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Tiny || Conor Maynard

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N) is short compared to the boys (as a lot of us are), and she accumulates quite a few nicknames, and finds herself in some sticky situations due to it. 

Dedicated to: The anon who requested this, I hope you enjoy lovely!!xo

It was a long running joke between the boys that even compared to Joe and Conor, the shortest two in their group, that you were absolutely tiny.

It wasn’t that you’d ever been considered short, in fact you’d prided yourself on your more than average height for so many years that suddenly being the smallest in the group by a significant amount made you feel a little strange.

You didn’t mind the teasing, in fact you encouraged it, and even once wore the highest heels you owned under a floor length summer dress to see how they’d react. Needless to say those shoes ended up in a bin on the side of a road in Dubai and you spent the evening being carried around by Caspar.

You and Conor had always had a special kind of chemistry which couldn’t exactly be explained. It’d been instant, since the day you first met even up until now, you knew eachother inside out and it proved to be the perfect basis to start a relationship upon.

When he’d first asked you out on a date, you were sure that it was some kind of prank. But when you agreed, in a bid to amuse the boys, the fact that you ended up on the top of the shard at a table with one of the most beautiful views of London, the possibility of the date being a prank diminished largely.

It was ironic, really; because after nine months of dating Conor finally revealed the thesis behind the first date idea. He wanted to take you to one of the tallest buildings in London, because he was sure that you were one of the shortest most of the time. You’d glared at him when he told you that, but you couldn’t help but laugh a little at the idea.

When it came to filming videos together, they always made a point of the fact that to even fit in the frame you had to boost yourself up with pillows. It was true though, you’d once filmed an entire video with them only to find out that only your forehead had been in shot. It was a devastating, yet hilarious turn of events.

Then, after months and months of teasing, the nickname aroused. It was something Conor had thrown around a few times playfully, and you were so used to just responding to the name that when the boys picked up on it: it wasn’t so much of an adjustment.

Josh decided that he didn’t want to be like the others, and so instead he used an alternate of the word and insisted on screaming it in public places to humiliate you.

Being called “small” wasn’t exactly an insult, and defiantly wasn’t too embarrassing when they all called you by that name in public, but Josh just insisted on taking it one step further and regularly screamed “tiny, where’d you go?!” whenever you were at busy attractions and happened to stray away from the boys.

Today, you and the boys were on holiday in LA. It wasn’t your first time, and you knew that it certainly wouldn’t be your last: but this time the boys wanted to do things, like visiting theme parks and go site seeing. Usually you’d just lounge in the pool outside your villa and then go out in the evenings, but of course, the boys had different plans.

Your shoe choice for the day hadn’t been the best, as it turned out. A theme park and slanted shoes did not equal happiness, and so after walking in pain for a good few hours, she finally caved and let the boys know how much pain she was in.

They weren’t mad, obviously, and Caspar seemed more than happy to carry you on his back for the rest of the day, pinching your cheeks and squealing, calling you his little backpack and ultimately making you blush.

Conor would’ve carried you, but you knew for a fact that he didn’t really enjoy it when he did, and so he was completely fine with Caspar carrying you around - anything to know Ethan you were no longer in any pain kept him content.

You did hop off and slide back into your shoes when they all wanted to go on a ride that you couldn’t, due to a health condition, and so you look after all of their valuables that they didn’t want to get wet or drop whilst you waited on one of the benches, scrolling through your twitter feed and reblogging a few pictures that fans had taken with you throughout the day so far.

You’d had to walk quite a distance from the ride to find an available seat, and so when the boys got off the ride and didn’t find you waiting for them, they immediately grew worried. Conor pulled out his phone and cursed under his breath when he remembered that he hadn’t yet changed the setting on your phone to work on American telephone signals yet and had only addressed the internet portion.

They all share a look of mutual worry and all split up, but within moments they all hear Josh’s booming voice, and they were sure that the rest of the park had too. “Tiny, where are you?!”

You look up from your phone and your eyes widen an inch, your cheeks glowing red as everyone around you looked around in confusion, wondering where the loud voice was coming from. You gather up all of your things and jog in the direction of the ride, glaring at the group of boys and looking around sheepishly. “Gods, Josh, could you shout any louder?”

Conor sighs in relief and wraps his arms around your waist, kissing you quickly on the mouth and then once on the forehead as Josh rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Oh please, I could be so much louder than that if I needed to be. That’ll teach you not to tell us where you’re going.”

“I’m not six!” You exclaim, throwing your head back and laughing a little, especially when Oli makes a point out of waving his arms in the air and shouting ‘you may not be six, but you look it!’

These boys were nuisances, but they were your nuisances.

