this entire scene got me so emotional

I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this originally for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 7 of Yuri on Ice (aka the episode that broke Tumblr, Twitter, the Internet, etc and saved 2016):

Still adorable.

Damn that blanket.

I don’t know what is cuter about Guang Hong’s internal narrative for his free skate: the fact that he rescues his beloved “ally” Leo or that Georgi is the villain. It’s probably a tie.


Baby Chris is super adorable. I guess in a way, Victor gave him his life and love by motivating him.

Adult Chris is still adorable to me but just in a naughtier way. Although I do wish the music he chose for his FS was more sexy. I never thought it matched him or his outfit.

I was so happy Phitchit got first place at the China Cup. I would’ve been TOTALLY fine if he got bronze during the Grand Prix Final. I love him.


Although Victor’s reaction did give me a chuckle.

Seriously, no matter how many times I rewatch this scene, I still get emotional. A distraught Yuuri just kills me.

Thank God for Georgi for providing a moment of levity. Again, I know he was totally seriously heartbroken and I completely feel for him, but I still couldn’t stop laughing at his entire FS. I’m sorry, Georgi. I hope his new girlfriend is nicer to him.

Such a tiny gesture and yet packed with so much meaning for them. Ugh, these two…my heart.

I love every single moment of Yuuri’s FS performance this time, from his inner dialogue to…

…both Victor and Yurio and just about everyone else’s reaction to it. Again, gets me all happy weepy every time.

As if there could be any doubt that I would love this moment. I mean, if seeing my OTP sitting together to share a meal and some laughter is enough to keep me happy for a year, something like this…I’m still surprised my brain didn’t just short circuit and break apart right then and there. I would normally expect something like this to happen in a show like Yuri on Ice as much as I would expect the same to occur in shows like Kuroko no Basuke or Haikyuu or Prince of Tennis…in that I would NEVER expect it to EVER happen since YOI is a sports anime first and foremost. So to say this shook me to my core in the best possible way would be an accurate assessment of my reaction when I first watched the episode. 

That look between them…I think I love it almost as much as I love The Kiss. I would’ve loved it more if they kissed again right here, but that much happiness in such quick succession would have definitely melted my brain into a worthless pile of goo. 

Yuuri had to have felt that glare all the way in China. I’m so happy Otabek came (back) into his life to burn some of that seething anger away.

‘Andrew Garfield on Faith, Politics and the Making of Hacksaw Ridge’ 
by Sam Lansky

Andrew Garfield is radiant. This may be particularly noticeable because we’re having breakfast at the upscale vegan restaurant Café Gratitude in Venice, Calif., which is the epicenter of wellness culture in Los Angeles, crowded with surfers and yogis smiling beatifically on a sunlit patio. But it’s not just the environment—out of Garfield pours the easy charm of someone who’s done powerful soul-searching and found enlightenment. It’s an infectious energy.

It’s also probably not a surprise, given that the actor, 33, stars in two back-to-back films this winter, in each of which he plays men spurred by faith to do the unimaginable. First, there’s Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge (out Nov. 4), in which Garfield gives an awards-worthy performance as conscientious objector Desmond Doss, a Seventh-Day Adventist who served as a medic during World War II in the gruesome Battle of Okinawa, though he refused to carry a weapon. The film makes Doss’ heroism feel intimate and deeply personal; the film’s violence is harrowing, but it’s anchored by Garfield’s sensitive, humane performance. Then, on Dec. 23, he stars in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, in which he plays a 17th-century Jesuit priest who travels to Japan to minister to outlawed Christians.

These projects have led Garfield on a journey of spiritual discovery and self-interrogation; reflecting on his recent work, he is philosophical but not at all self-serious. We talked about God, Mel Gibson and the presidential election.

TIME: What drew you to the character of Desmond Doss?

Andrew Garfield: First, it was beautifully written. The character was so compelling—it was one of those stories that rang a bell inside me. I’m pretty good at saying no to things, at discerning between what I’m supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do. With this one I felt compelled enough that I knew my drive to do it would supersede any doubt I had about myself being able to do it. If the longing to do it goes beyond my self-doubt, then I’m in.

