this ep was all kinds of awesome

1x03-5x11: 100 episodes since we met Felicity Smoak.

Guys episode 5x11 was the 100th episode since the introduction of Felicity Smoak. It totally slipped my mind lol. Thank the casting gods that they found Emily Bett Rickards. Thank the writers for wanting an IT girl for a couple of episodes. Thank the eps for seeing how amazing she is and for keeping her around. Thank Emily Bett Rickards parents for bringing our Queen into the world. Thank Emily for being her awesome, magical, beautifully talented self. The girl has more charisma in her pinky finger than most people could ever dream of. Thank Emily and Stephen for lighting up the screen together back then, and for continuing to make us all fall in love with these characters and their unique connection. Felicity Smoak has shown that she is brave, strong, intelligent, kind, loving, and that you don’t need to wear a mask to be a true hero. 100 episodes ago this show truly found its heart. There was just something about her.

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I’m laughing so hard at these reactions to Steven’s imminent watery death.



Garnet: Whatever the fuck this was


I knew they could all do some manner of shapeshifting, but I think this may be the first time I’ve seen anyone but Amethyst really do it.


Also. You know what? I have no time for anybody who shades Carlos with these ‘he really stepped it up this time yay!’ comments. Because Carlos has been awesome since day one. He is so natural that everyone thinks Cisco’s stuff is half improv, he spits out science and nerd jokes and occasionally pretty awkwardly written dialogue like it’s all off the top of his head, he plays every emotion he is called on to play perfectly. 

Like, okay, there’s this thing he did first in the ep with Hartley getting out and then tonight. This thing with his voice, where it thins out and kind of stumbles its way out, the way it really does in real life when you have to say things out loud that you do not want to fucking say. Watch the scene where he admits he shut Ronnie into the accelerator. Those words physically do not want to come out of his mouth, and it’s amazing to watch. And he does that in this ep, breathes out these words that his lips don’t want to form because they should not be the truth but they are and he has to face it. 

Like. Do not fucking shade Carlos Valdes around me. Do not patronize him with these half-assed compliments. He has never been on screen before this show and he is fucking killing it every week surrounded by people who’ve done it for years. 

I’m so proud of Swen right now, I always knew you were amazing but after watching this ep I was like “shit” and was almost expecting it to be like a ghost town on here but instead there’s this fantastic mix of venting, ranting, love for the ship, love for each other, support, still some dumb positivity theories floating around, and just general awesomeness. Tonight’s episode may have been all kinds of disappointing but Swen continues to be more amazing than ever and I’m so proud to be part of this fantastic group of people.

So basically I loved every moment of Sam’s story tonight. It was pretty great. And even though Billy was hard on him, I like to think that she was hinting at a cure for him. Showing his perseverance and resourcefulness was like… THE BEST THING EVER. And it gave me faith that they haven’t forgotten to write how competent he is. (After he was thrown through so many walls and windows, you can’t blame me for wondering.)

I’m so interested to see more about these visions the poor baby had and I wonder if we’ll see Billy again. I hope we will and I kind of hope she has something to do with them just because she was so fucking awesome in the few minutes she was on screen. 

Ugh Sam was just so smart, and humble, and vulnerable, and badass, and just… all the great things that make Sam SAM in this ep. I’m so happy. I hope this continues throughout the season!

I do kind of want Mickey to just move in with the Gallaghers. Because I think part of the problem with Ian and his family this season is that he was living somewhere else so it was hard to show him interacting with his family (I mean if the show was willing to give him more than three minutes of screentime per episode it would’ve been possible but I think we all know that’s not gonna happen *extreme bitterness*). If Ian and Mickey just move in there it’ll be easier to integrate their storylines with the rest of the family. And I think it’s good for Mickey too to have a support system other than Ian (actually it’s vital) and he doesn’t have that in his own house anymore. Mandy’s gone, Svetlana moved out (and they weren’t what I would call close), Iggy is not really dependable in that way. Ian and Mickey really are still just kids and it’s better if they are in some type of family situation than off on their own dealing with everything alone. The Gallaghers have their flaws but they do love each other and are there at least when the chips are down.