this ep was dark a lot so this looks so bad

2016: The Return To Anime

I used to watch a lot of anime before, but when I moved away from my friends whom were fellow fans of Japanese animation, I became really bad at taking any initiative to sit down and watch anything new. So my New Years resolution was to simply watch more anime during 2016 (for inspiration and entertainment)! ;D And in order to prove to said friends that I am indeed keeping my promise, as well as to take the opportunity to recommend good shows to others, I will be sharing my progress list and general opinions.

OBS: Some of these shows are not appropriate for an younger audience!! Before viewing, please check out  the recommended age restrictions, genre and potential trigger warnings!  

END OF YEAR UPDATE: 25 shows in total! Not bad at all considering that I maybe watched 2-3 shows the year before. But I still have a lot of series that I want to see, so don´t be surprised if I make a new post for 2017. ;) 

My personal top 3? I would say Death Parade, Re:Zero and Madoka Magica. 


Mushishi (S1) - Not a single cliffhanger in the whole show, so it makes for  perfect bedtime stories for teens/adults. The english dub was really good and the landscape art is 10/10.

Kino No Tabi/Kino´s Journey (S1) - Do not let the simple and cute style fool you! This show contains murder, cannibalism, suicide and war!! And it asks the hard questions in life!! RUN if you do not want to contemplate the meaning of existence!!

One Punch Man (S1+3OVA) - OK, now I know why this is in 4th place on IMDB´s “Best TV-series” list. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen in an action anime! It is simply stunning to look at and it is fun ride all the way to the out of this world (literally) finale. 

Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (S1) - Pretty much like an anime version of the TV-show Bones. I love mysteries where you have to follow clues in order to solve a murder so a second season is strongly desired.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End (S1+S2+10OVA) - Pretty predictable, but the the bloody fight scenes are fabulous. Needs even more angst thou (…she said even though a bunch of children are butchered in the very first episode….). >:3 

Death Parade (S1) - And there is all the angst!!! Do not watch if you do not like pain in your soul!! Heart cannot be repaired!! AHRUM!! Excuse me. The show is really well written and the artists really knew how to create the perfect atmosphere to tell this dark story.  

Free! (S1+S2+4OVA) - It feels like everyone and their grandmother has seen this show, so of course I fell on the bandwagon. For the first 11 episodes thou I was very neutral to it… But goddammit the first season finale had me sheering, squealing and tearing up!! (Let Rin be happy!!) Sadly only the S2 OVA had me laughing; apart from that episode, the humor was not at all up my alley.

Zankyou No Terror/Terror In Resonance (S1) - I really like the style and the smooth animation in this one. And DANG, THAT ENDING! If you like thrillers that are completely based on reality and science (like Beautiful Bones) then this could be perfect for you.

Wolf’s Rain (S1+4OVA) - I remember trying to watch this when I was like 15, but I never got past episode 3 for some reason. Which is a real shame because I think that I would really, really liked it then. Perfectly angsty and tragic for little wannabe-emo-teen-me. Do you like dark fantasies with pretty people/wolves? Then do not miss out on this one! 

Mahon Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica (S1+1 movie) - Oh shit. Oh holy shit. I would never have guessed that this show, this thing that looks so darn innocent and cute in design and summary, would have me in so much emotional turmoil (very much like Steven Universe in that way). But seriously; amoungst all of the animes on this list, this is in my opinion the one with the most captivating story-line, plot development and characters (I simply had to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting). Some people hate the ending, but I think it worked really well (even though all the tears could have clouded my judgement). And if you liked the show, then you MUST watch the movie Rebellion! Also: One of the the best English dubs I have ever heard in my life!! UPDATE: I have now seen everything twice… I cry every times I see Homura on screen. (O_Q)

Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (S1) - I watched this before when it first came out but I had a hard time remembering anything from it apart from the characters. Glad I gave it a re-watch because it´s super cute and silly; perfect for when you just want to give your feels a break from all the angst and suffering other shows come with (*stares at the one above*). I also highly recommend the live-action movie based on this! :D 

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased (S1) - This show is both intriguing and stunning! I love how modern animation uses lightning and this show is a good example of that (same goes for Death Parade). Downside: Stress, stress and even more stress!! Please, just let the small children live!!! My heart cannot take this torture!! D,,X But the stress aside, it was all worth it at the end. 

Jigoku Shojo/Hell Girl (S1) - My Golb, the young girls in this look exactly like the characters I would draw at 14-16. X,D The animation is just okay, and it takes a long time before we learn anything worthwhile about the main characters. But what made me watch a whole season (26 ep) was because of the interesting stories in each episode. It was fascinating to see how little/much it was required for people to give up their souls for eternal damnation in return for the death of a person they hated. 

Steins;Gate (S1+1OVA) - It took me a while to get into the story, but by the half way point, when shit got really intense, I was waaay hooked. I usually do not like stories that involve time-traveling because it makes my head hurt, but this (Like Madoka Magica) was really well written. I have very little to fault the show on ((apart from how the harassment of a trans girl is used for comedy in at least 2 episodes…)) and would recommend!

Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+S2+1 movie) - Decided to watch something really cute with sis again and this is what we ended up with. And oh darn it, it is cute alright! Everything is so sugary sweet and lovely, and good music too that you will hum on for weeks. Apart form the occasional funky looking CGI (which actually looks really good in the movie), the animation is top notch. A simple story about a bunch of girls and their lives and friendships when guys are not in the picture.

Makura No Danshi/Pillow Boys (S1) - Finally met up with my anime loving friends and this was one of the things we saw. The episodes in this are very short, all of which are about different types of guys talking to YOU before you go to sleep. It´s… different to say the least. Who was my favourites? Hmmm… I guess the guy from Ep 2, since I recall him the clearest. He also felt like someone who had known me for a while and I appreciated that. WARNING: Ep 10 did give me some extreme rapist vibes! BAD TOUCH!! (O_O)

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (S1) - If you like bloody action of high quality with humans fighting against superhuman enemies then this is most surely something for you. Many parallels can be pulled to Attack on Titian, but I would never call this a rip-off. All the animation is in the A+ class and there is this wonderful colouring/lighting effect they sometimes use for close ups which makes the characters look absolutely stunning. The level of details on the character designs also stuck out to me (A+ there too).

Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (S1+S2+1OVA) - Also known as food porn. I had never heard of this until Dan and Phil mentioned it in a video and when I understood that it was about food I had to check it out. I love shows/stories that are centered around cooking (Hell´s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Princess, etc) so I really got hooked on this. Not only is the food animated beautifully, but you learn a lot at the same time. And the absurd (dirty) humor is so redicoulus that I cannot help but laugh.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World (S1) - When I first saw posters for this show they never caught my interest. It looked so much like the generic fantasy harem anime that I just ignored it. But then a friend forced me to actually see it and BOY was I wrong. Let me put it this way: Imagine Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but with a higher budget and set in a fantasy land. So if you enjoy blood, gore and mind games, check this baby out!

Ghost Hunt (S1) - I know that I had seen this anime when it was new, but apparently I never saw the final episodes of the season since I had no idea what was going to happen. But glad that I saw this again! Not the scariest or goriest show out there, but it is fun and entertaining. My favorite part is how all the characters get along even though they have different beliefs and ways of dealing with the unknown. 

Psycho-Pass (S1 + S2 + 1 movie) - Everybody were recommending this show to me and I understand why. There is detective work, blood/gore, and some kick-ass action; just right for me. However, I am not into all the tech porn (you know - when the put so much time and focus on weapons and other technology when they open up, charge, fire, etc. Not my thing!), but it was still a good anime. The only downside was that I felt very little when characters died, which was strange since I usually get attached very easily and morn fictional characters on a regular basis.  

Mayoiga / The Lost Village (S1) - Oh maaan. I was expecting something along the lines of Battle Royale, but this was nothing but a big disappointment. There was so much potential in the first episodes for this to become the next Another or Corpse Party, but nooo. Lack of death aside, I guess it had it´s creepy moments, but the finale was not worth the wait in my opinion. I was actually so upset by the final twist that I sat down and basically created an alternative version of the story. Same basic structure, characters, feel and pitch, but with a more classic psychological horror plot. I would also have put the focus on other characters over the two basic cardboard cutouts (I vote for Valkana and Nanko!).

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii No Jukyou (5OVA) - I had seen this before when it first came out, but since I am still in a Halloween mood I decided to give it a re-watch. Totally one of those shows that I cannot look away from (not only because I need the subs, but you know what I mean). Spooky details all over the place blended with intestines and body horror. I may not be a big fan of the Elfen Lied-wannabe character designs, but I would totally watch it a third time when I once again forget the ending. I was so shocked that all I could do was to stare at the screen while the credits passed by. 

Mira Nikki / The Future Diary (S1) - That moment you like the premise and concept of a show, but dislike the main characters. Damn that moment. It could be that the English dub makes the protagonists seem more douchey than what they actually are in the oringal Japanese version, or it´s just that they are both written poorly (IMO). But I like the background characters and there is some genuine tension throughout the show, so I watched it all.

Yuri!!! On ICE (S1) - I had been looking forward to this since the first trailer, so it was really really hard for me to wait until all episodes had aired before I had a marathon. But gah! It was worth it! There are no cliffhangers no, but the show just makes you feel so warm and fluffy that you want to see more right away. It is a sports anime, but the characters and relationships are so well developed that I would say to give it a chance even if sports isn’t for you. You will still fall in love with everybody and you just want them all to win gold and be happy!!

PS: Oh dear brother of mine, if you are reading this, be prepared for an anime night next time we meet. You and Jorge will love this! ;D


Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name (movie) - Hands down one of the best MOVIES I have seen this year. Well made, a story that pulls you in, heart-wrenching and beautiful music. This is totally up there amongst Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I will definitely be showing this to all my friends, no matter if they are into anime or not. 

REYLO would be a smart move by Disney (Part 2/2)

Part 1 is here.

Like I said in Part 1, I’m studying economics, so I wanted to logically explain and analyze why Disney will be doing a Reylo storyline. I am not 100% sure, but I am 99% sure it will happen :)

The facts that we know about Ep. 7/8/9

1) It will not be a traditional love story like Han/Leia or Anakin/Padme

2) Kylo Ren is like a “Dark Prince”

3) It will be about the Skywalker family (like usual)

Based on the info from Part 1, we can assume that Disney will be doing something like Beauty and the Beast since it is a story line that makes a lot of money. I know that many people have already compared Reylo to Beauty and the Beast, which are all amazing posts, but I want to go more into how Beauty and the Beast helps us predict what The Last Jedi and Ep. 9 may be like. And how exactly Disney will be making money off of it. Because I want to remind everyone that Disney is a business, and their end goal is to make the most money with the least amount of backlash from fans.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast came out in March this year. I went to go see it the first weekend it came out. The theaters were packed, little girls were dressed as Belle, and everyone was humming along to the songs. The animated version came out in 1991, so a lot of people have seen the original one already. Like I said in Part 1, it made a lot of money. Not just from ticket sales, but from selling merchandise like dolls, toys, and shirts. Their target audience was young girls, but they also wanted teens and adults to see it in order to make more money.

Here is the general layout of how the story between Belle and the Beast went:

Belle’s perspective: At the beginning of the movie Belle hated him, thought of him as a monster, and tried to escape. Near the middle she started to warm up to him and got to see the humanity in him. At the end she saved his life, was heads over heels in love with him, and did not want to live without him.

Beasts perspective: At the beginning he was curious about the girl, but did not want her to see the real him yet so he still acted angry. In the middle he started showing her who he really was on the inside and started to fall in love with her. At the end he was so in love with her that he gave up his chance of a normal life for her to be happy.

Disney had to do the original and new version separated into three parts for a reason. The consumers would be furious if Belle fell in love with the Beast right after he locked her up. Imagine the parents complaining, they would say “you are teaching my daughter to fall in love with her abuser?!” It wouldn’t end well for Disney, which is why they separated it the way they did. They had to spend quite a bit of time to convince the audience that the Beast is really just a sweet little cinnamon roll on the inside. Once the audience knows that the beast is really nice on the inside, they automatically fall in love with the idea of Belle and the Beast ending up together. That middle part of the story is critical for the plot to develop correctly.

