this ep was all kinds of awesome

Just a Sterek drabble I wrote on this rainy Sunday afternoon because I started my day off watching an absolutely SOUL-CRUSHING ep of House, M.D. and needed a little something to cheer myself up afterwards.

In case it’s not your thing: this fic features Stiles/OMC, but not for long. ;) Rated T, under 1k words

Sometimes Stiles’ new boyfriend can be fairly awesome, like when they stay up until three a.m. together playing video games and making out, or like that time… like… Well, pretty much all the examples Stiles can think of right now are sex things, but. But Jake’s a nice guy, kind of. He’s hot. He’s so hot Stiles still can’t believe he wants to date Stiles, and there are times when he can be a lot of fun.

Then there are the times (like today) that have Stiles questioning all his life choices, especially this one.

“Stiles, stop texting Lydia,” Jake says. No—practically whines. Seriously.

“Uh, no?” Stiles hits send, because Jake is not the boss of him. “We’re still on the ground. We don’t have to turn our phones off yet.”

And now Jake is pouting at him, like he’s six years old. “That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

Stiles can’t help but roll his eyes. “Stop trying to tell me who I can and cannot text. It’s creepy and controlling.”

Jake tries to put his hand over Stiles’, and it actually makes Stiles’ skin crawl a little bit. Stiles crosses his arms over his chest, hands safely tucked into his armpits. In retrospect, inviting Jake along on a trip to Hawaii was probably a bad idea when they’ve only been dating for three months.

Jake crosses his arms, too. “I’m your boyfriend. I’m not allowed to get a little possessive?”

“A little possessive? This is not ‘a little possessive.’ This is annoying and ridiculous and petty and invasive and… Look, yes, I’m bisexual, but Lydia and I are just friends. We’re always going to be friends, and I’m never cutting her out of my life for a boyfriend. The end. So you can stop being a jealous dick—”

“Or what?”

Stiles can’t believe they’re having this conversation right now. “Or maybe we shouldn’t be dating after all.”

Jake runs a hand through his sandy blond prince-charming hair and snorts. “Please, this relationship is over when I say it is. Or do you seriously think anyone else is lining up to date you?”

For a moment Stiles is actually speechless, because how has he spent the last three months thinking this guy was attractive? How did he overlook this level of douchebaggery? Some kind of witchcraft, probably.

That’s when the guy in the row ahead of them turns around in his seat, looks Stiles straight in the eye, and says without even one hint that he’s joking, “I would date you.”

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farran leafshade NOT being jealous of cronan in the first ep even though he had stronger earth magic and wooed a couple of his female friends and breaking the stereotype by being super friendly and kind to him and even offering him some bread that he made by h i m s e l f what a bean

farran leafshade having such a soft friendly relationship with tidus and also not being competitive at all with him, having Pure interactions with tidus and obviously appreciating him

farran leafshade admiring rosalyn SO much, constantly and openly talking about how awesome and amazing and incredible he finds her, yet doesn’t try to flirt with her and instead talks about wanting to be as cool and powerful as she is and doing his damnest to impress her by working rlly hard to use his powers better

farran leafshade giving all of those cute heartfelt motivational speeches to his friends even though none of them take him seriously

farran leafshade trying his best to stay composed after the elf he idolised supposedly got killed and encouraging his friends to move forward and save emily instead of dwelling on it at that moment

farran leafshade breaking all “masculin” stereotypes by being supportive, gentle, sweet, sensitive, openly vocal about how impressed with a woman he is and how he idolises her, and by not being overpowered as fuck.

farran leafshade loving his trees and his forest so, so much…

farran leafshade not attacking the goblins in ep 1 but instead having the tree drop fruit on them because he is pure and doesn’t want to resort to violence unless absolutely necessary

farran leadshade being in an all-females group and NOT flirting with any of them AT ALL and appearing perfectly comfortable and happy being with them (and vice versa)

farran leafshade

just… just farran leafshade you guys

1x03-5x11: 100 episodes since we met Felicity Smoak.

Guys episode 5x11 was the 100th episode since the introduction of Felicity Smoak. It totally slipped my mind lol. Thank the casting gods that they found Emily Bett Rickards. Thank the writers for wanting an IT girl for a couple of episodes. Thank the eps for seeing how amazing she is and for keeping her around. Thank Emily Bett Rickards parents for bringing our Queen into the world. Thank Emily for being her awesome, magical, beautifully talented self. The girl has more charisma in her pinky finger than most people could ever dream of. Thank Emily and Stephen for lighting up the screen together back then, and for continuing to make us all fall in love with these characters and their unique connection. Felicity Smoak has shown that she is brave, strong, intelligent, kind, loving, and that you don’t need to wear a mask to be a true hero. 100 episodes ago this show truly found its heart. There was just something about her.

