this edit was cooler in my head

“Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight”

Happy birthday Nikol! { @flamingplay }

Thank you so much for your friendship, I’m so happy we got to meet by chance! I sincerely hope you have an amazing day surrounded by the people who love you, you deserve it, girl! 💚 I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I really care about you and I hope you’re always happy… This is your day, live it to the fullest.

Inktober Day 6
I loved the Master Sword cutscene in Twilight Princes, therefore ↑
This is not my best piece of work, but I’ll post it anyway to keep Inktober going…
It was so much cooler in my head :/

Anti maybe?

I can see a resemblance of anti on both left and right of the thumbnail, and the picture underneath the brighter glitch bars of jack’s face is edited or filtered in the same scheme as Anti videos - cooler temperature and a strong green undertone, as well as defined contrast.

I dunno maaaaaaaan

Hmm, it’s kinda weird yeah, but Jack said that Anti won’t come back for now, and I still trust him on it, even if he’s acting a bit strange. Until further proof that Anti REALLY is coming back, I’ll just save it in the back of my head, and say that it is a really good thumbnail :)

Aw man, this was a tricky one both to airbrush AND photograph.

@roterwolkenvogel got herself a Resinsoul Sui body with custom red transparent claws. The color was a lightish, gummy bear rosy red and I underestimated how tricky airbrushing that would be!

I first sprayed some Mr. Crystal Color Ruby Red on top of the parts for some red shimmer, afterwards I sprayed yellow onto the scales.
The claws look like they were completely covered, but I actually just added some red here and there for some depth.
But since the parts are transparent paint applied on one side is visible on the other side too, and if I airbrush both sides they add each other visually.
On top of the yellow scales I added some iridiscent gold.
The whole thing was first sealed flat, than glossy, to get back some of the transparent look. I added extra varnish and gloss on the nails.
They look a lot cooler in real, but my camera had a lot of trouble with all that red :’D
The hands are just a dark red to red gradient with some iridiscent gold on the tips.

The body is for Vogel’s Cumberbatch head, who is super tiny but also really cool. Added a pic of him at the bottom because I actually wanted to show the hands in action…oh well.
Head wasn’t painted by me!

Resinsoul Sui parts, owned by Roterwolkenvogel
Customization, photos and editing by me

I haven’t posted a sprite edit in a while now! Feels good to post another one, and this one was one of my favorites

Honestly, I’m not too good with bloodswap designs, but I had a rlly good idea for a Gamzee Vantas where he wears all the different blood types and claims to be different ones just to confuse others about his real blood. Idk, it sounded cooler in my head xD Still happy with how it came out though!


Happy 54th birthday to Anthony Kiedis! 

Sometimes life’s so much cooler when you just don’t know any better and all the painful lessons have not hammered your head open yet.” - Anthony Kiedis. 

( Happy birthday to my favorite man crush and idol of my life! 
He’s such a huge man with a big mind and creativity.
Long live to Anthony Kiedis. )

don't sweat it (you spit fire)

For hide&seek anon:

imagine a pocket sized you sitting by a mini cooler on a bench next to a basketball court. jungkook wanted some tips to improve his game and yoongi had agreed to spend an afternoon in the park helping him. the blazing afternoon sun beats down on the court and you grimace at the sweat that begins to form on your forehead. wanting to avoid any and all bodily fluids, you shove the top of the cooler aside and climb in to sit next to the boys’ water bottles. you keep the cooler open so you can still watch as yoongi and jungkook play around and get sweater and sweatier (gross).

eventually, the hyperactive maknae wears out his tiny hyung and yoongi calls for a water break. you reach behind you and pass a cold water bottle to yoongi who hums in appreciation. he’s still gulping down water when jungkook rushes to the cooler and leans over you dripping with sweat. you’re caught off guard and can’t stop him when he reaches behind you for a bottle only to have a disgusting glob of sweat drip from his face and onto your head. yoongi sees this and proceeds to choke on his water, covering you with an equally disgusting spray of spit. you sit there in shock with their sweat and saliva dripping down your face until you mechanically move to grab the water bottle behind you, uncap the top, and lift it so the entire contents pour over your head and flood the cooler. the boys just stand there staring at you with pure fear in their eyes, and you climb out of the cooler thirsty for revenge.

(you end up forcing them to do the choreo for fire and only when they do it perfectly do you hand them both a water bottle along with your gracious forgiveness.)


So I wrote this quick fluffy oneshot based on this prompt I saw on Phanfic. 

Description: Phil goes on holiday leaving Dan home alone, he begins to miss Phil so decides to wear his Jake hoody. 

I hope you like it, this was just a quick thing I typed up but feel free to send me feedback or a prompt!

Word count: 1,266

I held him closer to me inhaling his scent deeply as it would be the last time I smell is cologne for a week, as he was joining his family in Florida to help his parents move in to their new home. He insisted I go along with them that his parents wouldn’t mind and Martin was bringing Cornelia so I had every right to go along but I didn’t want to impose on his time with them. Of course I hadn’t said that to Phil I just made an excuse of not wanting to miss two weeks of the radio show and that he will see me on Friday anyway as I was flying over for Playlist Live.

