this entire scene was masterful

A lot of funny shit has happened on TAZ but in my opinion, the funniest scene was the fight in the elevator of tomorrow

Magnus and Merle fighting for their lives while Taako looks on from outside the glass, alternately eating his sandwich, rubbing their misfortune in their faces, and very convincingly pretending to help


  • “those firsts that you talked about? i want to have them all with you. i never want to stop having firsts with you.”
    • okay yes also the i love yous, but damn that was a good line.
    • i don’t even have the words, i’m a pile of mush.
    • as creepy as it was that that guy was watching them, and manipulating the fuck out of maggie, he really did nail that maggie’s heart eyes can be seen from space.
    • alex wants to name a dog gertrude. okay girl, you almost died so you get a free pass.
    • floriana was clearly sick the weeks they filmed this, and her sick little voice just made everything hurt.
  • “i’m listening for her. i can’t hear anything. i can do all these incredible things but i can’t punch my way out of this or fly fast enough and turn back time. and i’m afraid that i’m going to lose the person that’s most important to me.”
    • this was, man. dreamy sigh. almost* perfect. when this show is good it’s just so very good, and this line reads cheesy on the page, but melissa nailed it to the wall like the 2x4 that it is. kara is at her best when she’s an observer of humanity. that’s always been true.*
    • “to us, kara.”
      • this, all on its own, was enough to draw out how single minded to the point of selfishness kara sometimes is, but how easily she can be pulled back from that. this entire scene was masterful and reminded me how much i love and miss kara and j’onn together.
  • “what?! no, get in here.”
    • one day kara and maggie will realise that they’re so incredibly alike, and alex is going to be in big trouble.
      • kara punches first, and if that doesn’t work she uses her words. (she should probably at some point for real learn not to do that.) maggie uses her words, and if they don’t work then she busts people out of prison or sends her gf off to her possible death. (this is not actually a good thing either!) honestly.
  • “and just in time for dinner.”
    • kara danvers endorses pineapple on pizza because she understands what is good about this planet.
      • kara’s dinnertime cardigan: CONTENDER #1 FOR OUTFIT OF THE EPISODE.
    • that guy was clearly into teenage alex and probably still was, and yet they 100% resisted the temptation to make him a homophobe and honestly THANK YOU.
    • will gregg henry ever be anyone but russell fabray to me? i guess we’ll have to check in again in another five years.
    • who knows that kara danvers is supergirl? “the DEO.” oh, kara, honey.
      • (oh for there to have been a, “and maybe cat, but…?”)
        • (i’m never letting this thing go. i demand explanations. i must be furnished with enough informations to be able to make an actual call on where lena luthor stands on what constitutes the fundamental rights of an individual.)
      • that was a date lena and rhea went on. they can talk about mothers and children all they want, that was a date. a very gay date.
      • lena knew rhea was an alien after a single slip that would not be out of place amongst lesbians over the age of 40. either lena is a terrible baby gay or she knows kara is supergirl. there are no other options here, THEY MUST CHOOSE ONE.
      • i’m 500% spoiled for where this plot is going, and after this episode I REMAIN EXCITED.
      • kara and lena call each other on the telephone to talk to each other with words from their mouths. according to the laws of communication between peers under the age of 30, they’re married now. marrieds who go on brunch dates that sometimes involve kale and sometimes do not.
  • *with a few season-long tweaks this episode could have been perfect.
    • because up to the water’s edge (PUN INTENDED) it was. at the very least it was the best episode this season, and it was the rest of the season that let it down.
    • it could have (should have) been the culmination of kara losing her job, losing her sister, losing herself in being the public perception of supergirl. their misstep was not laying the groundwork and expecting two key pieces of backstory to simply be accepted.
      • the supergirl defence? okay???
      • maggie not being 100% team supergirl? okay????????
    • if only they had used kara’s period of funemployment to actually have kara leaning into a life of only being supergirl, instead of setting that up and then never following through. if only they’d actually ever shown her alienating herself from the people she protects, because tbh this whole supergirl defence thing sounds like it should have been a multi-episode arc all on its own, and one that i really would enjoy the heck out of. if only for one second before this episode they had shown maggie to have any kind of disagreement with kara’s superheroing. (context didn’t make this disagreement any more tolerable to me. in fact the concocted backstory made it worse because they had the chance to show it and then never did. so instead, much like it did to kara, maggie blurting this shit out seemed to come out of nowhere, and just made it seem like she was pissed off that she didn’t get to save the day. maggie sawyer’s one true characteristic is being a communicator. that is literally her whole thing this episode again. that shit is her jam. but it’s also kara’s. supergirl talks people down in the end far more than she punches their lights out. kara is a reporter. kara is a person who uses her words, just like maggie. not laying the groundwork here did both maggie and kara a huge disservice.) if only kara hadn’t been absent from so much of the plot all season that these threads were there to pull together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • (this could honestly have been a season finale. but that would have made me actually worry for alex’s safety and tbh i’m very glad not to have had to live through that. #LESBIANLIVES.)
  • i could have gone my whole life without watching alex slice her own arm open to pull that tracker out. alas, i will not get to live that life anymore.