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@elizabethrobertajones Awesome! Yes, I could kind of remember them making sure that the distinction with Jack being Lucifer’s child made him more important than other Nephilim that may have been created, you’re completely right! I’ve just finished season 8, and am just watching all the way through till the last ep of S12, so how it all links up is becoming more clear. Because I’ve been watching it since early 2006, I would always watch episodes as they aired, and then watch the entire season when it came out on DVD a few times, and occasionally watch a season separately here and there. But this is the first time i’ve gone back to S1 and marathoning them all one after another, so I’m being reminded of various things that all you wonderful people have much fresher and clearer thoughts about for sure! It’s also really really strange to experience the show as one long uninterrupted plot, rather than watching it spaced out over 12 years. It’s such a hugely different viewing experience and the overarching plots and character development is so much clearer than how I’ve always watched it (i.e. watching each season a couple of times per year). 

The difference in how I’ve been watching it in this marathon has brought up so many interesting thoughts about how various other viewers watch the show. For instance, those who started watching it 12 years ago and watched it so spaced out without marathoning the seasons in between must view the show very differently to those who have been marathoning it, or those who recently started watching it and therefore could just watch so many seasons in one go. I can understand how it might be difficult for anyone who doesn’t watch all seasons one after another in a short space of time to miss so much about the links between each season. Because of how I watched it, how I view the first few seasons was always informed by why i liked the show in my early teens. Whereas now when I watch it in my 20s it’s only now taking on the meaning and perspective someone older could bring to the viewing experience.  

I can remember I used to watch seasons 1-5 all in one go, but I had never ever watched from 1 up to the very latest episode. I kind of wish I’d done this before, but at least now I have this cognitive dissonance where I know what it’s like to view the show as one whole, yet also know what it’s like to view the show as separate seasons spaced over 12 years. It’s strange because of course it’s exactly the same show, but by watching it in those very very different ways it seems very different and I picked up on different things. 

When I watched it as seasons spaced out, I very much focused on the plot for just that season. The plots felt contained to that season with a few references to the plots from before. I also remember that I’d never really think about where character development would be going for the next season. Overarching plots over seasons, and most importantly character progression and where the characters were going seemed very very very subtle when I watched it so spaced out over so many years. Now seeing it all as one the overarching plot, the character development, and where the show in general is going seems way more overt. Because these things seemed more subtle when I saw it so spaced out, it was the plot of the season and specific episodes which seemed to be the most important thing so for instance, performing!Dean, Sam’s acceptance, destiel, all seemed way way more subtle (only in s12 did the subtlety appear way more blatant, and also having studied television was I viewing the show differently as well). Now I’ve seen the seasons in such a short space of time, these no longer seem at all subtle which is very very interesting. Because these types of viewing have been so different for me, I can’t help but wonder how the GA who hasn’t marathoned the show and have been watching it over many years view the character development and the things that appear more subtle when spaced out?

(sorry this was so so long, it’s just something that has really surprised me and has been playing on my mind since I’ve watched all seasons in 1 go for the first time)

You know, it’s kind of funny - I’ve been listening to a lot of older mbmbam eps this week in my free time, and there was one where the brothers made jokes about not knowing any marvel characters and what their dad would do when he heard the ep because he’s so big into comic books.

And I have no doubt Clint would do a wonderful job with whatever type of story he decided to tell, but it’s kind of awesome that he’s doing a game centered around something he really likes? I’m excited to see what he does with this world. I’m excited to see all the worlds we get when these guys come to the show bringing their own interests to include in a game.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Pt. 1

I actually have the time to write this so here I go.

WARNINGS: SPOIIIiLERS; not a D@€nerys fan so y'all know I’ll be actually critical about her actions; JonSa shipper so of course I have a little bias.


1.- We start at Dragonstone, where Jon Snow and Dadvos are just arriving, the welcome comitee looks pleasant enough (if you don’t mind the Dothrakis and the Unsullied intimidating you that is) Tyrion and Jon immediatly take quips at each other and are buddy-buddy, Missandei says it’s so cool they’re taking so much trouble for Quiin D’s sake (LMAO not everyone is in Love with her like y'all honey, it’s not even for her but whatever helps you both sleep at night) and asks them to leave their weapons.

