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Let me tell you something about Gillian Anderson. This woman is genuinely the sweetest person I have ever met. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Gillian three times: at Toronto Fan Expo in September 2015, after Streetcar in 2016, and again at Toronto Fan Expo in September 2016. 

So, I have panic disorder. I’m really bad in big places full of people, which essentially describes a convention. Needless to say, the first time I went to a convention to meet Gillian, I had a really severe panic attack. I was shaking and crying and I sweat all of my makeup off. Anyway, when it finally began to subside, I decided to wait in line to get an autograph from Gillian. I gave her a handwritten book that I had put together full of letters that people wanted me to give to her. She was so incredibly grateful and kept telling me how sweet it was that I had taken the time to write all of the letters out in the book. At this point, I was still completely red and shaking a little and you could tell that I had been crying. You know what Gillian did? She just reached out her hand, with the most compassionate look on her face, and just held my hand in hers. My hand was shaking a ridiculous amount and she just held it so gently and looked at me with the sweetest, most empathetic expression. I think it’s extremely important to remember that she, too, suffers from anxiety attacks, and yet she still goes to events like Fan Expo to meet us.

The second time I met Gillian was on my birthday in May 2016. She signed after her performance of Streetcar - which, by the way, was the most incredible performance I’ve ever witnessed. Now, it’s important to note that the theatre had a rule about the actors not writing anything for their fans other than their signature (weird, I know). I figured I’d try anyway and when it was my turn to go up, I asked her if she could write “I want to believe” for me. She apologized and said that she couldn’t, and then signed my program. I wasn’t really expecting for her to be able to write it for me anyway, so I just shrugged it off and gave her the gift that I had for her: a first edition, first print copy of A Streetcar Named Desire. When I gave it to her, she was completely floored. She kept laughing in disbelief and leaned forward and rested her head on the counter for a bit. She was concerned because “this would have been so expensive!” but I told her that I wanted to give it to her because of the huge impact she’d had on me. Once again, she held my hand in hers, and told me that she would write “I want to believe” for me. She did, and I now have it tattooed on my ribs.

The third time I met her, at Toronto Fan Expo in September 2016, the first thing she said when I went up to her at the autograph table was, “have I met you before?” I said yes and she told me that she remembered meeting me. She then told me that the first edition of Streetcar was one of the sweetest gifts she had ever received. Then, I told her that I was fully prepared for her to roast me for it, but I showed her my tattoo of “I want to believe” in her handwriting. She was really sweet about it and told me that I’d chosen a good spot. She also brought up the book that I had given her the year before (how on earth she remembered that, I do not know). It is also so incredible to me that, out of literally hundreds of thousands of fans, she remembered who I was.

I’ve left out so much, but in conclusion to this long-ass post, Gillian Anderson is literally the kindest human being I’ve ever met. She’s so patient and empathetic and caring. She is one of the reasons that I’m alive to this day.


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Hi, I love your art style! I wanted to ask if you have any tips for traditional artists trying out digital art for the first time please? Like where to get a cheap tablet and how to use a digital art program?

I recommend monoprice tablets to start out because theyre fairly cheap and work really well! (I got mine for 45$ and its a dream lol)

As for programs, I’d look up a butttone of tutorials online when you decide which program you want to use! I use SAI for actual drawing and photoshop for editing, but you may wanna use something different!!! Watching speedpaints are pretty useful too!

And PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Going from traditional to digital is kinda weird at first but you’ll get the hang of it soon!!!

So..heh…hello. It’s my first time on Tumblr so I’m a little bit scared sometimes I am really shy + my English can be weird cause I’m not native, but you only live once right? Heh (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿) soooo……about this art…yas. This freaking “masterpiece” took me like 4 hours + 3 hours of editing this cause I have shitty program for recording my screen and I can even explain how painful it was  ಥ益ಥ Okey…but, seriously… I just hope u like my art because I was working really hard on it.