terra week - day iv - favorite sad moment

Why do you trouble yourself with remorse, Master Terra?

Main street of Witzenhausen, Werra-Meißner district, Hesse

Witzenhausen is a small town at the river Werra. It is famous as the center of Europe’s biggest cherry-growing area.

Furthermore, the German concept of collecting organic waste in a separate bin (”Biotonne”) was developed here at a department of the Kassel University.

It is the only place in Germany where you can study ecological agriculture, sustainable international agriculture, and sustainable food systems as dedicated subjects. As research institutions in the city have a long-standing tradition in studying and teaching tropical and subtropical agriculture, there is a very international student scene in Witzenhausen. The master studies are entirely taught in English. Student fees are currently 280 € per semester.


I learned an hour ago that the great Robert Guillaume passed away today at the age of 89. And like many, my mind filled with memories of his work on the TV shows SOAP and Benson. (I only watched SOAP in reruns, but I watched most of Benson while it was on the air.) What I remembered most about Mr. Guillaume was his unique blend of humor and grace. He was like a college professor even while playing a butler – who later runs for public office. And no one on television was quite like him. No one had his energy, his demeanor, his timing, regardless of race or ethnicity.

That’s why I’m sharing this clip from 1989′s Lean on Me. Because in opposition to all the tweets about Guillaume in The Lion King and those amazing monologues on Sports Night, I’ve seen very few (non-POC) people talk about this role in Lean on Me. And to me, despite my first discovery of his amazing talent at a young age, this role as Dr. Frank Napier – specifically this scene with Morgan Freeman – will forever be how I remember Mr. Guillaume. 

If you’ve never seen Lean on Me, it’s a history lesson definitely worth watching. But if you can’t watch the entire film, watch this scene. Watch these 2 masters of the stage and screen deliver dramatic gold. 

Mr. Guillaume is so underrated it’s borderline criminal. But this is how I will remember him. Strong. Brilliant. And always full of grace. Even when he’s telling off Morgan Freeman.

RIP Mr. Guillaume.

Snape did not want to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts

Severus Snape did not covet the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts; his interest in the position was a deliberate ruse between himself and Dumbledore.  

Originally posted by moons-wonderland

On the surface, Snape’s interest in the DADA post makes sense – a supposed Death Eater; a man who has apparently had an interest in dark curses since his youth; his air of disgruntlement towards the DADA teachers in post…

But when you think about it – when you really think about it – it makes very little sense, and it’s testament to Snape and Dumbledore’s joint effort that so many people were convinced by it.

