this ep is lower quality than the other one

finished the season 2 stream!!!!

wow, it’s VERY different in tone from season 1. whereas in s1 everyone treats finn like a kid that needs to be protected, in s2 he goes through a lot of pain. Usually something awkward or tortuous while Jake is too Jakey to help. The other characters are slightly less tolerant of his bullshit, he gets beaten up by the princesses in that one dumb ep and PB reluctantly kicks him out of the kingdom in Go With Me cos hes acting “like a psychopath”.

as for other characters: you start to see marceline evolve into a far more casual person, while pb is less whimsical than season 1 but retains her more sarcastic traits. which makes the season finale even more of a copout!!! imagine if adventure time had ended on mortal recoil. that wouldnt have fit her character at all!

overall season 2 is lower in character relationship quality than season 1 but the episodes Susan Strong and  Mortal Folly were the first time we got any real mystery in the show. It’s clear Season 2 set the direction that the show would take in the near future. Many of its episodes would fit in season 6′s atmosphere too. so because its AT i LOVE season 2 but i dont love it nearly as much as season 1. probably my least favourite season tied with s6. however this rewatch was far more enjoyable than i thought it would be. 

tomorrow we are going through season 3! it’s one of my favourite seasons so im looking forward to it. i will probably air it at 6pm instead of 8pm but if nobody turns up ill push the time back, and let you know tomorrow.