Once again, sorry for my English. I’m still learning


“It’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not… If you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball”
⇨ Happy birthday Jo! owl always love you (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hi! I just found your blog and I love your art! If you don't mind sharing them, what are your brush settings?

hello! i actually do all my drawings on nice grid paper using lead pencil first and then a black 0.38mm tip (weird size i know) gel pen from Muji bc the ink flows really nicely from these pens and dries almost immediately. then I scan my drawing(s) and edit them in the free program GIMP. if I feel like colouring them at all I use my mum’s wacom bamboo tablet using the solid circle brush setting at 100% opacity under the dynamic setting ‘tilt angle’. 

hopefully that makes sense, if you’d like I can make a complete tutorial post about how I take the drawing from paper to a coloured finished piece? I can include pictures too. if anyone wants that just send me an ask about it and I’ll do it ASAP ✌️

Loki x Reader: SHIELD Therapy

Went waaaaay longer than I originally intended, haha, oops… Not really proofread and a weird editing thing since I started writing on my phone then switched to my computer? No clue. Hope I captured the gist of the prompt about being a therapist and helping Loki with ptsd/etc

“The humans wish for me to talk about my,” Loki paused, searching for a distasteful enough word to describe the sentiment. “Feelings?” He finally offered, laughing coldly.

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I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one thinking this, but you know how some of the Punch-Out!! boxers’ names are included in the credit sequence?  For some reason, I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of the boxers actually being a part of the game’s development.

Imagine (I’m only taking down boxers that I can think of doing stuff):

Don Flamenco flirting with the female game developers while trying to impress them by giving them roses, and most wreaking havoc in the men’s restroom because he’s spraying so much raw perfume.

Glass Joe acting like a shy little child, and just having a cup of coffee while sitting quietly in the lobby or break room of the studio; maybe even having pleasant chats with the development team, or checking up on progress; probably trips on some of the technology cords by accident.

Disco Kid would probably be the person who doesn’t let anyone get anything done because he’s spinning in the rolling chairs, dancing on tables and desks, maybe even blaring music to “liven up the joint.” He’d probably be a pretty good help on the background music though, or he’d be nagging the music developers to make his theme more groovy.

Bald Bull, or Von Kaiser rage-quitting after fucking up on their lines too many times.  Maybe even Mr. Sandman just flips his shit after trying one too many times on his lines, but can’t seem to get them down.

King Hippo just eats everything on the food table, forcing the studio to constantly replenish the refreshment table, or just have staff order/bring their own food.

Great Tiger and his clones, and Aran Ryan would probably fuck up everyone’s shit just for the hell of it.  Maybe Great Tiger decides to tamper with the game’s programing to make his game-self stronger than Mr. Sandman; his clones would take up all the damn seats in the break room; and Aran Ryan would have the biggest field days just pulling major pranks in the studio.

What would be cute though, is if Bear Hugger brought some of his cute little animal friends to the studio; maybe get really excited when someone shows up with their pet to work.

Super Macho Man would probably complain whenever the developers don’t program his muscles correctly; like maybe he was the one who demanded emphasis on his asscheeks in his Contender Mode intro.

Then I can just see Little Mac being such a little dork when no one’s looking; he’d make funny noises into the microphone in the recording room, and just tinker around with the sound editing to make his voice as weird as possible; spins around in the rolling chairs at sickening speeds until he can’t walk straight; and probably make everyone’s game-selves make funny faces in the game (including himself).

I think out of all of the boxers present, Piston Hondo would be the only other boxer who would actually help get shit done, and do things at a more progressive rate.  Next to Piston, Von Kaiser would most likely be slightly better about his voice recordings despite the occasional re-take.

Doc would probably hog all of the chocolate foods and drinks; and probably spend a fortune on the candy vending machines.

Trivia from Shidu’s interview in PASH! [August 2014]

 - The scene Shidu loved the most was when Konoha rescued Hibiya and Hiyori.   