Firstly, Snape knew the job was jinxed.  At the very least, even if he didn’t know the intricate detail of who cursed it and why, he surely would’ve realised – after spending such a prolonged spell at the school – that the DADA teacher always leaves their role at the end of the year.

In Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid explicitly tells the trio:

“An’ bangin’ on about some Banshee he banished. If one word of it was true, I’ll eat my kettle.”

It was most unlike Hagrid to criticise a Hogwarts teacher and Harry looked at him in surprise. Hermione, however, said in a voice somewhat higher than usual, “I think you’re being a bit unfair. Professor Dumbledore obviously thought he was the best man for the job -”

He was the on'y man for the job,” said Hagrid, offering them a plate of treacle toffee, while Ron coughed squelchily into his basin. “An’ I mean the on'y one. Gettin’ very difficult ter find anyone fer the Dark Arts job. People aren’t too keen ter take it on, see. They’re startin’ ter think it’s jinxed. No one’s lasted long fer a while now.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

…yet Harry and the others don’t pick up on the fact that Hagrid tells them very plainly that Lockhart was the only candidate; meaning that Snape cannot have applied for the post.  

Interestingly, Snape references and gives credence to the rumours when he talks to Bellatrix at Spinner’s End in Half Blood Prince:  

“While I endured the Dementors, you remained at Hogwarts, comfortably playing Dumbledore’s pet!”

“Not quite,” said Snape, calmly. “He wouldn’t give me the Defence Against the Dark Arts job, you know. Seemed to think it might, ah, bring about a relapse… tempt me into my old ways.

Importantly, this entire scene is masterful because of Snape’s doublespeak – and make no mistake, this small passage is no exception.  It’s a rare depiction of the illusion that Snape and Dumbledore had jointly created – after all, we later discover Snape’s true allegiance – but Bellatrix, of course, is only privy to what Snape tells her and she can glean for herself.  (There’s only a couple of moments in the books that touch on this, and they probably deserve a post of their own.)

So it’s important to see that whilst we’re not remotely fooled by Snape’s admission of ‘being tempted into his old ways’ because we know that Dumbledore has authorised – and indeed, encouraged – Snape’s return to the Death Eaters, we know that he doesn’t have a problem with Snape teaching DADA.  

After all, if you were Dumbledore and you weren’t sure of Snape’s loyalties, what would you be worried about?  Him teaching a few countercurses to spotty teenagers, or y’know, hanging around with his old Death Eater terrorist pals, plotting the downfall of the wizarding world?

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I know which I’d choose.

But we also know that Snape routinely returned or reported to Voldemort – and did enough to enable him to become Voldemort’s most trusted advisor.  Quite an astonishing turnaround given that Voldemort wanted him dead a mere 12 months earlier.  So it’s evident (to us) that Dumbledore did trust Snape, and would’ve trusted him to teach DADA had the post not been cursed.

Of course, that’s not the only time Snape gives credence to the rumour:

“Now … how long have you been teaching at Hogwarts?” she asked, her quill poised over her clipboard.

“Fourteen years,” Snape replied. His expression was unfathomable. Harry, watching him closely, added a few drops to his potion; it hissed menacingly and tuned from turquoise to orange.

You applied first for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, I believe?” Professor Umbridge asked Snape.

Yes,” said Snape, quietly.

“But you were unsuccessful?”

Snape’s lip curled.


Professor Umbridge scribbled on her clipboard.

And you have applied regularly for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post since you first joined the school, I believe?”

Yes,” said Snape quietly, barely moving his lips. He looked very angry.

Do you have any idea why Dumbledore has consistently refused to appoint you?” asked Umbridge.

I suggest you ask him,” said Snape jerkily.

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So why would Snape take part in Dumbledore’s proposed ruse?

The ruse is important for a few reasons – and I suspect, probably had an innocent enough backstory.

