this editing program is really weird

So..heh…hello. It’s my first time on Tumblr so I’m a little bit scared sometimes I am really shy + my English can be weird cause I’m not native, but you only live once right? Heh (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿) soooo……about this art…yas. This freaking “masterpiece” took me like 4 hours + 3 hours of editing this cause I have shitty program for recording my screen and I can even explain how painful it was  ಥ益ಥ Okey…but, seriously… I just hope u like my art because I was working really hard on it.

Once again, sorry for my English. I’m still learning

hostilepeach  asked:

Would you be willing to share tips on drawing comics in Sai? (You don't have to if you don't want to)

i think my only tip would be dont? like. if at all possible.
resizing things in sai is fucking impossible without them looking like shit and the straight line tool in sai is nuts bad and weird all at the same time and unless you do comics with drawn borders id suggest photoshop either cs4 or cs5. i use 7 even though its mostly for editing photos but its the only one ive got
if you click a place though and hold down shift and then click another place it makes a straight line? but unless youre really precise and lined up it gets crooked. i dunno its a complicated mess
sai isnt a bad drawing program by all means but its pretty obvious they tried and its just not really enough for what you need
best case scenario draw the lineart on a different layer and the panel edges on another so if things get wonky you dont have to redraw.

anonymous asked:

tip for ur edits!! maybe dont use arial as much? you use arial a lot and in general its a good font but for a lot of online programs (especially w/ google) its the default so when you use it in edits it seems kind of. . . off? i dont know how to explain it but its kind of like how in writing "said" is sort of a filler word? its used so often that most people just skim over it. sorry if this is rude but i really do love ur edits gemma !!

thanks for the tip!! i’m always trying to improve my edits so i appreciate this! tbh i’m kinda scared of using too many weird fonts bc i’m worried it’ll look tacky, but i’ll definitely keep this in mind