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translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) this is the last interview of the livestream, and our last translation!! thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive responses, and of course to Ida and Linnéa! it was a lot of fun, and a great end to skam! :) <3

Host: Josefine Pettersen. Hi.

Josefine: Hi.

Host: Now I’m kinda like is it Noora? Is it Josefine? Tonight you are Josefine.

Josefine: Yes.

Host: How is it to finally come here and not be Noora for everybody?

Josefine: No that is nice. It’s alright.

Host: People on the street think you’re Noora?

Josefine: Yes. I understand that really well, though. It’s the only thing people have seen of me. What’s on screen is Noora. And Noora has my face. So I understand, who else would I be?

Host: But Noora doesn’t have your dialect?

Josefine: No.

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anonymous asked:

Is it plausible for a relatively inexperienced fighter to defeat a trained guard/soldier in a knife fight? I seem to remember a lot of references to how knife fights are chaotic and quickly fatal, as well as based a lot on luck. Assuming it isn't plausible, what advantages might the inexperienced fighter need (getting the jump, starting with the only weapon, etc) to make victory from their side seem likely? Thanks in advance.

The problem with this question is that guards don’t travel alone and soldiers don’t either. A good security setup ensures an attacker won’t have the opportunity to ambush the guards, at least not more than one. The entire goal of security is to not leave people alone where they can be isolated and picked off. Basically, if a guard can be ambushed then there’s no point in putting them there. If you don’t have the manpower for multiple guards, then you create choke points and controlled access.

You want people with overlapping fields of view. So if someone goes down or gets attacked, they don’t have to call it in. There’s already another person available to call in the attack and move to stop the attacker.

Ironically, of all the things Assassin’s Creed isn’t useful for, the later games are helpful for this. Even then Assassin’s Creed security is usually pretty shoddy in comparison to the real thing. (If you just had flashbacks to all the times your assassin got caught and killed on a stealth entry, that’s the way it often goes.)

A setup where the guards can be picked off one at a time out on the fringes is the opposite of security.

So, while a relatively inexperienced fighter could defeat a trained guard or soldier in a knife fight assuming they had the element of surprise, could get the weapon out before the soldier noticed, got their courage up, and rushed in to stab the guard/soldier in the side nine or ten times.

The question is could they manage all that without being discovered?

The answer is probably no. In addition to that cheerful thought when they’re discovered, they’re either dead or captured depending on how the other guards are feeling. While they might manage to kill one guard, the others will get them. This is the basic issue when it comes to any secured location, be it a prison, a bank, a military base, a castle, or a rebel stronghold.

Soldiers work in groups. Guards travel in twos, at least, with another somewhere above handling overwatch. Anywhere you find one, you can bet there’s probably around five more ahead all in strategic points overlooking each other. With the added bonus that they understand the layout of wherever they are better than the person trying to break in or break out.

The point of a secured location is that it’s secure. You can do it all with humans. Cameras are just dessert, they’re nice but they’re not necessary and the human eyes are positioned to cover the holes anyway. Fighting your way past a guard will inevitably lead to more guards swarming the area.

The best thing to do for someone who is relatively inexperienced is avoid the guards, rather than fight them. Someone trained in infiltration can fight, but the trick here is that they know how to. Even then, competent guards are no joke.


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  • Stiles: Fuck, it’s as hot as satan’s sauna in here.
  • Derek: So turn the fan on.
  • Stiles, whining: Can you do it for me? I don’t feel like moving, plus you’re better at turning things on.
  • Derek: *Lasciviously smirks*
  • Stiles, sighing: I mean physically get up and do it. Your charm isn’t that powerful.
  • Derek, eyes rolling: *flips the switch*
  • Derek: Better?
  • Stiles: Oh god, yessssss
  • Derek: *huffs & glares at his book*
  • Stiles, weakly kicks at Derek’s thigh: Don’t be jealous, you’ll always be my number one blower, Der.
Gorillaz MV Endings:

Good Ending: Mocap better than what’s done in the interviews is used in the new music video

Bad Ending: The mocap from the interviews is used

Best Ending: Actual animation is used for the music video

Secret Ending: The mocap from the music video is hilariously shitty and memes are spawned almost instantaneously. 

after rewatching s1-3 and the full episodes of s4 instead of the clips I can honestly say that season 4 really was not as bad as the fandom believes. Watching it clip by clip made everything seem unnecessarily long and drawn out and it made it appear as the main focus was the russ bus and the pepsi max squad instead of sana but really it was just opposite. She’s at the center of everything. Her whole showdown with the PM girls was really just Sana dealing with her own insecurities and fears. The stolen texts and all that drama was essentially irrelevant. It just was used to show a different side of Sana. A side where she’s vulnerable and insecure, something we never get to see.

I know everyone has probably already realized all of this but after binge watching the episodes, everything just kinda flows better and is way less annoying and frustrating. It let me digest the characters and the story way better.


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