In that first year, there was no way that Dumbledore was going to bestow a jinxed post upon his new spy, lest he lose him.  If Snape realised that the post was cursed, then you can imagine him agreeing – as a traitor, he was in a very vulnerable position and would wish to stay under Dumbledore’s protection for as long as he could.  Neither of them wanted a potential time limit of 12 months on Snape’s usefulness.  

We don’t quite know Slughorn’s initial retirement date, but I find there’s something interesting about him moving on from the post of Potions (and Slytherin Head of House) around the time that Snape appears – and both roles are perfect fits for Snape.  

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What a coincidence.  It’s not as if Snape’s thrown into a role he’s less comfortable with.  Yes, we hear about Snape’s interest in DADA, but we see repeatedly Snape’s skill at Potions – it’s obvious he was a relatively rare talent.

I think it’s also important for Voldemort’s ego that Snape – someone Dumbledore would be desperate to get deep into the Death Eater ranks so he had a spy as close to the action as possible – didn’t receive the DADA post as such a young age.  As a result, I think Dumbledore deliberately hired Snape as Potions – with no intention of giving him DADA, but then instructed him to return to Voldemort waxing lyrical about how he lost out.  This would ensure that Snape wasn’t immediately disliked by Voldemort for succeeding where he’d failed.  

I suspect they followed this up with the rumour that Snape still desperately wished to have DADA. It makes Snape appear loyal to Voldemort, “You told me to get the DADA post, so I’ve tried repeatedly, but Albus won’t select me.”  Not only that, but it also shows Voldemort that whilst Snape is clearly within Dumbledore’s inner sanctum, he’s still not completely trusted – which in turn, is another indication to Voldemort that Snape is telling the truth when he pledges allegiance.  It suggests that Dumbledore vaguely realises something is awry with his Potions Master, but he can’t prove it.  

Furthermore, it reiterates Snape’s position to the wider community – it shows the students, the teachers, the Death Eaters etc that Snape isn’t entirely reformed; he isn’t completely trusted.  In turn, that aids Snape’s cover - as we see in his statement to Bellatrix.    

The punchline to the joke is that when Dumbledore knows his death is certain, he actually bestows Snape with the DADA post.  Dumbledore ensures that Snape is willing to murder him, and to look after the children if he becomes Headmaster.  Both of these things (murdering the incumbent; moving role within the school) would cover the curse and ensure Snape isn’t in post the following year.

So they can assume it’s safe to give Snape DADA and to guess that the jinx probably won’t be fulfilled in a more disastrous way.

As a consequence, just before the war is about to explode, Snape is given a valuable 12 months to teach the kids some valuable DADA tactics.  Indeed, as Snape duels Harry following Dumbledore’s death, we see him continuing to instruct Harry in the art of fighting.  

However, the most wonderful aspect of the whole thing is that the ruse reinforces the horror of Snape’s supposed treachery.  

Just at the point that Dumbledore trusted him enough with his coveted DADA post, the very thing Dumbledore supposedly feared comes to pass:  

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Snape teaches DADA and instantly falls back into his old ways…so much so, he murders the headmaster.


You parented this book, Virginia. You helped bring it into the world after the longest labor in history, ten years. And now, here it is. Weight: 1 lb, 14 oz. Length: 384 pages.
Half you, half me.

danarenee101  asked:

(1) I know you've already pointed out the cinematography and music. But can we just talk about the body language, mannerisms, and positions the characters were always in!!? Like how Isak and Even were constantly touching each other, or leaning towards each other. Like that's not scripted. That's just them getting into character and letting their guard down. You see a lot of tv couples doing the bare minimum. Like with Ian and Mickey on Shameless. During the scripted kisses or hugs or whatever

But in any other scene they acted more like buddies. But in every single scene with Isak and Even their little looks, and quirks and stuff constantly screamed “in character”. Like how Isak was all twitchy and nervous when he asked Even (in the locker room) if Even’s parents would like him. You could see him swaying nervously and not being able to stand still. Like honestly, this show works So hard at getting every detail right. Right down to the minuscule details. It just blows me away. And like when Jonas and Isak were talking on the bench, and Jonas kept pausing to actually think about who Isak could be talking about. And both boys kept eating throughout the entire scene, and kept pausing for nervous breaths and everything. Like it’s just honestly SO well done. I’m blown away!!


