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Arrow 5x14 “Sin-Eater” - Oliver Queen on the spotlight

So it happened we got a glimpse on Prometheus grand scheme. I liked the episode it had lots of interesting things so let’s dig in.

The episode starts with Flashbacks. Flashbacks were good IMO, didn’t break the rhythm and provided us with the first answer to a question that we were all making.

Oliver Queen is the Sin-Eater.

It’s Anatoly that calls it as Flashback!Oliver makes the decision to stay and help his friend instead of following Talia’s nudge / push for him to go back to Starling.

Talia’s going to be pissed but I was so proud of Flashback!Oliver sticking around and helping a friend.

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In current day Oliver goes with Not-my-bodyguard-anymore!Diggle to visit Amanda. Identified as Mama Prometheus by the show. 

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She’s not very open to Oliver’s argument that her son as become “Someone else, something else” (great Talia shade to check for a reaction, nicely done Oliver Queen) and that he wants to get him the helps he needs

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Suprisingly, to me, Amanda doesn’t look shady. Still she doesn’t quite blame her son (typical mother behaviour) and defends him by noting that the real monster was the man that killed her lover, Jason.

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No worries Felicity and Curtis were expecting she wouldn’t be forthcoming and they had a plan in place.

On to our three ladies escaping. Not much was new there they send the other prisoners on their way and come to Star City…

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They weren’t conected to Prometheus as far as I could tell, the fights were great, still the main story arc was more connected to Quentin Lance.

Don’t get me wrong I love Lance but this was an Oliver Queen / Green Arrow packed episode and the China White, Cupid and Liza Warner purpose to come to Starling being (just) money made their escape and presence in Star City less relevant than I thought it would be.

And we get to the Vomit phase of the episode. Sorry can’t stand Dragon Lady. Never will stand her, this episode didn’t help (sometimes I wonder if there are women in that writers room). I could see the writers writting a way for us to feel empathy for her. But I’m with @scu11y22 “Cry me a river” Dragon Lady, Cry me a dam Ocean I still won’t like you.

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Susan confronts Oliver about him being the Green Arrow. He denies it playfully, yeah, Oliver still has it, he can lie pretty well to everyone except Felicity and Diggle.

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Thea not only doesn’t like Susan but also gets worried about Susan knowing about Oliver being Green Arrow. Oliver’s worry level is not even remotly high enough.

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Felicity hacks Susan computer 

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The information on Oliver has them both rattled (Bratva, Green Arrow… so much) and Thea acts… fast. Taking out the trash.

Thea does what I always dreamed she would, she destroys Susan’s precious carreer and Susan comes running to Oliver to tell him she had been descredited as a reporter, fired, and proof was planted on her computer. Ohhh Oliver knows his wifey so well he immeadiatly knows it was Felicity. Susan doesn’t show even one tear but it’s clear she’s devasted, Oliver feels guilty about what happen, he knows it has something to with him just as Susan does too.

I’m not surprised or even shocked with Susan’s reaction, she did what she was excepted and supposed to, she went to the one she knew was the cause for all this that just happens to be her “boyfriend”. Oliver’s guilt comes with the territory and it’s well place, still Writers be alert I don’t buy that Susan likes Oliver I just think she’s reacting to the fact her plans fail, and it was an epic fail. No one is allowed to mees with Oliver with these two ladies having his back.

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Oliver is a sap, Susan tells him fair and square she had retrived evidence even while sleeping with him

“That tattoo it’s a Bratva Captain tattoo”

Realy Oliver really? After this you go after Felicity. Not that I didn’t love that, I did

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Any thing that brings Felicity and a Olicity touch my way I’m game.

But Susan just told you she has been compiling a all dossier of dirt on you, and that, while in a relationship with you, she was not just enjoying your wonderfully perfect abs but also gathering more proof against you, and you are going at Felicity? And then after Thea, screaming at her

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She’s your sister, Oliver, the only remaining blood family you have, she acted to protect you from harm and you go at her because of Dragon Lady?