The Force Awakens

Originally posted by boomdafunk

In the Force Awakens, the average viewer hated Kylo Ren. He killed that man in the beginning, he abducted Rey and ‘tortured’ her, he killed his own father, and then tried to ‘kill’ Rey. To the average viewer, Kylo Ren is abusive and irredeemable. The Reylo fandom thinks it is a different story though. They noticed the clues that the average viewer was supposed to overlook. They are clues that will be obvious to everyone once the whole story is complete. Those clues include when Kylo bridal carries Rey, a Romeo and Juliet theme plays in the background, he is handsome when he takes his mask off, he is nice to her in their interrogation, their interrogation gave off some sexual vibes (50 shades of grey), their intense eye contact, and the fact that he asks her if he could be his teacher. Like I said in Part 1, Disney knows their customer base, and they will do anything to appeal to them. Once all three movies are complete, and it’s known that Kylo/Rey end up together, these clues will be obvious to everyone.

Compared to Beauty and the Beast, we know that Kylo Ren is being set up to be redeemed in The Last Jedi. Like when Mrs. Potts says there is still good in the Beast, General Leia says there is still good in Ben/Kylo. The Beast comes off as being creepy and rude when keeping her as a prisoner and asking her to eat dinner with him, when really he is just curious and fascinated by Belle. Just like how Kylo may appear to be creepy and rude during the abduction, interrogation, and fight in the woods, but he was really just curious and fascinated by Rey. Belle eventually runs away into the woods, the Beast finds her and ends up getting wounded. After this scene in Beauty and the Beast, it transitions into the middle of the movie, where they start to get to know each other better while Belle heals him. In TFA, Rey and Finn go out into the woods, and Kylo follows them, resulting in Kylo getting wounded (by Rey). This will then transition over into the Last Jedi, where Rey and Kylo may get to know each other better.

The Last Jedi

Since we know that Disney will probably be making Ep. 7/8/9 to be like Beauty and the Beast, we can predict that TLJ will be like the middle of the Beauty and the Beast. The Beast just got wounded (because of Belle), and Belle feels bad so she helps him. They get to know each other in the process. The Beast starts to show his humanity, and Belle starts to learn his little quirks, like eating soup straight from the bowl. She slowly begins to fall for him, without consciously realizing it. From the Beasts perspective, he is done with pretending to be the ‘mean beast’. He allows Belle to help him, and eventually opens up, allowing her see the real him. The don’t officially fall in love yet or anything, just a gradual burning.

We can predict something similar in The Last Jedi. I’m not going to predict any specifics, but I can say that I don’t think Kylo and Rey will be kissing or anything. Disney will still want that element of surprise for Episode 9. TLJ will be a movie that will allow the audience to see the real Ben Solo, not Kylo Ren. We will see the humanity in him, and see how well he works with Rey. This is the only way Disney will not spoil their ending while also making sure that people won’t lash out about the pairing. If they appeal to Kylo Ren’s humanity, more people will subconsciously open to Reylo, but will not be expecting it if they end up together. After TLJ, there will be a lot more Reylo shippers, but it still won’t be mainstream.

Episode 9

Originally posted by pixelrey

Based on The Beauty and the Beast, we can predict that Episode 9 will be more like the end of the movie, where Belle and the Beast fall in love. They dance together, acknowledging that they are in love without actually saying it. Then Belle has to leave the Beast, and the Beast loves her so much that he lets her. He agrees to live a horrible life in order for Belle to live happily. Gaston tries to attack the Beast, causing Belle to come back and save the day. The Beast is on his death bed when Belle finally kisses him, professing her love for him. He awakens, they kiss, and they live happily ever after.

Kids, teens, and adults, loved the Beauty and the Beast story. Little girls wanted to be just like Belle, and parents bought their kids toys and dolls. Disney wants Star Wars to be received the same way, but with more violence and outer space stuff. I’m not saying Rey and Ben Solo will get married or anything, but they will make it obvious that they are in love. It will be a huge surprise to the average viewer, and everyone will be talking about it. The word will spread and more people will want to watch it. Little girls will want to dress up like Rey, and will want to learn how to fight and use the force, all the little boys would want to dress up like Kylo Ren and use his light saber. More kids would want to go Disney world to see the ‘real’ Rey and Kylo together. It’s all about reception and money. Based on how other movies/shows have done with this nontraditional route, this would be the most lucrative way for Disney to do Star Wars.


When people hear that the bad guy fell in love with the good girl, average people will start to become interested in the story. They become curious and end up renting/buying Ep. 7/8/9. They end up loving it, and then they are curious about their back stories, so they buy all the original and prequel movies. It is a huge money opportunity for Disney, and they know that. Looking at Rey and Kylo’s spotify playlists and how they are marketing the Last Jedi toys, Disney knows exactly what they are doing, and I think they are doing it amazingly. This was all way longer than I anticipated, but hopefully it was worth it! Thanks for reading!

Star vs Toffee

I don’t know how many of you seen Battle of Mewni but it left a lot more questions then answers for me.

At first I thought Moon and Toffee relationship was like Star and Marcos when they where younger but then they had a “falling out"which I thought Toffee had killed her mother or someone close to her which was confirmed to be mother in Battle of Mewni but apparently Moon didn’t meet him until after he killed her mother. Why did he kill her mother when she was trying to sign a peace treaty with the monster king?

It also appears that he knows a lot about the butterfly family like how he knew about the whispering spell, the secrets of the wand, the book, and etc. He even knew Glossaryck and what his personality was like. Glossaryck seemed to know him as well like they met before.

He treated and spoke soft spokenly to Star like a child and even though he kidnapped Marco he didn’t treat him badly more like a authoritive figure(though he did try to squish him-.-) and it seemed that he knew Macros monster side wasn’t completely gone.

Even though he kept his promise in ep 13 he didn’t when he was resurrected. I think that’s partially why Toffee wanted Star to preform the whispering spell because it traps anyone near it inside the wand and he knew his finger was inside. Which why Star preformed it again to kill Toffee inside the wand but it ended backfiring cause toffee used it as leverage to get his finger back from Moon so he could resurrect himself. Though he didn’t keep his promise when he destroyed his half of the wand which cursed Star to a purgatory like place with Glossaryck until she found a little magic left to allow her dip down and transform into her full Mewman form that allowed her to escape.

I thought it was also weird that he just walked away after he was resurrected, he didn’t even try to kill Moon. I’m not surprised that the dark curse didn’t work when Moon tried to cast it again(I think it’s ethier once per castor or because the wand was technically not hers anymore) but I was surprised that Marco was strong enough to punch a hole right through Toffee’s chest but given the circumstances he had enough rage to do it.

But because he didn’t do anything it ended being his down fall because he underestimated Star. But he still didn’t die even when she reduced him to goopy skeleton, It looks like he’s dead when Ludo dropped a piller on him. But I still don’t think Toffee is gone completely, someone like Toffee refuses to die and always has a back up plan and judging by Marcos nightmares it might have to do with him….

(It was really cute when Buff frog saw again though her mom didn’t really trust him because her predijuce against monsters. It shows how close they have gotten and how Star has learned not all monsters are bad. We can see that when Star shows how much she loves his babies :3 Buff frog not only think of Star like but like one of his kids, we could see that when he affectionately calls her “his little potato” and when he was worried she wasn’t going to plan how to face Toffee because he knows she usaully charges first. Which is why he put his home on locked down so she couldn’t get out. Moon began to trust him because of that, I thought it was funny when they both said"Go to your room!“ together lol XP

anonymous asked:

hiya! so i saw that ask you answered about the AA s3 finale & it made me really want to watch the show to see how it portrays their relationship, but im moving into college tomorrow, and im afraid if i don't start now, i'll never get around to it bc lack of time?? so i was wondering if you had the time, could you share which episodes are Essential(tm) for AA!stony, so i know which ones to prioritize if i don't get to watch them all? i 100% understand if you can't, but if you do, tysm in advance!

oh my goodness! well first off, congratulations on starting your freshman year at college! I hope it’s positively wonderful. Second, I’d be happy to give you the Essential™ list of AA episodes to watch (though I will say the episodes with stevetony moments far outnumber the ones without, so if you do get the chance, definitely watch the show the whole way through!)

Season 1:

  • Ep. 1 + 2 (”The Avengers Protocol”): the show is literally gay from the start. Tony saves Steve, Steve saves Tony, and there’s lots of gentle cradling and heartfelt speeches to be had.
  • Ep. 6 (“Super-Adaptoid”): you could cut the sexual tension with a knife in this episode. There’s lots of banter, a [redacted] shower scene, and a plethora of moments that destroy the “Steve Rogers is incompetent with technology” trope.
  • Ep. 7 (“Hyperion”): this episode is worth watching simply for the “I’d hate to be on the other end of that grunt” scene.
  • Ep. 13 (“In Deep”): the crown jewel of AA episodes. Steve and Tony role-play as bad guys while beating up the bad guys, and Clint finally catches on to their ““(b)romance.””
  • Ep. 16 (“Bring on the Bad Guys”): Red Skull predicts that Tony would jeopardize any mission just to keep Steve safe. He’s right.
  • Ep. 17 (“Savages”): Steve and Tony make a bet, the team gets stuck in the Savage Land, and the day is saved almost exclusively by Steve’s faith in Tony’s genius.
  • Ep. 22 (“Guardians and Space Knights”): Tony goes rogue to save the planet. Steve disapproves, but really is just glad he makes it out alive.
  • Ep. 25 (“Exodus”): Tony is scared he’s leading the team to their deaths, Steve just wants his co-leader back, and the two share a romantic moment under the stars.
  • Ep. 26 (“The Final Showdown”): “Iron or no, you’re still the man!” Enough said.

Season 2: 

  • Ep. 33 (“The Age of Tony Stark”): hands down the best AA episode of all time. Tony is de-aged, Steve is both supportive and starstruck, and long emotional hugs are shared.
  • Ep. 34 (“Head to Head”): the body swap episode. Also, Steve and Tony plan an implied shawarma date.
  • Ep. 35 (“The Dark Avengers”): in which Tony flirting with Steve is constant across all realities. Also: “told you if you fell backwards I’d catch you.”
  • Ep. 39 (“Thanos Triumphant”): Thanos underestimates just how Extra Steve and Tony can be. Also, this episode contains Steve’s most dramatic “IRON MAN!!!!” shout of despair to date.
  • Ep. 40 (“Crack in the System”): Tony breaks Steve’s trust, and Steve breaks up with Tony the team.
  • Ep. 41 (“Avengers Disassembled”): Steve and Tony bicker like a divorced couple that desperately doesn’t want to admit they still care for each other. No one is amused (especially Spider-Man). 
  • Ep. 44 (“The Ultron Outbreak”): Steve and Tony finally make up. Home of the famous “taking a risk that ends of saving the world? Tony does that five times before breakfast” line. 
  • Ep. 45 (“Spectrums”): worth watching simply for this gratuitous “don’t worry I’ll catch you” scene
  • Ep. 51 (“New Frontiers”): if I could rename this episode, I’d call it “gays in space.” 

Season 3: 

  • Ep. 53 (“Adapting to Change”): The flirting in this episode is just off the charts. Probably my third favorite AA episode of all time. 
  • Ep. 55 (“Saving Captain Rogers”): Tony proves that he’s Cap’s #1 fanboy and teams up with Natasha to save him from Baron Zemo. Plus, everyone in this episode looks extra pretty. Good job animators 👍
  • Ep. 63 (“The Kids Are Alright”): Steve and Tony adopt Ms. Marvel and Inferno. That’s pretty much the whole episode.
  • Ep. 66 (“Seeing Double”): Hulk is brainwashed, Natasha fights her duplicate, and Steve and Tony make a great (if not slightly intense) tag team.
  • Ep. 69 (“Panther’s Rage”): T’Challa is a true delight, and Steve and Tony are married as fuck.
  • Ep. 71 (“The House of Zemo”): Nat, Clint, and Sam get stuck in 1943 and meet preserum Steve, while present-day Steve is just relieved (and proud) that his boyfriend’s a genius. 
  • Ep. 78 (“Civil War Part 4: Avengers Revolution”): The most bittersweet season finale of all time. Ultron is an asshole that just won’t die, and when things go south, Steve and Tony share an intimate moment in front of the entire team.

