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I was surprised that Harcourt is Editor K's favorite, and to the editorial dept. and the assistants, where did you get this? He's also one of my fav characters in the series and never thought he would be that popular, especially since I thought he's just a oneshot character in the Weston arc :D

From Yana’s blog and editor K’s twitter, of course! xD

[…] Actually, (Harcourt) was supposed to appear only in that one scene, but because editor K and my assistants kept telling me that he’s cute all the time, he has become a regular character in the boarding school arc.


[…] This is Harcourt […] who is extremely popular among the gentlemen in the GFantasy editorial department.

[…] My personal favourite character Harcourt-kun made a TV debut!!!


Editor K once even tried to get Harcourt on the cover of comicbook vol.16 xD

My last and biggest mission this year is to get Harcourt (a student from the boarding school arc) on the cover of the new Kuroshitsuji comicbook which is going to be released next year. It probably won’t happen, though.


Das große Deponia & Elysium Kochbuch

The great Deponia & Elysium Cookbook

It is done! After half a year of work, I am proudly presenting my Cookbook for the videogame trilogy Deponia. Not only Rufus and Goal show you their favourite recipes, also Cletus, the Organon, Lotti and many more celebrate their guest appearances. Each recipe is an… experience for itself and only waits for you to try it out.

This was made for this year’s semester in Corporate Design and I have chosen Daedalic Entertainment to create something unique for them. I will be shown at this years Open Days at my design school and I’ll also get a frame in our personal “bianually Hall of Fame”. I’m very proud!

New beauty editorial…one of my favourite shoots this year with my favourite team…using one of my favourite nudes “Shore Enough” by @sallyhansen @sallyhansenuk @cotyukpr @cotythecompany with “Aqua Glitter” by @barrymcosmetics and “Silver Bullions” by @essie in a glitter gradient at the tip.

Photographer @cjwphotographer

Hair and production by @bjornkrischker

Make up by @kennethsohmakeup

Styling by @krolik_li

Model @natashakasatkina555

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Hi, just a quick question. When applying your foundation should you put moisturise on before you put foundation on or just out foundation on with moisturise. Also what is a good setting powder ? Thanks you (:

Skincare is the most important step in any makeup application because without good skin you can’t have great makeup…

Generally speaking you should cleanse your skin and then apply your moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and THEN foundation. However…

Sometimes too many products will cause makeup to “slip” off the skin so using a dual purpose product is a great idea. I like to use a light moisturiser that contains SPF, my favourite is the Ultraceuticals Mattifying SPF 30+ Sunscreen, it is light and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin. Then I apply primer after.

For oily skin you may find it is best to ditch the moisturiser/sunscreen and just opt for a primer instead. I like the *Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30

It is always best to apply some kind of product before you apply your foundation so that your makeup applies evenly and looks healthy.

As for my favourite powders for setting makeup…

*CARGO HD Picture Perfect Loose Powder

This is a new love for me and has quickly become one of my favourite setting powders, this stuff makes skin look flawless and I mean flawless. It isn’t cakey or dry, it doesn’t add any coverage to the skin but it does a fantastic job at keeping shine at bay. Plus it has this beautiful finish that almost blurs your skin so it looks photoshopped.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Finishing Veil

This powder is amazing at gives skin a poreless look and really combats shine without making skin look dry and cakey (I have dry skin and this doesn’t make my skin look horribly flaky and dry) it is expensive but has been my favourite powder for a year.

If you are on a budget I love the Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder isn’t bad either.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This does not alter the honesty of this post or this blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own

2016 Art Summary
Not going by month because most of the work I’ve done this year belonged to long-term projects (like my webcomic The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, the game Interfectorem, and commissions). I’m just posting my favourites, and some which got pretty popular!
It’s been a good year artistically - I committed to my baby project (the webcomic) and if I do this right, I will have 338 pages produced this year for it. Freelance has been amazing as well - I made a game! I art-directed a concert! I made assets for web sites! I did more editorial work!

Barring the (global) hell that is come next year I hope I get to finish The Carpet Merchant, and expand my bespoke illustration business. Perhaps a new freelance project? And starting a merch line? Looking forward to a lovely year ahead, for both artsy and non-artsy things!


Fashion Up-Front: Throughout history Vogue US model covers have long been heralded as something of a magical novelty - only surfacing once every few years, much to the applaud and delight of all fashion lovers. This September readers of the magazine were treated to a new cover lensed by Wintour’s current favourite Mario Testino, and featured, as they have done in the past, the girls of the moment; we’re talking the Victoria Secret angels, editorial stars, rulers of the runway, and campaign queens - all on one glorious glossy fold out page. These iconic group covers are particularly special for me on a personal level as the Vogue US May 2009 models issue was in fact the first Vogue I ever purchased. I was a shy pre-teen waiting for my flight in an airport when I saw it, and after years of being too nervous to buy fashion magazines I finally plucked up the courage to do so; I ended up reading and re-reading it for the whole 9 hour flight. Because of this special issue I was introduced to the inspiring eye of Steven Meisel, the creative and commercially savvy mind of Anna Wintour, the importance of models and their versatility, along with the impact that fashion has on the world as a whole - simply said without this issue my adoration for fashion would not be nearly as strong. These are more than model covers and go beyond being just magazines; they are the base in which many people’s love for fashion is built and in turn forever influences lives. Issues from top to bottom: September 2004, May 2007, May 2009 (all photographed by Steven Meisel), September 2014 (by Mario Testino) via.

I painted the lovely Fearne Cotton’s nails for @GlamourMagUK @glamourmag Women of the Year feature. Unfortunately no nails made it in to the shot this time! I used my favourite nude “Shore Enough” by @sallyhansen @salyhansenuk @cotyukpr @cotythecompany on fingers and toes!

Photographs by Matt Holyoak

Styled by Charlotte-Anne Fidler

Make up by Anita Keeling

Hair by Charlotte Cave

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade