this edit was cooler in my head

Person: Is it true than nobody could call John gay to his face?
Paul: Even I couldn’t call him gay and I dated the git.


Happy 54th birthday to Anthony Kiedis! 

Sometimes life’s so much cooler when you just don’t know any better and all the painful lessons have not hammered your head open yet.” - Anthony Kiedis. 

( Happy birthday to my favorite man crush and idol of my life! 
He’s such a huge man with a big mind and creativity.
Long live to Anthony Kiedis. )

The Teeth of a Thousand Fools

I’ve been an avid Warhammer 40,000 player for almost 15 years now. Though Tyranids have always been my true love, I recently succeeded in a long-time ambition of mine, which is a heavily converted Tzeentch Daemons army.

I loved the endless conversion possibilities and I strove to make a fully unique army of monsters all my own. Now that the new edition of 40k has sprung, Tzeentch Daemons are finally the kind of army I enjoy playing as well, so it all works out.

Ignore the brutally mediocre paint-job. To make my horrors look cooler, I decided to flip the head-pieces upside down, and greenstuff around them to make the little guys look eyeless and spooky. The overbite looks cooler than the underbite in my opinion too.

For  my Blue Scribes, I loved the idea of the two demons bickering over spells, so I made them into conjoined twins trying to stretch apart. One has the eye for reading, the other has the mouth for incantations and holds a fireball. I gave them the disc from the burning chariot kit.

For my warlord I chose Kairos Fateweaver, but I’d be DAMNED if I was gonna just use the bird-headed model they gave me. To make him fit his rules, my only criteria were two heads, a staff, and the suggestion of flight. Using a ton of pieces from two burning chariot kits, I made this fella after weeks of brainstorming what he should be.

I loved the moon-heads that came with the chariot’s herald, but I wanted to extend the top into a huge scythe-like fin. I also got rid of the eyes and had them coming out of a mouth in the neck, like tongues. I sat him on the flames from the chariot and glued additional fire coming from the back trailing behind him. I also took the exalted flamer’s arms and made them into two “wings” that were like little chimney’s letting out torrents of flame.

Lastly I have my beasts of Nurgle. Not Tzeentch, I know, but they were just too cool to pass up. I tried not to include any rotting details or pustules so they’d fit with the rest of the non-nurgle guys. They’re just plastic chaos spawn kits with heavily greenstuffed heads.

Rolling each tooth between your fingers is a MASSIVE pain in the ass, but it looks great in the end.

Hopefully I can post these fellas again once they’re painted, if I don’t muck it all up. 


I had a really cool idea for a Giygas-themed smash stage so i decided to make a poorly-done edit of it!

it looks so much cooler in my head i swear ….i was even thinking Pokey could come out in his little machine and KO some fighters (or at least do a big deal of damage) kinda like the ultimate chimera in New Pork City…

i was thinking the stage’s main music could be a remix of Giygas is Wounded! because that would be just really cool to hear tbh