Ficlet: Looking Forward

Phil had been looking forward to this film for weeks, harassing Dan to go see it with him, but now Dan thought Phil didn’t seem to see the movie screen at all. He was sitting straight as a poker and his eyes were wide, but he was focused on the man sitting in front of them as if waiting anxiously to see what was going to happen next. The man threw another piece of popcorn across the theater toward his friend, but it hit a stranger sitting nearby instead. With their shoulders touching in the narrow cinema seats, Dan could feel Phil flinch. Phil leaned close and whispered tensely in Dan’s ear, “Why doesn’t he stop?”

Dan looped his right arm through Phil’s left and clasped their hands together. It was only on their dates in darkened theatres that they could be so openly affectionate outside the flat. He squeezed Phil’s hand reassuringly and leaned to whisper in his ear, “He’s a dick. Try to ignore him and just enjoy the film.“ He knew it was easy for him to say, but not so easy for Phil to do.

Dan had always had strong emotional boundaries. When someone else was being a dick, he sometimes had problems restraining himself from telling the person they were being a dick, but he’d never felt any responsibility for someone else’s dickishness.

He knew Phil interacted with the world differently. To Phil, when someone else did something inappropriate or unkind, he felt personally responsible to fix it. In this moment, he was probably tearing himself up inside about that stranger who’d been hit with the popcorn. Dan couldn’t really understand how Phil felt, but he loved him for feeling that way. Phil’s compassion and empathy were some of his best traits, but also ones that made the world a difficult place for him sometimes.

To Dan, it was just some popcorn. The woman who’d been hit would probably forget about it as soon as something scary happened onscreen. In fact, she’d probably forgotten about it already. But he knew that Phil was probably angsting about the man in front of them and feeling responsible for not somehow preventing the guy’s inappropriate behavior.

He leaned to press a soft kiss against Phil’s cheek. Risky, even in a darkened theater, because they never knew when a fan might recognize them and be watching (or filming) their every move, but he knew Phil was hurting and knew also that he had to do something.

"Do you want to leave?” he whispered to Phil, but Phil shook his head and then turned his eyes determinedly toward the screen. He stayed frozen that way through the entire rest of the film, though Dan could feel his muscles clench every time the guy in front of them flipped his hood up and down. Dan doubted that Phil was taking in any of the action happening onscreen. He’d been so excited beforehand, and now he wasn’t enjoying himself at all. It made Dan angry on Phil’s behalf, but he felt powerless to help.

They took the bus home, careful to keep a respectable distance between them for appearance’s sake, which Dan found extremely frustrating when all he wanted to do was take Phil in his arms. Phil stared at the floor.

“You know,” Dan said casually, “I’d really like to see that film again. Would you be up for it maybe next week?”

Phil looked at him, and Dan could see the gratitude in his eyes. They barely needed to speak sometimes after being together this long. “Yeah,” Phil replied, his voice similarly breezy. “That sounds good.” And then he smiled, and his shoulders seemed to drop an inch or two, and Dan felt like things were on their way to being right in the world again.


10 Horror Films Directed by Women to Watch This Halloween

American Mary (Jen and Sylvia Soska, 2012)

Broke medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) stumbles into the underground world of body modification while looking for a part time job to pay the bills. 

American Psycho (Mary Harron, 2000)

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) a wealthy, vain twenty-something investment banker, indulges in his increasingly violent and erratic fantasies.     

Black Rock (Katie Aselton, 2012)

A camping trip turns dark when three friends on vacation (Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth, and Katie Aselton) run into a male trio of campers vacationing on the same isolated island as them. 

Carrie (Kimberly Peirce, 2013)

Social outcast Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) learns to harness her telekinesis to avenge herself against her abusers and tormentors. 

Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama, 2009)

Best friends Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) hit a roadblock in their friendship when Jennifer is possessed by a demon and begins eating local boys.

The Moth Diaries (Mary Harron, 2011)

At an all-girls boarding school Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucy (Sarah Gadon) grow apart after a new girl (Lily Cole), who Rebecca suspects is a vampire, begins to come between them. 

Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow, 1987)

A small town boy, Caleb Colton, falls for a beautiful young woman who, to his surprise, is a vampire. 

Ravenous (Antonia Bird, 1999) 

Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) organizes a search party to save the survivors of a group of travellers who have turned to cannibalism only to find himself unwittingly lured into a trap.

Pet Sematary (Mary Lambert, 1989)

A family learns that the pet cemetery behind their home has the power to raise the dead. 

Silent House (Laura Lau and Chris Kentis, 2011)

Filmed to look as though the entire movie were taken in a single shot, Silent House features Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young woman on vacation with her father and uncle, who becomes trapped in a haunted house and loses contact with the outside world. 