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Goodbye My Lover

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Inspired by James Blunt’s ‘Goodbye My Lover’. The reader is walking up the stairs when she finds Steve bawling his eyes out after he finds out about Peggy’s death.
Word count: 512

Warnings: Angst, emotional breakdown, crying Steve, mention of character death

A note from the Author: I cry every time I listen to that song. Honestly, this scene was one of the most important to me in the entire movie. It just reminds me that while Tony is dealing with a lot, so is Steve. You’ve got to keep in mind that he’s grieving while trying to do what he sees is right and hold onto the last living piece of his past(Bucky).


You were never a fan the elevator, no matter how many times that Tony had tried to convince you it was faster and easier. Once he even threatened to remove the stairs altogether because of how often you took them, but look where they had gotten you.


You had been walked up the stairs to see how the meeting was going when you heard it. A muffled noise that sounded so heartbroken that you almost didn’t want to investigate.

You followed the miserable sounds up a few flights of stairs before you saw him. The great beast of a man with shoulders as wide as his shield. One hand was pressed to his mouth in a fist, the other clutching the railing behind him. Captain America was crying so hard his entire was body was shaking like a leaf.

You weren’t sure how to respond to such behavior from the man you knew to be a rock.

“Steve?” You called out to him quietly as you continued up the stairs towards him.

His head snapped up so fast you swore he might’ve broken a vertebrae, but you didn’t have any brain capacity left once you saw his face. His entire complexion was tear-stained and red, his eyes and mouth puffy from crying.

“Oh my god, Steve…What happened?” You had reached his level as this point and were reaching towards his face to wipe the tears away.

“I-she-I…” The super soldier stuttered out, tears still pouring down his cheeks at an alarming rate.

“Okay, shhh, shh. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“It’s Peggy,” Steve sobbed. You were barely able to understand his scrambled speech "She died. In her sleep"

“Oh Steve-” One of your hands flew to your mouth in shock and you felt your own grief for the last heroine puddle in your chest.

“She was just-she was the last…She was the last thing I had. The only person I had left. She was my family, Y/N…She was there for me when nobody else was. Bucky was gone. My Mother was gone. I loved her and now she’s gone too.” Steve spilled in one breath before lapsing back into his tears.

You wrapped your arms around the man’s waist, You felt his around yours and his head against you neck while his tears spilt onto your shirt.

You stood there with him for half of an hour before he straightened himself up after calming down slightly.

“Steve, I don’t know what to  say”

“Please don’t say anything,” he cut you off “I just-I can’t talk right now,”

You nodded slowly “It’s okay. I understand. You go back down to your floor, okay?”

“But the meeting…”

“I’ll deal with it. Go make yourself some tea and lie down.”

Steve nodded obediently and started to make his descent while you climbed the stairs to talk to the rest of the Avengers and dismiss their meeting.

“Y/N” Steve suddenly called to you.

“Yeah Steve?”

“Can you come by later? I think I’ll want to talk to somebody by then”

“Of course, Steve. Of course”



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Okay so I binged your entire masquerade series today and I am a pool of emotions 😭😭 you seriously are one of the best writers, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster today!! Thank you for writing such an amazing story ❤️❤️ also your April fools joke got to me so bad lol 😭😭

OMG BINGED?? How did you survive? Even I have to take breaks re-reading it cause that’s a whole lot of emotion and smexy scenes ;) Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my series <3 And I’M SORRY FOR THE APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! Gahh! 


Dylan: “There was me, y'know…me and T-Pose are uh…Tyler, sorry, wow, uh. me and T-Pose-bro-Pose! Uh, y'know, we’re literally best friends in real life and like it’s kind of amazing how far we’ve come with the show y'know, it all started as like a little pilot presentation. We just met on it and it was so cool and we even both got the part and now it’s just y'know the success it’s at, it’s so cool and we’re still doing it and it’s just like sometimes we just stop and talk about that and…um, and like we had a scene this year that we haven’t really had to do before together. And, me, for me, my entire acting career has been with this guy right here y'know so, so to have a scene like we had, an emotional scene, like together, like that, for us as friends, as actors, as co-workers, I think that was a really special thing for us.


Story flow is a nebulous subject that’s oft times discussed in terms that are far too strict or far too broad for an aspiring writer to get anything out of the conversation. A fact that isn’t too surprising given that are very few inherently wrong ways to tell a story and, therefore, almost no hard rules related to the topics of pacing and flow. In spite of that, let’s see if I can write a semi-cohesive piece on the topic that will serve as something of a reference guide for those of you who struggle to decide how much information is too much or how much is too little.

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1. I loved that Victor was narrating it. It showed us a teenie bit of depth in his character. “20 years without life and love”. Interesting. Very interesting. 

