this entire thing was a fricking nightmare to color oh my god

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How do i survive first day of school (can you distract me pls and talk about platonic klunk or something else?)

yeesh first day of school is the toughest… but they’re not always bad… here are some klunk headcanons that might make it a better day for you buddy:

  • lance made hunk watch all six of his favorite movies at least twice and memorize all of his favorite lines from them
  • hunk and lance let off the loudest and longest of offended gasps when keith asked them what starwars is. like seriously keith?!?? SERIOUSLY?!!? WERE YOU LIVING IN AN ISOLATED UNCIVILIZED SHACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESER- oh wait you were buT THAT DOESN’T EXCUSE YO-
  • lance: “bro i can fit my entire world into my hands” hunk: “how bro” lance: *cups hunk’s face* hunk: *is touched* bro……
  • whenever keith or lance have a nightmare or just trouble sleeping, they go to hunk. boi aren’t hunk’s bed cuddles the warmest and best ever…. they sleep soundly like just-fed infants. sleeping with him has become their favorite thing ever that it’s become a daily routine. keith and lance take turns because the bed won’t fit all three or else they’ll suffocate lmao
  • when lance was a kid he called his beloved fluffy teddy bear hunk because it reminded him of his best friend
  • hunk reminds keith of hippos. CUTE AND DEADLY
  • lance: “oh my favorite hobby? teasing keith 24/7″
  • sometimes keith gets jealous of how close lance and hunk are and wants to be part of whatever the two are doing together. he doesn’t voice that, but hunk and lance notice it. they invite him to join their little chats and mini adventures whenever they catch him looking at them, and they just love the beaming look on keith’s face as he walks towards them excitedly like they’ve invited him to a mcr concert
  • *keith knocking lance’s room door at 2am* so do you really not remember the bonding moment bish
  • lance and keith spit in each other’s food when the other turns his head around but neither of them has caught the other doing that. the others just ignore them because this isn’t the worst they’ve seen them doing smh
  • hunk is big and strong and can fend off 10 galra soldiers by himself but keith and lance still feel the need to Defend Him At All Costs. anything that gets as close to hunk as 5 meters gets sliced to shreds and shot to ashes within 0.5 seconds
  • lance: “your mullet is no bueno for the ladies” keith: “who said i even fucking care”
  • lance loves playing with keith’s hair and braiding it tho
  • just compliment keith’s knife collection one (1) time and he’ll offer you his heart and love you 5ever
  • hunk sometimes tries to make the food he makes from alien ingredients taste like lance’s mother’s dishes as much as possible to ease his friend’s homesickness. (hunk frequently stayed for dinner at lance’s place back on earth. he loved lance’s mother’s cooking and asked her to teach him how to cook several meals)
  • keith was once eating a purple alien fruit. the moment hunk saw a stain of purple juice on keith’s chin he yelled his lungs out: “OH MY GOD GUYS IT’S HAPPENING KEITH IS TURNING PURPLE I REPEAT KEITH IS TURNING PURPLE KEITH’S GALRA SIDE IS FINALLY EMERGING” keith: ”it’s just from the fruit i wa-” “SHH DON’T BE SCARED KEITH PURPLE IS NOT A BAD COLOR IT’LL JUST MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A LOVELY, FRESHLY PICKED EGGPLANT. i love eggplants btw” “wtf”
  • lance: “anyway- i can’t believe keith’s dad is a fucking furry”
  • whenever there’s a fart smell they all look at lance. he swears it’s not him but no one believes him it’s pidge but no one ever finds out
  • keith likes when lance overtalks. he’s not talkative himself- he’s more of the listening type, and lance has a cute, attractive way of talking, even tho he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about 75% of the time
  • keith is VERY possessive of his knife collection and doesn’t allow anyone, not even shiro, to lay a finger on it, but he willingly lends his blades to hunk to cut food with. keith is awed by hunk’s chopping skills and how smoothly he cuts stuff with his muscular arms- it’s his favorite thing to watch
  • lance and hunk call each other by pet names so casually “hey babe did you see where my jacket is” “no sweetheart have you checked the training room” “oh not yet thanks chocolate muffin”
  • lance once mistakenly called keith “baby” bc he’s so used to calling hunk as such and like they’re bros and all now right? he had the toughest fricking time in his life trying to explain to him that no, keith, it’s not an insult, keith, i’m not looking down or ridiculing you, keith, no that’s not what i meant, keith, just why are you like this, keith,
  • keith whenever he doesn’t understands something: *looks at lance for explanation* lance: i have no fucking idea either buddy
  • person: do you believe in angels? lance and keith: not until i met hunk garrett
  • keith’s secretly the best at puns and jokes on the team. this is why he always makes fun of lance’s because HAHAHA what an amateur he needs 10000 light years to reach my level. he very rarely puts his skill into good use tho so what’s the point
  • hunk believes whatever lance says and never doubts its credibility. if lance says this hairstyle is ugly? then it IS. if lance says that guy is annoying? never met him before but wtv he definitely IS. if lance says unicorns exist? they fucking chased a mermaid together so of coURSE HE’S RIGHT
  • their Boys Night Together is just gossiping about their classmates at the garrison, painting each other’s nails while listening to mcr, and breakdancing with mouths stuffed with cookies
  • keith: “the fastest way to a girl’s heart is through the riB S “dude cHILL”
  • hunk: “i get scared easily :(” also hunk: if you as much as touch a fingernail of my friends’ i’ll fucking murder you and feed you to the hounds
  • those three are an invincible combination. like red, blue, and yellow aka the primary colors? a sword, gun/rifle, and cannon that cover short, medium, and far ranged combat?? white, brown, and black races??? fire, water, and earth elements???? keith, lance, and hunk????? how the hell would anyone win against the death trio
  • klunk more like Handsome Wooden Spear amiright AMIRIGHT ;)
Hannibal Rewatch: 1x02

Season 1, Episode 2 - “Amuse-Bouche”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Another week, another rewaaaatch.


“Amuse-Bouche” is interesting because it’s the first non-pilot episode, so the procedural format they roll out sets a framework for what this show is going to be moving forward, letting you settle in, as it were.

Or at least, that’s how it would be on a normal show. On Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, they give you fucking MUSHROOMIZED PEOPLE, and by the time you’re 35 minutes in what should just be a random hallucinogenic horrorfest case has managed to transmogrify into Personal Threats To Will Graham, because This Creep Is Creepily Into Him And WILL Drag Him Into His Creep Embrace. Oh honey, it’s only the second episode. I spent most of this rewatch helpless with grim laughter, ha ha ha, god.

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