Happy watching! 😄

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Do you know any good THoB fix it fics, but specifically comfort still taking place at Baskerville *coughcough post scene in front of the fire place cough* Tysm!!!!!!

Hi Nonny! Not a whole lot of fix-its… A lot more angsty than anything, but I do have a few taking place during and inspired by THoB!


Mentality by Cumberbatch Critter (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Hurt / Comfort) – It was weird. But Sherlock was having a panic attack. Re-write of the Hounds of the Baskerville scene. Doctor!John.

What Sherlock Missed by chappysmom (K, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Fluff, Silly Ending) – Maybe Sherlock didn’t see everything he should have seen at Baskerville. 

Baskerville After Dark by Ttime42 (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Humour, Bed Sharing, Fluff, Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock have to share a bed at Baskerville. Snippets of their time at Dartmoor.

Equilibrium by augustbird (M, 12,351 w. || Jealous then Worried Sherlock, Sick John) – At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. Flowers for Algernon fusion.

Duvet (green) by Mazarin221b (G, 2021 w. || Post-HoB, Revelations, First Kiss, Sherlock’s Mind Palace) – Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.


Living In Fear by Lady Sam Mallory  (T, 4k+ w. || H/C, Angst, Post-THoB, Nightmares/PTSD) – Missing Scene for Hounds of the Baskerville. John suffers from massive PTSD episodes upon their return from Dartmoor.

In The Wake by Ambikai (K+, 2k+ w. || Post-THOB, H/C, Friendship) – After returning from Baskerville, Sherlock and John deal with the aftermath: unsure of where they sit with one another.

After the Bombs by VampirePam (T, 3k+ w. || Angst, H/C, PTSD) – In which the drugs Sherlock used to dose John trigger a severe episode of PTSD. When terrors old and new cause John to fall apart, Sherlock must rectify his mistake and pick up the pieces.

Afghanistan in Baskerville by Amaya Ramiel (K+, 4k+ w. || Hurt/Comfort, PTSD) – What if John hadn’t seen the hound when Sherlock trapped him in the lab? What if instead, his very real nightmares of the war had materialized all around him? Trapped and drugged, John can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. How will Sherlock react?

Peaky by mattmetzger  (K+, 1k + w. || Post-THoB, Friendship, Angst, PTSD / Nightmares) – A nightmare is nothing but a brain processing recent events, and having a bad light to do it in. It will run its course. So why can’t Sherlock just leave?


Too Visible by chappysmom (K+, 23K+ w. || Friendship, AU, John’s Got an Ability) – With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John’s worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It’s all Sherlock’s fault, but will he realize that? Sequel to Invisible and Still Invisible, Prequel to Invisible Once More

You Remind Me of a Man by columbine-and-asphodel (M, 17k+ w. || Sci-Fi, H/C, AU) – Sherlock is a living human experiment. John, an android medicinal ethics monitor, reviews the place that’s been experimenting on Sherlock and is thrown by what he finds. Inspired by but no spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville.

The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson by ShinySherlock (M, 40,883 w. || Body Swap, Time Travel, Magical Artifacts, Victorianlock, ACD-BBC Fusion) – What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places… John finds a journal and goes on an adventure that he never asked for.


(I haven’t read these yet, so read at your own risk.)

I’ve Just Got One by sarah_jehan (G, 1797 w. || Johnlock Freeform, Fluff) – Slightly-altered episode insert in which John simply walks away from Sherlock after the “friend” in The Hounds Of Baskerville spiel and Sherlock watches him leave instead of going after him and it’s a bit fluffy.

The Innkeeper’s Question by orphan_account (M, 1735 w. || Fluff) – This is set in Season 2, episode 2 of Sherlock. A bit fluffy, a bit serious, but overall lots of fun.

Fifteen Years by Bitenomnom (NR, 1209 w. || Marriage, Retirement, Kissing, Character Death, Introspection) – A lot changes in fifteen years, and a lot doesn’t. Fifteen years before Baskerville, John wanted a dog. Fifteen years before Sherlock was in court, Sherlock was in court. Fifteen years before John met Sherlock, John wasn’t interested in the violin. Fifteen years before he met Irene Adler, someone asked Sherlock out for dinner. Fifteen years before Sherlock kissed John, Sherlock kissed John. Part 46 of Mathematical Proof {{I’ve read a few stories in this series, and it’s been very enjoyable, so this will probably be a good one too.}}

Memento by audentes_fortuna_iuvat (E, 25,050 w.+ WiP || Angst, Character Study, Sherlock’s Past, Friend to Lovers) – Sherlock remembers flashes of time the way lightning strikes and thunder sounds during storms: suddenly and overwhelmingly. Some memories flood back like the opening of a dam, others yet like a broken tap, slow and steady and weak. And at the center of them all lies John Watson, the axis mundi of Sherlock Holmes’ life. Time floats on with John, and Sherlock starts to realize he’s dividing his life into two categories: Pre-John and With-John. As the axis turns harder and faster for Sherlock, he feels his life both coming together and unraveling at the same time. And soon, Sherlock finds himself in his greatest deduction yet, that of his mind and his heart, and finally sees how a self-professed ‘high functioning sociopath’ falls in love.

Silhouettes by allonsys_girl (E, 28,585 w. || Fluff, Bed Sharing, Angst, Drinking, Grief, Infidelity, Drug Use, POV John, Parentlock) – Sherlock and John find comfort in each other’s arms, but as ever with these two, it’s not your typical relationship. It’s fluffy at the beginning, gets deeply angsty in the middle, gets porny at the end. {{I think Baskerville is just briefly mentioned in the first chapter, it was tagged with THoB.}}

The Return to Baskerville by PeaJay (E, 31,343 w. || Angst, Torture, Est. Rel., John Whump, Case Fic, Smut, Graphic Violence) – Sherlock and John return to Baskerville to have another look around. They find a lot more than they bargain for. Especially John, who is kidnapped and brutally tortured. Graphic violence.
Part of the Mind the Gap series but can be read as a stand alone fic. Part 2 of Mind the Gap {{Been putting this one off because of the violence I think}}

Still of the Night by SoonerOrLater (G, 3717 w. || H/C, Angst, PTSD, Friendship) –  Short post-ep for Hounds of Baskerville, John and Sherlock talk a bit and deal with the fallout of the past few days, while Sherlock worries about the future.

The Naked Time by greyamber (T, 1217 w. || Pre-Slash, John’s Sci-Fi Obsession, Unhappy Ending) –  “John Hamish Watson was a hopeless Science Fiction fan, not that he could help. He had grown up with the Doctor, after all. Thank you very much.”

In Which There is a Row at Baskerville by thequeergiraffe (T, 944 w. || Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock discuss the nature of their relationship. Can be read as a standalone. Part 20 of The Spaces In-between 

Hope these are satisfactory! Please, if any of y’all have suggestions, particularly the one that Nonny is looking for, feel free to add them!

Life is Strange Before The Storm Theory: Rachel is alive (with evidence) EDITTED

-I know we’ve heard time and time again about Rachel somehow being alive through countless theories floating around on the internet, but after playing Before The Storm Ep 1, I have a strong feeling Rachel might actually not be dead and I have evidence to support that.

I believe that the mysterious woman we saw in Episode 1 of BTS, Mr. Amber’s mistress, is the one who was murdered in place of Rachel.

Here are my reasons.
1) From afar, and from even pretty close, she looks a lot like Rachel. Same hair color, style and length, same skin tone, fairly same build.

2) Her and Rachel both have a star tattoo. This is ripped from the game files but she has one on her ankle while Rachel has one on her wrist. Quite a coincidence they’d both have a star.

3) Her name is Ruth, also from the game files. Both start with the letter R, and if Nathan’s letter to Jefferson is anything to go by, why would he just use the letter R if it was certain they were talking about Rachel? 

4) As to reasons why it would be Ruth, I have a theory that Rachel did not disappear, but rather, she’s on the run. It would make sense that Rachel could possibly hate Ruth so much for ruining her parent’s marriage and her family in general that I think she may have collaborated with Nathan and Jefferson. You may be thinking “What about her pictures from the dark room” but perhaps they were staged? Max did say “She looked like she posed for these”. Perhaps it went like this.

1) Rachel poses for Jefferson’s photos
2) Nathan and Rachel drug Ruth (perhaps even kill her)
3) Rachel leaves her clothes with Nathan who takes the blame (this would be the part where nathan ‘fucks up’ for jefferson by ‘killing rachel’ and he takes the blame bc I think it’s sorta implied he may have crushed on rachel?)
4) Rachel ‘disappears’ and leaves Arcadia Bay with possibly Damon Merrick (who could possibly be ‘The Man Who Changed her Life’)

This goes along with the whole quote about how ‘The Raven should be Respected, Never Trusted.’ We all love Rachel and maybe we don’t want to admit that she could do bad things. 

(this theory is less likely) Mr.Amber is an important man & works under Mr. Prescott. He has ties to the school and if word of his infidelity got out, that would be bad for both him and Prescott. Having ties to the school also means he has ties to Jefferson and Nathan to do the dirty work. My (while still very clunky) theory is that Mr Amber couldn’t let his affair get out so he tries to get rid of Ruth through Nathan and Jefferson. Or perhaps Nathan and Jefferson mistake Ruth for Rachel from behind when they drug her? Maybe Rachel did run away and to distract from a scandal, they claim she was murdered. Didn’t it seem weird that Rachel’s parents, particularly her father who claimed to love her so much didn’t want to find out what happened to his daughter? Maybe he gave Jefferson some of Rachel’s clothes so the public would think it was Rachel if they ever found the body. This works well bc when they find her, her body is decomposing (The smell makes Chloe throw up so you know she’s rotting) so she facially would be unrecognizable and therefore be a good target. (I’m still working on this part of the theory ;; ) 

-I noticed that Ruth’s character model has her eyes white…. as if she’s dead!
-When Max wears Rachel’s clothing and goes to talk to Nathan in the diner, he says “Rachel!” in surprise, but not as if he was surprised he was alive, more like if he had just seen her for the first time in a months. 
-In terms of theory, theres also the possibility that Rachel really was drugged by Jefferson and Nathan was supposed to finish her off, but he let her go instead and told her to leave Arcadia Bay. 

So this is all I have for now, I will keep this updated as the game progresses!

day after tomorrow

firewalker post-ep au, second installment in my x files rewatch series. (the two stories i’ve posted insofar are unrelated to each other; there’s no planned connection between these stories.)

summary: She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her. 

note: i have little to no knowledge of quarantines, so this is probably horrifically inaccurate. 

Trepkos disappears into the volcano with Jesse O’Neil and Scully waits for the government to arrive in the dark, rubbing her raw wrist. It feels almost normal, after everything that’s happened, and that feels worse than anything.

“You okay?” She jolts at the sound before she realizes it’s just Mulder; they should turn some goddamn lights on. She turns towards him in the shadowy room, still rubbing the sore spots. “Your wrist hurts,” he says quietly.

He’s spoken quieter to her since she was returned, touched her more. She’s not sure whether she likes it or is annoyed by it, but she’d felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder for long minutes after he’d left. Now he touches her wrist gently, turning it over to try and examine it in the nonexistent light. “I’m fine, Mulder,” she says determinedly. “It’s just a little sore. All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty well off.” (They don’t know that they aren’t infected, she thinks. They could be dying right now.)

“C’mon, let’s take a look at this,” he says stubbornly, in that soft, nudging way he’d had since the abduction. Somehow, they both move in opposite directions at the same time and she crashes fully into him. And then the next thing she knows, he is kissing her. His hands soft on her hips, his mouth hot on hers. She kisses him back with something like eagerness, anticipation, until he pulls away.

“We should… find you something,” he says unevenly. “For your wrist.”

“Mulder…” she starts.

“Scully, I’m sorry.” His hand is still cupping her wrist; he lets go and turns to head down the hall. “I’ll be right back.”

His footsteps echo down the empty hall, eerie in the dark like they’re in a haunted house. People have died here, she remembers. She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she says to the empty room.