Right, so I would say she ask them this as a trust act and stuff,and it would be so if they were on a neutral spot and she went unarmed (without Dragons and guards) but it’s NOT really what FUCKING difference does it make if Jon has Longclaw??? He didn’t bring a frigging army and he sure as hell can’t fight them all (specially the magical fire lizards) so why??? Well this is the first of many acts of petty dominance on Dane-ñys part we’ll see this episode.

They even take the motherfucking boat (who is looking threatening now?) and Jon makes this face like he regreats his moronic decision of leaving WF

All those steps tho!!! (Stannis must have been real fit guys) So Dadvos tries to test the waters and asks something about her homeland to Missandei, she is polite but clearly distant and Dadvos whispers to Jon things have surely changed in DS.

Tyrion asks about Sansa (not Lady Sansa or your sister, hmmmm???) Jon says she is well, and that would have been a pretty normal conversation if not for the fact that Tyrion chooses to make a joke asking if Sansa has missed him, and guys believe me I tried to take off my shipper googles for tonight’s episode but holy fuck!! Jon looks like he wants to punch Tyrion, and he gets so nervous and uncomfortable he all but blurts that their marriage was a sham and unconsummated, Jon snaps that he didn’t ask.

I don’t know y'all but if someone talked to me about my big brother’s sex life I would be like ewww and make a cringey face, because I don’t give a damn, but Jon’s reactions are wierd he gets angry, also why talk about a sexual part of Sansa’s life everytime Jon meets her past suitors?? I mean we could argue that Jon meeting Tyrion again was inevitable, as well as seeing Theon next ep (cuz they are both with the D) or even the Hound because he and the Bannerless Brotherhood are heading North to fight with the WW… But what about LF? Jon was about to leave, he had no need to know about LF’s intentions and that threat in Hulk mode was just too innecesary as was Tyrion’s comment, or the Joffrey thing back on 7x01??? I don’t wanna be overly optimistic but things are still looking good for J/S.

Yeah so we have a Danonino is petty again moment by sending her Dragons to scare Jon, and OK I really like Missandei (I Love seeing girls who once were abused be confident and empowered, and I Love lenguages as well and it’s so cool she speaks so many!!) but her pleased holier than thou expression pissed me off, you don’t do that to guests miss! It’s rude and totally uncalled for to do this to someone that has been nothing but accomodating and polite.

Also I have another issue here, Missandei was crucial to Danita’s conquest of Meeren and Astapor because she was her translator, she understood how things moved there (masters and slaves) and she was loyal to D unconditionaly, but why bring her to Westeros??? She doesn’t need a translator anymore and just like Danonino Missandei doesn’t know squat about westerosi politics… Wild idea, but wouldn’t it have been better and a hella lot more meaningful if Missandei had stayed as Lady Regent in Mereen (I mean a girl raised as a slave leading people like her, it makes sense to me) but I guess D needed a cool break up gift for Daario.

2.-Melissandre is watching them from a Cliff, and Varys is like if you say they so great why didn’t you greet them?? She is vague af but basically says she and Team Snow are not so cool with each other because she made a mistake (that’s how we calling sweet Shireen’s awfull murder?? Fuck you red woman) and says she is gonna go to Volantis to chill before the war, and Varys is like good and don’t ever come back you trick ass bih, but Meli is like y'all need me and my destiny is to die in this foreing land… Like you (is it me or does this remind y'all of Danss threat last ep??)

3.-They finally reach the castle, Jon is kind of adorable cuz he is so uncomfortable and fidgety, and Danee is petty again, sitting on yet another fugly throne (Aegon honey I know you were all about conquering but you have a hella lot of obsidian lying around and it would have made an awesome and elegant throne instead of that thing you have there) and Missandei annoys me once again by proudly parroting every goddamn title of Dañy, and she looks ridiculous once Davos humbly introduces Jon (I actually laughed because it’s more aparent than ever to me that all their parallels were to make'em foils of each other).

Jon and Davos say she could take KL very easily and that if she hasn’t done so yet it’s because, and I quote’ “You’re better than Cersei at the very least” I mean you’re not exactly wrong Jon, but like Tyrion was the one to say ‘Hey how about we don’t kill anyone pls’ so there’s that.