For 10 more women directed horror films check HERE

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I really, really wish that The Thief and the Cobbler got more love and that the movie could be fully restored and get more people interested. It would have been great if Richard Williams could have completed it, though I feel that at times he could be his own worst enemy because he devoted so much time to animating intricate scenes which weren't always necessary to the plot and the film was entirely independently funded. Even though what happened to the movie is tragic I can sometimes see why Warner Bros were anxious and impatient ti compete with Aladdin and why they lost confidence in Williams when he went overbudget and missed all of his deadlines. Be that as it may the film is honestly the pinnacle of animation and I recommend anyone who loves the art of animation to watch it frame by frame because HOT DIGGITTY IT'S SO GOOD. I mean they shot all of this on ones and it's all hand drawn for fuck's sake how could you not be impressed by that. I mean this fandom really needs to be bigger and this movie needs more love please do it for me.

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In 4.08 Emma wanted to give up her magic because it was hurting her loved ones. She asked Rumplestiltskin what he would do. He said he wouldn't go in there for anything. Now 2 seasons later, do you think that meant Rumple would never give up his dark one powers, not even for his family? He did choose to do the right thing in the finale, but it did not involve him having to give up his power. Do you think if his magic was hurting Belle and Gideon he would be able to give it up?

And another lovely Anon: You used to say in 6A they needed to destroy Rumbelle in order to save it? (I never really understood what you meant by that, if you would be kind enough to explain it that would be lovely, thank you!) Did that work out the way you thought it would?

Rumbelle has always been a textbook example of Problematic Faves ™– if you’re doing a recap and even in the halcyon days of S1 and 2 you’re writing stuff like: “Dear Diary, today he yelled at me and threw me in the dungeon … again” and “Dear Diary, today we had a lovers’ tiff because he tried to suck somebody’s soul out behind my back,” the couple has serious issues.

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Don’t date a villain in real life, kids, yes?

But in S1-3 Rumbelle’s issues stemmed from their whacking great power imbalance, where Rumple has a bad reputation, money, property, magic, immortality, and a history of violence and dead spouses (!!!) and Belle initially has no property, no money, no magic, no job, no friends, and her only family is abusive. The show tries to even this out in S2 by giving Belle a job (librarian), property (apartment above the library we never saw), and friends (Ruby! and Archie/Leroy/Granny). And more importantly, Rumple starts to tell her the truth (about his son and ex-wife, about magic to Lacey) and is violent to avenge/protect her, not AT her. S1-3A Rumple would never hurt Belle, not even to magically freeze her.

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Protective!Rumple is my jam, so help me

But in S4-6 Rumple starts hurting Belle– first emotionally by using her as an unwitting alibi for murder, then freezing her so he can plan a murder spree, then manipulating her into giving up the dagger, her “only protection” from him, then he did good as Hero!Rumple in 5A but took back the Dark Curse and would rather literally go to hell than tell Belle the truth about that. In 5B he tells Belle he loves the dagger and won’t give up his power, not even to save her from the eternal burning hell of the Sleeping Curse. And then we get 6A, where he escalated to Lifetime TV-movie-of-the-week evil to the tune of imprisonment, stalking, handcuffing and tracking, threats, and he juuuuust steps back from directly physically harming her and their baby. That’s really, really, really dark. Ain’t nobody justifying that.

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*loudspeaker crackle* Dark One, please stop terrorizing your pregnant wife and come to the circulation desk. *loudspeaker crackle*

WHY the writers made Rumple Extra Dark And Nutty ™ even though we all would rather the Bitter Shell with Gooey Marshmallow Filling ™ flavor is a mystery. But for me, the question becomes: 

  1. Why did Rumple go off the rails so badly in 6A? 
  2. What can he do to ensure he never tries to hurt Belle or Gideon again?

If Rumple went bad because he was having a mid-life crisis/slo-mo anxiety attack over a late-in-life baby, then hopefully him making good decisions for his family throughout 6B, especially in the finale, shows that he’s truly changed for the better. But if Rumple became a Cautionary Tale in 6A because of the Dark Curse, then he needs to give that shit UP because otherwise, there’s no guarantee he won’t be super-stressed over [plot of the week] and hurt his family again. Clippy!Rumple popping up in the finale and telling Rumple to do the wrong thing was a bad sign to me because that intimated that Rumple is dealing with Voices Telling Him To Do Bad Things on a regular basis. If so, he needs to find a way to either mitigate that (anti-magic cuff? modern medicine? cognitive behavioral therapy? primo weed?) or destroy it entirely (TLK).

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How silly was this scene to film without FX, though?

I would have very much liked a TLK because it’s an obvious, visual way to show that Rumple has chosen love over power once and for all, but Rumple telling Clippy!Rumple AND the Black Fairy to fuck directly off even when they offered him love and power at the cost of hurting his family was good enough for me. Plus, now that Rumple made the right decisions for a while he seems to be part of the Charming-Mills family– and that may give him the support network he needs to help him if there are magical shenanigans that may tempt him towards the dark side again. Regina, Hook, and possibly even Zelena whacking Rumple upside the head and telling him to think twice about being shady may actually help him at this point. Rumple has what he’s always wanted– a family. A big, messy, obnoxious, magical family. That’s good enough for me, and why I’m tempted to quietly avoid S7.