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Victuuri Fanfic Recs

bc I’ve been camping out on the Ao3 tag, and @cookiecreation​ is on a roll and asking for fic recs :)

Also, I tried to leave out multi-chaptered fics with only 1-2 chapters bc it’s hard to grasp their quality/plot with so little material.

UPDATED: (1/10/17) Added some new fics in Multi-Chaptered and One-Shot sections, added completion notices to recently completed fics

Listed in no particular order:

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On The Importance of Luna-P

I’m not really interested in comparing the manga to the anime directly for a myriad of reasons, but this was such a drastically different detail that I immediately started thinking about it. AND WHAT IS THIS BLOG IF NOT WHERE I OVERTHINK TINY DETAILS

Here, when Luna-P approaches Black Lady, she bats it away saying “What an annoying toy!” In the anime, we get this:

Black Lady hugs Luna-P to her (changing its crescent moon to the Black Moon mark) and says it’s her only friend. These two moments couldn’t be more different.

So why this change? The anime does have the additional element of this being when Usagi is forced to accept that Black Lady is really Chibi-Usa, but it’s not like this was the only way to do that, so it can’t have been the motivation behind the decision. Instead, I think it’s all about Black Lady.

There’s actually a lot of difference between the two versions of Black Lady, I think. In the manga, she’s really just more evil more than anything else. In my translation (assuming accuracy of course), her entire corruption at Wiseman’s hands is:

You have shown me the darkness in your heart. You were too strong for the world you came from, so you broke through all obstacles to reach me here, at the end of the world. There’s no turning back now. I can help you realize your unknown potential. Come with me. Come along with me.

She takes his hand, and that’s that.

It speaks, I think, to where Chibs is at in the manga, which is also a very different place to the anime. Manga!Chibs sees Pluto smiling at Endymion, becomes jealous because she thought she was special to Pluto and isn’t super cool with the idea of “sharing” her, and runs off to be found by Wiseman. Here, you can see elements of that darkness in Chibs. Her reactions are incredibly self-centered (which is not a condemnation; she’s a fucking child for fuck’s sake and her parents barely seem to care about her [who knows about the Senshi, they functionally don’t exist]) and you can see where she WOULD be angry. I’m not sure that motivation entirely bares out for me from there, as once she has power, she directs her attention to “claiming” Mamoru, who isn’t even PART of that situation. I think it would’ve worked much better for me had she focused on Pluto instead, but welcome to my manga experience, I suppose. My point being, Black Lady in the manga is born of selfishness and anger, and “evil” is mostly what she exhibits. By smacking away Luna-P, the response it elicits from us is “Wow, Black Lady is so bad! Chibi-Usa’s so lost to us!” Obviously I don’t know how her story is going to play out in the manga yet, but that moment’s intent is to produce hopelessness in the audience and the characters.

The anime handles this so differently. I think due in part to how we’ve, by necessity, spent so much more time with Chibi-Usa. We’ve seen her develop relationships not just with Mamoru and Usagi, but with Mako, Ami, Minako, and Rei. Her support structure is so much larger here, and so corruption by way of a smile just isn’t going to work. Because anime!Chibs has so much more she can draw on, the focus shifts from outside motivation (Pluto smiling at someone not-her) to internal. And the moment that sets events in motion frame this so well. What breaks her is that Usagi fails. Chibs has spent the entire season trying to heal her mother on her own, and then trying to trust the others enough to accept their help. By this point, she believes that Usagi will save her mother without question. AND USAGI FAILS. Unable to bear that her hero had failed, that everything she’d been through was for nothing, and driven by the guilt that her mother was beyond hope due to (she believes) her own actions, Chibi-Usa runs. This is when Wiseman finds her, and then spends the entire fucking episode confirming her fears, twisting her memories, and convincing her that nobody ever has or ever will love and care for her, the thing she’s most afraid will happen when the truth is discovered.

This is the part where the anime and manga meet on mostly the same terms: Chibi-Usa’s feelings that nobody loves her. Then they speed down different highways again. Rather than batting away Luna-P, in the anime, Chibi-Usa embraces it. It completely changes the face of the reveal: rather than the idea that Chibs is lost to them, the horror is in that this was done to her, that she could feel so alone to come to this. Black Lady hugging Luna-P reveals that however she looks now, in her heart she’s still just a desperate, scared little girl.

Despite how little I’m connecting with the manga, I do generally like how it’s handled Chibi-Usa. I’m not sure the Black Lady thing is working too well for me, though, but that’s for a variety of reasons, from what I feel is a misfire in her focus to Takeuchi’s over-reliance on brainwashing as a plot device to Black Lady being as generically evil as every other generic evil, when she should be packing a much greater emotional punch. Her batting aside Luna-P, though, as a moment, works well to further the divide between Chibi-Usa and Black Lady.

The anime’s choice to have her embrace it, however, furthers the connection between them. We’re seeing Black Lady, but also the Chibi-Usa who’s still there, and in pain. It does eliminate the element of hopelessness that the manga highlights and underlines, but trades it for a personal connection that, for me, resonates better in both the long and short term.

I think both are really interesting directions, though, and perhaps more than any single moment I’ve seen thus far, epitomize the differences between the two iterations of the story.

Natalie Abrams Reddit AMA

Is the Captain Swan “epic adventure” still on? When is it this awesome adventure of action, romance, and passion that Adam and Eddy mentioned we would get in 6B?

From what I learned while on set, that “epic adventure” appears to still be on, but there’s definitely a twist that makes it unlike previously adventures (Snow and Emma in Enchanted Forest, Emma and Regina in Wish Realm) we’ve seen.

Will we see Gideon’s time in the Dark Realm?

We will definitely see the Dark Realm in the back half of the season, which should provide insight into what’s happened to Gideon.

EDIT: Also, I wish I could answer all the OUAT questions with “yes,” “no,” “can’t say,” but even the answers would reveal too much! Sorry, guys!

Have you already asked Eddy and Adam about our Hot Seat questions? When can we expect to see their answers?

I have not done the next Hot Seat yet. I’m taking Qs over at the OUAT reddit so I have more time to sort through them. It’s hard to go through all the Qs on Twitter sometimes!

Hello Natalie, thank you for your time and yes I have some questions for you  about Once Upon A Time :)

1) Will we ever see a season without magic? An ordinary Storybrooke? 2) Hook casted a curse last year back in Camelot by killing Merlin, is that curse still upon Storybrooke? 3) Might the Dark Realm to be Avalon? 4) Is there a possibility to see in future a lot of flashforwards? Maybe in the next season? 5) What do you think about this “reset” for season 7?

I’m going for #5. I’m both delighted and nervous about what a OUAT reset would look like, but this is TV – shows have to find new ways to stay relevant, so I’m going to tune in no matter what if the show gets renewed and be ready for whatever adventure awaits.

For OUAT, Can we expect any surprising twists or shocking moments by the season finale that no one saw coming?

Yeah, actually, and probably before then – and something we probably should’ve seen coming. In a way, the show seems to be bringing the storytelling full circle (sorry for being cryptic!).

Do you know what musical styles (Classic Broadway, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop) will be in the OUAT and Flash/Supergirl musical episodes? 

I have not heard any of the songs, so wouldn’t be able to answer. But you just reminded me that someone I talked to on set (can’t say who) was pitching REALLY hard to rap.

Are you able to say for which show? I watch all three so I’m curious. :) 

Ha, whoops! I meant to say for OUAT! I HAVE heard some of the songs for The Flash, but they really want to keep the content a surprise.

Is there anything you can tell us about Jaime Murray’s character on OUAT? 

Well, we know she’s the Black Fairy. I’m really curious about how she became that way. The cast seemed to agree she’s probably one of biggest big bads the show has had thus far, if that tells you anything. Also, Kitsis previously said: “Any land where the Black Fairy, the Dark Fairy, the darkest soul we’ve been teasing for six years, runs can’t be fun.” Which makes me super nervous!

So how cold is it on the set of Once Upon a Time? 

Well, it was snowing the last time I was there, so pretty cold.

Can you tease anything about the OUAT musical episode?

There will be seven songs total, which includes a Jennifer Morrison solo!

Are there going to be any good moments between Emma and Regina in the second half of the season?

Cannot get more specific on this, but there was a line that was said when I was on set that addresses their friendship that made me chuckle.

Can you tease anything for Henry on OUAT?  I feel like he gets overlooked in spoilers… 

Mind if I use this question for Spoiler Room? :-)

Is the musical episode for OUAT gonna be important or impact storylines or is it just one of those random eps that’ll have no effect on the story/is just for fun? 

It will be important.

If you could steal one thing from Mr Gold’s shop what would it be? 


What is your favorite set to visit? Any funny stories?

I imagine walking around the sets would be surreal! Especially the fantasy ones

Visiting the Once Upon a Time set has always felt very special. I’ve been up to the Vancouver-based set every season so far. I’ve been to Steveston, a.k.a Storybrooke, a few times. One particularly fun time was being there for the end of the Snow Queen storyline. Elizabeth Mitchell and I got out of transpo van and the fake snow started coming down. It was totally magical. But then it started raining and it was just wet and cold. Haha.

Are able to tell if the EQ/Regina merging back or the EQ dying is not one of those twists? I think we all can expect either one honestly

I will say that’s not what I was necessarily thinking of, but can’t say more than that.


Note: This post will be edited and updated if Natalie adds new answers related to OUAT


Woooo! Finally something that I hope ya’ll enjoy. School started a week ago, and it’s all going according to keikaku so far, so that’s pretty good.

Word Count: 1014


Requests are OPEN

[YTN] = youtube name



  • “So, MC, what do you do for work? Or are you in College?”
  • “Oh, yeah. I’m in college and I work from home!”
  • He didn’t really ask about it again, until he was playing LOLOL with his friends.
  • “Duuuude, have you seen [YTN]? She’s a girl gamer! She’s basically asking me out…”
  • The other players in his group agreed, but he had no idea who the person was.
  • “Yoosung! Leave the game and just watch her letsplays. You won’t regret it.”
  • “Uggggghhhh, finnnne”
  • Tbh he wasn’t expecting very much, but he wanted to know what his friends were getting so hyped up about.
  • He clicked on the first video: BAD DAD: MC plays Dream Daddy | EP 1
  • “WHAT’S UP GUYS!? It’s ya gorl, MC! So you guys have been BEGGING for me to play, and I got my grubby little hands on it! As you’ve probably read from the title, I’m playing Gamegrump’s Dream Daddy!”
  • MC
  • Calls you up right away
  • “You didn’t ask”
  • Sometimes you bring him on as a guest
  • Your fans think ya’ll are really cute



  • Boi decides to venture in his fandom for once
  • He sees fanart of him and a girl who looks oddly fa2miliar
  • Many of the comments consist of “OTP” and “<3 ommmg they’d be so cute together!”
  • He looks up your name, MC, and sees that you have a pretty big youtube fandom
  • “MC??? You’re a youtuber?”
  • “Yeah! Since 2006 actually. It’s been so fun as the years go by. I can’t belive there’s so many people that want to see my silly videos”
  • “How many?”
  • “How many what, Zen”
  • “Followers? Subscribers?”
  • “Hmmm, I’d say about 7 million?”
  • Instantly becomes jealous
  • He LOVES them tho
  • Wants you to get into the acting business
  • That’s a no from you
  • “But we can be stars together!”
  • “Nah”
  • “We’ll see eacho ther every day?!”
  • “We already do, dummy”


ASMR/Slime Videos

  • She finds it really calming after a long day of work and elly
  • She brought work home, and just has some playing in the background
  • Suddenly, your voice fills her ears.
  • Clicking the youtube tab, sure enough, it’s you.
  • You’re making some glow in the dark slime and just talking about your day.
  • Soon enough, she’s seen almost all your videos
  • Inspires her to make slime
  • You find her in the kitchen with her laptop open, just A MESS
  • Glue everywhere
  • “Jaehee? What’s all this?”
  • “MC! I don’t know how you make these tutorials so simple looking!”
  • ????
  • R u
  • R u watching one of my videos????
  • “Yes I am now come over here and help me!”
  • You kiss her forehead and instruct her.
  • “Wow that made so much more sense”
  • “Haha I literally just said the exact same thing”