Jon proves once again he is a hella lot more polite and grown up than her adressing her as Your Grace and Daññy is a petty toddler calling him Lord Snow, but my Dadvos is having none of that shit and he corrects her which leads to D@€-D@€ to prove her ignorance once again saying the last KitN bent the knee to grand pops Aegon in exchange of his and the rest of the northerns lives (yes honey and you think that was good or fair? Using violence to get your way?) and that it was for everzzzz cuz even though my shitty ancestors bullied everyone to give up their claims to them they became super best friends and had eternal perfect peace (I read World of I&F and her history knowledge is biased or plain shitty, I mean Targaryens were awful and had massive weapons of destruction nobody was going against them for fear not loyalty you entitled brat!!) so kneel!! And he was like LOL no, your crazy dad burned my grandad and my uncle if anything your family broke the alliance, and we have a D is a big fat hypocrite moment when she asks Jon not to condemn her for her father’s sins, Jon is not impressed and retorts that then he can’t be held to his ancestor’s promise (I’m so proud of my son) and LMAO she gets sooooo angry and snaps that why did he came here if not to postrate his unworthy self before her (cuz she believes everything is about her it seems) Jon proceeds to explain the threat of the WW (ily Jon but you need to explain things better) Tyrion and D are reasonably disbelieving (I would have expected them have more of an open mind, I mean they have motherfucking Dragons ffs!! But I can understand an army of the dead sounds pretty crazy to be fair) and we get the summary of Danee’s arc and how she got this far by believing in herself (I’m more inclined to say it was the Dragons and sheer luck in having powerful resourceful advisors coming to you but ok).

Now I know I said I Love girls who empower themselves after being abused, so how come I dislike D@ne so if she is exactly that? Well I didn’t at first, I loved her and was rooting so hard for her ‘till she decided that she was better than everyone else and became a conqueror and entitled to a boot, not a breaker of chains. She took the Unsullied for herself because she didn’t want the Dothrakis to pilliage and rape their way through Astapor, good! But why the need to take Astapor and then Mereen? If she were a hero (which I don’t think she is) she would have liberated the slaves without declaring herself ruler, she would have let them decide who they wanted to rule among themselves and would have helped them to come up with a new government, forming a friendly alliance maybe then they even would have helped her in her quest to go back to Westeros, instead of violently taking the power (and no I’m not defending the masters at all, but I do think the mereenese people deserved to have a say in how they wanted to be ruled now that they were free) Since I was little I was taught the spanish took my country with fire and blood, weapons my people couldn’t defend themselves against, they took away their culture, religion and their names. They were forced to work with no pay, murdered, raped (our last tlatoani/leader/king Cuahutemoc got his feet burned when the spanish were interrogating him about aztec gold) and tortured for 300 years, and in my 6yo heart I hated it, of course I don’t hate nor recent the Spanish people for their (and also mine because I have spanish blood as well as aztec and egyptian) ancestor’s deeds, but I hated that people thought they were better than other people, and that they felt entitled to take lands that were not theirs, I hated to imagine the suffering of my people, I hated to know we could never fully understand all the amazing culture and knowledge the mesoamerican cultures had because they decided their way was better and burned or buried most of it, and D@€ny reminds me of all that, and it doesn’t let me enjoy her even as a Villian or Fallen Hero.

(excuse my rant and feel totally free to ignore it)

Dadvos just can’t with her bullshit and he says Jon has done a lot of similar things but without Dragons. Honestly the best way to explain it is with the 'but did you die?’ gif, and supports Jon’s testimony about the WW.

And D@€ny is like yeah but the throne is MINE and if you don’t agree you are against me (lovely way to make more enemies,yup be antagonistic pls) Jon loses it and says she and all the Lords and Ladies of Westeros are FUCKING children fighting for a chair when a real threat is just around the corner and they aren’t going to care who is the rightful anything.

She is so ofended its hillarious xD, she asks Tyrion what she is supposed to do since he refuses to acknowledge her as Qinn of the 7 realms, and he called her a child (well Dañy what did you expect when you have only acted as such?) and Tyrion is like well he said we were ALL children tbh in a very non-commital way.

Jon and Davos are dismissed, and my baby asks if he is her priosioner, 'not yet’ she says, and hold me because Imma knock some sense into her.


Tis too long, I’ll continue in part 2.