2. Okay, obviously, THE RINGS. OMG. LIKE. HELLO. WHAT. OMG. OMG. And they way everyone just accepts it like “yeah whatevs these two just being romantic again.”


4. I thought the scene by the water, with Victor alone with the ring, was very telling of his character. When Yurio shows up and Victor roughly cups his cheek, I honestly got the feeling that it was…slightly threatening. Like, “you little brat, stay in your lane.” Is that just me? It didn’t seem friendly to me at all. Like Victor is subtly showing him who is boss, and what sort of behaviour is acceptable. Victor has been the top skater for years and years, he probably has a low threshold for this sort of arrogance, right? I mean, JJ and Christophe still sort of defer to him, but Yurio? Yurio literally just said, “Victor Nikiforov is dead.” Like??? That’s not the kind of thing you say to people unless you want to piss them off!



7. I know this episode didn’t have any actual skating, but I wouldn’t call this a filler. It gave us a lot of information about the characters and how they are off the rink, and I think that’s great. I love how they’ve made each one such a rounded person. 

8. And this is just me, but I really hope they make Yurio more likeable soon -_- I’ve given him the benefit of doubt so far, but his attitude is starting to grate on my nerves a little. 

9. I feel like Victor narrating the episode changed the tone of the episode a little. He noticed things Yuuri would not have. The entire Christophe scene, for instance. The parts with Phichit. Yuuri was obviously tense and doubting himself (the way he flashbacks to last year’s defeat was so, so realistic for those suffering from anxiety, I was honestly astounded. More on this later.) Anyway, with Victor narrating it, we got an insight into how he thinks. How in parts, it’s pretty funny and cute. In other areas, it’s so tender and vulnerable. (The ring scene???? THE RING SCEENENENENENE?????) And the scene by the water, which I thought was heavy, almost borderline antsy. It gives me the feeling that Victor does a lot of his emotional musing and thinking all alone. I don’t think he has ever had too much emotional support. “If I had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yurio wouldn’t be this motivated to fight, and neither would I…” It really hints that Victor was a bit sick of competitive skating. He needed a change of pace. 

10. Yuuri’s anxiety flashback. This happens to me so often it’s just freaking exhausting. The way it came to Yuuri too, was so realistic. The whole burying his head in the pillow and everything. I’ve always been a little ambivalent about him having an anxiety disorder, but now I’m a lot more inclined to support that theory.

11. Phichit’s mobile picture for Yuuri is a DOG :’D Is it Vicchan? Makkachin? IDK BUT I LOVE IT. 

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Hey Liz, I know you've probably gotten an ask similar to this before. But I'm really into the idea of seeing as many positive posts as possible right now and I love your enthusiasm for CS. So I was wondering, what are your favorite CS moments for each arc? (If you can't decide just one, a couple is ok too😉)

Oh, this is great! Thanks for asking!

S2 Enchanted Forest - Has to be the hand bandaging scene. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Yum-my. Plus you could see Emma totally taken off guard and taken with him. Previous to that moment she always had her guard up, her bravado, but here she’s totally and completely fuckstruck for the very first time. It gets me every time. 

S2 Storybrooke - The scene in the hospital in 2x12. I love that Emma wanted to hide him, I love the sexual innuendo, I love that Emma is drawn to him, even when she thinks he’s a schmuck and bad guy. Little did she know…

3a Neverland - No question about this one. From 3x07, the “When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it” scene. That is one of my top scenes on any show ever. I love it so much, it’s really what kicked my shipping into high gear. One thing I rarely see discussed is when Hook says “And you will” to Emma getting her son back and Emma says, “You think so?” JMo does this really great thing where it’s clear Emma is surprised that she asked the question, surprised that she is craving reassurance from him, surprised that his faith in her means so much. It’s almost a micro expression, a slight widening of the eyes and intake of breath, but I noticed it on the very first viewing and I look forward to seeing it every dang time.  Bravo, Jennifer Morrison! 

3b Wicked - There are so many amazing scenes in that arc, especially with the CS Movie, so it’s really hard to pick, but I would have to go with “You traded your ship for me? Aye” and the kiss.  I had waited from 3x11 for a) Emma to show some gratitude and thank him for finding her and b) for the show to reveal that he gave up his ship in order to get back to her and that one scene finally delivered both of those things. Plus it was capped by their first ‘we’re really doing this’ kiss. So many things I had been waiting for in two short minutes. Amazing. 