Product Reviews

  • He doesn’t think it’s a real job
  • Worries that his father or coworkers will see them and immediately calls for their removal
  • Ohhh boy, your subs are A N G E R Y
  • “Damn, Jumin! I’m not a porn star! I make respectable content!”
  • “Oh really, MC? Really?”
  • “Let me show you then!”
  • The video you pulled up was one where you were reviewing an as seen on TV product (the refined feline cat furniture to be exact)
  • Your cat was laying around your neck
  •           he likes it ok?!
  • “MC, who’s that?”
  • “Oh, that’s Bartholomeow. He’s my cat. But, he sadly passed away a couple months ago.” :(
  • “He’s very pretty. I think he and Elizabeth would have been good friends.”
  • “Oh yeah, totally.”
  • Is actually really impressed with the details of the review
  • “MC”
  • “I want you to do my cat commercial instead of Zen”
  • “Hun he was never gonna do it in the first place” you snicker



  • Wow, what a better way to stalk you! He knows all your personal info already, let’s just throw in actual life stuff too!
  • Unfortunately, you didn’t really share a lot of your irl stories, you were reserved and only let your fans see small portions of your life.
  • “MC! When are you gonna put up another video! I’m bored T_T”
  • “Surprise”
  • >:(
  • “I’m gonna become a better youtuber than you and I’m gonna post TWICE EVERY DAY”
  • “Oh yeah? Wanna bet?”
  • “Yeah sure. $50 bucks if i get more followers than you in a month AND post twice everyday”
  • “Deal. But you can’t hack and cheat.”
  • It’s on.
  • Long story short, he gave up after a week
  • “Pay up, four eyes”
  • He likes to bother you when you’re filming too
  • Constantly having to edit him out
  • “Saeyoung, I thought you wanted a new video!!”
  • “I do!” he wailed
  • “Well get out!”



  • You sing for the majority of your videos
  • You’ve recently started doing instrumental covers too
  • When he was getting info to lure you to Rika’s apartment, he stumbled across your videos
  • Your voice always calmed him down when he was having an episode or mental breakdown
  • He likes to sit with you when you record
  • Makes him sleepy lol
  • You have tons of instruments and when you were stuck at Rika’s he broke into your old house to deliver™
  • Along with covers, you also write your own songs
  • Those are his favorites
  • All in all he doesn’t watch many videos



  • Two artists get together
  • You use a lot of his photos to do art studies
  • You have tutorials, speedpaints, tips, and just art q&a’s
  • Sometimes he learns from you
  • You and him sell your artworks at the same place and he had no idea that it was you
  • Sometimes, during auctions, yours and his are top ranked and have the most bids
  • Lowkey a compettion btwn you two
  • Gets the eye surgery to see more of your art

nikkilbook  asked:

I'd like to know how to effectively/efficiently braid together subplots such that the reader can get to know/get invested in the main players without me driving this story completely off the rails. Specifically, how to work in details about other plot threads when a character is present but not POV, how to let create a strong subplot without having to spend a ton of time in a character's POV, etc. Thanks!

My ‘multiple plots’ tag is [HERE].

Developing subplots is something that gives your story meat; subplots are often complications to the main plot, or distractions, stuff that your characters have to deal with in order to move on with the main plot, or they can be unexpected sources of help.

I’d like to know how to effectively/efficiently braid together subplots such that the reader can get to know/get invested in the main players without me driving this story completely off the rails.

The thing about subplots is that often they lead back to ‘the rails’, it can be a real treat to read a story where the main character gets swept along on some seemingly irrelevant side-quest while being aware that their main plot is ticking away without them and they need to get back to it, only for them to then discover that they’ve learned/ gained something vital from their involvement in the subplot that is going to help them in their main goal.

Of course, sometimes subplots are there to ‘derail’, and they can create conflict in that perhaps the character is leaving their current responsibilities in order to deal with a problem that seems very important, only to get back to their ‘main’ responsibility and discover that through their distraction Bad Things have happened.

It depends entirely what you want to do with the subplots that determines these kind of things.

how to work in details about other plot threads when a character is present but not POV, how to let create a strong subplot without having to spend a ton of time in a character’s POV

I’m going to guess that you’re working with one focalising (POV) character, and you’re writing in either first person or third person limited perspective, your story is coloured by what this character sees and hears and knows.

So say for instance, your Main Character is toiling away on Main Plot Point A (MPPA) and is waiting for really important help from Secondary Character, who is currently embroiled in Sub Plot 1. Without leaving MC’s POV, we can show very clearly the impact that SP1 is having on the main plot, by how SC’s absence at a critical moment affects MPPA.

- MC is waiting at the bus stop, they want very badly to get into town in order to meet up with Love Interest, but need SC to go along with them

- MC is highly aware that there’s a time limit, LI finishes work in an hour, so if they want to meet up it’ll have to be THIS BUS ONLY

- MC watches the bus roll up, stop, people get off and on, they’re looking around desperately for SC, who needs to bring -important object- or else there will be dire consequences

- MC watches the bus depart, a few minutes later SC shows up, hot and sweaty and out of breath, with -important object- clutched under one arm, asks if they’ve made it in time, says breathlessly that it was a struggle to get away from SP1, but they made it!

So in this example there are some clear objectives that the character feels need to be reached in order to keep going on the main plot – they need to meet up with SC, they need to catch a particular bus, and have a particular object with them in order to meet up with the LI.

With SC being late because of SP1, this means that the bus is missed (a temporal conflict), the important object is not available (a material conflict), and without SC bringing the important object in time, the MC’s plans are put off to your preferred degree of disaster (interpersonal conflict). These are all direct results of the Subplot, and the secondary character’s explanation of why they’re late can give as much or as little detail as to the whys and therefore the events of that subplot as necessary.

The other thing is ‘how much of my subplot do I need to show in order for it to work for the story?’

And the answer, as with so many things, is ‘it varies’.

A subplot can involve your main character actually physically detouring into something tangential to the main plot, it can involve them suddenly being met with a rush of problems or people to deal with who’ve just been involved with your secondary plot, or it can be their plans being upset by the outcomes of the subplot that they hadn’t been aware of until it started causing them issues.

It does often help to have at least one character show up who was personally involved in the subplot, to be able to pipe up at vital moments with information such as ‘that happened because the baddie did x!’, or to otherwise be able to provide contextual clues as to what happened in the subplot to be causing these effects on the main plot.


There are some great subplots in the Harry Potter series, and that’s probably one of my favourite things about JKR’s writing, that she can lay in subtle hints and clues extremely far in advance and then have them become relevant as Harry learns something new and is able to put together the information he has.

For instance, it blew my mind as a kid when the Grim turned out to be Sirius Black – y’know, the guy who was mentioned by Hagrid in an offhanded line in the first book? If you read back over Harry Potter you’ll notice a lot of this sort of thing, Harry doesn’t know anything about the world he’s going into, and a lot of subplots are revealed by more knowledgable characters who are immersed in the wizarding world saying things like “well everyone knows that –” and dropping some information that they think is commonplace but which to Harry changes a lot.

A great deal of the Marauders’ backstory/ the Scabbers/ Peter Pettigrew subplots are revealed when Harry and friends eavesdrop on some of the teachers at the pub in town. Or by Hagrid slipping up and saying more than he’s supposed to. Or by Hermione deciding that she needs to tell them a vital piece of information that she’s known about and either has been told not to share or thought would be obvious.

Doctor Who, especially the first new season (9th Doctor and Rose) is an interesting one, because essentially the episodes are a bunch of adventures in subplots while the main plot (the Bad Wolf arc) happens around them while they’re mostly oblivious until the last few eps and the relevance of Bad Wolf becomes apparent.

The Lord of the Rings has a whole bunch of great subplots that intersect with the main plot in various degrees of importance and influence, especially after the party splits, because at that point while Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mordor is harrowing and dark and dangerous, it’s also … kind of boring? And the subplots involve things like leading nations into battle and defending strongholds and fighting industrialisation. Before the party splits you get gems like Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.

In short:

  • Subplots should be linked to your main plot, in that they bring new conflict, characters, information, backstory, etc. Subplots are part of the story, not unrelated things happening to fill time.
  • Subplots can involve your main character, or they can be related to the main character by others who were there, or they can just have a degree of impact on what is happening in the main plot.
  • Subplots can be explicitly shown or they can be implied through events and context.
  • Subplots can be laid in advance and then revealed as important when they become relevant or new information comes to light – the reader can ‘discover’ them at the same time as the character, or you can keep the reader on their toes by leaving enough information for them to figure it out before the main character realises what they’re walking into.
  • Well integrated subplots can go a long way to making the world of your story feel more ‘real’. Because it’s not only the main character and the main plot happening in the whole wide world, that is just one character and one plot that happen to be the focus of the story, while other plots and characters are busy doing their own thing just next door.

Sometimes I like thinking about Danny’s relationship development with other ghosts, obviously in the beginning they all hate each other and fight on sight and there’s suspicion and distrust and yada yada

But I like the moments later in the show where they have Danny just interacting with ghosts on a different level, I think there’s a moment in Livin’ Large (haven’t watched the episode for a while so correct me if I get anything wrong) where Youngblood innocently asks Danny to play with him and Danny doesn’t treat him with confusion or suspicion, like this is normal, like they’ve played before. And then Youngblood and some other ghosts end up helping Danny out when he tries to save the GZ from the GIW’s bomb without really asking many questions, they turn on him again afterwards of course but for the moment they were happy to trust each other and work together

So even if in the beginning the ghosts all think Danny is a human loving half breed who hates ghosts (which is the way he would probably come across to them) things obviously start to change as they get to know him throughout the series, the fact that he doesn’t bring his fights into the GZ probably give them an indication that he’s not LOOKING for a fight, the fact that he’s actually HELPED ghosts in need on a few occasions would show them that he doesn’t hate them

And the way he gets hunted by the GIW and will help defend ghosts against them would show that he’s also not a lover of all humans, most ghosts would pick up fairly quick that he just wants to defend his town or his ‘territory’, behaviour like this they know and understand so Danny would stop seeming so different, they’d start to see him a little more like one of them

They might even respect him for his stubborn refusal to give up, even when things seem hopeless

There’s an episode (Girl’s Night Out I think?) where Johnny picks a fight with Danny, not to be a jerk or to cause trouble, but because he needed some way to vent his frustration, this isn’t really surprising, what is a little surprising is that Johnny is totally open with telling Danny about his issues with Kitty, he doesn’t just vent by fighting, he also vents by talking, which is something you don’t really do with someone you hate or consider an enemy. It seems like Johnny does like Danny in some way, or respects him and understands him enough to feel comfortable talking to him about personal details

So far it seems like both Johnny and Youngblood treat Danny as they would a friend or friendly acquaintance (or even a sibling, Johnny’s fight in that ep did adopt a feeling of - mostly - harmless rough-housing), we already know Danny is on good terms with the Far Frozen, and he helped Dora out with her brother so he’d be fairly friendly with her, and then there’s the time with Pandora and her box, that situation would have put him in her good books. That’s a decent number of powerful ghosts to be on good terms with, even Skulker is pretty happy to team up with Danny if the situation calls for it

By the end of the series Danny and most of the ghosts seem to hold a decent mutual respect for each other, no less than most ghosts hold for each other. Of course there are ghosts with personal grudges that would be the exception, most likely including Walker and Spectra, probably the Fright Knight and Ghost Writer and definitely Pariah Dark and other Big Bads of the series. But even some of these guys might, deep down, hold some respect for Danny seeing as he was only reacting in defence of himself and his town

I think as Danny grows older the respect he shares with other ghosts will only grow, he’ll probably end up in strong friendships with a lot of them and their rough-housing will continue but probably become less destructive. Danny might even spend more time in the GZ so they don’t have to track him down and fight him in Amity Park

I can even imagine Danny actively attempting to make up with ghosts like Poindexter and Ghost Writer just to prevent further conflict down the line, a quick explanation would probably tide over Poindexter but Ghost Writer would be more of a challenge, there would certainly be some apologies, breaking him out of Walker’s prison would be a good start though