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I’ll take it, show. I’ll take it.

"You dirty lil’ fuckin prick.“

My thoughts on why Chester King, who has been the embodiment of upper-class snobbery up to that point, loses his upper class accent and speaks in much coarser manner.

Chester King was not born into the upper class, but came from humble origins much like Eggsy. Some way or another, he obtained an opportunity to rise above his station and become a “gentleman”, possibly on the charity of someone else (who may be affiliated with Kingsman). He attended public schools on this sponsorship and pretended to be the same as all the other rich kids there. Much like Pip from Great Expectations, he was ashamed of his origins and concealed them from his peers.

His talents at deception also made him suitable to become a Kingsman agent. The name “Chester King” may not even be his original name, but a false one he created as part of his pretence. It is a bit of a coincidence that the leader of Kingsman, whose code name is Arthur, just happens to have the family name of King. Of course, it’s also possible that he was adopted into the actual King family, or perhaps even an illegitimate child sponsored in secret - which would explain why someone from high society would choose to sponsor a seemingly random working class kid.

Coming from such a background, Chester King would most likely be resentful of two kinds of people: 1. the kind of people from his youth who would’ve scorned him if they knew of his true origins, and 2. people who are jobless, commit petty crime, get involved with drug, etc. He considers them inferior and offensive because he thinks they’re the reason he was once looked down upon, and that he’s so much better than them for having “risen above”.

It’s also very possible that Chester King pretends - not only to everyone, but also to himself - that he has always been a upper class gentleman, instead of someone who once hung onto bottom rung of the social ladder. He believes that what he has now is definitely the most superior, and condemns his past as something shameful. This internalised classism causes him to be even more of a “snob” than the others, because he’s always overcompensating for lowly origins.

In other words, Chester King’s snobbery is more due to spite than an actual belief in his superiority. His holds those opinions in spite of those he despises and those who would have despised him. It’s also a form of hypocrisy, because he condemns Lee and Eggsy who come from similar backgrounds to himself while insisting that he is superior. This is part of his own self-delusion that he is better than everyone around him, because it’s hard to believe that when other people can also achieve the same things he has achieved.

Chester King’s reason for allying with Valentine: what better way to prove your own superiority than to make yourself one of the “chosen people”, one of the elite minority that will survive a cull of the human race?

He lets Harry walk into a death trap in Kentucky because he most likely resents Harry for being something he cannot be. Harry Hart, who is undoubtably a gentleman without having to act it, who carelessly discards the superficial aspects of gentility for his own interpretation of what being a gentleman means, who scoffs at things like classism and calls him a snob to his face.

Harry Hart, who is everything Chester King pretends to be and more, but doesn’t even care for such things. Harry Hart, who gives no fucks about what other people think about him, yet commandeers their respect and admiration like it’s effortless. Harry Hart, who would never agree to Valentine’s plan despite being someone from the same elite group that would have been “saved”.

Chester King knows Harry Hart is better than him, and he hates it.

Another thing that should be considered is this: since he hates Eggsy so much, why would he still offer him a chance to join Valentine’s side?

Firstly, what he says to Eggsy can hardly be considered an “offer”, since it’s a “join us or die” threat rather than a choice between two viable options. Chester King has seen Eggsy’s loyalty to those he cares about, and his refusal to harm an innocent for a larger gain. Eggsy’s rejection of his “offer” is hardly a surprise, and it would’ve been a lot more straightforward if he had Eggsy killed or locked up instead of giving him a farce of a choice. So, why does he do it?

It’s because, ultimately, Chester King’s notion of being a gentleman is about maintaining the appearance of gentility. He makes Eggsy an offer because it makes him seem magnanimous, because it gives him the same feeling of power and superiority that Valentine gets from simultaneously playing God and playing Noah.

If you’ve seen some of the rhetoric from the colonial period, much of the colonisers’ actions were self-justified as being something “good” - about “improving” and “taming” the “savages”, about “enlightening” them to “civilisation”. The colonisers claim that their actions are really for the good of the colonised, because it makes them feel better about themselves. It’s also why voluntourism is so popular in some countries - people like to do things that make them feel better about themselves, and better than other people.

Similarly, Chester King’s “offer” is actually more for his own sake rather than out of some kind of guilt over Harry’s death. He wants to feel like he’s standing above this person he resents, quite literally holding Eggsy’s life in his hands, but also to feel like he’s being a generous god by “offering” a lifeline. He wants to feel vindicated when he kills Galahad’s protégé, because it would be further proof that Harry Hart isn’t better than him - after all, he would be the one to survive, while Harry and his aggravating boy would be dead.

