this entire goddamn show!

13 Reasons Why Character Nastiness Levels

1. Hannah 3/10, She was hurting, but sadly pushed away the people that could have helped her.

2. Clay 2/10, Can act irrationally because of his emotions and will do/say dumb stuff, but ultimately has a good heart.

3. Tony 3/10, Extremely patient with lil ole Clay, does come off as a lil bit condescending, but means well. 

4. Jessica 5/10, She slapped Hannah and bam, friendship over, but she still kept an eye on her and was generally pleasant towards her.

5. Justin 7/10, LOOK, I’m not excusing what he did, but he DID ultimately realize he was wrong to keep the secret from Jess and cut off Bryce completely. Also, no kid deserves the home life he has.

6. Bryce 10000000000000/10, This lil fucker can rot in hell. He’s the one who started it all and HE NEEDS TO GO DOWN.

7. Alex 6/10, What he did probably didn’t seem like a big deal to him, but it enabled other guys to treat Hannah like an object, not a person. At least he had the decency to feel horrible about it. (also I hope he’s ok).

8. Zach 6/10, He was trying to be nice to Hannah, but she shot him down, and he did not take that well. Like Alex, at least he had the decency to feel bad and I’m glad we get to hear why he didn’t say anything.


10. Sheri 7/10, Honestly, the only reason it’s so high is because of poor Jeff. Otherwise, she did come clean and tried to make amends and was generally a kind person. I feel like Hannah just couldn’t handle keeping a secret that awful.

11. Courtney 9/10, What she did wasn’t the worst by far, but how she handled everything after was horrendous, just because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

12. Ryan 9/10, Same as Courtney. His crime wasn’t that terrible, but I hate how he never felt bad about it AT ALL and just kept going around like he was so entitled.

13. Marcus 9/10 Same as the above two. These 3 were a series of shitty moments, but the way they handled the aftermath was just disgusting.

14. Skye 3/10, Not on the tapes or even associated with Hannah, but pretty prevalent in Clay’s life. She’s tough and rude, but luckily lets Clay in. Very happy they rekindled their friendship.


I have to go to work in fifteen minutes.  I don’t want to.  I really don’t know if I want to be a nurse at all anymore.

It’s not just that work is unpleasant, but that in my time off I’m still too exhausted and depressed to enjoy anything.  I feel like I lost one bit of my leisure at a time–first exercise, then writing, then reading, then crafting, and now I don’t even watch TV.  It takes two days off in a row before I have enough focus to maybe be able to get through an entire episode of a TV show.  It’s the highlight of my goddamn month if I go outdoors for more than a few minutes.

I work, sleep, and stare listlessly at the computer until it’s time to work or sleep again.  This is not me.  This is not anyone.  This is not life.

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t even know if work is my real problem here.  But something has to change here.  I have to find a way out.  This is not life.

its always a beautiful day and a beautiful night to remember that during o helga natt, even didn’t once ever say to isak that he was sorry for being mentally ill i.e, that his mental illness defines him and that he is therefore unworthy of isak, but that he was sorry for not telling isak that he was mentally ill, i.e, that he knew he should have told isak from earlier on so that things were clear right from the start.

there is such a huge, startling difference between the 2 things, and a misinterpretation of this can change the entire meaning of those words. 

I’m watching the newest episode of doctor who. Missy dabs. She actually dabs, but she had no connection to the outside world other than the doctor. Are you telling me that the doctor teaches her to dab!? Why is this something that happens in this goddamn show!? Why have I devoted my entire childhood and life this!?

no spoilers pls but i just watched the first ep of the new season of or/ange is the ne/w bl/ack and honestly didn’t like 75% of it, should I bother continuing on with the season?

The Temple of Controversy

Spoilers for RvB S15 E5

Are we here? Are we actually at this point? I guess so. This fandom is particularly wild this past year. Can’t say I like it. Can’t say it’s all that new. 

So before I get into controversy let me get this out of the way because, hey, I’m one of those people too who take vague addresses personally regardless of how little it has to with myself so, just for you my fellow anxiety ridden fandomers: This is not directed at anyone who is squicked by these kinds of things and just wants to put it out there that they’re squicked and won’t be reading any content about that which squicks them. You’re cool and valid. This is not directed at people for whom the very concept nonconsent causes reasonable suffering and hurt. You’re valid and if you need to clarify what bothers you to the general public, have at it hoss. If you’re just enjoying your corner of fandom and you acknowledge that people can have a squick and might not be into what’s exciting you, you do you boo. 

So who am I talking to? Other than the people who are somehow interested in my opinion just bc it’s my opinion?