I don’t think Danny and Walker will ever get along though, since Walker doesn’t really seem to like anyone. Also Danny probably wrecks the prison and sets everyone free every month or so since Walker constantly throws ghosts in there for ridiculous lengths of time over stupid reasons, Danny would feel that staying on Walker’s bad side is worth the freedom of the ghosts he keeps captive (most of which are actually innocent of any serious crime anyway)

I imagine Danny’d probably get some serious appreciation for that in most of the GZ community

Broduce 101: Episode 5 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Unfortunately I had a few problems with my livestream although the mods did a wonderful job, so I missed most of the first half and a few bits after. Here are a few things that happened that were worth mentioning from the parts I did catch. There were a lot of tears to swift through so I’m sorry if that affected my recap, which is not in order soz:

  • At some point, Pledis’ Dongho (or Baekho) arm wrestled and pretty much humiliated the whole of the Avengers team. It was very cute because they keep editing him as this massive sang namja guy while I think he’s a squish.
  • The Avengers team are pretty much squishes. Ha Sungwoon was shook.
  • Their editing of Baekho is weird in general, since it’s based on his appearance.
  • Oh god I had a vision into the future where they make him lose weight. I don’t know if it’s Pledis for the now practically guaranteed Nu’est comeback or Mnet because he made BOI
  • The editing also very helpfully kept showing the trainees around their number to maintain suspense. If the camera swerved to Noh Taehyun after a number is called out, I feel comfortable assuming his name’s going to come out
  • Also it was 60 trainees that made it, not 61. Probably because they had dropouts anyway.
  • They also kept the 60 seat empty for last because the suspense about whose dream is going to get crushed is more than watching Park Jihoon take first place
  • Park Jihoon was first place btw. He was very gracious but no one’s surprised.
  • His labelmate, deep voiced cutester Kwon Hyeob did not make it. It’s a shame, because he looked great. He has such a nice face, and a nicer voice. I’m bitter.
  • There were hair changes! Kim Samuel is blonde, Baekho had a haircut and some perm that I hope can be brushed away. Ong Seongwoo has a haircut and looks fine as ever
  • Yoon Jisung has deep purple hair, Kang Daniel got a trim and is an ashy brunette. It suits them both really well The other MMO kids changed their hair too
  • Joo Jinwoo made it at 45! He jumped 32 places, for which he has to thank his incapable teammates
  • Park Woodam, the other vocal discovery, made it by the skin of his teeth because how soon the voting ended
  • Oui’s Kim Donghan, the centre from Jang Moonbok’s CMB that everyone thinks looks like Yugyeom jumped a whopping 41 places to made the cut. He should thank his stars their performance aired earlier.
  • Kwon Hyunbin made it at 23, he changed his hair too. He’s been feeling the backlash from all the people that voted for his looks and were furious at the crappy edit Mnet gave his laziness to make Pledis Jonghyun rise, so he was a bit teary. He thanked his Sorry, Sorry team and said he’ll work harder to improve
  • Lee Daehwi has dark hair now, which is a better look. He dropped 5 places and had to apologise for being a sixteen year old which is just upsetting. He said he’ll make up for his mistakes and work harder too.
  • I think they’ve all already worked harder in two weeks than I have this last year.
  • Both Starship boys made it - Sewoon was 13
  • Jang Moonbok dropped to 14, but he’s also number one on male voting lists. He thanked his hyungs, but they’re crappy fans, Hip Hop President. You deserve better.
  • Both Hotshot boys made it. 
  • Noh Taehyun, whose had a haircut and got a bronze-blond dye, was 26. His new hair looks really good, he’s a lot handsomer with the styling.
  • Ha Sungwoon was 21, which is slightly disappointing because I want him to be in the final line up. He had to stand next to tall trainees in addition to being so nervous that he was more adorable than usual. BoA offered her stand because he was so embarrassed being a shortie next to his tall hyungs
  • Tiptoe Ajusshi made it! He also apologised for his lack of coordination and said he’ll improve
  • Jaehwan made it. He picked Woodam as a vocal rival, whose apparently is also his hyung?? He looks so young though?
  • My man Star Road’s Kenta made it. He thanked his parents in Japanese was very precious.
  • The usual suspects from the F ranked visuals made it. Joo Haknyeon very sweetly thanked his sisters and his family. He’s a good boy, my top candidate for the Chaeyeon this season
  • Yuehua’s Ahn Hyungseob, Justin, JungJung and Lee Euiwoong made it.
  • Handsome man Ong Seongwoo was number 4, and picked Samuel as future dance rival. He said he’d like to battle him, and BoA said she’d like to see that
  • Me too, personally
  • Brand New’s quieter talents Im Youngmin and Park Woojin made it
  • The kid whose parents handed out flyers, Wings’ Kim Youngjin, he made it. He’s the twerking kid from Mansae. I’m worried for him because there are so many Brohyes this season and he really needs more training. His hair is copper coloured now
  • Kiwi’s Kim Dongbin miraculously made it
  • Thankfully C2K’s Kim Seunglee, aka easily best singer on the show, made it. He’s also changed his hair colour to a darker shade that suits him more. No screentime that I saw yet though.
  • All of Nu’est made it. JR and Minhyun were top 11.
  • Kang Daniel was 5. He knew he was going to be in the whole time, but he was surprised it was that high. Meme King Jisung aka his mother yelled when his name got called and cried dramatically. 
  • He’s top pick for women over 30 lol. I see it, he really is handsome. There’s something about his eyes and laugh that reminds me of my ultimate bias too. He thanked the noonas. As his noona, let me assure you, it was gr8.
  • At some point, Daniel shifted in his seat and almost knocked over his big crown 5 chair 
  • Speaking of Meme King Jisung, he was third, to the surprise of everyone. He began tearing up when BoA said he was a candidate for top 3 and fully ugly cried when he got third place
  • He pigeon bobbed his head walking up like a big toddler, so endearing I died. His ugly crying was so extreme BoA didn’t know what to do and they had to cut to when he was more in control a few minutes later
  • Jisung was basically gratified he was being received well at his age out of nowhere. He thanked everyone and ugly cried to his seat, where he saw hunched over like they were going to tell him to get out anytime soon
  • Samuel got second place and had more Somi comparisons. I’m not sure about his blonde hair yet. The shade is jarring.
  • When he got to his seat, he reached out to high five Meme King Jisung over a distance of three feet and Jisung almost knocked his own crown 3 chair over to return it
  • Hip Hop President’s rap buddy Vibe Label’s Sung Hyunwoo got axed at number 61. It was awful because all his labelmates got through, but he thank Jang Moonbok’s check power for pulling him up there at least.
  • At the end, when the elimated trainees and their friends were crying, Jang Moonbok sprinted to the back to where Hyunwoo was to sob
  • Kwon Hyeob cried, so I felt bad. This is why I stopped watching closely last year. I can’t see young girls being torn down :(
  • Yong Yongbin of the real high arched nose didn’t make the cut although his hair is silver now. It’s a shame, he was good too.
  • Next episode has position evals with the trainees picking their positions. There’s voting on the website with five (?) demo songs of different genres, and voters have to pick which of the trainees suit which best
  • Honestly, the audio clips were only 30 seconds but all but the hip hop sounded palatable. I’m also not sure what qualifies lay people to pick songs for trainees like this. Half of the popular picks can’t sing and we haven’t heard enough of the other trainees’ voices.
  • This is super long, but I’ll come back when I have more details! Let me know if you see errors, please!
Some thoughts on the Jancy backlash

Okay so season 2 of Stranger Things brought together Nancy and Jonathan and made Jancy canon, which made many of us ecstatic but seems to also have generated a backlash among certain fans and even a lot of hate towards Nancy Wheeler.

The hate towards Nancy is misogynistic. Yes, it is. Because it shows how some viewers hold female characters to a much higher standard than male characters and how some can’t view a female character as more nuanced than either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, while they can easily view a male character as ‘flawed’ or ‘complicated’. All the arguments for how awful Nancy is comes back to the manner in which her relationship with Steve ended. The brutal way in which Steve gets his heart broken in the bathroom, combined with his subsequent journey to a huge fan favorite, has drawn the ire. And yes, it’s brutal and not Nancy’s finest hour. Because guess what? She’s flawed. Nancy is flawed, Steve is flawed, Jonathan is flawed, the characters are not perfect because people aren’t.

Nancy makes the mistake of breaking a boys heart when she’s drunk. In the first season she makes the mistake of treating Barb badly and ditching her. What does she do after that? Spends the rest of season 1 trying to save her friend and when she finds out Barb’s dead, she sets out to kill the monster responsible. Post-S1 she mourns Barb and lives with the guilt of being indirectly at fault for her death and has to keep it all to herself and not being able to tell Barb’s parents the truth (plus deal with the knowledge of a dark dimension with horrifying monsters that she herself has had an extremely traumatic experience with, and the fact that all this is kept a secret as well). She’s also trying to figure out who she is as a person, and wanted Jonathan to make a move, but when nothing happened reverted back to the safety of Steve, to try to pretend that everything’s fine (wishing everything could go back to the way it was, as she says).

From the get-go of season 2 it’s apparent that Nancy and Steve aren’t compatible. The first scene in the car - she tries to help him with his essay but he’s frustrated with it and then lays out his life plan of settling for a job with his dad, a nice cushy little plan that we know from season 1 is Nancy’s worst nightmare, it’ll mean she will become like her mother. The scene when Steve interrupts her talk with Jonathan shows what Steve’s mostly been for her - a nice distraction (that still looks for Jonathan). Then the scene in the library which shows how Steve has been as a support system. Yes, he has supported her and comforted her. But his solution is “try to forget about it” and “we can’t do anything about it”. The second one is a completely reasonable view for most people - but as we see Nancy is not most people. And in stark contrast Jonathan is just game for it. We see in the first episodes Nancy’s internal struggle that Murray Bauman points out in ep 6: retreating back to the safety of Steve and being a normal teenage girl or evolve fully to the person she was for a week in november in season 1, the badass action girl who seeks out the truth, faces danger, can handle a gun, slaps boys who slutshames her, etc etc. Together with Jonathan she evolves to this in season 2, risking their life in getting justice for Barb, the thing Steve thought they just couldn’t do, taking down the man, willing to defend them from monsters with a shotgun and saving Will from the Mindflayer. Pure badass. (Quick sidenote because people forget Jonathan’s character development in s2: he overcomes his trust issues, as he finally acts on his feelings and trusts himself that Nancy feels the same and so he kisses her. He kisser her first. That’s huge).

“Steve did everything right” I’ve seen some people say. I don’t believe that’s accurate + shit, sometimes you can do everything right and it still isn’t enough. It is made superclear that Steve can be there for Nancy in one way, but never in the way Jonathan can - and it’s the way that Jonathan can that Nancy both wants and needs.

Some people thinks she cheated on Steve, and uses this to justify their hate. I guess they could’ve written it even more clearly, but my interpretation from first viewing was that they broke up. Having first told Steve while drunk that she isn’t in love with him and that they’re relationship is bullshit, him then leaving her alone and drunk at the party, and then the next day she is unable to say that she loves him while sober, and he leaves. Yes they could have had them literally say the words broken up (which Tommy later says) to make it clear but jeez. I see it from Steve’s POV - why the hell would he stay with her when she’s clearly not in love with him. Yes, later Steve comes with flowers to her house to win her back, but that’s a clear parallel to season 1 when he comes to the Byers house to win her back and ends up fight the Demogorgon. This time around he encounters Dustin and sets off on the wonderful arc with the kids fighting Demodogs. And it actually shows a flaw Steve has: for his own sake it would be best to just let it go. Again, the girl doesn’t love you, move on, it’s for the best. And he ends up stumbling into that, being dragged of by Dustin and becoming a better person and a hero. It’s best for Steve.

Side-point: have seen some say stuff like Steve “deserves” Nancy or the variant “Steve deserves so much better than Nancy”. First off, saying a guy “deserves” a girl creeps me out. But yeah, hopefully Steve will eventually find love in a good, healthy relationship but for now I think it would be the best for him to continuing growing as an individual. Figure some shit out, Steve.