4a Frozen - This is another tough one because I love a lot of the scenes from the beginning of their relationship, but I have to say it’s their first hug in 4x02. After all that time, it was so cathartic for them to finally embrace in a real way, and that episode was especially satisfying because we’d spent 40 minutes watching Hook out-of-his mind with worry. He was so relieved to have her in his arms and I was relieved too.  I also lump in the scenes afterward in the loft, when he’s kneeling beside her, trying to get her warm and just completely and totally cherishing her. That is some good stuff right there. 

4b Queens of Darkness - As much as I loved deckhand Hook and the tackling him on the bed reunion in 4x22, and the horizon scene in 4x20, and “its you,”  I think I have to go with 4x13 and “I’m going to choose to see the best in you.”  I kinda like it when they have a little fight and there’s a bit of tension between them that needs to be resolved. That was one of the first times we saw that sort of tension after they started dating.  I loved that they had a disagreement, but I loved even more how Emma handled it and how reasonable and loving she was.  To me that was one of the first times we saw her putting as much into the relationship as he did. 

(But also “it’s you” in 4x15 ‘cause that was a big freaking declaration and Emma’s tear of intense emotion made my heart squeeze.)

5a Dark Swan/Camelot - There is so much from this arc and so many moments that are gut wrenching and heart breaking, I’m going to pick something happy. Killian Jones giving Emma Swan his brother’s ring. That entire scene was was a shipper’s dream and it’s all ours! We got the happiest Emma face ever, Emma looking disappointed when she found out it wasn’t a proposal, and Emma kissing him and joking with him and promising to come back. Swoon. 

5b Underworld - This is easy. It has to be the reunion in the graveyard in 5x21. Has either of them ever expressed such relief and joy? But the setting made it so bitter sweet. JMo and Colin really knocked that out of the park, the way Emma attacked him with kisses was so on point and I love that Killian was confused, but so happy to be back with her. Plus my favorite is how when they fully kiss they shift their arm placement so they are holding each other as tightly as possible. They can’t get close enough. Every time a gif of this crosses my dash I sit and stare at it a minute. Never over it. 

6a LoUS - This has to be the vault scene in 6x07, and this is definitely a top 5 scene for me. To me that scene had it all, humor, a caring, compassionate Killian who knows exactly how to get through to her, Emma in awe of the man who loves her and whom she loves and then a hand kiss! Breathtaking. 

That was fun, thanks again for asking!

Okay omg omg I just realized that in the scene where Magnus fixes Alec’s jacket (and Alec smiles at him like his heart just exploded into million particles that all whisper “i love magnus bane” but off point) Alec’s arm is stretched out towards Magnus and also note that Magnus hasn’t yet touched Alec first and so what if Alec got a little nervous from the talk they were having about him pushing Magnus away and about how he was kind of rude to him at the institute earlier and he just awkwardly started fumbling with Magnus’s sweater or maybe just extended his arm and lightly touched his waist or something and imagine how much his heart was beating from that and how nervous he probably got and how Magnus felt all the affection that came from that little gesture and felt so much more confident and like that maybe Alec does feel for him as much as he feels for Alec and I’m going to scream someone stop me from blackmailing freeform to leak that entire scene

So I talk to much and my reply to @bellmyblake for this post got too long (as expected).

For anyone wondering what we were talking about, it’s basically all of the referenes of Clarke leaving Bellamy, Bellamy pointing out that he needs clarke (”can’t lose her”), season finale spoilers anddddd a bunch of other stuff

So, yeah! This season has had a lot of imagery of clarke leaving bellamy - not only through the lines he said to her but because we watched her “leaving “him so so, many times.

(and it’s very interesting because all of the “images” i’m about to mention are also about Clarke leaving “her people”, but this is always always focused on Bellamy. Because they focus more on the fact that she’s leaving him. Bellarke is very symbolic)

We get 2x16, obviously. So 3x01 starts with Clarke away from them.

And then we get to 3x02, as you pointed out. This episode reinforces the hecck out of how much Bellamy misses Clarke, needs her and CAn’t lose her. And then, what happens? She leaves. Not because she wanted to, of course. But the image is what sticks to us as an audience and to the story. Bellamy goes after Clarke and he’s separated from her. Can’t be with her, get to her

(and so, she’s away from her people to. She goes to Polis)

on 3x03, what happens? She leaves again. Bellamy and Clarke find each other again and Clarke chooses to stay in Polis (for her own reasons, but still, PLOT AND IMAGES going on here). She chooses Polis and even though we get to see Bellamy walking away, Clarke is the one who’s leaving. In this scene he basically begged her to come home,to come back to her people - she refuses.