So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

My ask box is blowing up and I think we are going to break the record of 70 post Singularity easily.  So bear with me as I go tomorrow.  I will combine where I can and will get to them all.

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Spoilers ahead!

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In wanna one, I’m actually more biased to the older ones (esp 95-96 liners) but I can only see/read updates from the younger ones cause it hurts.

The 95-96 liners were one of my favourites in pd101 but after ep 11 I keep avoiding the 95-96 liners updates (their pics, videos, etc) bc it gave me heartbreaks.

Not that I hate them, they were part of my top 5 tbh. They were my source of happiness while watching pd101 especially the friendship between ongniel and minhyun x jaehwan off stage and how they’ll kill it on stage.

But it just reminded me of Justice League team all over again and the concept eval times aka Never getting AllKills + Daniel getting #1. AND IT HURTS BECAUSE IT ALL REMINDED ME OF JONGHYUN. I USED TO WATCH THOSE PERFORMANCE WHEN I WAS BORED, BUT NOW I CAN’T.

I want to be very happy for them, I really do. I want to find all the updates for Kang Daniel, being the #1 that he deserves, getting the spotlight. I want to find Ong Seongwoo’s happy faces thinking he’s debuting because since the very first ep, we all know he deserves that. I want to cheer on Kim Jaehwan being as awesome as he is, climbing up as an individual trainee all the way to top 11. And I wanna see Hwang Minhyun smiling and laughing with others, being surrounded by other trainees because of his charms (but Instead he was crying so much and it’s definitely not a happy tears, he’s not even a kind of person who cries a lot). I really do, but I just can’t manage to do that, it’s too hard.

I’ve imagined 5/6 (unfortunately Hyunbin got eliminated😢) getting to top 11 and I could see how happy I would be and that might even made the happiest day of my life. But it didn’t happen alright. Kim Jonghyun the National’s Angel Leader didn’t make it.

ok even looking at the gif breaks my heart

ps. I wanna thank the ‘under 20 years old’ squad in Wanna One cause they mends my heart a lil bit cause I could be happy for them without reminding me to Justice League. Seeing their weird love square lmao, it’s so cute (I’m such a guanlin x jihoon trash, sorry winkdeep). Daehwi is also really adorable and talented. Jinyoung tho, National’s Playboy, slays the center part in Hands On Me (seriously can’t taking my eyes off him tho) I’m so proud. And Woojin slays me with the dances and rap I’m dead.

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i know the highschool detectives drama is known for the lesbian kiss that one ep

that ep i still havent reached yet btw

but i recommend it for many reasons anyway!

  1. this is a kdrama with predominantly female casts, theres like SO little male folk in this its starting to stand out but ofcourse i do not hate it at all! its totally awesome to see so many female roles and some great acting man i swear ji jinhee JIN JIHEE (i realize ive been saying her name wrong all this time. i was damn close)is like - incredible. i only remember her from clips from highkick and i dont know what kind of role she had there, but she has a dark-ish, sober role in this drama (she gradually allows herself to endulge in silliness though) but her role is so stubborn and deadset and like SHE WILL CLAP BACK AT ANYONE EVEN ADULTS AND SUPERIORS LIKE - SHE GOES IN im just so impressed with the way she acts. and i havent seen much of her childhood acting but i feel like shes on the way to becoming the kind of actress that wins oscars and stuff.
  2. the plots are versatile and they have a clever way of mixing some comedy with some slice of life and some actual dramatic and heartwrenching situations. at first i didnt know how to receive this drama because i was used to 1 dragged out cliche plot and a fucked up plottwist in ep 12, breakup in ep 14 and reconcilliation in ep 16. but this is not the case here, there are seperate events, of which some continue later on but its basically about the seonam detective girlsquad (SQUUAAADDDD) and they get new cases as people run things by them, or they notice stuff themselves. its fun to see them deduct and walk through scenarios but also gather evidence and solve cases. 
  3. no annoying ost's 

so um yeah please do watch seonam highschool detectives, especially if you are for more girl-invested productions.

think about all the most popular dramas, and think about how many men there are in those as the main characters, and how many women are their fellow/opposing characters.

i can tell you about like 5-6 dramas with like 1 girl and a harem of twinky boys pretending to be in highschool like

embrace this drama please.

the force awakens: modern au

 so @catie-withac and i got to talking.