To sum up: All the teens are flawed people who makes mistakes, but the way in which Nancy is held to a higher standard is misogynistic, it’s a common tendency when viewing fiction that also sadly mirrors real life.

The 100 4x10 - YASSSSS

Season 4 cannot be saved, but it can be salvaged. 4x10 is exactly what we need, for ALL of the remaining episodes.

I’m excited again, for the first time – honestly – since the DRAMATIC ROMANCE STARE in 4x05 (yes, I loved the stuff in 4x06 but I was feeling too twitchy about the show in general to get the full buzz). That’s not to say that the problems with this season get wiped away. There were issues that lingered here, and those issues will remain. But enough good work was done in this episode to make me willing to look past the problems, if the final steps of this season follow suit.

I’m not re-watching (blessedly, because I don’t have time and not because I don’t care) so please excuse this messy summary of my full thoughts.

-          The greatest thing about this episode is the salvation of Octavia. And here is the first example of us having to look past prior issues to accept what we got here. Some of us won’t be able to do that, for good or bad. But I can, and WOW this episode was killer. Firstly, the writers didn’t try and pass Octavia off as a badass warrior that could hold her own. Everybody knew she didn’t have a chance to win. Everybody (including Clarke, yo yo). Octavia knew. She was trying to act brave, but you could still see her fear.

-          The person that believed in her? The person that gave her a way to survive? BELLAMY. And he did it referencing her upbringing and HOW POWERFUL WAS THAT. The Octavia of old meshed with the Octavia of new. Bellamy’s Octavia meshed with Lincoln’s Octavia. Bellamy not being able to tell her he loved her, Octavia saying may we meet again. IT WAS ALL SO TAUT AND HESITANT. There was so much left unsaid because so much has gone down.

-          And then not only is Octavia reminded of her brother’s love for her, but Kane hugs her. And then Indra!!!! Despite Indra having her own man in the fight, Indra presents Octavia with her sword – once rejected by the daughter of her blood, now accepted by her adopted daughter. I WAS CRYING DUDES. CRYING. And the cracks start to form…

-          Octavia’s relationship with Illian has been…odd, to say the least. His death made me sad because Chai is great, and Marie killed it, but I’m not particularly put out to see him go (he’s a guest star who’s characters purpose was entirely tied to a main – he was given a full bodied arc and the cast needed to be trimmed) but Illian saving her took those cracks that had formed and forced them wider. It’s obvious that Illian was a Lincoln substitute in a lot of ways to Octavia. Her grief was very much for this boy that had – for whatever reasons – decided to fall for a murder kitten, but it was also wrapped up in Lincoln and it felt so earned that she got to give Illian a good death (all of the Lincoln mentions and references were ON POINT)

-          And then we get Bellamy stepping out to save Octavia, and GUYS. BELLAMY HAD BITE AGAIN IN THIS EPISODE. ACTUAL BITE? CAN YOU BELIEVE????????

-          BITE

-          First, he stands up to Kane and Kane relents because YES.


-          (One of the small flaws with this episode is a perfect example of how this season does not track. What was the point in Echo’s epiphany earlier in the season, if she was just going to shoot O now? SHE DIDN’T EVEN HESITATE! The plot should serve character, and not the other way round dammit!)

-          Bellamy was gonna kill her, and honestly – he earned it.

-          Still, I felt for Echo when she got banished. I certainly get the sense that she was almost…crafted by Nia, and I can buy that it’s hard for her to let go of those instincts. I can’t very well defend Clarke’s choices to save her people, and then shit on Echo for trying to save hers, right? I’m intrigued as to where she goes from here. Logic points to some sort of death protecting a Blake, OR maybe she gets a full arc in S5. We’ll see…

-          Then we get the GORGEOUS Blake scene with Roan. It was just…so wonderfully acted, and so perfectly on point for all the characters. Roan and Bellamy have always antagonised each other, but there’s a healthy respect between them at this point. And then of course there’s Octavia’s face when she hears Bellamy speak. I’m wary of making connections this season, due to the lack of consistency from ep to ep, but it took me back to 4x06 and my thoughts after Octavia rejecting him utterly. I said then that I felt her rejection had as much to do with her hating and blaming herself, as it did with her hating and blaming him. And I felt that again here. It’s like…despite everything, Octavia didn’t believe that Bellamy could still love her or have faith in her after everything that had happened. But he does, and he always will.

-          Roan is another character that has suffered this season (honestly, the large majority have) as a tool to the plot. We aren’t completely free of this at the start of the episode, and I’m still frustrated by it. This is a guy that knew Ontari was a fake Commander and was prepared to roll with it, and he’s only now getting all shitty about religion and culture? Hmmm. I suspect the writers felt the scene with Clarke was necessary to show her trying one last time to save everyone, but they could have handled it better. Maybe just show her trying to reach him, but Gaia intervenes or something? HOWEVER, I’m willing to look past this scene because everything else with Roan was wonderful.

-          As with Bellamy, Roan has a shit ton of respect for Octavia. That’s evident from the start, and it has a profound impact on Octavia when he offers the truce. This is a girl that has felt incredibly alone since Lincoln died, but now – as she faces death – people are queuing up to love and support her. Yes, we as viewers know those people have been there all along. But Octavia? Grief, trauma, pain distorts your view. She hasn’t been able to see through that.

-          ROAN GETS TO BE A BADASS EVEN IN DEATH (although I maintain that until Zach tweets his goodbyes HE’S ALIVE DAMMIT). Him melon crushing Trikru man was wicked good. His fight with Luna was gloriously done. The twist of the black rain coming in, removing Octavia from the equation, was a great way to have him lose. But YIKES LUNA, what a way to murder someone. It just looked GREAT.

-          QUICK NOTE: Gaia’s reaction to Trikru losing out, and her hugging Indra ALSO MADE ME WEEP.

-          If (IF DAMMIT) this is Roan’s end, then at least it’s a good one. They could have gotten more out of him this season, but I’ve enjoyed him since 3x02 and Zach was a great addition to the show.

-          So, let’s talk about Luna. I felt her turn to darkness was abrupt, and that one scene in an episode prior would have made it track better. But I also kinda loved this as her ultimate endgame? This was Luna at her most interesting, honestly. So yeah, if we’d gotten one extra scene hinting at this it would have been perfect. Nadia rocks a bad girl, like whoa. And again, kudos to the writers for doing the right thing. There is no way that Octavia would beat Luna in a fight. Having her fight dirty was the best and only way.


-          So then we get to Octavia returning to the throne room, and whooooooooooooa.

-          SO last week we all breathed a sigh of relief that Clarke was NOT going to become Commander, but now it very much looks like Octavia is going to become some sort of leader of a ‘one’ kru. I’ll reserve judgement on that until I see how it forms, but one thing I do want to mention is the respect that an abundance of grounder characters have for Octavia. Wanheda has been feared and revered, but has always been apart. Octavia has embraced grounder culture since day one. When Clarke tried to take the flame, she disregarded grounder beliefs. Octavia wouldn’t do that. THAT is why when Octavia suggests sharing the bunker they all accept it. Octavia took on the conclave, won, and they respect that.

-          KANE WAS SO PROUD


-          I WEPT SOME MORE

-          And then I wept a bit harder when she ASKED FOR HER BROTHER.



-          Now, I’ve already expressed why Clarke’s choice legit does not bother me one iota and I’m just gonna link to that here because I’m lazy.

-          My one gripe with this scene and the setup is that Clarke’s choice happened off screen, and was used as a twist. BUT I am putting major faith in 4x11 to delve deep into her choice and her headspace so it’s not a major thing YET.

-          Also, NOTE BELLAMY’S BITE.

-          I’m gonna close by doing something that I generally avoid doing, because I hate raising expectations…but…my friends…my immediate Bellarke reaction after this episode and ESPECIALLY AFTER SEEING THE NEXT EPS PROMO WAS EXCITEMENT.

-          That bunker will be open by the end of the episode, and I can’t imagine that anything other than Bellamy getting through to Clarke will be the reason it does.

-          Could there still be angst right up until the end of the season? Sure! But not necessarily.

-          So my fun times scenario is below the cut, and you can play with it if you’re unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel (DISCLAIMER: YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PREPARE FOR THE WORST, THIS IS NOT ME PROMISING THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN).

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Season 5: the Good, the Bad, and the Meh

We made it to the end of the season!

Originally posted by lifetimetv

There was a time when I wasn’t sure we would. There was a time I thought “can we just fast forward the next few months and get there already?” And crazy cliffhanger that I willfully ignored could actually happen aside, I did believe we’d end up here. Yes, even back at the start of the season. I knew we’d end with Olicity back together and Oliver fully evolved. I think that’s the most important thing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So I’m going to do a post on the Good, the Bad and the Meh about this last season. And since it’s my post, I have the right to post these things out of order. Let’s start with the Bad, simply because I like getting bad news out of the way first.

The Bad

Susan Williams
I think we can all agree that she was the worst of this season, regardless of if you liked season 5 or not. Listen, the showrunners can say until they’re blue in the face that Susan wasn’t meant to be shady or that she was a good person but I know what I know. And Susan was shady. And she was a terrible person. And nothing I ever saw on the screen ever dissuaded me of that. She came on the screen in such a way that the audience was immediately against her. No one, save Oliver, seemed to like her. Even Lance kinda curled his lip at her mention. She was researching a story behind Oliver’s back and we never really got a good resolution for that. The actress didn’t have great chemistry with Stephen, Oliver looked like he’d rather chew his arm off than lay in bed with her in 5x12. The breakup was anti-climactic and downright cold. I just am not sure what the point of her was, outside of being a love interest for Oliver. (More about the whole love interest thing under “The Meh”)

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anonymous asked:

hey we're all so positive about the secret ep. and i'm just here, super deep into the conspiracy. VERY DEEP AND IT'S A VERY DARK PLACE and i wonder. what would you do if none of these actually happens? that this is already the end and that we're going to age 2 years, 3 years, slowly, gradually losing hope in the lost special and then we don't realize that tfp is it. THAT'S FINISHED.. i would go insane. any advise?

Lots, apparently. xD This got very long - and yeah, deep, too (hopefully, it helps you and maybe others who feel related to this topic):

Well, dear, I hope I can help you with my personal way of coping. I don’t know you or the circumstances you are in, and I don’t think that there’s a general solution to everything, but I myself handle it as the following:

Because I assume that everything in series 4 is messed up on purpose, since some things are certainly nothing but fucky (like TST as a title and a blog entry that coexist without being referenced and without denying the blog at this point at all, rather emphasising in the episode that it’s there and will be updated (made a meta post about it here); or like the glowing skull or making random, unreasonably voiceovers and mocking The Three Garridebs by making them dangle and just kill them off) and Moftiss and everybody else are so quiet regarding the harsh critique, there is intention behind everything. That’s generally why I believe in a Lost Special episode or another series. But, if it should really be the case that we don’t get more footage (which, in my opinion, is rather unlikely by now with the levels of obscurity and coincidences we have reached) and there is nothing more to come - not even a statement by Moftiss, an apology for the queerbait, an explanation of events or anything regarding Sherlock -, I would stick with my favourite theory/theories regarding everything and leave it be. For my own well-being.

I was depressed after TFP, but I got on my feet again fast, because this fandom and its theories are unbelievably convincing and my belief in TJLC is unbreakable, since the narrative doesn’t make sense without including it at all. This show taught me many things, and that’s why I won’t let the show itself down even if Moftiss turn out to be arseholes. Yeah, you’re right, dear anon, we might not know what is yet to come nor how long it will take until we have answers (or answer things for ourselves), and nothing’s fixed, and I’m not saying that being skeptic is a bad thing, BUT:

I discovered for myself that I am much better not sinking into doubts and drowning in them, because (as Sherlock sort of says himself in TGG): Does it help if I let sentiment and doubts overlay the logic I can make of it (by writing meta for instance) and the obvious contradictions that I see and that tell me that I am on the right track? No. It’s a “balance of probability”. (stole this phrase from @teapotsubtext, because it is really everything this is about; hope you don’t mind, by the way - if so, let me know)

I know it’s hard. But the conspiracy doesn’t necessarily have to be a “very dark place”, as you phrased it, anon; you can turn it into whatever you want it to be, there are people to support you, and if you feel exhausted or feel like you can’t go on like this anymore: Take a break, dear. Honestly. Take a break from everything that’s Sherlock-related. I did it once. It’s good. And you may be able to look at things differently if you decide to return afterwards. If not, it’s fine, too.