Chester King is so caught up in this desire to feel superior that he doesn’t even notice the trick Eggsy pulls off under his nose - quite literally, too. In fact, the only person in the entire film who notices Eggsy’s light-fingered activities is Harry, even though he had his back turned at the time. Harry knows what Eggsy is doing because he expected it, and his reaction is one of exasperated amusement. Harry treats Eggsy with respect, which is why he is the only one to notice when Eggsy tries to pilfer the lighter-grenade. The other two people we see Eggsy trying to trick, Rottweiler and Chester King, both consider themselves superior to Eggsy and disrespect his abilities, which is why they both fail to see through what Eggsy is doing.

In conclusion, Chester King’s hyprocrisy and superiority complex are the reasons for his downfall.

Dorian Gray is NOT a vampire

I realize there are a lot of non-readers in the Penny Dreadful fandom but I was eager for this show before it aired because I loved the literature the characters came from.

Dorian Gray was a young man who offered up his soul if the painting of him would grow old and ugly while he could remain forever young and beautiful.   The painting grows uglier every time he sins.  He will remain forever young unless someone destroys the painting.  And unlike the League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie he can and does look at his painting often, in fact he feels a compulsion to look at it every so often.

The only way to truly kill him is to destroy the painting.  He literally cannot become a vampire.  Dorian Gray is an immortal bound to a painting, that is all. His sins are becoming manifest and taking on a life of their own within the painting.

For a well made and decent (though not entirely faithful) film adaptation check out the 2009 version starring Ben Barnes as Dorian.  That version is simply called Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray, even on Penny Dreadful, is not The Devil, or Dracula, or a demon possessing the body while the “real Dorian” is trapped in the painting.  Please… Please… Stop with these “Theories.”   You know better by now.  He even explained it in the show.

the awake short film honestly exhibited the hidden gem that kim seokjin is. he is their secret weapon, and they truly left the best until last. the tone of his voice was beyond thrilling, the kind that is melancholic yet makes your skin shiver, leaves you wanting more, but also instills an unsettling sensation within you. and the same goes with his acting. the look in his eyes was blank, dead, the entire film, though he still managed to portray an endless stream of emotions simply by the way that he held himself, in the way that he gestured and moved. kim seokjin is a fucking diamond and bighit have finally mined through that layer of rock to reach him, and I could not be more impressed, nor floored by the results. this era is his time to shine.

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Bass clarinet and tenor horn

Yay thanks for these!

Bass Clarinet - Favourite item of clothing?
Hmm, well I have this dark green t-shirt from H&M that I really like, so maybe that, or the stripy dress I also have from there (the one I’m wearing in this picture)

Tenor Horn - What do you aspire to be?
Well at the moment I think I’m interested in doing something to do with film music in my future, though I’m not entirely sure yet, I guess I’ll figure it out more once I’m at uni studying music next year!

From this ask post - ask me more things!

- Steve loves your figure.

- He loves how soft you are, and he loves how  nice you feel whenever he hugs you.

- Steve’s grew up during the depression, so most of the women he knew didn’t have curves like you.

- He’s pretty much obsessed with you.

- “Steve how many pictures of me are you going to take?”

- “Until it feels right.”

- It never feels right, and you just giggle as he keeps snapping away pictures.

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Christmas Pt. 1

A/N: This was requested to do a Christmas imagine with Shawn! This is part 1 of a possible 2, so if you enjoyed this please let me know and I can continue to write about the rest of Christmas day:) I may also be doing a New Years Eve and Day imagine soon so look out for that one! Hope you enjoy x


Your name: Submit What is this?

- - - -

It was Christmas Eve, and you were sat in your boyfriend’s living room with him, his parents and younger sister. The Christmas tree lights were glistening in the corner of your eye, and Shawn’s sister, Aaliyah, was putting on her favourite Christmas film for you all to watch together. The atmosphere was relaxed, but there was also a sense of excitement in the air as everyone looked forward to Christmas day the next day. Shawn put his arm around you on the sofa, and his mum smiled over at you both, content at your happiness.

 “Hey Y/N,” Shawn almost whispered to you, “I can’t wait to give you your present tomorrow.” He grinned, which made the butterflies in your stomach that are always there when you’re around him go crazy.

“Well, I can’t wait to receive it! I have high expectations.” You joked. 

Shawn replied, “No pressure then or anything.”

“I’m scared my present to you is going to be awful now.” You truthfully state to Shawn.

 “I already have been given the best gift I could’ve asked for.” Shawn says.

Confused, you ask, “And what is that exactly?” 

Almost embarrassed, Shawn replies, “You… here… with me right now.” You feel your cheeks warm, and the butterflies go crazy once more.