(did tarjei improvise this? please tell me he did)

(isak starts to genuinely laugh but he remembers even is looking at him and then he’s too shy to laugh all of a sudden????)

(THIS CHOREOGRAPHY - and this entire scene. PURE. GOLD. honestly, whoever directs the actors is the MASTER of it)

(and like, i never thought i would actually enjoy watching someone eat a kebab but here i am, amazed at how jonas and his kebab become the same person). 

jonas and isak’s conversation felt too real, just like every scene in skam ever (perhaps with the exception of william smashing a bottle in some guy’s head?) and i think that’s why we all feel so attached to it. skam is realistic to the bone.

and now, if i’m allowed to ramble: i think being an actor is not only about expressing emotions realistically or playing intense characters. you don’t have to be dc’s the joker or get into the skin of margaret thatcher. it’s about being conscious of every single movement you make. especially considering that most scenes are shot more than once in order to assemble the dialogue. so, if your character has a hand in his pocket during one take, you need to remember to keep your hand there in every other take (there’s actually a continuity error with even’s hand when he’s on the sofa sitting next to emma and he’s trying to reach isak’s shoulder - which is not entirely henrik’s fault. and this is the only continuity error that i easily noticed).THIS WAS NOT ACCURATE. MY FAULThowever, there’s a continuity error in the tissues scene in 3x01, for example, but that’s not the actor’s fault.

honestly, this show is all-the-awards-worthy.

rachaellikespink  asked:

OMG you're a "Brave Little Toaster" fan? That movie fucked me up as a kid. There was so much I didn't understand--the air conditioner's "death," Blanky's weird fantasy about "Master" coming home, that entire "Worthless" scene, the Toaster "dying" at the end and the "Master" laughing about it later?--and it was all scary and sad to me. (I didn't understand that he fixed the Toaster; I thought he just replaced him!)

…I’m far past being a fan, TBH… It’s my #1 obsession. Those damn appliances are tattooed on my body and I have animation cels, autographs from Jerry Rees, and other related memorabilia from it.  

Oh yeah. It’s a bit too heavy for kids and flies over their heads. What happened was I was clearing out my VHS tapes in my teens, saw Brave Little Toaster, couldn’t remember much about it, and watched it. That’s when I realized what a great film it is.

The magnet was what scared me as a child. RIP ALL THOSE POOR CARS.


this is so long omfg. let’s go!