In conclusion: In case all this turns out badly (a.k.a. we don’t get anything) and you feel disappointed/outraged/depressed/disregarded regarding everything:

Stick with your favourite theory/theories; there’s no more footage coming to prove you wrong.

Write meta or comment about the shit, if you feel like it would be relieving for yourself.

Talk about it to other people in the fandom, if you need support.

Don’t torture yourself by searching for Sherlock-/Moftiss-related stuff when you aren’t 100% sure you are able to handle it emotionally.

Take your time. It’s okay to feel the way you feel; but, if you want it to, it gets better as time goes on.

Remember all the knowledge we gained from conspiring - all the information about ACD, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, ARGs, codes, media, ads, story-telling, analyses, subtext and so much more.

And, of course, never forget: Who we really are matters.

Hopefully, this answered your question.

Safe Now

Pairing: Enjoltaire, jehanparnasse.
Warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, police brutality, blood, swearing, injuries.
Modern au

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Montparnasse groaned, reaching out to the noise to shut that goddamn thing off, he could already feel a headache starting.
He looked at what it said on the phone and in white letters was ‘Grantaire.’ Parnasse decided to answer it for once, and was met with a voice that was not Grantaires, but was Combeferre. Before he could hang up, and somehow Ferre could sense it, Ferre yelled into the speaker,
'Parnasse wait! It’s about Grantaire!’
That stopped him.
'What about Grantaire?’
'You remember that protest we had scheduled for today at the bank?’
Yes. Parnasse remembered. He had said he would go, he promised Jehan he would come.
'Oh fuck, yeah, please tell me I didn’t miss it.’ God. He had disappointed Jehan again. But he got flashes of the night before, loud music, lots of shots, and some sort of drug being inhaled. His head hurt more.
'Yeah, you did, but listen, Grantaire, Jehan, and a couple others got hurt, you might want to come to the hospital, and quick, they’re taking R into surgery soon.’
'Wait wait wait. Hold the fuck up, surgery?’ He waited for Combeferre to fill him in on what happened, but all he did was sigh and say,
'Just come to the hospital on Belbury, I’ll fill you in when you get here, and you might want to hurry.’
'Ok, be there in fifteen.’
The hospital was only five minutes walking distance, so he shot up, and got dressed, in some black jeans, and his leather jacket, and a dark blue vneck.
Parnasse walked out of the apartment, and into the cool mid afternoon air, glad he’d put on his leather jacket to keep warm. Taking long strides, and rubbing his arms, he wished he had gotten a scarf, but he ignored the cold, and set his thoughts on getting to the hospital. It must be bad if Grantaire is getting surgery. Hell. How was Grantaire going to pay his medical bill? He was already a struggling artist, and had dropped out of college because he couldn’t deal with all the debt piling up. And Jehan. Jehan needed to be ok, he couldn’t be hurt, it would be Parnasses fault. His fault he got drunk off his ass the night before, and sleeping through the protest. And he didn’t know how bad Jehan was hurt. If Parnasse had just not fucked up, hadn’t gotten high last night, he could have been their. He could have been their to stop Jehan from getting hurt.
He walked through the entrance, greeted by another rush of cold air, giving no relief from the weather outside, and immediately saw familiar faces, but they were worse for wear. Courfeyrac had a black eye, and had fallen asleep, his head resting on the wall, Combeferre had dried blood on his cheek, where there was a bandage, and dried blood that had seeped through. Eponine looked unscathed for the most part, other than looking dog tired, and she smiled weakly at him. Joly had his knee in a brace, and his eyes looked extremely pink, giving away the fact that he had been crying recently. Boussuet and Feuilly weren’t in the room at the moment. Marius was in the corner, asleep, and he too had a black eye, and his wrist was bandaged. And then, there was Enjolras, who looked like a dog, with a terribly wild look in his eyes, his lip was split, and his cheek was bruised, and had a cut over his eyebrow, blood still trickling from it into his eye, but he seemed unaffected. Montparnasse had never seen the fearless leader so, well, fearful.
Combeferre was the first to notice he was here, and walked up to him, limping.
'What the fuck happened to you all?’ He asked.
Nobody had ever gotten hurt like this at one of there protests, sure a few scrapes and bruises, but never this. If the les amis in the room weren’t all that banged up, he could only imagine what had happened to Grantaire, and Jehan.
'It all happened so quick, we were protesting, and Enjolras was hyping up the crowd that had gathered around the bank, yelling about the wage gap, and other things. Suddenly, the police were their, and tear gas had been thrown into the crowd, forcing them to disperse, people ran in all different directions, I fell onto the pavement and I was lucky enough to fall onto some glass from a bottle, I got about 67 stitches in my side, and 5 on my cheek here.’ He gestured to his cheek, and continued on.
'The others got hurt, I’ll let you ask how they got hurt because I don’t know, I only really know how Grantaire got hurt. He got the worst of it. Enjolras, he was still attempting to protest through the tear gas, and I guess he got too close to the police for there comfort, because next thing I know a few guns are pointing at him, and he didn’t care, fucking E. He knew he was in danger. Before the cops could hurt him though, Grantaire fucking pushes Enjolras out of the way, as a trigger happy bloke pulled the goddamn trigger, and got him in his shoulder. It was absolute mayhem, you should be happy you missed the protest.’
And before he could inquire about Jehan,Ferre shook his head,
'No idea what happened to him, neither does anyone else, and none of us are able to see him.’
'Why the hell not?’
'For some fucking reason only relatives can visit.’
He sighed. Even more troubled now. He should have been their goddamnit. What if when Jehan had been hurt he’d been all alone?
He sat down in an empty chair next to Eponine, who laid her head on his shoulder.
'At least she’s ok,’ he thought. Ep and him had been friends for years now.
He would die if she ever got hurt.
Not too long after, a nurse came out, saying that right before the surgery, 3 people could visit Grantaire.
(Montparnasse learned that the bullet had shattered in his shoulder on impact, and he would be getting the surgery to have the pieces removed) (he also learned that Marius would be covering the cost of the medical bill, as he still had a savings account for college, but had dropped out a while ago) it was him, Enjolras, and Eponine who had been picked to visit him.
Enjolras was in first, already by R’s side, holding his hand and kissing his cheek, apologizing profusely, apologizing and apologizing. R just smiled, loopy from the painkillers and cupped E’s cheek, slurring out a sentence,
'Apollo, fret not, I may not be a god like you, but I will live on.’
E blushed, still holding his hand, and R gave a faint smile, eyes droopy, and his eyes turned to Eponine, who looked pissed, and said to him sternly,
'Grantaire, I swear to god, if you ever get yourself hurt like that again I will make sure to withhold your steady supply of liquor from all of the shops in this city-’ her voice broke, and tears slid down her cheeks, as she knelt down to Grantaire in a crushing hug, and whispered
’-but I’m glad you’re ok.’
For some reason, he felt out of place. He wasn’t about to break down in tears, but he was glad his friend was ok.
So he walked over to R, bent over and placed a small kiss on his forehead, and smiled,
'I’m glad your ok R.’
And he walked out, leaving the 2 to talk to R some more before his surgery. He walked over to the front desk asking for the patient Jean Prouvaire.
'I’m sorry sir, but only relatives are able to visit, how are you related to this patient?’
Quick, Montparnasse, quick. He suddenly said,
'They’re my husband, please. Can I please see them?’
No. They weren’t married. But Parnasse cared about Jehan, he would even go as far as to say that he loved them.
The nurse was already up, and leading him to Jehans room, and when he walked in, Montparnasse nearly collapsed. Jehan had bandages covering almost all of the skin that was exposed, and had bandages wrapped around there head. Jehan looked up, and a bright smile came onto there face.
He rushed over, and goddamnit he was crying, and he was kissing jehan, kissing his cheek, his lips, his nose, and letting his tears run freely, unashamed. He held onto Jehan like they would be ripped away at any moment, and he just started babbling,
'Jehan god I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, how could you I ever forgive me it’s my fault you were hurt, I should have been their with you, I shouldn’t have fucked around with drugs last night. It’s all my fault, please, please forgive me oh my god, Jehan-’ he stopped to sob, and kissed Jehan fiercely, who was chuckling and had tears sliding down their cheeks too, kissing back.
'Please tell me -sob- what the hell happened to you, I swear if someone touched you they will be sorry they were born.’
'Ma beauté, it was nothing, just a slight kerfuffle with the police.’
'Jehan. What did they do to you?’
He looked at Jehan, who suddenly got a sad look in there eyes, and sighed, knowing that really, they couldn’t hide the truth.
'A couple of the police, they dragged me away from the crowd, beat me up in an alley, I passed out after a while and was found by some passerby.’
Montparnasse saw red. He couldn’t feel anything either than pure, ferocious, anger. The voice that came out of him, wasn’t his, but a completely different persons,
'I swear I will make them pay, they will be sorry that they ever laid a finger on you, I won’t ever let anyone hurt you again, because I love you so so much, and I would die if I ever saw you hurt aga-’
'Mon ange, what did you say?’ And Jehan had a mischievous look on their face, that, if possible, made Montparnasse love them even more.
'I, I love you, I do, and I would do anything for you. I would go to all the protests, I would quit drinking I would do anything for you, quite literally, and I’m not afraid to hide it.’
And Montparnasse was so relieved, he had wanted to tell Jehan that he loved them from the moment they went on their first date, and Jehan had recited a small poem Shakespeare had written to him.
'Mon amour, I have you, and that is all I need, and I love you too, utterly and completely.’
Montparnasse engulfed Jehan in a hug, and they stayed like that for a couple for minutes, before Jehan pulled away, kissing Parnasse, and smiled at him blushing. Jehan scooted over, and patted next to them on the bed, signaling for him to lay with him, and he did just that. They laid down, and Parnasse pressed one last kiss against the bandages and red hair on Jehans head, and Jehan had started to doze off, and Parnasse held him while he was asleep. And Parnasse could relax, knowing that Jehan was safe in his arms.
Tweets with replies by mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh) | Twitter
The latest Tweets and replies from mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh). a meme ma'am? what are you talking about?. mrs. dark one
  • Wish realm belle is dead
  • Ep ends w a rumbelle scene @ wishing well
  • We see Belle’s bones
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy 
  • They asked if their were any rumbelle fans and I cheered and eddy stared at me LMAO BYE
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show”
  • This is random but at one point Belle was wearing BLUE EYELINER in the episode I was  so hard
  • rumple won’t help Regina bc he went to look for Belle and found her bones due to the EQ starving her
  • he’s like “here’s what I found of her” and dumps her bones on the ground the audience gasped
  • Gideon hates Rumple ATM, they have a heated talk and Rumple tells him to take his anger out on him and not Emma, but Gideon won’t hit him 
  • Charming and Hook wanted to take Gideon out, Belle said nobody needed to be hurt and wanted to work with them 
  • When Emma defeats Gideon, he disappears. Belle and Rumple walk away in different directions
  • The black fairy wanted gideon to turned dark and it seems like she hurt him. He never went fully dark bc he remembered Belle 
  • He wants to kill Emma to become savior himself, so he can kill Black Fairy and become a hero
  • Rumple says something about being addicted to bad decisions, but he doesn’t want that for Gideon. He doesn’t want him to kill Emma 
  • Belle says it’s easy to rationalize the bad decision so it seems okay. She makes a wish in the well at the end of the scene despite saying she shouldn’t before because nothing she wants works out :(
  • Belle thinks she can talk Gideon out of it but we never got a scene w just them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you know I like him as a character. but he does say it’s his fault Gideon’s the way he is rn
  • Rumple does know Gideon’s name he yells it at him
  • Before fighting, Gideon says “My name is Gideon” and Emma kinda turns and goes “I only know one Gideon and he’s a lot smaller”
  • also rumbelle fam he has his hand on her back in their first scene together in the shop