-  They also liked the last part (the part after the title screen appeared) of act 07 「Konoha no Sekai Jijou」. In that scene, Haruka, who up till then hadn’t seemed to mind anything  and always smiled as if everything were not his business, finally spoke his mind and acted like a normal human.

- Shidu liked the depiction of “the other world” in act 04 「Kagerou Daze」.  In addition, it seemed the BGM in that part had been created solely by a guitar.

- Even though it seemed like quite a long time had passed, everything in Mekakucity Actors actually happened in just a day or two. Therefore, the plot was really thick.  Additionally, although everyone had their own tales, the anime was able to combine them into a single story. Those are the reasons why Shidu thought people were captivated by Mekakucity Actors.

- Shidu drew the storyboard of the Opening and made the Ending of Mekakucity Actors. While drawing the Ending was relatively the same as making normal PVs, because Shidu had to work with others for the Opening, they had to adjust their handwritings in a way that people could understand… Shidu admitted that their writings were so dirty that they themself were the only one who could read them.

-  Because the key of「daze」 was too high, Jin had to use editor programs to pitch his voice higher to match with the tune.  When Shidu received the demo, Jin’s voice sounded just like helium voice. The voice in the demo was extremely weird and creepy, but very funny at the same time. It made Shidu laugh really hard. Shidu referred to Jin’s voice in the demo as “Vocal: Shizen no Tekiko-chan”.

- As for 「days」, Shidu  said that maybe they just had to put in the credits and the PV would give off the feel of an anime… However, later Shidu mentioned that although they had had their PVs shown on TV before, they still felt uncertain when making 「days」because it was going to be included in an actual TV program.

- The ED turned out to be not as catching as Shidu’s other PVs.

- The anime’s staff would draw the rough sketches for the character designs  first and then gave it to Shidu for correction. The design Shidu had to edit the most was Seto’s. According to Shidu, at first, Seto looked like a whole new different character. His hairpin was attached to some weird place and he gave off a really mature feeling.

- The reason why Momo has her chain is because Shidu doesn’t want to draw frill.

- Shidu wanted Kano to leave an everlasting impression on the audience.

- Shidu said that they wanted to cherish and spoil Kano; they wanted Kano to become happy.

- According to Shidu, Jin once said that “How did he (Kano) end up in that kind of situation and with that kind of personality?”

- Shidu wanted Kano to have some kind of companion in the future, to have a girlfriend, who would stay by his side. Shidu wanted Kano to lead an easy and carefree life, without having to deal with that much problems after Mekakucity Actors ended.

- Meanwhile, Shidu said they really wanted to bully Konoha. They thought it was really weird that even though they loved Konoha the most, they still wanted to bully him.

- When Mekakucity Actors aired, Shidu took a special liking to Kano, especially his character design and his voice. Shidu said that anime! Kano really gave off a “Kano-ish” feeling.

- Shidu thought anime!Haruka was manlier than light novel!Haruka.

- Shidu loved Kido’s voice.

- Kido’s, Kano’s and Haruka’s voices were exactly what Shidu thought those three would sound like.

- Everything pretty much remained the same even after Mekakucity had ended. They were worried whether Kano would be able to change when he still possessed his ability… Everyone would still meet each other, but because nothing important really happened, Mekakushi Dan would probably disband… or not but Kido would be very sad.

- Shidu wanted to draw more about “the snake” (well, as in our good old Kuroha) because in the anime, he just suddenly showed up and then disappeared immediately afterwards. They wanted to have a story about the meeting of Azami and “the snake”. Shidu hoped that scene would happen in the manga, or maybe in an anthology.

- Even though the anime ended already, Kagerou Project is still in progress. Shidu hoped the readers would still continue to support KagePro.

Eurovision Go!

@loicnottet posted a joke about Eurovision Go yesterday, I believe, and it kind of sparked something. So here it is. It’s fanfiction… about the fandom.


