this election makes people ugly

screencapped from my facebook.

I literally lost what little patience I had left.  I thought I was tough skinned.  Usually I ignore anti-republican stuff.

But I can’t do this anymore, I can’t sit idly by while people I consider FRIENDS basically trash me, I identify with the republican party, so when you lump them all together with the extremist zealots, you are lumping me with them too.

I’m offended.  I’m hurt.  And I can’t do this anymore.

I’m literally frustrated to the point I’m crying because it hurts so much that it means there are people out there who honestly will see my like this.

This is why I hate politics, they make people ugly, that’s why you rarely see me get involved with anything political. 

I do nothing but post Digimon crap, Disney Crap, cosplay crap, my childhood crap, otps and shipping, cartoon crap, the occasional cute video or post, stupid crap, movies, and other random dorky interests, I don’t WANT to get all politics here!

But I feel like I’m being forced to just to defend myself! I feel like I have to protect myself against the very people I consider friends!

THAT’S what you people, what this election, has done to me. 

Good Day.