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I spent the rest of the episode expecting Oliver would crawl after Susan out of guilt, Thankfully I was wrong. Instead Oliver, little confused puppy, decided (correctly) to goe talk calmly with Thea.

Thea, bless her soul, asks about Susan

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and Oliver reminisces on how Thea remembered him of Moira.

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I’d say he’s right.

On the Green Arrow front things were also fast paced and admitidly awesome.

After Liza’s attack on the Triad Arrow and Quentin manage to catch up with the trio, only for Quentin to go after his nemesis Liza and confront his “crossing the line” with Darkh, and Arrow being surronded by ACU for Malone’s death.

It’s a good time to recal the cover up to protect Green Arrow was Adrian’s idea and Mayor!Oliver just went with it. So top brass reunion at City Hall with Pike.

Oliver checks the anonymus envelope ACU got that had them hunting Arrow and he connects the dot’s, the Post Stamp is from the city where Amanda lives. Oliver concludes it’s from Prometheus,

I liked Pike, he looks like a good person, and a good cop. He’s not taking Mayor!Queen word for it; in the end he sees Adrian’s point (delivered by Oliver), the people in Star City feel safe with Green Arrow around, not protecting him for something he isn’t in fact accountable for, would jeopordise that feelling. For the greater good Pike gets on board, in the end.

But Prometheus plan is moving forward and the cover up ends up splashed all over the News.

Thats a sum up of what happen and that got me in all kind of feelings.

- Prometheus plan is starting to unfoil. I found that the Amanda and the Post Stamp being from her city was wrapped up too neat and tidy. Which looks fishy to me

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-Susan password was so damn basic, her files on Oliver so nicely wrapped up. I have to ponder if Thea (and Felicity) wasn’t set up to do exactly what she did  

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Prometheus, for his plan to succeed needs to “isolate” Oliver, to do that he needs Thea and Felicity at odds with Oliver.

Must stress he almost succeeds. I was terribly upset with the way Oliver confronted Thea, he should have know better. She had his best interess in mind, she loves him he knows that.

Nevertheless now, thinking a bit more coldly, I understand Oliver had to hold, at least some, responsability on to Thea because she did do the deed, and Susan his he’s “girlfriend”. (Being that she no longer takes his phonecalls I’m guessing the “girlfriend” part is over and done but…)

IMO, Prometheus failed on evaluating the amount of love Oliver had for Susan (dangerously close to none) and that it is nothing compared to the one he has (and always will have) for Thea.

- So Prometheus changes tactics and leaks the “Cover up” scoop to the media.

If you think it was Susan doing that that’s fair but I don’t think so because I believe our Unicorn first step on Susan’s computer was to completly erase all traces of the proof against Oliver

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Felicity stood up to Ra’s al-Ghul on his own turf for Oliver I ‘m confident she would have made the files disappear.

- About Dragon Lady. She’s now a Woman scorned and that’s a really dangerous state for a woman to be. If she wasn’t with Prometheus up untill now she will now gladly take him on if he cares to recruit her.

- About Billy. Yes he’s an issue again. I do think Pike was on board with all Mayor!Oliver told him and Green Arrow apologizing and stating exactly the same as the Mayor (how dum was that Mr. I-ran-out-of-bottles), but now the cat is out of the bag and splattered all over the news. There’s no way ACU can not act on it.

- Adrian Chase. The cover up was really his doing so it strucks me hard that The Vigilante now comes after Mayor!Oliver for something he himself planned, unless that was his plan right from the start, and proposing the Cover up was a trap.

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 - No Felicity dark arc, no Pandora files usage. but having Felicity handing Black Canary mask to Dinah and Quentin telling Dinah LL would have been proud, was very well played.

It’s not Oliver handing her the Black Canary, in fact he’s shown to be not really sure if Dinah is ready for that. it’s Felicity doing it and Quentin validating it.

- Thealicity was back on my screen 

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and I just

- I had mixed feellings on Felicity spilling on Thea to Oliver right off the bat.

