this ep was fantastic


the get down meme / [1/10] scenes / zeke and shao make heart eyes at each other (1x01)
└ “Yo, we gonna be bigger than Les Inferno. We gonna be bigger than… the Yankee Stadium. We gonna be bigger than the whole fucking Bronx.”
“We gonna be bigger than the world.”


I’ll come back to talk about each of these scenes individually in a second. I think it’s interesting though, and very intentional, how the creators set up this sequence. With the same piano background music, we go from the hands scene to these. The intention there is clear: this is all supposed to be happening simultaneously (or near enough). These are the moments before the conflict between the Inners and the Outers will escalate, possibly beyond repair. The point of no turning back is nearly here.

The framing of those moments though are so starkly different, and not in a way you’d necessarily expect.

This is where we leave Haruka and Michiru:

The camera tight, their focus solely on each other, the supernova background lighting removing all distracting details so they are the only things in the world, their hands entwined and their intimacy on display between them. This isn’t Haruka’s moment or Michiru’s moment, it’s THEIR moment. Haruka begins this scene as the Inners do, in silent contemplation. Michiru won’t allow it. It must be shared. Haruka’s struggle is her struggle, and vice versa.

Then we move to the Inners. Each of them in a completely separate location. Each of them oppressively alone. The camera (in most instances) starts in a distant point from each of the girls and slowly pans to reveal them, only exposing and amplifying their isolation with every moment. This situation, the conflict with Haruka and Michiru, it’s deeply shaking them. Not only that but – and I think this is the most interesting and important part of how this was shot – it’s NOT bringing them together. It’s the opposite of what we’d expect to find with the Inners, who draw strength from each other and rally together when things are tough.

In this, the bond between Haruka and Michiru eclipses that of the Inners. They aren’t in danger of fragmenting, nothing so dramatic as that, but even in their concerns, they’re not of one mind. Each of the girls has something different that’s pressing on her, each has her own greatest concern about what’s going on and what it means. Their worries have separated them.

Haruka and Michiru, though, every difficulty only brings them closer. The episode wants to make it absolutely clear, no possibility of mistaking it: Haruka and Michiru are uniquely connected. They are together. They are one.


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