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Peggy & Daniel throughout season 2

Dead And (pt.3) [ Porcelain ]

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Synopsis: Satan plays cupid in the apocalyptic world
Chapter Warnings: N E G A N & his glorious mouth, s e x u a l tension, violence, Negan assumin about Reader’s age (…? idk if that’s a warning, maybe i should put Negan assuming his dick wants to pedo…?) (anything else, please tell me)
Chapter Synopsis: A lioness dares to steal the throne from the alpha
Word Count: 3,700+ (Idek how it ended up to that number)
Rating: “Little pig, little pig. Let. Me. In!” - me at hell’s gate with this fic.
Pairing: (So far it’s) Negan x Reader
Helpful BGM: “Super Massive Blackhole” by Muse
A/N: I srsly dunno how df things are going. I read #100 to #126 last night to get anything that I can use, especially on Negan. My canon research cannoned the fuck out of my brains out, got confused cos from how I understand things now, Negan in the comics is like Jared Leto Joker Marvel Aura but Negan in tv is Heath Ledger Joker DC Aura. Idek if that makes fucking sense but you get me. However, I think am getting my brain bits back aka sorting shit straight so let’s see how this story unfolds. Last thing is that English ain’t my mother tongue so excuse all grammar errors xie xie.
Tagging: @angelfuzzy2 cos i saw your reblog teehee, @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash cos because of her and her anons fantasizing about simon filled my dash so damn deep, and watching simon on the latest episode, I was influenced to put him here lmao (idk shit bout whatll happen to him here we’ll see), then @marythenurse cos she said in the nts tag to tag her any negan jdm shizzle she might be interested to so ta-fucking-da~ anyone else please tell me~ happy thanksgiving erbody btw~ 

(Y/N) doesn’t know where to look.

Should she focus on one matter and watch the dozens of bodies burn in a hellish fire that belches gray thick clouds of smoke to the once-clear night sky? Or be more mindful of the bigger picture and stare at the dimly lit windows of the abolished residence compound, lighting up like a sensual Christmas tree with their rooms being occupied by humans once again?

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How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

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All these people hating on Henrik for smoking weed...Let's break it down. 1) Even loures Isak outside with the promise of a joint and they talk for the first time. 2) Even convinces Isak to chill alone with him with the discovery of a joint. 3) Evak gets high and cuddles and we have the glorious opening of ep. 5. So all y'all hating on Henrik for smoking weed, show some respect and appreciation! If not for weed we wouldn't have Evak! Weed brought them together :') #weedappreciationpost

they literally smoked weed on the show all the time and it was no problem…….

This is a Nephrite’s Glorious Hair appreciation gif, to @airyairyquitecontrary, with love.

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Ok, so evil Alex was hot. Second, instead of having the last scene revolve around you know who, Maggie could have come over w/ Alex & they all celebrated together. And talked about the white martian being Alex and 'i would have been able to tell it wasn't her' and 'you don't understand Maggie, it had access to her memories and thoughts and stuff! and everyone else fell for it!' 'nope, I still would have somehow known!'

Yep agreed.
The ending of the episode could have been better! Where are our glorious sanvers scenes at the end of the ep?


death by miss adventure