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Not So Secret, A Monthly Rumbelling Fic

Rated: T

Prompt: “You have a lot of nerve saying ‘hello’ like nothing happened!”

Summary: Belle’s friends are rather put out to find that she’s been dating someone without their knowledge. Belle doesn’t care.

Word Count: 2113


Not So Secret

“You have a lot of nerve saying ‘hello’ like nothing happened!”

Belle blinked at Ruby’s vehement statement. All she had done was come into the diner and sit down in her usual booth, and suddenly she had been accosted by Ruby and Ariel sliding into the booth opposite her and fixing her with somewhat ferocious expressions, to which she had greeted them with a simple ‘hello’. Apparently, that had been the wrong thing to say.

“I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve your wrath, but I’m very sorry for whatever it is.”

“We saw you!” Ruby exploded, gesturing wildly towards the door and almost knocking a plate of waffles out of Ashley’s hand as the other waitress brought an order to the next booth.

“You saw me doing what?” Belle asked.

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