  • okay there was a LOT going on here, let’s start with the fun stuff:
    • “she broke up with you? who would do that?”
    • maggie “drink something a little harder and lose my cool” sawyer, be still my heart.
    • maggie calling alex a nerd. girl, you work for the science police.
    • alex suggesting a pinball bar.
  • that entire scene with alex and winn. alex is like, here is a whole lot of super personal details about maggie. winn: what’s a maggie? isn’t that exactly how it goes though? THIS THING HAS BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE VERY QUICKLY. everyone else: who da fuck is this thing? and then they worked some kind of wizard spell and managed to make winn’s crush on kara both not the worst thing ever and also a totally pointed reference. good job, show! and then alex’s face murdered me, part 1.
  • ”we’ll go and celebrate singledom,” says the girl who has never enjoyed dating and from the sounds of it has never actually been in a relationship. this entire scene is like a fucking master class in unravelling a plot point around your active story. maggie is well within her rights to be like, hold up what’s going on here? and alex’s response of utter confusion is perfect because it sets up maggie’s “my bad, then.” even if i hadn’t read the interviews with the show runners about this, i’d still have said at this point HALLELU THE SLOW BURN LIVES, because ngl, that very first scene had crushed all my dreams. but then. BUT THEN. (then that scene ended with alex’s poor confused face murdering me, part 2.)
  • (then alex was about to blurt out her gay awakening, only to be interrupted by kara’s. HEY LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT IN A MOMENT. ALSO ALEX AND KARA. ALSO IN A MINUTE.)
  • “my whole life has been about being perfect–” “OH GOD IT’S HAPPENING.”
    • this was perfect. perfect perfect perfect.
    • chyler smashed it out of the park with this amazing balance between alex’s absolute terror of the unknown and complete wonder that she may have finally solved this puzzle. alex’s face murdered me, part 3.
    • alex walked out of that scene BUZZING, and god, what an amazing thing to see. because it’s always scary, but it’s not always the most terrible thing on earth, and it was just so nice to see that on tv for once.
    • and maggie! this was about alex, not about the ship, and it was played in such a way that made me fall a little in love with her. thankyouforbeingafriend.mp3
  • and so the slow burn is saved! SAVED! because “wow this new girl is really neat and i think i want to kiss her???” isn’t the making of an otp. let them be buds. ALEX COULD DO WITH A FRIEND. A FRIEND SHE WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE OUT WITH, BUT STILL A FRIEND.
  • i’m emotional, don’t touch me.


  • alex and kara! science fairs! scary movies! punk rock music! this little glimpse into the tiny danvers sisters, post-alex’s broken arm! god, alex really did take her job of looking after kara and teaching her so seriously, you can just see all the steps from there to 2 years ago and alex’s spiral once she lost that part of her life as they both went off to college.
  • (and again, magical storytelling: let mon-el find his thing… ALEX FIND YOUR THING.)
  • but also, i adore that alex genuinely was going to tell kara, even if it did get interrupted. HEY NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT WHY.


  • lena showing up at kara’s work to ask her out on a date!
  • lena showing up at kara’s home to ask supergirl out also on a date!
    • (i paused this scene to type some words and i looked back up to see i had paused on lena staring at kara’s mouth and just started LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY LIKE OH MY GOD WHERE IS THIS EVEN GOING BESIDES GAYTOWN???)
  • kara showing up on lena’s balcony was clearly an homage to supergirl’s love for other wealthy CEOs made me cackle like a lunatic, i think this is the point where my brain started leaking out of my ears
  • “kara and i will see you tomorrow night”
  • i’m just loving every damn thing they’re doing with lena at this point
    • so doctor cadmus is mrs luthor. this very explicitly gives us context for where lena was coming from with her little alien detector, far more than the vaguely defined lex. they’ve set it out: she’s the daughter (and probably sister) of a alien bigot, and she was raised to be one, too. she is one, even if she wraps it up in empowering humans to protect themselves.
    • but she’s also secretly trying to sabotage the crime gangs her mother in funding.
    • and she’s actively fraternizing with aliens in public.
    • and there’s the whole blah blah i just want to do good blah, which in the context of being a capitalist libertarian is so much whatever BUUUUUUUUUT.
    • “you can’t live in fear. you more than anyone must understand that. time and again you risk everything to see justice done, is it so hard to believe that i feel the same way?” AND THEN, “are you one of those people who thinks there’s no such thing as a good luthor?”
    • WHAT DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT HER MOTHER’S INVOLVEMENT WITH CADMUS? because i’m pretty sure it’s something.
    • so is she trying to bring her mother down, or is she about to get a rude awakening that will drive her into the arm of team supergirl. i honestly can’t tell at this point, and i love iiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  • i ship them so much oh my god.


  • mon-el’s first day of school work! kara you nerd, i’m surprised you didn’t buy him a lunchbox. tbh, i’m still loving the hell out of their entire storyline and the way it’s being used to forward kara over and above everything else, like god this show how you do me so right.
  • that mon-el is as bad a liar as kara, but also less manipulative (bribery coffee!) is interesting, especially in light of the whole kryptonians are snobs vs daxamites are party boys.
  • once again kara’s grossed out by humans and aliens doing the sex thing, my sweet little prude.
  • no strip clubs for you, little daxamite!