Olicity Me: “See Oliver she didn’t lie to you.”

Thealicity Me: “What the Hell? You should had had Thea’s back, she’s your girl.”

Summing up loved the episode to bits, I could hardly breath with the fast paced storytelling. I want 5x15 to come asap.

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Ok, so interesting stuff I gathered from the new su episodes:

-the gems from Amethyst’s kindergarden are the most amazing thing ever

-apparently the beta gems are miscoloured?

-jasper was the only one who made it a) off earth or b) off zoo duty

-blue diamond is easily persuaded holy shit

-the guard gem (i can’t remember her name) just had her whole life turned around and is probably gonna have an existential crisis over a pearl telling her off

-blue diamond is a grieving mess but that doesn’t excuse KIDNAPPING PEOPLE AND SHATTERING GEMS BECAUSE THEY’VE FUSED ARE YOU KIDDING ME

-yellow diamond doesn’t know how grief works and she’s gonna have a breakdown

- i really liked the beta gem they showed us (was it another jasper, a carneol maybe?)


-ruby holds sapphire’s hand to keep her from freezing herself

-ruby is NOT dumb

-garnet is scared af of blue diamond (understandably)


-blue pearl is indeed a shy little thing and apparently dancing with yellow pearl is nice ™

-blue Diamond’s voice makes me cry

-like, I thought she was gonna be some stone cold calculating ice rock but she just cries all the time (although we did get a glimpse of how terrifying she can be as soon as there’s subjects around)


-yellow diamond admits that they all love pink diamond

-the lyrics got me (There’s no use in feeling [pause] blue)

-like, was i the only one who went ‘damn, that’s a double meaning if I’ve ever seen one’ 1) There’s no use in feeling, Blue or 2) There’s no use in feeling blue (feeling blue = feeling sad)

-the humans in the zoo do not handle rejection well

-i wonder if their earrings tell them how to procreate too?


-the zoo is creepy

-the guard gem played herself

-She has her gem on the back of her head - we’ve never seen that before, so that’s interesting

-i’m dead

-like, I legit died watching this


Podcast Recs

So I’ve recently gotten into podcasts and I decided to make a list of all my favorites in order to spread the love.

Welcome to Night Vale: The first podcast everyone listens to. About a small desert community where strange and fantastical things occur on a daily basis. Comedic and introspective with horror elements. And a lot of positive POC, LGBT, and disabled representation (including a lesbian hijabi Muslim!!! A girl in a wheelchair who pulls off a heist!!! A sarcastic, British agender sheriff!!! A little African American girl who reads books and saves an entire town!!!!) 10/10 recommend.

EOS 10: A medical comedy set in in space. Amazing. It takes a few episodes to really get interesting, so if you listen I would suggest listening to at least the fourth episode. Nobody is straight, and it’s wonderful and I would die for each character. Also, Dr. Urvidian. Trust me.

Alice Isn’t Dead: By the some of the same people who did Night Vale. A creepy, haunting story about a woman driving trucks across the country to search for her missing wife. It’s incredibly set up, and so well-written. Warning: some gory imagery and description of murder. Also, WOC protagonist and pretty much all women. 

Within the Wires: GUYS. This story was incredible. The format’s really unique: it’s set as a series of relaxation cassettes that slowly reveal the history between the narrator and the listener. It’s GREAT. Seriously, give this one a listen. It’s actually really relaxing between all the bombshells about the plot. It’s also by one of the guys that writes Welcome to Night Vale, so of course it’s gay.

The Penumbra Podcast: This is another one that’s hard to describe, but it’s a collection of stories, a different one every episode. Some are recurring, but some are stand-alone. SUCH amazing representation here, and funny/creepy storylines. There’s a nonbinary bisexual MOC, a Native American wlw BANDIT, a knight with a physical disability, women with actually good characterization, and a lot more. How often do we see that?

The Bright Sessions: Basically superheroes who go to therapy. Good acting, cool storylines, a cute romance. Again, lots of representation. And an asexual character!!!