I’m talking to anyone on any side of this opinion that feels like their moral standing gives them permission to bully, dismiss, overstep, overtalk, and just in general distress people who don’t agree with them. This is toward anyone who genuinely thinks there’s something to be gained by pearl clutching. This is toward anyone who feels it’s their god given right to personally trigger others. 

Got it? Okay, under the cut we go:

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anonymous asked:

I really want to start changing myself because I have this tendency to be impatient and irrational. You have this mature demeanor and I really want to emulate that. Do you have any advice on what I can do or where I can start?

This is going to sound harsh, and a lot of people probably would call this ‘shitty’ or not ‘properly utilizing my platform,’ but a lot of my maturity derives from being too tired to care, too focused on my work and being able to separate myself from what matters the most versus my initial aggravation.

Again, this is personal philosophy, but sometimes I catch myself rubbing my eyes like - This doesn’t fucking matter. I only have so much time and space to allocate my energy into. I want to make money. I want to make art. I want to make money with my art, and time is money. When my time isn’t money, I want to have a good time in my online spaces, and no one can tell me how to fucking feel or what to do in those spaces unless I’m actively harming someone.

I have mental illness, but I’m gonna fight to run my emotions and control how I feel as much as possible. I come from a background where my emotions weren’t considered mine to have. I’ve healed from that and the internet isn’t going to dictate my emotional output or input. It is my right as a person to be as soft, hard, warm or cold as I want to be, and half the time, I don’t feel like people deserve my anger. As in, you’re not good enough for my rage, so I’m just going to ice you out or ignore you or do better than you in every aspect of my life. This isn’t passive. This isn’t aggressive. This isn’t passive aggressive. 

This is owning myself entirely. 

I run this show. 

Advice, though?

Every single goddamn day you have to wake up and decide what you want to deal with outside the uncontrollable aspects of your life. You need to ask yourself - ‘What the fuck am I willing to deal with today and will it benefit me?’

After my mom got cancer and I learned she was dying, it occurred to me that I couldn’t control that situation. I started really looking at what I could control, and it was startling. The past year, I’ve grown into truly understanding the things in life that are changeable and containable and the ones that aren’t.

Once you see those things? Life becomes significantly easier and a lot will roll off your back.

If I’m going to drain my emotional energy into anything, then it’s going to be into my writing that helps people be it by making them happy or giving them solidarity. 

I don’t have time to be anything but what I am now, but I made the choice to be that way. I’m proud of me, and I promise once you start on this kind of path, then you’re going to see the shift in your maturity. It’s incredible. 

A list of things that I have noticed in Adrien Agreste’s two-story room
1. Three large computer monitor screens
2. A large flat screen TV above the computer screens
3. A king sized bed next to the computer area
4. Two half pipe ramps and a railing???
5. Half of a basketball court???
6. A climbing wall that ends like six feet above the ground with no cushioning like Adrien pls no you’ll fall
7. A two wall library with two more screens????
8. Foosball table
9. A big sofa
10. Maybe there is ANOTHER TV in front of the sofa there probably is
11. Three arcade games
12. One of the arcade games is Dance Dance Revolution gosh what a nerd
13. Trophies (maybe from more sports)

I fucking hate that stupid goddamn fruitsoftheape100 blog with a burning passion. Nobody cares about fucking Elmer and his stupid book of shapes. Why do people in this deep blue hell care about that dumbass ape roleplay blog that types like Kanaya Maryam from goddamn Homestuck. The entire thing shows how this website has no humor anymore and I seriously just hate fucking Elmer. His responses aren't funny. I hate that blog more than anything. I don’t care. Fucking ‘display your wares ‘ what the fuck does that mean? Nobody fucking knows but everybody finds it fucking hilarious. Don’t think the sandsvendor100 blog is being let off easily either. Has this website really gone so far into its SJW loving assholes that god fucking damnit if I see one more fucking Elmer or Seymour post on my dash I will flip a goddamn shit

Is there any overlap between people who watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend and people who have read @asynca‘s books? Because I’m currently thinking about how characters from these two worlds would interact together and I think there’s a lot to discuss, especially with Min and Rebecca. 

Like, consider their mothers. Both women are overbearing and emotionally abusive, and both honestly, deeply believe that they are doing the right thing for their child. Naomi’s “I want you to survive” feels very much like something Mrs. Lee (I cannot remember her first name to save my life) would say. Or the line in “Where’s The Bathroom?” where she complains about Rebecca always wanting “more more more more more”, said in response to Rebecca not asking for a damn thing is exactly fucking like Mrs. Lee. Both of these women give “gifts” that are then used to try and control their children through guilt. 