“Thanks.” You reply to him softly.

Aaliyah sat down on the other sofa with her parents by her side and shushed you both as the film began to play. You put your head into Shawn’s chest and muffle your laugh. Shawn looks down at you lovingly, as you attempt to get comfy and lie down to watch the film with everyone. He strokes and plays with your hair throughout the entire film, making you feel tired, but also at home even though your own family aren’t there. Before you know it, your eyes are slowly closing and you are drifting away into a peaceful sleep.

Waking up with a start, you feel someone’s hands around your waist and shoulders picking you up.

“Oh my god! Shawn! You scared me.” You laugh and tell him.

Shawn looks upset, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to I was just trying to take you to my bed without waking you up. You looked so peaceful and I know it’s normally hard for you to sleep on Christmas Eve because you get so excited.”

 “That’s very true,” you say laughing, “Well I won’t stop you then.”

Shawn proceeds to gently grab your waist and lift you up almost in a bridal carry position.

“You won’t be able to do this at this time tomorrow; I’ll be double the size with all of the turkey and chocolate.” You tell him laughing hysterically.

Shawn responds, “Don’t worry, I can manage.”

Shawn climbs the stairs, holding you close to his chest as though you are precious diamonds and gold. He opens the door to his room and places you delicately on his bed and you don’t even bother to get changed or take off your makeup, because you are that exhausted.

Shawn gets into bed next to you and whispers, “Goodnight beautiful, and Merry Christmas.”

It’s 6:00am and Shawn’s sister can be heard all through the house. “Wake up every one! Wake upppppp! Santa’s been!” As soon as Shawn hears her voice, he literally leaps out of bed and pulls on his slippers.

“Morning, Y/N! Come on, I know you’re probably not used to this, but I would like to show you a typical ‘Mendes Christmas’.” He says to you with an excited expression plastered on his face.

“Well, Shawn, I would love to experience a ‘Mendes Christmas’. Lead the way!” You say as you hop out of bed too and grab your dressing gown that you brought with you from home.

Shawn grins at you, and pulls you close in for a kiss, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” You reply.

He takes your hand and runs downstairs with you, to where the stockings hang by the fireplace and the gifts lay by the tree. His parents come towards you with open arms saying in a chorus, “Merry Christmas Y/N!” 

Aaliyah’s beaming face looks up at Shawn and you, the excitement radiating off of her.  It feels too perfect, like a cheesy Christmas film that you would watch to get you in the festive spirit, only it’s not. This is your life now, and it’s amazing.

“Who wants to give presents?” Shawn looks like a little puppy, his eyes wide with anticipation. You can tell he is probably the happiest he has ever been.

A/N: I’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in this and if I overloaded on the cheese :/ hahaha but yes, if you would like to request an imagine, just pop it in my ask box here!

From Jurassic Park to Jurassic World: the influence of sequels

A new guest editorial from our friend Neelis on the influence of the Jurassic Park sequels on Jurassic World.

From Jurassic Park to Jurassic World: the influence of sequels

From the moment Jurassic World was announced and its story outline presented to film fans, there has been debate in the fan community on the status of the other two sequels. Do they remain part of the canon? Are they still of importance? Do they even matter?

Questions arose when the following claim kept popping up on fan forums and social media:

This is going to be the true sequel to Jurassic Park.”

Starting as a simple rumor, word quickly spread. Could it be true? Would the other two sequels be ignored? No doubt the thought pleased some people, and distressed others. But Colin Trevorrow confirmed the original sequels remain canon and he never intended to rewrite the franchise’s history. The sequels’ stories simply had little to no bearing on the fourth film’s events, with Jurassic World returning to Isla Nublar.

That makes our first question simple and rather straight forward: can you watch Jurassic Park and Jurassic World back to back without having seen the other two sequels?

As a dedicated fan I’d obviously tell you, “view them all in chronological order to get the bigger picture.” However, the honest answer is, “yes, you can.” There’s no absolute need to watch The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III to understand Jurassic World’s story.

This answer might be pleasing to some. As with many film franchises there are those entries people rather forget about, ignore or would prefer to be deleted from canon entirely. The Jurassic Park films, though not as heavily discussed as the third and fourth ALIEN sequels, are no strangers to this treatment.

But is it fair to cancel out the second and third sequel, in favor of Jurassic World as the true and only heir?

For that question to be answered, we’d first have to assume The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III had never been made.  That makes for our third, and perhaps most poignant, question; without the sequels, would Jurassic World have existed in its current form?

I argue: “no, it wouldn’t have.”

While Jurassic World presents us with a few Easter eggs referencing the other two sequels, its main focus seems to be letting the audience know this is indeed a sequel to Jurassic Park. In fact, Jurassic World is riddled with so many references and throwbacks to the first film, both in dialogue and visually, you could be under the impression it’s a soft reboot rather than a sequel.