Pulling back Phil leaned forward to connect our lips in something that started as an innocent goodbye kiss but I couldn’t control myself as my tongue licked across his bottom lip. He granted access instantly our tongues dancing together as he pushed me back against the front door a whimper escaping my lips. Shamelessly I pushed my hips into his feeling the growing erection through his jeans causing us both to pull apart with breathy moans resting our foreheads together as we took in lungful’s of air.

“You had better go your taxi is waiting.” I heave a sigh my eyes downcast so he couldn’t see the gloom within them.

“Hey it’s just one week then we’ll be together.” He replied pulling my chin up to place one last peck on my mouth then leaning back to pick up his luggage as I opened the door for him. I watched his retreating form down the hall before he turned to wave a sad smile in place. Taking my phone out of my pocket I call Wirrow and Bryony asking them if they want to come over for a movie night and take out, thankfully the say yes.


Tapping lightly on the edge of the table as I tried to focus on editing, my latest video so it will be up, before I fly out in two days. A shiver runs down my spine as I could feel the cooler temperature of March falling over my skin. Standing from the desk chair I arch my back raising my arms above my head in attempt to stretch out after sitting for near enough six hours. Exiting the office I made my way to Phil’s room – we both slept in this room – to pick up a hoody instead of turning on the heating.

Opening my side of the wardrobe I pick up my Korean hoody with horns on instead of putting it on straight away I open Phil’s side deciding I’d prefer to wear one of his. I searched for the green hoody he we shared but to no avail a frown set on my face. Turning to walk over to the drawers thinking it might be in there when a flash of yellow caught my attention.  Lying on one of the pillows was Phil’s Adventure Time hoody I bought him for his birthday, dropping my jumper I leaned over the bed to collect the yellow garment swiftly pulling it over my head. Instantly the scent of my boyfriend filled my nostrils making my frown disappear and a small smile takes its place.

Grabbing my laptop off the top of the drawers I sit on the bed deciding to Skype with Phil. Logging in to the familiar program I searched for Phil’s icon but he was showing as unavailable I sighed heavily checking my phone for the time in Florida, 12 pm he would be at Disney by now. Shutting the laptop I pulled the hood over my head curling into a ball against the pillow letting sleep over take me. Dreams of cuddling up with Phil flitting through my head.


“Passport? Check. Keys? Check. Boarding pass? Check.” Mumbling to myself as I walked through the apartment checking I hadn’t forgot to pack anything and switching lights off as I go. My phone buzzed in my pocket telling me the taxi was outside, I unzipped my backpack making sure the yellow hoody was still inside then I rezip the bag popping the strap over my suitcase handle and walked out to the awaiting taxi. An hour later I was checked in and boarding my flight to Orlando.

“Good morning sir, could I see your ticket please?” The flight attendant asked politely, I passed her the small ticket which she returned promptly pointing me to my seat. Thankfully I booked a window seat so I wouldn’t need to keep getting up to let other travellers in. Hoisting my carry on into the overhead compartment I removed my kindle, headphones and Phil’s yellow hoody. I took my seat, tugging the hoody over my head quickly sticking my headphones over my ears and settled back into my seat for the eight hour flight ahead.

I felt a tap on my arm causing me to jolt awake slightly disorientated as I stared at a blonde haired woman in a green airhostess uniform leaning towards me.

“We will be coming into land any moment soon sir so may I ask you turn off all your electronics and return your seat to the upright position?”  When she smiled at me I noticed a bit of her pink lipstick had caught on her striking white teeth.


I let my mind wander as I drove through the slightly familiar roads that lead to Phil’s parent’s new home. The sun was setting causing the sky to go a beautiful coral orange and burnt read into the horizon. Some up tempo pop song played over the radio which I hummed along to my mood getting even brighter as my turn off for Kissimmee came up. New born by muse came on over the speakers letting me know I had an incoming call from Phil, quickly pressing a button under I answered the call.

“Hey, Phil.”

“Hey, where abouts are you?” I smiled he was so impatient although so was I really wanted to see him.

“Just turned off the freeway now shouldn’t be too long.”

“But I want you here now.” He whined causing me to shake my head and chuckle.

“I know baby you made that very clear the last three times you’ve called me since I left the airport.”

“And yet your still not here yet, Daaaan.” I could here the smirk in his voice as he drew my name out for comical effect.

“I’m gonna hang up now Phiiiil, bye!”

I hit the end call button before he could even reply, I saw the sign for the neighbourhood they we moving to and pressed down on the exhilarator the road ahead all but empty. I made short work of the remaining miles and pulled up into the driveway of a two story house.

Getting out of the car I was greet by a hyper Phil who knocked me back into the car pressing our lips together hurriedly as if his life depended on it. A cough from the direction of the decking pulled us apart glancing over I saw Cornelia hiding a smile behind her hand then raised it to wave at me which I returned with a nod.   Phil pulled my face back to him before pulling back to take me in.

“Are you wearing my hoody?”

“I was cold!”

“Then get your own hoody.”

“I like your better, plus it looks good on me.” I winked re-joining our lips only to feel Phil smile against them murmuring.

“As much as that is true I still want my back back.” 

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