And Rebecca and Min are both Level-5 Mom Pleasers despite knowing intellectually that their mothers are the source of a lot of their anxiety. Because yes their mothers are controlling and mean and make them feel bad about themselves, but they also sacrificed so much to take care of their kids? Mrs. Lee gave up a job she loved so she could afford to raise Min as a single parent. We don’t know what all Naomi had to do to afford Harvard and Yale, but we do know that she willingly gave up any chance of Rebecca not hating her in order to let Rebecca continue believing her dad cared about her. 

And then there’s the way they approach romance and sex. Min (and I’m talking early-UMS Min since this does change) gets into relationships that are appropriate, because they’re What Makes Sense (and what Mrs. Lee would approve of, especially with Henry The Nice Korean Boy). Sex happens, not because Min is interested, but because that’s what you do in a relationship. Because it wouldn’t be fair to the other person to not have sex.

Meanwhile Rebecca does legit enjoy many of the sexual encounters she has, but she also clearly uses sex/sexuality to try and make people like her (consider her “all eyes on me!” before doing the pole dance). And her romantic relationships being ridiculously unhealthy is the entire premise of the goddamn show. But where Min recognizes that the relationship is bad and blames herself for it (and then tries in vain to just stop being unhappy which is another parallel because “this is what happy feels like why aren’t you happy”) Rebecca just refuses to acknowledge the issues and instead wraps herself up in delusions of being in a perfect romance. 

There are some other parallels I could talk about but they involve spoilers on both sides but basically if you like one of these things you should check out the other because I need someone to talk to about this 

izaaking  asked:

tell me your crit role ships, i need to know honestly


I’m going to do romantic AND platonic because I’ve always believed that platonic ships are just as important! (e.g.: STEALTH TWINS, pike+grog, etc.)

(very long post under the cut!)

Vax’ildan + Vex’ahlia:

  • familial relationships are so fucking important
  • my entire goddamn critical role tag is a love letter to their relationship
  • vex is the most important person in vax’s entire life and he would fight nations and gods to keep her safe
  • he challenged the god of fucking death for her life without hesitation or fear because like hell he was going to let his sister die before he does
  • he was miserable the entire time he was separated from her during the trial of the take
  • the first thing he did upon seeing her again was giving her a long, silent hug
  • “hey”
  • “*vex’s ugly sobbing noises*”
  • i’m still crying over that moment don’t look at me
  • vax tying his cloak around vex’s shoulders and telling her fiercely to stay safe, to stay hidden, because he can’t bear to lose her
  • the nat 20 acrobatics for vax to reach vex and screaming at someone to help when vex loses consciousness in the temple of ioun
  • “talk about my sister again” and then slitting the rakshasa’s throat in vex’s name g o d
  • vax’s entire life has been dedicated to his sister’s happiness and wellbeing because to him she is the best thing in all of creation. she’s the one person in his life that he can trust unconditionally, love unconditionally, without fear of harm or rejection. she’s his baby sister, she’s the best and brightest thing in his life, she’s the only true family he has left, she’s kind and good and giving and fierce and strong and she is his everything. vax would lay down his life in a second (which he’s done) do anything for her to keep her safe (a stick made of human tongues comes to mind, and the criminal he sacrificed in her name without remorse or hesitation) and whole and untouched by the horrors of the world because she’s his sister, his twin, the other half of his soul and above everyone else he loves her best.
  • “do not go far from me. if you’re out of earshot you’re too far from me.”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • vex nearly memorized an entire book within a few days in order to reassure her brother in his time of need, setting aside her concerns and worries in order to make sure that her brother was alright
  • vex asking vax in complete sincerity if he wants her to essentially assassinate kashaw when they see him again because like hell she’s just going to stand there when her brother’s in pain watching kashaw and keyleth interact oh my god
  • “well now that i know that you’re not interested in my brother i don’t care”
  • being so possessive and protective of vax like y’all better not hurt her brother because although he’s made of shadows and knives and death he’s also got a big, soft, vulnerable heart that vex guards with her words and her bow. her big, foolish, loving brother who dives headfirst into danger for the ones he loves, who scares her with his recklessness and his rash decisions, who spends his entire life being guided by his heart instead of his head, who protects her so fiercely he forgets to protect himself, she is the keeper of his heart and she will absolutely destroy anyone who harms him.
  • like honestly i’m 10000% certain that whenever anyone says shit about a twin the other twin is just *KILL BILL SIRENS* and that’s beautiful
  • listen i could go on for years about the stealth twins but i’m going to stop here because i feel y’all get the point, ye?

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