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First of all we have the beautiful and amazing Amber Heard as MERA!!

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God i just want her to put me in a headlock and just fucking suplex me!

Then there is Jason Mamoa who is playing Arthur Curry aka Aquaman himself. He is the very embodiment of the phrase “Just Fuck Me Up”

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I have never felt thirst like this before. Seriously I’m salivating here. 

Of course this post wouldn’t be radiant without the grace of  Mr. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as one of my fave villains ever! Black Manta! (YOU PUT RESPEKT ON HIS NAME FAM always)

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Look at that smile!!! I just want to buy him chocolates and flowers and open doors for him. Stay up late looking at the stars and making up theories on how the aliens are gonna fucking wreck us all into the void.

Then there is the extremely beautiful man Ludi Lin! Who’s gonna play Murk! (Who is an underappreciated character in my opinion)

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LOOK AT HIM! I just aldlsfncsebvwlkefbkvsfokefuckingshit. Is this what being in love feels like? It’s…..It’s magical.

*Not to mention every one of them are gonna be in scenes where they walk out of the water. *The sun shining on the droplets of the sea rolling down their skin. *Glistening on some hardly covered bodies. I….I have to go lay down.

*talking about wrapping up Chaos Walking*

Tom: *lists his injuries and says good things about film* See you on Chaos Two!

Doug Liman: …

Marvel studios: …

The Universe: …



Acting will never stop to amaze me…
Tom Holland Dead Man Stunt

This is literally the stunt Tom did. He said he’s never been so winded on his life. I wonder what exactly the stunt was for in Chaos Walking.

My Hamilton Story

So, I’ve been fairly absent (alright, REALLY absent) from tumblr since Hamilton got so insanely big. Not something I expected. I started this blog after I saw the show (a few weeks before the soundtrack was released) to express my obsession with this thing that still seemed so small (hard to believe).  But, I thought if anyone is still around, you might be interested in hearing my take on seeing the show on Broadway with the entire original cast before it got big, before it got flipping HUGE.

My Hamilton journey/love/obsession? started with a wedding. A good friend was getting married in Boston in September of 2015. So, it seemed obvious that my friend M and I would spend some time in NYC after the wedding. Now being the recently graduated theater majors that we were, we certainly weren’t going to the city and not seeing a show on Broadway. And, being the recently graduated, drowning in debt, theater majors that we were, we were flat broke. 

We floated the idea of several popular shows. Matilda has a great run in the West End and had good reviews. Finding Neverland was an effing Oscar nominated movie-turned-musical! However, this show… Hamilton, was it? (we had to look up reviews) certainly seemed promising. The main problem was, it was sold out. Now, tickets were readily available on StubHub and my friend M was all for it. But I balked. $150 per ticket?!? That’s DOUBLE the actual, ticketed price. Insane!!! But, after some cajoling, I agreed to spend what seemed like an astronomical amount to see the well reviewed, if little talked about, musical Hamilton (the irony is not lost on me).

The day of the show (September 8, 2015) was grotesquely hot. To put it in perspective, I had a friend visiting relatives in Tehran, Iran and it was COOLER there than it was in New York City. Nevertheless, we were determined to make the best of our few days in New York. We got brunch with a friend in Brooklyn, we visited the MET and finally that evening we rolled up to the Richard Rogers Theatre. Honestly, my only thought at that time was how bad I felt for whoever was sitting next to me, because I’d spent the entire day walking around NYC in 102F heat and no way way I going back to Brooklyn to change before the show (sorry nice lady sitting next to me!).

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know really what the show was about. I mean I’d heard of A. Ham but didn’t really know anything about him beyond long forgotten high school history classes. Now, for our $150 black market tickets, M and I were towards the back of the Richard Rogers, but let me tell you, the beauty of Broadway is that space is pricey so most of the theaters are small. That means there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Despite being about 6-8 rows from the very back of the theater, we still had a great view. 

The lights dimmed, Leslie took the stage to start Alexander Hamilton and we were entranced. I knew nothing about the story. I knew nothing about the show. I remember desperately trying to commit My Shot, The Ten Duel Commandments, and the Cabinet Battles to memory. I remember thinking I will never see staging as brilliant as Satisfied. I remember thinking, “I need to take every single person I know to see this show”. The lyric I left with stuck my head for every minute, hour, and day, until the Original Broadway Recording was released, was: “I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy, and hungry.”

One of my biggest regrets was brought about by the Big Apple and Mother Nature herself. I am a child who grew up in a predominantly cold state and who’s ancestors came from predominantly cold countries. So my cold weather blood did not do well with the excessively warm NYC weather. While I was able to thoroughly enjoy most of the first act, by the time the end of Act 1 rolled around I was terrified I was going to be sick in the audience. In fact, it wasn’t until the cast album came out that I had any clue what happened to Angelica (too busy trying not to be sick). I was very confused how she came to be in London in Act 2. 