modern au where:

kylo ren is that guy in school who gets mad and clears his desk and just slumps over it for the rest of the class and everyone’s like hey don’t try to talk any sense in to ben he’s mad right now he’ll get over it

they all play dumb board games together and he’s the one who flips the monopoly board

no one really gets mad tho they’re like yeah we knew it was going to happen

Leia and Han are cool parents that are always super great and his friends love them but he’s like “ugh arent they the worst they dont understand me”

BB-8 is the cat

poe hides him in his backpack and brings him everywhere bc he is a well behaved cat

he’s actually Poe’s cat but he wanders around and at first before Rey knows them she meets bb-8 around the neighborhood and befriends him

finn’s the kid who moves in halfway through the summer and is like who the fuck are all of you and why does this cat dislike me

everyone feels sorry for Rey when they learn she’s Ben’s cousin “my god what is that like? how’s thanksgiving??”

Ben wants to hang out with grandpa ani the whole time and he’s like “padme pls help I love the kid but wtf Leia control your son this is all your husband’s fault”

gramps is such a gentle grandfather who has these awesome stories and you’re like this is totally made up but he insists that he 100% did all of this and you’re like gramma? and she just nods like yup you little bitches

Han doesn’t admit it but he’s kind of scared of Anakin and stills tries to impress him. Anakin knows and play it up. Leia does too and is v amused.

BB-8 looks like tubbs the cat with orange patches


This is really, really long but it would mean the world to me if you took some time to watch this video! Or maybe even read the post. Thank you so much guys.

Hey guys!  I’m Lucy. I’m fifteen from Canberra, Australia. Cheesecake is my life even though my body doesn’t agree with it. I love Taylor Swift, sunsets, nature walks, the smell of wood, fresh stationery and binge watching things on the internet.

Most of all , I freaking love music. I love performing, I love songwriting. So much that I’ve decided to pursue a career in it. People call me crazy and naive but hey, it’s what my heart and mind are set on and nothing can stop me trying. 

In September of last year, I got to play at the Canberra TEDx Conference at the Canberra Theatre. IT WAS INSANE AND ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE. You can listen to it in the video above! It was an amazing day, and all the speakers and other performers inspired me so much. I got to play 3 songs I’d written that I was really proud of and talk about them in front of a sold out crowd of 600 (ok, it’s no 76,000 but it was THE BEST FEELING). Afterwards, people told me that the songs made them feel something. They said they laughed, cried and felt inspired. That is the goal for me, I want my songs to make people feel something. I was so honoured that people took to the songs I’d written and the whole day was such an incredible blur.

Walking off the stage after I sung was one of those ‘holy crap, that was a thing I just did’ moment. I got real deep inside my mind and realised it would’ve never happened without Taylor.

Let me explain. 

In late 2008, I heard Love Story from my friend’s MP3 player. My mind was blown. I then went onto discover the entire Fearless album. My mind was blown even more. This girl called Taylor Swift was writing and making music as well as performing for a living. Seeing a young girl do that made me realise I could maybe do that too. The reason I started this whole music thing was because of how inspired I was by Taylor. The she holds herself on stage, in person, in interviews and as a songwriter is so inspiring. Taylor is true to herself, her art and just writes how she’s feeling and writes the truth. That’s the greatest thing to me and something I hope to emulate one day.

I started out by going busking in the city as a 9 year old who could play 4 chords on the guitar. Now, I’ve done so many things I never thought I’d do and. I played at a TEDx Conference. I released an EP. I sold out my EP launch. I became an Australian National Busking Champion. I I grew as a person. I finally found a group of awesome people to hang out with. And most of all, I found my passion. I went from someone who wouldn’t talk and was too scared to go into shops to buy things to someone who was confident in themselves and proud of who they are. 

For these past 8 years, Taylor has been by my side. Her hardwork, growth, humour, talent, honesty, intelligence, selflessness, confidence and most importantly kindness inspires me every single day. Taylor’s journey has inspired me to work hard at my dreams and to never ever give up. And I’ve seen so many other girls my age doing music and slaying life after being inspired by her. Taylor’s lyrics and beautiful songs have made me laugh, cry, lie down on the floor to reflect on life and dance. I’m so incredibly proud that Taylor Swift is my role model. 

So yeah, the video on this post is my TEDx performance. I’m really proud of it! The first song is about my dreams, the second about my life and the third about the world. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I can’t believe my life is turning out in such an awesome way. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read all of this! It really means a lot to me. I’m like 110% there for meeting new people on tumblr so feel free to send me a message to talk about life. I love life chats.