Wolf 359: A story about the crew of a spaceship circling the Wolf 359 star. At first I thought this was a comedy, but it got dark pretty fast. The characterization is great. The story is comedic and gritty and fast-paced, and I would die for Isabelle Lovelace. If you like space shenanigans and found family, this one’s for you. 

Kakos Industries: This podcast is hilarious. It takes the format of a corporation’s monthly shareholder announcements. Only this corporation, headed by the legendary Corin Deeth III, helps you “do evil better.” It might disturb you a bit though, so if you don’t like sex jokes, murder, and swearing, stay away from this one.

The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air: A weird little show by Night Vale Presents that’s really hard to describe, but it includes an absolutely wonderful narrator, the cutest protagonist, and amazing side characters. The format’s cool as well, so I recommend giving it a listen. (also the main character’s a mlm!)

what’s interesting about this “do you know how emma became the savior? you. every savior needs a villain” thing though is that emma didn’t remember who she was when regina was playing as her worst, she remembered who she was when regina was in danger, when her love for henry shone through. so it kind of changes how emma views being/becoming the savior presently – she doesn’t do it out of necessity because there is evil in the world, she does it out of necessity to protect the people she cares about (regina and henry)


heterosexual pandering? in my danganronpa?? it’s more likely than you think

OK so I wanted to have this fic finished today but it’s got very long and out of control and I don’t think I’ll be able to write another 8k or so words this evening, so, have the start of it because it is really a fic for this day.

Sam wakes up on November 2nd with a miserable hangover, his mouth furry and thick and sour and a throbbing knot of pain behind his eyes. He forgot to turn off his alarm when he went to bed, so the tinny ring of it sounds out at 6.30 like it always does, and he rolls over to hit the snooze and notices the date at the top of the screen. It’s shock enough to jolt him fully awake, his dreamless alcohol-coma sleep dropping away to leave him shaky and unrested. Suddenly chilly under his scratchy blanket, he sits up in bed and draws his knees up to his chest. He hugs his arms around them, staring unseeing into the gloom. 

Dean’s enthusiasm – no, his unsettling determination – for them both to get blackout drunk last night is starting to make more sense. Sam’s brother has been volatile, unpredictable, since Mom walked out around two weeks ago. The night of, Dean had gone to bed straight away, hadn’t said anything to Sam at all; and then had appeared in the library next morning with an unconvincing grin, bearing overfull plates of breakfast and iron-solid insistent on taking a hunt which he’d found somewhere in the Arizona wild. On the road, he’d blasted the music and slapped down Sam’s attempts to talk, hooked up with two separate women in one night (and in the bed next to Sam’s), and finally had argued Sam into an ill-researched confrontation with a Balrog which almost got the two of them killed. They’d despatched it eventually, although it had burned the both of them badly, so that Dean’s blistered now down one side of his torso and the fingers of Sam’s right hand can’t close. 

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I want to write my own TV show just so I can give the gays everything they want.


As many of you know, I’ve created playlists for each character in @thebrightsessions. It’s a big part of my process as a writer and also just fun to do.

Agent Green has never had one. When I was figuring out who this guy was, I realized he was one of those people. You know, those people that don’t really listen to music. So he didn’t get a playlist. But he gets a song. 

If Owen Archibald Green were a song, he would be “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles. I don’t know why exactly, he just is. When I thought about making a playlist for him, this song immediately came into my head. This was the only song that came into my head.

If we did normal episode titles instead of silly in-universe ones, Episode 30 would be called “A Day in the Life”. But we don’t and it’s not so here’s this post instead.


I haven’t seen anybody emphasizing this scene, so let me do it. ;)

The first screencap is from ep 4. We can see that Viktor is reminded of St. Petersburg.

And 6 episodes later, we basically see the same scenery, but now Viktor is reminded of Hasetsu and not his ‘home’. And boi, that is so beautiful.

One more thing: There are seagull sounds in both of the scenes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Things I never expected to get from watching Timeless

-Having a massive crush on Harry Houdini

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