  • “that was close.” “yeah, for their car.”
  • they finally put some of the cgi budget into showing kara carrying someone for real!
  • everything about winn and james, including and most especially winn poking james in the bruised ribs
  • twooooo mentions of cat, bless their socks
  • science saved them!
  • kara/potstickers otp
  • “soon you’ll learn your fico score!”
Flawed Comparisons

So, d’you think the author of  this post: … realizes how insulting she’s being to RTD?  Implying that despite writing three very different companions, RTD wrote them all with identical insecurities and issues for the Doctor to address?

Me, I think that RTD is a better writer than that.  Rose may have been insecure from time to time, especially when she felt her relationships threatened, but I never got the impression that she considered herself worthless, or rubbish.  She may have said that she had no future, but that was less about self-worth and more about her feeling that she was living in a holding pattern with no real purpose.  Martha was *highly* confident, challenging the Doctor to “earn that title” in her very first episode, striking down racist scorn in the exquisite “bones of the hand” scene, organizing an entire planet against the Master, and finally laughing in his face when he’s foolish enough to think that she plans to beat him with *his* tactics (superweapon of great power, complicated plot, etc) rather than the quintessentially Doctorish move of empowering someone else.  If anything, Martha’s confidence is initially shaken by the Doctor’s hot and cold running mixed signals.

No, the only companion whose story fits the simplistic narrative in that post is Donna.  And let’s not forget, Donna’s arc is a *tragedy.*  Donna—let’s be clear about this—is a genius.  She has pattern recognition skills that would make Sherlock Holmes forget to condescend.  She spots alien infiltrators by noticing the lack of human imperfections in their personnel files.  She instantly grasps the relationship between biology and behavior and is able to extrapolate critical information about an alien species.  She works out an alien dating system based on patterns alone.  But she firmly believes that the only thing keeping her from being totally insignificant, and totally ignored, is her willingness to turn up the volume until people are forced to notice her out of sheer annoyance.  The Doctor repeatedly praises her insight, and she repeatedly brushes him off.  In the end, when faced with a choice between losing some memories and dying, she *chooses dying*—she genuinely thinks that without the Doctor’s influence and the infusion of Time Lord traits, there’s nothing in her worth saving.  The Doctor goes on to commit one of the more viscerally filthy acts of a distinctly checkered career, because all of that affirmation, all that praise—it didn’t work.  We all thought that “Midnight” was the worst way the Doctor’s voice could fail him.  We all thought wrong.

Other people have discussed the Moffat side of the post in a lot of detail, calling out its inaccuracies, but I want to point out the one that I found most glaring: the Doctor never actually called Clara a needy game-player.  That was her description of *him.*  He misinterprets it as a self-portrait, and begins to assure her that he doesn’t mind a single one of her personality flaws and doesn’t want her to change.  It would have been a very affirming statement, if it hadn’t led immediately to the realization that they were in a trap.  His later statement that Clara is a control freak is not actually an insult either, or at least not an intentional one; it’s part of the traditional Doctor Who “you have critically underestimated one or more brilliant humans, and now you’re in the soup,” speech.

In short (way, way too late for that), neither RTD nor Moffat are writing the overly simplified story that the OP outlined.  They’re both better writers than that.  Thank God.

EDIT: Your other anonymous is, of course, correct.  I have not seen “Deep Breath” since I saw it in the theater, and I forgot who had that particular line of dialogue.  I believe, however, that not only does my point about RTD’s writing stand, but my larger point about Twelve still holds up.  He offered the description, when prompted, but as soon as Clara appeared to *accept* the assessment of herself as an egomaniacal, needy game-player, he assured her that he didn’t want or need her to change.