE

everyone else  = laughs like the little demons they are

so very much vixx: a summary

Michael scott made the show.

Just finished watching the office at around 2 am so logically i had to look for more content so I stumbled across the office uk version which is so weird that i have no comment on it right now besides that its weird i guess… Anyways after watching the first episode for the uk version i watch the pilot for the American version and no doubt about it Steve Carell made this show and it changed so much after he left that the biggest laughs i got from the finale and last season was from his two lines that brought back the nostalgia of what the office was about. I liked Ed Helms (Andy) but he just didn’t have the charm Steve possess. This funny show that to me was about making the audience laugh and experiencing extreme second hand embarrassment through watching the most awkward skits play out changed into something strange by the last seasons. I wish Steve would have stuck till the end but i feel like the reason it ended was because he left. Now i started the marathon this year so its been over for 2 years so on season 7 episode “goodbye, Michael” I honestly thought it was just about him leaving Dunder Mifflin so after a few episodes of him missing i got impatient and googles “did Steve Carell leave the office” the result almost made me drop the show but for the love of the other characters I watched it till the end. This is a amazing show and i cant wait to watch more stuff by these actors and writers so i guess parks and recreation is up next along with some movies. Well now that i finished a show time to do what I always do and read some wiki’s!

Drama: Kazoku Game

Rating: 10/10

Episodes: 10

What I disliked: 

I hate how much this drama played with my mind and feelings to the point when I questioned life itself. I’m kidding, there’s nothing that I disliked actually.

What I liked:

Let’s start with the characters and the cast. First off, Sakurai Sho’s performance impressed me to the point that it makes me wonder if his true nature is like Yoshimoto-sensei. His expressions fluctuate between extremely adorable to extremely terrifying so many times in each episode. I actually shook in my seat every time they zoomed into his eyes when he yells at Shinichi. However when he stomps around with the bullhorn or doing his exercises, it makes me laugh to the point where my stomach hurts. The second to impress me was the couple themselves, the mother and father. At first I thought they won’t show too much of the hard scenes until it came to Shigeyuki’s birthday scene and that’s when I felt really touched by the mother. I loved the mother’s anxiety scenes because she made it seem very believable and I got really caught up whenever she broke down. Then you have Kamiki Ryunosuke as Shinichi. I found it quite adorable every time he has those playful argument scenes with the tutor and his monster scenes made me feel quite scared at times too. The parts that really broke my heart though would be when he shows no compassion to his family, especially his adorable little brother. Finally, the adorable brother himself. His first impression was the best ever. While he seemed like the craziest in the family at first, you later realize he’s the most human-like out of the family. Shigeyuki later ended up tying with Yoshimoto as my favorite characters in this.

For the plot, I was pretty confused at first and couldn’t understand why the tutor would do such horrible things. But then as it continued, I started realizing it was more than just school education, but also education about family too. I really love the lessons the tutor tried to teach the family. I admit it gets extreme a lot, but the creator made it work. This is like a dark Gokusen story to me and I loved it. Over time, I kept loving the characters then hating them and then loving them again because the tutor successfully manipulates them with his mind games and no one even realizes it. The ending was perfect to me except for the fact that Shinichi got his girlfriend back. It’s not a fangirl jealousy thing, but I think that since he broke her trust, it shouldn’t have been so easy for him to win her back. With the mother and father, they went through many hardships to fix the father’s mistake, but Shinichi’s girlfriend immediately took him back. It would’ve been nice if not everything worked out.


This drama was so good that I ended up finishing it in two days. I really regret not starting it sooner. Fans of adult romance (because of the mother and father), family dramas, slight comedy, and dark lessons might enjoy this drama. I find this more of a thriller than anything too. Basically, imagine this as Liar Game’s Akiyama becoming Gokusen’s Yankumi and slowly taking over your family. 

