this ep brokes my heart

Can we talk about Ezekiel Jones in the video game loop for a second?

  • Ezekiel Jones who for 10, 20, 100 loops just lies down on a crate and laughs, mouthing everyone’s words right when they say them because he knows their script by heart by now, he knows right when his laughs shift to tears
  • Ezekiel Jones who kisses Jake, Cassandra, even Eve, who poors out everything he’s ever wanted to say to them just because he can, because it doesn’t matter
  • Ezekiel Jones who knows exactly where Eve keeps her pistol, who spends dozens of loops firing it at himself, hoping that maybe if he does it one more time, just one more, it will actually work
  • Ezekiel Jones who spends hours talking with each of the others individually, who knows them all better than he knows himself, who sometimes just locks the others inside the room and sits outside and tells them everything they’ve ever told him
  • Ezekiel Jones who has to make his best friends in the world trust him again and again, who’s known each of them for years longer than they remember and every time has to convince them that he’s different now, he’s more than they’ll ever know
  • Ezekiel Jones who breaks down on the last loop when he realizes that the people he’s depended on, that he’s told all his deepest secrets, won’t ever see him the same way he now sees himself
  • Ezekiel Jones who realizes this and knows that it will be easier to say he forgot, easier for them to think of him as the same old Ezekiel, the little sibling who can’t take care of himself. He knows that if they know, they’ll ask him how many times, how many times, and he won’t be able to answer
  • Ezekiel Jones who gets a paper cut on his hand and instinctively reaches behind him for a heath kit before he even realizes what he’s doing, who disguises it quickly with a scratch to the back of his neck and an offhanded joke
  • Ezekiel Jones who wakes up in the middle of the night with the same dreams, dreams of his friends being torn apart, dreams of their reaching hands barely missing his
  • Ezekiel Jones who will start an inside joke with someone before remembering that they don’t remember, that he’s not supposed to remember
  • Ezekiel Jones whose fighting skills rival Eve’s, who can quote thousands of lines of poetry, who knows the exact number of hertz for every note on a musical scale, who has years more experience in the field of quantum physics, urban warfare and archeology than anyone will ever know 
  •  Ezekiel Jones who is the bravest Librarian of them all

All of you, right now, stop whatever the fuck you’re doing and go watch 3% on Netflix. It’s a Brazilian sci-fy Netflix original and there are so many reasons why you gotta watch it:

- diverse actors like oh man so much melanin and so many different tones I am in love
- beautiful acting
- diverse characters like not just the protagonist and the bad guy (lines on who those are get blurred towards the end oh man)
- an important char with a physical disability that has v little to do with his character (he’s in a wheelchair and the topic is brought up but it’s not the center of things ya know)
- MENTAL ILLNESS ADDRESSED APPROPRIATELY (it was really only one ep but that ep broke my heart you’ll see trigger warning for ep 5)
- it’s basically everything hunger games could have been but completely failed at
- did I mention diverse characters? Because literally everyone is so diverse and given a story even if they weren’t there for the whole season
- it’s on Portuguese so you can low key start learning a new language idk man

- no gays but I could make a strong case for literally anyone



S06E15 / S07E08

ү σ υ r 𝓓 𝐢 𝒶 m o n ∂ , ϻ ү 𝓓 i a m o n d . . !

aaaaaa Jasper was so expressive in  this episode … Straight up, got me so emotional. so of course I’ve gotta draw my favorite moment in the ep. the exact moment my heart bROKE.

That said, don’t bring the lapis, japser, jaspis discourse here!! Leave it at the door please.

You guys...

The filler episode (480) honestly broke my heart. Watching kid Naruto (how old is he? 5?) walk around all alone. Going home and holding back tears–and fucking STARVING without money to buy ANYTHING. What the fuck kinda system does that village have? Is there even one?
I get it, children grow up to be ninja and learn to fend for themselves from an early age, but he’s just a CHILD with the brightest smile and the biggest, bluest eyes, the kindest heart (he offered his fish to a STRANGER) and the entire village treated him like a disease. It’s so fucking sad. Its so devastating. I cried at seeing him just wandering aimlessly, keeping busy, inventing his own training techniques and games and just living in complete loneliness. He’s just a child…What a heartless and senseless world this man created.

It’s also so damn baffling that Naruto managed to keep smiling through it all. Was always incredibly resilient and stubborn. Still laughed with a stranger, still did his best despite having nobody (until Iruka) to encourage him. Naruto knew no love or support as a child, a very critical period in development. Which is why I have so much trouble accepting 700. He just seemed so detached from everything even after everything he had “accomplished”… It just wasn’t a look I expected to see on Naruto ever.

P.S. Do you guys remember those fanfics that HC Naruto’s love for ramen as the result of him being poor..? It really does seem like that’s the case. He HAD to buy instant ramen bcs it’s cheap.