(and can I just say how i love this scene? I know many people hate it because of the angst but i love how seemingly “plot-unnecessary” it is. Clarke made her choice, Abby tried to talk her out of it, she convinced her back by making a valid point Kane and Abby said their goodbyes to her. The end.

Why did we need a shot of abby and kane walking away, passing by Bellamy who dramatically glared at clarke - then we get a scene of him walking towards her slowly, we see them staring at each other a lot- and then they talk again about the same subject abby and clarke had already discussed?

But it’s interesting because of course Bellamy would bring up the “you should come home to your people” (= you’ve been away from your people, come back where you belong etc) but Abby didn’t use this argument, she didn’t think of it. BUt it is super related to what happened on 2x16 and the 3x01-3x02 arc. And bellamy is always the one bringing it up.

But she didn’t choose them ( on screen/in image: didn’t choose him). And she doesn’t give him the same reasons she gives Abby because the point of this scene is for us to see her leaving and Bellamy getting pissed)

Where was I? Oh, so we already got three images of Clarke leaving “her people” (but on screen, oh so clearly leaving Bellamy): 2x16-3x02-3x03

And then we get 3x05. And it can’t get more graphic than that. Her people are in crisis, her people are at war with themselves, they are violent, they are blood thirsty, they are mad at the grounders (= Bellamy). Bellamy literally handcuffs her so she’ll stay. And then, she leaves.

We get all of those images + Bellamy constantly mentioning the fact that he’s pissed that she left, or that he’s upset (”Please, come inside”/”you should come home to yours”/”You left me!”/””I was so angry at you for leaving”).

And, again, sure we got scenes of Octavia asking Clarke to come home, we get the eventual Abby scene -because, YES, the fact that Clarke left hurt EVERYONE and not only Bellamy. But the huge amount of lines and scenes that make us feel like Clarke is leaving or has left Bellamy are way more present and emotion - heavy.

I mean, on the entire show we had 7 bellarke reunions, 4 of those happened on season 3 alone. And each one of those 4 were important scenes that only reminded us harder that they were apart before in the first place (3x02 speaks for itself, 3x03 had Bellamy’s dramatic entrance and bellamy’s line pointing out that she should come back,3x05 had that huge moment of bellamy seeing clarke and 3x11 gave us the *meeting at the moonlight*).

So, yeah, this plot is very specifically about bellarke. And bellamy himself is always connected to the “people she left”. So she knows she hurts them, and she needs them; BUt she also know she hurt Bellamy and she needs Bellamy.

And all of this has got to come full circle in the finale, imho. We just had too many scenes of Clarke leaving Bellamy. And now she SAID she wants to be “together”, but we need the proof. We got the line, now we need the image.

(now we need the test actually. Whenever a character make s a decision to change their ways, they need a test so they can prove that they indeed have changed. This also goes for Bellamy’s arcs and I truly hope we get this)

And again, i find it incredible that bellamy and clarke are mending their relationships before everyone else really (before all of the delinquents), they’re already starting the rebirth (the delinquents started it since 3x11 as you well said) and of course they would, you know? Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship usualy reflect what is going on with the plot and everyone else while it also gets to go against the grain

(everyone is mad and pissed and away from their loved ones, but they are getting togeher. At the same time, we know there’s some healing about to happen because of 3x11 and because we got to see moments that showed us some relationships are about to get mended at least a little - like monty looking at jasper leaving, bellamy + lincoln’s body ans asking octavia “what’s going on”

Bellamy and Clarke are the leaders. People follow. Simple as that)

Side note: YES. Ever since I’ve heard about the spoilers, they only started making more and more sense to be honest. I never wanna get my hopes up, but if Bellamy is what brings Clarke back from COL, doesn’t that make absolute sense??? I mean????? I don’t think they’ll try to show her love for Bellamy is bigger than her love for L.exa through that, truth is L.exa was always supposed to die (ever since gorilla episode) so these ships were never truly rivals? So COL is about Clarke facing her past. her pain, her escapism versus reality. Her love for L.exa symbolizes everything we talked about basically (everytime Clarke left it was related to L.exa. Every single time). It symbolizes escapism (Clarke’s arc in Polis was her COL because she didn’t have to face her people), it also symbolizes pain now because L.exa died.