Okay so I got tagged by paddakpaddak to do this 11 question thing. Since I’m really tired rn (I just woke up, it’s too early), and have like 2 people I could tag other than paddakpaddak I’m just going to answer the questions they gave me xD (sorry if it’s messy I’m on mobile atm, I can’t copy paste) thankyu so much for tagging me tho; I don’t get to talk about SJ that much (I don’t have ELF friends ;-;), it makes me happy to do this!!!

Sorry if this is long~

1) How did you end up liking SJ? When did you start liking them?
Let’s see, I was just getting into kpop and I watched a ton of variety withTaemin (I was obsessed he was my first ub) and I came across SJ variety. I remember specifically Exploring the Human Body, the laughing gas episode (I was in tears). I think this was sometimes in August or September of 2013. I don’t remember exactly (I just know by December, Heechul was my ub at the time)

2)Fav SJ moments?
There are too many. Heechul on Golden Fishery, SJ on intimate note, SJm on happy camp, SJ in japan with the claw machine filled with their own merch xD, Henry on real man, the “pure and spiritual children” thing (y'all know what I mean right?)

3) How do you feel about korean fans turning their backs on Sungmin? Do you continue to support him?
What I understand is that the timing was really bad (leeteuks situation and mamacita promotions) and I also understand he wasn’t able to tell ELF first, the media did. But Sungmin wanted to get married before the army. So I think ELF who turned their back on Sungmin need to chill a bit. Honestly, I watched too many fancams of sungmin staying behind at concerts to wave goodbye to fans. He is pretty beaten up over it. KELF need to support him, and they better do it when he gets back. With that said, yes of course I support him. I wish all the SJ members would get married and be happy. Of course that probably won’t happen bc some of the members have shown such an obligation towards ELF that they probably won’t make moves. I wish they would just ignore us a bit, get married or date, do something that makes them happy.

4) What is one thing you wish SM would do for Super Junior?
Respect promotion time

5) Favorite SJ bromance (no homo just bromance)?
I’m laughing so hard, there’s only one pairing I legitimatly ship in SJ (I do go thro moments of random shipping tho). But for bromance I think the most amusing would be Siwon and Kyuhyun. Tho heechul, donghae, and ryeowook are cute together.

6) Any subunit group that you want SJ to form? What would the subunits name be?
Their voices go very well together (an example would be story)
Uh as for sub unit name… R&S (lol I’m so unoriginal)

7) Who’s your bias in SJ? Why do you like that member?
Ryeowook and Heechul. (Ryeowook is probably going to be my only one at this rate because he keeps slaying me)
Ryeowook- his voice, his sass, his face, his personality, his caring towards the members and ELF, he’s cute and hot at the same time. WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY NOT LIKE ABOUT RYEOWOOK!?
Heechul- his realness, he’s so pretty and hot, his voice that a lot of people find surprisingly good, just everything. Ugh. He’s perfect. His ability to speak out against the wrong

8) if you were to pull a prank on SJ, what would you like to pull?
Something large scale and similar to what ELF did during that one Marry U preformance (the we will think about it thing). I really loved that. It made me feel warm fuzzys

9) Fav SJ song?
It changes really tho, I listen to SJ everyday so… idk. Can I pick entire albums? *lists all of SJs albums
My friends would probably say I like perfection and disco drive bc I talk about them a lot. I have been listening to point of no return a lot lately…

10) Favorite preformance from SJ?
The shirt/rockstar/lets dance performances
Bonomana rock vrs. (Its so rude)
Disco drive preformances
Ryeowook doing lying on the sea
Etc etc I watch preformances more than anything so I could watch anything SJ does and be happy

11) Which members do you wish acted in a drama/film that you love? What kind of character/role do you wish they took on?
Uh… I’m not a big movie drama film person. I have to say, I’m really out of touch with the acting SJ members have done bc in general I just don’t watch that kind of stuff and enjoy it very much. So I have no idea

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Call the midwife? X

•Favourite male character: Patrick Turner

•favourite female character: pretty much every single woman in this program!!!!!!