Love from,


PS. Taylor, if by some magical chance you’re reading this: thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel that rush you get when you finish a song you’re proud of and when you’re playing your songs in front of people. Thank you for being so wonderful to all of us and for standing strong when they build you up to knock you down. I love you so much.

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Thought that was an epic episode but now I'm really ready for FS to have a scene together! With only 3 eps left, will it be next week or are they going to drag it out right until the last second? And do you think it'll be a win for Jemma or just more pain and her not getting through? Either way, hope they get a scene (and can't wait for Jemma to kick Papa Fitz's ass) ! Thanks for your awesome theories :)

Hi Anon!

We are all ready for Fitzsimmons to be reunited and I swear this is the writers kind of paying us back for all of the sass we had in A about them not being together…because this is SO MUCH worse.  

Like I said in my meta, I have not been to the point of tears frustrated with a show like this in a long time.  And its not that I’m not enjoying the story.  I just want so bad for them to be reunited, for someone to save Fitz, for someone to even be trying to get to him.  Every week we see how much he has suffered at AIDA and his fathers hand.  But no one is actively trying to get him out or get to him anymore.  

They have kept Fitzsimmons apart for a reason.  Mostly because yes, its building up to an epic scene (I’m almost picture a twist on the LMD scene from 15).  I think if Jemma wasn’t going to have an effect on him they would have had the face to face meeting already.  But because she is going to help get through to him, they have to save it for the very end.  Because from a story standpoint, like it or not Looking Glass had to get going, we had to escalate the stakes, so part of that was keeping Fitzsimmons apart.  

Another factor is we (most but not all) of us want Jemma to be the one to get through to Fitz.  The fandom would have flipped if it wasn’t Jemma that got through to him.  We have seen with the others that it takes a BIG emotional upheaval and the person they are closest too.  Coulson it was Daisy and an assist from Tahiti.  May Coulson with the kids/Mace’s death.  Mack…really hasn’t come around yet and is still just trying to protect his daughter.  Mace never came around either.  He died seeped in the fantasy.  Fitz has only come across Daisy and Radcliffe who didn’t do much.  Jemma’s “NO!” in 17 DID effect him but the programming was re enforced immediately by Papa Fitz and Ophelia.  

Its all been building to next week guys, they know we are desperate for this reunion and for them to come back together.  We also have to get Fitz back in some way in order for him to help stop it all, they have to stop The Doctor.  We know that Jemma is going into action with her going for Papa Fitz…and that means she must be going for Fitz.  There is no other reason for him to go after him alone.  

ok I just want to say thank you to all the new and old people of the fandom who have welcomed me back into writing emma with such kindness and have been so welcoming to me while I kind of find my footing with her again. tbh it’s been hard for me to transition from writing her as the main character with new material after every ep to being gone, to her story being in a way finished, yet find a way to keep writing her in a way that’s inspiring and exciting to me. 

but I think I’ve really found my stride with her again and just thank you all for being awesome, okay? I really appreciate all of you being so sweet and kind and you are all just wonderful writers and people <3 

I will continue to sing the praises of Thrilling Intent, a semi-visual podcast show based on a Pathfinder & D&D thing that’s been edited and pretified. Basically, there’s a lot of improv, comedy, and superhype. But also, there’s plot, and super-awesome characters, and feels, and 100x as much enjoyment as your regular tv series.

TL;DR (Putting this near the top while I still have your attention.)

  • Really well-rounded characters that develop and change. The kind that you fall in love with and feel for and hate when they so something terrible.
  • A subtle and slowly building plot with a range of interesting arcs and sub-plots.
  • An extensive world that slowly comes to life throughout each ep. One you want to explore and know so much more of.
  • Funny episodes, serious episodes, edge-of-the-seat episodes that have you shaking your fist at the creators for making you wait a week till the next. Story quality improves significantly with every new arc.
  • Really great humour. Also PUNS! from really genuine, funny, and kind people. Also, they’re pretty darn talented - all of them.
  • A super-interactive fanbase and super-awesome creators with lots of fan interaction.
  • Literally, these guys need to hurry up and take my money already.

Though I should note warning for explicit language. If this were on air it’d probably be rated (M) in Australia. Maybe (MA 15+) at the most.