Her love for Bellamy represents her people-  I mean… think about how all of those scenes Bellamy was saying “WE can’t lose Clarke”/ “You should come back to YOURS [your people]”/”You left me, you left EVERYONE”. That and, as I mentioned, all the scenes of her leaving her people were focusing on Clarke leaving Bellamy. It represents reality (It also represents a bunch of other things that I won’t even get into because this is getting too long already).

So the 100 scenes are rarely about just one thing. We have what’s happening on the screen, what’s happening with the characters feelings and we also get the symbolism. For example, 3x03: Bellamy and Clarke fight, she stays, he leaves. But we also know that Clarke doesn’t really want to stay…but she does at the same time - they didn’t SAY that,butwe KNOW that. Also, Bellamy is frustrated at her for leaving again, he went through all of this trouble to get to her and here she is trusting the grounders (we KNOW this). And then ther’s the symbolism we talked about up there.

I feel like the finale will be the exact same thing. We see Clarke getting out of the COL because of Bellamy (+ if the spoilers are right, l.exa tells her to start living?). Then we will also know that Clarke obviously loves Bellamy A HUGE DEAL and vice versa (but idk how much of this will be turned into actual character lines). And then we get the symbolism of love breaking the COL, love being worth the pain and reality and Clarke finally choosing her people (and Bellamy)

I’m gonna tag @abazethe100 because I promised I would if I wrote anything xD

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hey, could you perhaps do a bechloe fanfic rec list? it would be much appreciated!

Originally posted by leavinjustintime

My link shrinker is being an asshole so it’s long ass links after the fic names for today.

Well, gotta start off with the masterpieces. 

Favourite Record:

Absolutely flawlessly written slow burn about our two girls on the road trip of their lives. Written by the wonderful eliseboobman.


Another wonderful slow burn from redlance. Chloe really acts on the experimentation musing she has in the tent scene…this fic is fab. JS. 

Then, you got your tearjerkers:

Ready. 1-2-3:

Good lord, KatAndTonic(I can’t find if they have a tumblr) certainly kills me 100 times over here.  Beca gets in a ton of health trouble as Chloe has some wonderful news, and it’s a whirlwind of emotions the entire way. AND IT’S NOT DONE I’M GOING TO DIE.

Newton’s First Law:

Okay, so it isn’t your usual tearjerker and it’s not a tearjerker all the way, but there is rather a lot of angst.  I’m dying. Thanks for that, allieebobo.

Then, your fluff fests:

Fell At Disneyland (And I Got This To Show For It) :

This is just adorable from top to bottom.  Stacie and Beca are off to disneyland with Stacie’s cutie pie offspring and they run into Princess Anna and the photographer. OH MY GOD FEELS. We bow down to MsLane, who’s done a few fics for Bechloe.  Wonderful.

Just A Glance:

Not entirely fluff, but entirely wonderful.  Basically the first movie, but BECHLOE STYLE. So yes, wonderful. SO thank you bel_halliwell. 

Just pure wonderful: 


OH MY GOD THIS FIC TOOK ME THROUGH SO MANY EMOTIONS AND I LOVED IT SO SO SO MUCH OH JESUS CHRIST.  They basically are neighbours and there’s Jeca at the beginning but it progresses perfectly. Cheers to griffnsclarke for this one. 


This is basically a kind of angsty acachild fic which is awesome to read, so much Chloe/Emily that I don’t see enough and I love.  Thanks to shesamarshmallow for this piece of lovely writing. 

There is a fic that I don’t know the name of where Chloe’s dog runs into Beca’s apartment, and makes friends with Beca - then Chloe goes on tour with Emily (her music student) and Beca ends up, after Aubrey fails, looking after the dog. Then stuff happens when Chloe gets back?

If anybody knows that last one then please please tell me thanks <3

But yeah, there’s my list for ya. 

Watch on

I felt this piece of music from LOST fit this scene too perfectly to ignore (and then I got emotional and started adding in other stuff)

I’m also aware I don’t normally make videos like this but I’ve been so moved by the entire ark of this relationship and these characters, and frankly yes I was, and still am, upset over Lexa.

So here’s me, putting my feelings into dramatic montage and music because we all need to get shit off our chests one way or another.

End art by








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