And truth is, at first glance the film does not seem to acknowledge any of the preceding events, with the exception of the failure of Jurassic Park.

But beneath its surface, Jurassic World offers us a bit more than we might pick up on right away.

Consumers want them bigger, louder – more teeth.”

- Claire Dearing

Despite Jurassic Park presenting their dinosaurs as realistic as possible, based on the latest scientific knowledge, it gave us a very familiar, almost old-fashioned depiction of Tyrannosaurus rex; it was shown as a solitary animal.

The Tyrannosaurus as a lone hunter is a classic image. Open any book on dinosaurs and you’ll find most images will be of a single animal.

In the original novel, the adult Tyrannosaurus lived together with a juvenile roughly half its size, but rewrites of the script saw the juvenile omitted from the story before filming commenced.

Jurassic Park’s Tyrannosaurus is impressive enough on its own though. It commands respect and admiration from the first moment it appears, to the final shot of its victorious roar in the visitor center’s rotunda.

Jurassic World largely replaces the Tyrannosaurus with Indominus. As Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) explains to her investors, and later on to Owen, consumers are no longer satisfied with the known creatures (including the Tyrannosaurus); they want to be thrilled by more ferocious beasts.

It seems reasonable to assume Claire is not just speaking about the fictional park’s future visitors’ desires. It might very well be the dialogue is echoing the wishes of film audiences: more action, bigger explosions, louder sound effects, and better visuals.

And this is where The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III quietly, but undeniably, come into play.

The human element

“That first park was just legit, you know?”, Lowery (Jake Johnson) proclaims. “They didn’t rely on all these different hybrids. They had real dinosaurs.”

Just a few minutes before Lowery makes his bold statement, arriving visitors riding the monorail pass through Jurassic World’s main gates. When you listen carefully, an announcement informing them the gate was built with parts of the original from the first park can be heard on the train.

Had Jurassic World been a direct sequel to Jurassic Park, this information would have been of no interest to the park’s visitors. The events that took place on Isla Nublar in the original film were known to only a few people, and promoting a park that failed even before it opened on the same site Jurassic World is built might have been bad publicity.

But the visitors seem rather unconcerned and unsurprised by this. Gray (Ty Simpkins) even rushes forward to stare up in awe. Lowery, though a park employee, appears to have detailed knowledge of, and a fascination for, Jurassic Park and the dramatic events that took place during its construction and inspection.

Jurassic World’s management seems to want people to know this is the island on which the original park was built, and they actively inform people first arriving.


The answer is simple: due to the events that took place in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

With Jurassic Park never having opened, InGen finds itself on the edge of bankruptcy. To save the company and make it profitable again, Peter Ludlow (Arliss Howard) organizes a hunting expedition to capture dinosaurs on Isla Sorna (Site B), the island where the dinosaurs were created in secret, and display them in an, up until then, unfinished park in San Diego.

As we know, all goes to hell in a hand basket thanks to Nick van Owen (Vince Vaughn) releasing the captured animals, and by the end of the film Ludlow has only one option left to save InGen from going under; bringing back an adult Tyrannosaurus. It comes as no surprise this plan goes awry too and the Tyrannosaurus escapes, terrorizing citizens.    

This event seems to have set off a chain reaction; with the dinosaurs now public knowledge, there’s no reason for the survivors of the Jurassic Park incident to remain silent. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), who spoke out despite having signed an NDA, and was ridiculed for telling his tale, is no doubt vindicated after the escape; if Jurassic Park III is to believed, both Malcolm and Grant wrote books about, or influenced by, the events on Isla Nublar.

Jurassic Park III takes it just a step further too, by having Grant be grilled by an auditorium full of students who have no interest in fossil discoveries but want to know everything about his experience on Isla Nublar.

It’s undeniable people were and are aware of the dinosaur’s existence from 1997 on, and Jurassic World makes no attempt to hide this fact.  

Clash of titans

The sequels’ influence is not just simply found in the human drama and expansion of the story by introducing Isla Sorna as the breeding ground. As so often happens with sequels, The Lost World: Jurassic Park gave us more than the original. More dinosaurs, more mayhem, and more human victims.

It broke away from the stereotype of the Tyrannosaurus rex as a solitary animal. It introduced not two, but three Tyrannosaurs – two adults and their infant, and seized the opportunity to present the adults as a pair, taking care of their offspring.

This might not seem very remarkable at first glance, but it’s quite clever. While the novel offered another theropod to be reckoned with (the smaller but deadly Carnotaurus), the filmmakers opted to mainly focus on the Tyrannosaurs. Showing them as caring parents rather than mindless monsters prevented them from being reduced to simple antagonists. The viewer feels sympathy for the young dinosaur being hurt after having been kidnapped from the nest. We cheer on the parents as they destroy the hunters’ encampment, while at the same time being thrilled and concerned for the lives of the film’s heroes.

