this episode is so good I want to gif it all

So The Abominable Bride. What shall I say? It was good in my opinion. I really liked it. The whole set up, and how they showed the episode was quite brilliant. I will have to admit for me it was a bit confusing, especially the end, but I really believe it was an episode leading up to season 4, and when we watch season 4 it will all be tied together. I definitely want to watch this again. The live stream ended up acting up and I went on another website to watch it. I’m still going to try to see it in theaters. If anyone would like to talk to me about the episode feel free to private message me. 

So I binge watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt the night it came out, and ever since I’ve had “Pinot Noir” stuck in my head. I’ve been a fan of Tituss Burgess for a while now, so the fact that he sang in every episode was basically all I’ve ever wanted. 

This GIF is the result of being absurdly good at procrastination. I had so much fun doing this, but I didn’t get ANYTHING done today. Oops. Now back to work!

Just some words of encouragement for all those who got upset by the “broken heart” title.

I actually think that episode (which is the mid season finale) will end up good for us. So maybe that name is really about the thing that makes Emma eventually choose love over power. Maybe her heart needs to be broken in order to want the darkness out of her 100% and having a pure tlk this time.

When I first watched the episode I found John’s smile really cute so I thought of making a gif.

But then, rewatching it, I realised what this moment really meant: This moment defines John Young’s life.

He was having a good memory, but he had to hide the smile. He always has to keep his feelings hidden, he has to be an insensible soldier, always looking over his shoulder. And it’s so sad it makes me wanna cry.

Seriously, I really want John to be happy. Please.

Friendly reminder that THIS is the person you want Clarke to be with? No big deal. Just Bloodshed Blake being his usual murderous self. Lexa would’ve pulled Clarke back up and/or sacrifice herself to save her. Finn would’ve done the same. But nope, good ol Bell wants to kill her for a split second. Not until Finn helps him pull her up. Being a Clexa shipper aside, I GENUINELY believe that Bellamy Blake is not worthy of ANY female character on The 100, let alone his sister, and I have felt that way since before Lexa was on the show. I wouldn’t even ship him with Ontari! Prior to ALIE/Raven dragging him to hell and back, I was so sick of him always seemingly getting a free pass for all the shitty choices he makes while everyone else gets their asses handed to them from the entire freaking galaxy. From episode 1 in season 1 Bellamy Blake has and always will be a dick who is nothing but a follower that can’t stand on his own two feet. He hides behind fake “whatever the hell we want” speeches and doesn’t see just how wrong he is a whopping 95% of the time. On top of that, he has no problem blaming everyone else for his stupidity only to suddenly realize at the last possible second that he’s being an idiot. I’m a firm believer that O would be so much better off without him since she’s a way stronger character. Now before I get bombarded with teenage angst and silly little trigger happy Bellarker’s who can’t stand the idea of someone being anti Bellamy, let me say that my opinion is just that. An opinion that is mine. It is completely separate from Bob and whatever type of person he is off screen as I do not know him (hell, I happen to think he is an attractive human being 😌). It has nothing to do with him being a person of color. It has nothing to do with Lexa being dead. I’ve just never ever liked him. I would take a thousand Finn’s and city of light chips over him any day of the week. Kbye.

So here’s the progress for my lates drawing if anyone is interested!

I really enjoyed Martha’s storyline and ascension, it was beautifully done and I got very inspired by that episode :D

This took about 8h to draw (I’m VERY slow drawer!) and I’m still not fully satisfied with it :’D I wanted to finish it before yesterdays Mianite though, so it just had to be good enough! Maybe I’ll some day fix all the problems I see in it :D


Sawamura Eijun  Seidou’s Mood Maker


sakura bamf punching for keri



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