If you don’t want to read my long spiel of why it’s awesome that’s below, you can start watching at one of these points:

- The tax day special if you want a general taste of what it’s like.
- Deck of Disaster if you want a convenient point to start at without being too lost and not having to swamp through the not as good (but still pretty good imo) earlier stuff (seriously they improve heaps with each new arc).
- From the beginning if you wanna be real hardcore. Watch at least the first four eps, though.

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Punk Luke part 13

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve

This part is shorter than the rest but I really wanted to get the last part of it in the story somehow. Sorry it’s horrible :(

Punk rocker Luke Hemmings falls for the new girl in school and it’s super cheesy but hey, punk!Luke

PLEASE NOTE: This entire story is punk!Luke and, like many other chapters, this one contains smut.

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may i present, err, paco? and his loyal chauffeur/bodyguard/croney.

can totally see what you were going for with those recolours, tbirds animation/modelling team. you wanted parker to be wearing a white linen suit. you wanted an open shirt and you wanted to see some chest hair. ideally, you wanted a gold chain to go with that gold tooth. and, of course, you wanted a gross pencil moustache. it’d have been awesome, totally completed the fake-tanned mafia boss look. i know, i know. money’s tight. can’t be spending it all on virtual clothes.

penny’s just wearing a skirt version of parker’s TOS chauffeur uniform. (anybody else think its weird that parker has his TOS hat but not the outfit to go with it?)

anyway. this episode might just give me the mafia tbirds AU i’ve been dreaming of. well. i always saw penny as the mob boss, but this role-reversal is actually kind of awesome.

So I get that Ross Geller isn’t the most popular character of Friends on tumblr, and I’m pretty sure this is very strongly in part due to his behaviour on The One With The Male Nanny…

…but isn’t the whole point of this ep showing how the culture of hyper-masculinity makes otherwise normal guys act like berks? After all Rachel has it right - Ross isn’t exactly the manliest of manly men on friends; he tries on make-up, he likes long hot baths, ends up accidentally wearing women’s clothes; literally every other character takes the micky out of him for this - but Ross is the one to really freak out about guys in traditional female roles. And then we find out it’s because his dad foisted all of this nonsense onto him as a kid, and how that must have made him so insecure - to the point where he freaks out when a perfectly lovely guy wants to take care of his daughter, and behaves like a perfect jackass. That’s not ‘Ross is a moron and a dick’, that’s ‘Ross was messed around as a kid and needs looking after’.

And more to the point, Sandy the Awesome Male Nanny actually helps him see that it’s not a problem and encourages him to express emotions in a typically ‘unmanly’ way. So what we actually have in this ep is initially problematic man undergoing character development and personal growth. And isn’t that kind of what we all hope for from men caught up in this hyper-masculine nonsense?

Tumblr, you should be all over this episode.

I’m so proud of Swen right now, I always knew you were amazing but after watching this ep I was like “shit” and was almost expecting it to be like a ghost town on here but instead there’s this fantastic mix of venting, ranting, love for the ship, love for each other, support, still some dumb positivity theories floating around, and just general awesomeness. Tonight’s episode may have been all kinds of disappointing but Swen continues to be more amazing than ever and I’m so proud to be part of this fantastic group of people.

I’m laughing so hard at these reactions to Steven’s imminent watery death.



Garnet: Whatever the fuck this was


I knew they could all do some manner of shapeshifting, but I think this may be the first time I’ve seen anyone but Amethyst really do it.


Also. You know what? I have no time for anybody who shades Carlos with these ‘he really stepped it up this time yay!’ comments. Because Carlos has been awesome since day one. He is so natural that everyone thinks Cisco’s stuff is half improv, he spits out science and nerd jokes and occasionally pretty awkwardly written dialogue like it’s all off the top of his head, he plays every emotion he is called on to play perfectly. 

Like, okay, there’s this thing he did first in the ep with Hartley getting out and then tonight. This thing with his voice, where it thins out and kind of stumbles its way out, the way it really does in real life when you have to say things out loud that you do not want to fucking say. Watch the scene where he admits he shut Ronnie into the accelerator. Those words physically do not want to come out of his mouth, and it’s amazing to watch. And he does that in this ep, breathes out these words that his lips don’t want to form because they should not be the truth but they are and he has to face it. 

Like. Do not fucking shade Carlos Valdes around me. Do not patronize him with these half-assed compliments. He has never been on screen before this show and he is fucking killing it every week surrounded by people who’ve done it for years.