The app just drops out of nowhere. No trailer, no hype, it just appears on the appstore one day, between another “bejeweled” knockoff and a twelfth variation of tower defense. That’s why nobody sees. Maybe one or two people at most.

Sometime in the middle of the night an Australian europal suddenly posts a series of garbled messages. The first one is a series of exclamation marks (“!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) and the tag, “oh my god”. It’s early morning CET before the first screencap is posted, a shaky phone-on-phone pic with the caption, “been out all day because of THIS”.

The screencap shows Alexander Rybak standing by a fountain. It’s a little hard to make out but the vest and violin kind of give it away. There are music notes dancing across the screen. It’s vague, weird, and without any context it sparks some curiosity.

The Aussie europal posts an explanation about twenty minutes later. By now, most of the continent is awake. Everyone’s scrolling their dashes and everyone sees the dash-breakingly long post at the same time: it’s a rambling, excited description of what seems to be a Pokemon Go… spinoff? Based on Eurovision?

It’s gotta be a joke. It gets record notes in record time, though, because even though the OP is being a little cheesy by writing it as if it’s real, it’s pretty cool sounding. Still, the few who weren’t turned off by the obviously fake post scroll through their app stores, searching for the mythical app.

And they find it.

It’s not sanctioned by the EBU, that’s for sure. The icon on the app store makes it look like a really bad knockoff, or at least people trying not to get sued. Who let the five year old play in Photoshop, chuckles the Russian europal to herself as she taps the download button hesitantly. It may look sketchy, but… she’s curious.

From the several fans that actually downloaded the app come a series of increasingly excited posts.

“IT’S REAL IT’S REAL IT’S REAL,” from Ireland.

“Seriously look in your app store,” from Norway.

An Estonian posts screencaps. Loreen is standing in a doorway with her Eurovision outfit. “I’M GOING TO BEAT LOREEN,” he captions. The next one is of a tower - much like the gyms in Pokemon go - showering the virtual world in golden sparkles. “FOUND A GYM,” he captions. Then he reblogs himself to add, “A STAGE I MEAN. A STAGE??????”

People are starting to wonder if this thing just might be real. Everyone with a smartphone is searching the app store. Everyone without one is refreshing, constantly, trying to judge for themselves whether or not this is all one big practical joke.

A Portuguese europal picks up their smartphone. They find it and download. They open it up. THERE ARE MANY LEGENDARY ARTISTS IN THIS WORLD, the screen reads, WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM?

Ten minutes later, they’re walking down the street. Their phone vibrates. They tap it and move the camera around to find -

Jamala stands on the grass, confidence shining on her face. She opens her mouth to sing. The Europal beats her to it, letting off a string of notes just loud enough to be picked up by the microphone but not loud enough to disturb the neighbors. Jamala bursts into a shower of golden sparks, leaving behind a flower the color of fire. It gets added to the virtual collection.

There are EuroStops in significant places - plaques, pavilions, fire departments. You can get all sorts of free stuff, props and outfits and lighting. You use it to construct the best act you can. When you arrive at a Stage, you use all the tools at your disposal to win the favor of the crowd, to outsing your opponent and outshine them onstage.

(If you can’t or don’t want to sing, you can program your chosen artists to sing for you. It doesn’t allow a lot of flexibility during a stage battle, but you get to focus more on switching out props or using power-ups and healing items.)

It brings on a new wave of fanart, edits, weird stories, debates over artist strengths and weaknesses. People find Justs on his longboard in the weirdest places, Loreen likes to be in houses, the Russian grannies are easiest for the Russians to find. Måns seems to be topping a lot of Stages at first, but things start to get really varied really quick. “Serhat loves being king of my Eurovision stage!” one American europal writes, accompanied by a picture of Serhat in a sparkling red dress on top of a Stage.

It’s awesome. And someday the EBU might pull this app from the store for copyright reasons, but for now, you can dress Emmelie de Forest like Lordi and battle Christer Björkman and everything’s just great.