On a whole, when it comes to movie audience vs concert audiences vs theater audiences, the latter is almost always, in my experience, much kinder. But when it comes to getting to the bathroom once intermission has hit, all bets are off. So whether you’re about to vom or not, no one is letting you cut in line to the bathrooms. Unfortunately the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York only has one set of bathrooms…and they’re in the basement…which is a long way from the nosebleeds where our seats were. I made my way as quickly as the other patrons would allow, down to the bathroom line, but unfortunately, by that time it stretched through the lobby back into the main level of the theater almost to the stage. 

I got in line and began some deep breathing exercises, willing myself not to vomit in line. Then, I heard a voice I recognized behind me. Lena Dunham. I am/was a fan of Girls and this was my first celeb sighting in NYC and all I could think was “I am going to vomit in front of an HBO star”. Thankfully, despite the fact that the Richard Rogers only has one bathroom, there are a lot of stalls, so I was able to get in, be sick, and be back to my seat before the start of Act 2 (glamorous, I know). 

Act 2 was just as enchanting as Act 1. I was utterly STUNNED that Alexander cheated on Eliza with Maria Reynolds. Then Philip’s death and the aftermath was one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve ever seen on stage. I’m not sure if it was the combination of coming in completely blind to the story, the talent of Lin, or a combination of both (ok, ok, obviously it was a combination of both) but it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. 

I do still laugh at the fact that M and I immediately discussed the stage management aspects of Eliza actually burning the letter onstage and what anxiety that must have cause the crew. 

After the show, M and I ran out to the stage door for autographs. M was a big In the Heights fan and one of our college professors had worked with Lin before, so we were excited to meet him. I’d lived in London for a year during college and studied theater there. A huge benefit of being a theater nerd in London is that a ton of incredible actors perform almost constantly in town. So you learn quickly the best way of navigating the stage door. My biggest recommendation is buying a show poster. I can’t tell you my regret at having Judi Dench’s autograph INSIDE a playbill. So buy a poster if you want to display the autographs you get. 

I’d made sure M and I bought posters before the show and zipping out to the stage door was no problem. We were two of maybe 10 out there. I couldn’t believe our luck when I saw photos and videos a few months later of hundreds upon hundreds mobbing the Hamilton stage door. We got to meet every single cast member (minus Groffsauce, but considering we saw Lea Michele and Darren Criss go in the stage door, wasn’t a surprise), as well as Alex Lacamoire. 

It was clear the second the show was done what a phenomenon Hamilton would be. Hearing every song, every note, it was obvious how wide-reaching and how appreciated this show and this music would be. 

So thank you Lin. For one of the best experiences of my life. For making people who never really “got” music theater, or theatre in general, learn to love a whole new medium. And I hope I get to see your show sometime when I am not on the verge of vomiting.




“You said it was important?”
“Only if you hired Dalton Trumbo.”
“Who I hire is my business.”
“No, Mr Douglas. It’s ours.”

(Trumbo, 2015)

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Well, it happened. I cried. I cried like a goddamn baby. I promised myself I wouldn’t, but what did I do? I effing bawled!

OMFG. That movie had everything! I am so freakin’ happy right now, you don’t even know! 

I was literally like: “Are you effing kidding me?” when I saw Arnold’s parents. I was like: “Oh hell no, he did not just come all this way for them to be dead!” I forgot about the damn sleeping sickness. Duh!

And my ship! MY EFFING SHIP! OMFG, I am absolutely ecstatic! The entire scene between Arnold and Helga was so effing sweet, I swear it gave me a cavity! The only thing I was unhappy with was her pulling her hand away towards the end. Like was that really necessary Craig? Come on!

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the movie. In fact, I plan on watching it again in about an hour. That’s how much I loved it!

Again, a big thank you to everyone that helped make this movie a reality!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry some more.

The way he kissed her was so soft and sweet, I’m surprised she didn’t faint!

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1. A Moana inspired AU for Damian. Like what if Ra's took the heart of mother nature and implant it inside Damian? Which kinda explains why animals are drawn to him and why he's very good an gardening, and is so concern with eco issues. And since mother nature got her heart stolen, she went really crazy, but since her heart is inside Damian he experience a rage most of the time, like when he was first introduced. He really can't tell apart his feelings from hers.

2. So imagine a poison ivy powered Damian when his powers are fully unlocked. Like maybe mother nature can control him like a puppet, so he would be forced to fight his family. Or an angsty-er side where Mother Nature has had enough of the world and is willing to kill every human. And the only way to calm her down is Damian giving her, her heart back. But he would die in the process because Ra’s sorta killed him first for the ritual to succeed. Damian would definitely make the sacrifice tho.

3. It be cool to see a fight between Damian and Poison Ivy go down tho. Or Damian and Swamp Thing. Damian might or might not know he has Mother Nature’s heart inside of him is totally up to you.

ooooh I like this a lot!! And I feel like Dick would be the only thing who could soothe Mother nature’s wrath/calm Damian and his powers down. And of course Damian is willing to sacrifice but Dick, and probably his whole family, are most definitely NOT. 

I don’t think Swamp Thing would fight Damian, I think they’d kind of get along. I can see Ivy trying to fight him at first, but then try to care for him a little bit, especially after realizing he’s basically Mother Nature reincarnate. 

(also Moana is the best I effing LOVE THAT MOVIE)


What happens if the engine stops? We all freeze and die!