The heavy focus on the Tyrannosaurs in the second film forced Jurassic Park III, quite bravely, to do the unfathomable: it saw a Tyrannosaurus rex killed by Spinosaurus, the latter taking over rule of Isla Sorna.

Though this dethroning of the once king did not gain the film major fan approval (especially because there was no rematch between the two species), it shouldn’t have been entirely unexpected or particularly shocking. After Steven Spielberg changed the ending for The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the Tyrannosaurs had been given so much screen time throughout the franchise very little unexpected or new could be done with them.  

Simply put: to keep film audiences interested, there had to be a larger threat, and the Spinosaurus replacing the Tyrannosaurus as the main predator was a natural progression.

Spinosaurus returning in a fourth sequel seemed out of the question, certainly not as a main antagonist. With fourteen years to bridge, Jurassic World’s writer and director came up with an even bigger “dinosaur”, the fictional Indominus rex. Fierce, fast, cunning, capable of camouflaging itself and communicating with other dinosaurs, it presented more danger than any of the other dinosaurs before.

Without the second novel and the other two sequels, would the filmmakers have chosen to go the route of a park open to visitors and fictional, blood-thirsty monsters created for the purpose of entertainment? It seems fairly unlikely, given the problems management faced in Jurassic Park make it hard to believe a second attempt at opening the park on Isla Nublar would be considered viable or believable – leave alone original.

And there’s such a wealth of prehistoric animals to choose from, animals that actually existed and roamed the Earth, a fictional creature would simply be out of the question for a direct follow-up.

As it stands, the Indominus rex is the very product of the films going bigger and bolder with each entry.

It might not necessarily make sense in the film’s universe (personally, I always found the notion that people were bored with real, living dinosaurs within ten years after the park opening ridiculous – would there not be waiting lists to visit this park, considering it’s limited to a small island?); but it does cater to a very clear desire of film audiences;




More teeth.

Which makes us wonder; where will this lead to in the future sequel(s)?  

Newt Scamander's heroism

I’ve been reflecting on how interesting and unique Newt is as a hero. Both times I’ve seen the film I’ve felt as though he somehow didn’t entirely fit in. It was as though he was at the centre of the film but didn’t contribute, and on reflection I think that’s because his role as a hero is entirely unlike so many of the heroes of the wizarding world and of media in general.

He’s quiet. He doesn’t stand up and make his voice heard with big speeches or rallying cries. He changes people’s minds by entirely inhabiting his own self and just going about his business. I don’t think he casts a single spell in the final duel. His heroic actions in the climactic moments of the film are to quietly talk to a scared boy in an attempt to reassure him, to allow Graves to hit him with several brutal spells in order to give other people time and safety, and to release a bird into the wild.

His heroism is so quiet and, in a way, missable, but he really is the embodiment of goodness, and I know personally he’s the kind of hero I aspire to be. I think the only way I can sum it up is that he’s a Hufflepuff.

There are so many Gryffindors and Slytherins out in the world doing good things and bad things, and even Cedric is a classic hero who seems to verge on being a Gryffindor at times. And then there’s Newt who is just a Hufflepuff. Just a man going about his business, trying to take care of and study the beautiful creatures of the world, and he never wavers from that. It’s really refreshing, and I’m really glad he and his story exist. He’s really important, and I don’t think his is the sort of story that gets told often enough.

Paid To Hate You (Part 2)

Summary: When you audition for a role in a reality show you’d never thought to meet Bucky Barnes, the guy who turned your teenage years into hell. You’d also never thought that you’d have to pretend to be his ex girlfriend on the show.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 925

Warnings: none

A/N: Ahh I am so glad you guys like it! Also this is getting longer already haha. Apparently I am not good in writing drabbles. I hope you guys like this part <3 Also I am not going to tag more people. There are already so many and I don’t want the tag list to be longer than the fic itself ;)

+++ PART 1 +++

Except for Bucky, the rest of the cast was just super friendly and amazing. You all exchanged phone numbers on the first day on set and on the second day you already had lunch with your two female co-stars, Nat and Wanda. Your male co-stars, Clint, Steve and T'Challa were super nice as well and very supportive  and soon you realized that this job wouldn’t just get you a lot of money, but also some new life lasting friendships. 

Because the show was a reality show, you were all playing yourself and didn’t really had a script. You just got instructions about how you should react in certain situations and a few informations about your character and the life they lived. 

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a summary of my experience of JUPITER ASCENDING, the greatest cinematic achievement of our time
  • Mila Kunis, incredulously: Could this get ANY WEIRDER?
  • My friend, audibly: YES
  • Thirty-something dudes in front of us, appropriately: *HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER*
  • /scene