(Christer Björkman is one of the most common, to everyone’s exhasperation. You find him everywhere, whether you want to or not. Someone works with eight Christer Björkmans leveled as high as he’ll go and sets about conquering Stages. Nobody likes this person.)

Edit: A very awesome person (screm2makefrend) recorded an awesome reading of this! With a few snarky side comments ;D

Undertale, Original Sprites used as base/ref for edits © Toby Fox
CPUtale AU idea © Me
Sprite edits by Me
This is a nonprofit use of the Undertale Sprites. It is meant for only fun and enjoyment, and will not be used as merchandise.

So everyone’s making their own Undertale au’s man! And I really wanted to join that train so I came up with my own!!

Here’s a brief desc so far; it’s still a new AU so it’s under construction. This is what I wrote to a friend while thinking up ideas.

What if I broke the 4th wall in a weird way?

“And they exist inside a computer as a program and instead of just Sans being aware, everyone knows they exist in a program in a computer”
“And they were sealed in a program when humans used an artifact to absorb their magic and shove them in the computer”

So they can’t use magic, but maybe something alike to magic in the program they’re caught in.

Undyne’s robotic Spear Shooting metal arm was made by Alphys.

Sans has been trying to crack the code to find a way out, secretly.

Sans’ Gaster blasters are made of metal.

Sans’ left arm is also metal.
The Gaster Blasters don’t shoot out beams, but red lasers.

Sans’ left eye glows blue still, but the fire it emanates looks like glitchy blue pixels fading.

Papy has screws that holds his jawbone to his skull.

Mettaton has more advanced special effects for his show because he can manage the program’s effects.

Alphys works studying the codes trying to crack them too to be able to crack and transfer the program they’re trapped in to another section of the computer they’re in which is storing the magic the humans stripped from them and used to keep them captive in there. If they can reach the section where the magic is contained to make the barrier in the program they could finally release themselves from the codes and be free once again.
The way Frisk gets in the program is that the huge computer they were stored in is hidden deep in an old private abandoned building which is legally forbidden to enter.Frisk is dared to enter there and come out with a piece of something valuable in the old building.Upon searching, frisk comes upon the huge computer, and as any child, was curious and started to touch and mess around.Frisk turned the computer on,Continuing to touch, they hold a strange technological wand-thing that had been glowing;


The magical absorption mode activated and sucks Frisk into the program the way the monsters were sucked in!
Also the ruins are like, glitchy parts of the program. So the ruins are made of glitchy green blocks. It’s almost the edge of the program which is why there’s glitches everywhere.
Also what if Asriel died because his small body couldn’t take the process of losing its magic?After being transferred to the program he fades.

Since Asriel died, he faded into the program’s codes but his consciousness didn’t.
So he randomly spawns himself as many things, including a flower. Though, he can only spawn himself as something of weak power.

Also when monsters die in the program they fade into glitchy blocks that disappear instead of messy dust.And their essence blends into the program’s codes.

When everyone’s magic was stripped of them, they got those weird motherboard circuit patterns all over them like they were digital scars.

Chara is a virus in this AU.
Chara disguises themselves as a good program to hide their destructive virus intentions. Chara attacks Frisk when being transferred but they are only activated the moment Frisk attacks someone.
If Frisk does not attack anyone, the Chara virus is not activated.

Genocide CPUtale is that Frisk is infected by the Chara virus when being transferred into the computer.

Gaster got trapped in a separate lone file while being transferred.
Sans is trying to also crack the code to save him and unify his file to theirs so he can go back with everyone…

Everyone has at least one metal part. They all became cyborgy after being transferred. (Except Mettaton, hes always been a robot.)

Toriel left Asgore because she got depressed after the death of Asriel and did not want any kind of company whatsoever. She needed to be alone.

Toriel’s eyes glow green because..motherboard. Mama goat. Mother board. Green stuffs.

This is all that I have so far!!

I hope people like it?? QwQ