•Least favourite character: I don’t know.

•Favourite ship: Turnadette

•favourite friendship: Trixie and Patsy. But also Shelagh and Sister Julienne

•favourite quote: Sister Monica Joan’s ‘Give me the spoon!’ I don’t know why this always makes me laugh. But also everything said between Patrick and Shelagh on that misty road flashbacks* …..

•Worst character death: Alex…it was so sad.

•moment that made me so happy: Turnadette being a thing.

•Saddest moment: let’s be honest you can find something to cry about in every single episode.

Favourite location: Nonnatus house

Total Divas 4x07 ‘No Holds Barre’ Review: A hearty dose of family

It’s difficult to be angry at these girls when the issues they cause consist of sibling rivalry and caring too much about their children. In fact it’s virtually impossible to dislike them after watching a single episode of this show and that’s what makes me appreciate it so much. No matter what the fandom wants you to think of these girls they’re all really just hardworking women trying to better their personal and professional lives to the best that they can, and that is what makes these ladies worthy of my respect.

Spoilers are included in this review.

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shinpachi-kun for the meme character thing

thank you for asking!! 

What I like about them: He is pretty cool, and also very strong.A very kind and innocent boy, he is the epitome of cinnamon role, too good, too pure for this world. The best straight-man this world has ever seen. Can really make me laugh most of the times. And I love when he sings and is really into it, even though he sucks at it, it makes me happy.

What I dislike about them: the glasses joke is getting annoying tbh.

Favourite moment: When he kissed Pandemonium -chan. I literally almost died from laughing so much. And also the whole Obi-wan-ni-san arc I was crying the whole time. I mus confess with was one of the best Gintama’s arc for me.

Least favourite moment: Probably the dating sims episode, I just really don’t like dating sims. idk.

A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: Shinpachi gets a makeover for one day, and leaves the plain thing behind and everyone is weirded out. Also Shinpachi takes over the dojo and teaches full time, and everyone is so prouf of him, and they’re happy.

An interesting AU for this character: Shinpachi get’s sucked into Naruto world and yells at everyone to get their shit together because they look like idiots. Tell Sasuke what a fucking emo he is.

A crossover: Doraemon lol, he takes Nobita’s place.

OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): the cute Pandemonium- chan.

Other ships?: shinpachi x happiness

BROTP:  Gintoki!! Yamazaki, and also hijikata

NOTP: kagura

An assortment of headcanons!: He kisses his pillow every night so his kissing game gets an upgrade and he can kiss Pandemonium-chan better. Likes memes. And Grumpy Cat.

Send me a character and I’ll answer!!!


I was watching the most intense episode of cutthroat kitchen last night when daddy-o turned it to watch ink master. I enjoyed ink master so much that (and also I was floating in the clouds far to high) i forgot I cared about the people on cutthroat kitchen until right now and now I’m wondering what happened to rob and not rob (a different story all together. Let’s just say my daddy-o is one funny guy sometimes and I love that he makes me laugh 😘) like did either of them win? Did not robs cookies taste good?!?! I need to know now.

If you don’t know why I don’t like the Big Bang Theory (show) then please know that I watched 3 episodes with my parents and all they did was tell me how much I was like Sheldon and laugh obsessively at the parts where he needed certain things to be a certain way, like sitting in a specific spot, and it caused me so much anxiety and probably made them make fun of me more for that sort of thing.

Steven Universe Liveblog: An Indirect Kiss

Nonnie wants to see me cry and swears I have to watch the next three episodes together. So here we are. and my hands hurt too much to play monster hunter anyway 

Also you can consider me officially in the fandom now. I made a Steven Universe joke in class that nearly had Roommate #2 bust a gut laughing. 

Edit: Nearly lost this because my net crapped out on me four times when I hit post. FEAR.

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