this edit makes no sense but who cares

C-3PO makes me laugh because you have to remember he was assembled by a child out of things from a scrap heap. Everything about him makes sense if you bear that in mind. Anakin wanted a droid who could help his mother, but the only AI package he could find was one somebody threw out for being too fussy. The combination of tweaking to give him a worried/caring personality makes him constantly anxious. A protocol droid comes with a fair amount of language packages, but why stop there? Somebody threw out like, three different galactic language dictionaries because they weren’t the recent edition. Just load ‘em all up. all of them, even the packs that contain things like ewok and a thousand variants of different manufacturers’ droid codecs. don’t add half the other requirements most legal protocol droids have included at the factory like emergency wipe protocols or shutdown failsafes, or programmed obsolescence. Build that sucker out of non-commercial materials that are already over a hundred years old and still good, tweak it to withstand tatooine of all places.

so now you have this droid that is over thirty years old and it could never be obsolete because it was never manufactured by anybody but a kid on a sand ball somewhere, it’s never running down because it was built to last on tatooine and there’s nothing programmed in to try and urge you to buy the latest model because there is no latest model. 3P0 is simultaneously totally useless yet hyper functional because he was not made according to any specs except “the best most toughest things possible to help my mom for a long long time on a hot desert planet”

Spencer’s Twin

I’m like 1000% sure that was Spencer’s twin. 

Literally the entire episode I feel Troian made sure to emphasize the watch Spencer was wearing, it was in multiple shots and really stood out to me - not to mention Spencer has worn a watch almost the entire season. So it really stood out that for some reason in the airport scene Spencer’s wrist was bare. 

Wren and ‘Spencer’ were arguing, they haven’t seen each other in years correct? Why would he come back to Rosewood and seek out Spencer? Why would they argue like that if they hadn’t been in constant contact and why would Spencer not mention it once? 

And when Spencer introduced Wren and Ezra she referred to the fact that Wren was almost her brother in law on multiple occasions. Well, he was engaged to Melissa, I wouldn’t call that multiple times. Now if that’s Spencer’s twin, we know Spencer and Wren had a little thing. So as a snide remark she might’ve included the plural meaning as in “well he’s been with both my sisters”. 

I honestly believe Spencer’s twin is Bethany. Hence why Jessica would visit her and have her call her Auntie Jess (Jessica would be Spencer’s aunt as well, so if Bethany is Spencer’s twin then tada, Aunt Jess). Also explains Bethany’s drawings of Jessica in demon form and with “liar” written across her head. In hind sight, that could also have been of Mary - if she found out Mary was her mom. 

We also know Doctor Cochran said he delivered only two of Mary’s babies and we’ve been thinking there’s a third. Who’s to say a nurse didn’t deliver Bethany/Spencer’s twin while Cochran got Spencer ready for the Hastings or for some other reason couldn’t deliver the twin. And honestly I wouldn’t put it past Peter. He knew it was hard enough for Veronica to handle one of his love children, having her deal with two/twins? So why not send the other to someone else and keep it a secret? Peter has so many damn secrets. I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Maybe Spoby isn’t end game, but Toby/Twincer is? If it’s Bethany, they kind of have a connection anyways (Radley/his mother). Toby’s starting to seem more and more as a likely candidate for AD; what with Mona’s clarification that the game was lovingly made and we know Toby is a carpenter. 214 is related to Toby. Jenna seems to have a huge part of AD’s plan and Toby/Jenna have history. Toby probably poisoned Yvonne. That whole scene was just odd to say the least. Toby literally forced Spencer into Radley by faking his death - who does that? And he knew what it would do to her and he didn’t care and yet through everything has he even apologized for that? Honestly? 

EDIT: If he has been with Bethany/Twincer this whole time and used Spencer as a means to destroy her for having the life Bethany wanted it makes perfect sense for him to manipulate her into loving him so much that when he “died” she’d have to go to Radley to cope and put her in the same position that Bethany grew up in. A perfect payback if you will for having the life she wanted.

One of my least favorite things about the Gorillaz fandom is how so many people are like “we want less hip hop!!! too much collaboration!!! more Damon plz’

like.. …. . the whole point is to let other artists with various perspectives and backgrounds speak and Albarn is just orchestrating it and adding his flavor so it’s cohesive………..

Maybe if you’re asking for less hip hop………………….just stop listening to Gorillaz expecting that because it won’t ever happen……??? (Exception being The Fall, if you count it )

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it just makes no sense??? They can’t all be 19-2000 or Feel Good Inc with the rap edited out (yeah I’ve fucking seen this requested and done, people love to edit the rap parts out of Gorillaz songs smfh) like sorry you’re 12 and listen to Twenty One Pilots on repeat and nothing else and the hip hop collabs are too radical for you but Damon Albarn doesn’t care!!!!!!!

I once had a dream where Ted and Jimmy were exclusive boyfrans and I wanted to take that idea out to dinner, make love with it passionately, and turn it into reality so :)

ps if u ship them too by any chance let’s be friends pls

Godsfall Comes to Tumblr

I know I’ve talked a few times about my favorite podcast, Godsfall, on here before, but I’m bringing them up again because they finally have a tumblr! If you’re interested in them already and haven’t seen it, it’s @godsfalldc. If you’ve never heard of Godsfall or have heard of it and weren’t sure it’d be up your alley, I’ll take a moment to talk about it here.

What is Godsfall?

Godsfall: Divine and Conquer is a D&D actual play podcast set in a homebrew world created by Aram Vartian, a freelance visual designer based out of DC. The show is releasing its 3rd season in March and follows 7 young people who realize that they are the reincarnations of the old gods, who died in a calamitous war that almost destroyed the entire world. Suddenly thrown into a conflict much larger than they are and given incredible powers they must learn to control, the Godlings are at the heart of the action as a century of relative stability is rapidly coming to an end.

Why would I like Godsfall? 

Godsfall is not only well-written, but also has some incredible characters - and players. In addition, the world is unique and interesting, and Godsfall does well what a lot of other IPs don’t do at all, including:

  • PCs that are diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, sexuality, gender, and worldviews
  • Healthy and happy relationships between characters
  • Specifically, a happy and healthy gay relationship between two of the godlings! That is explicitly confirmed within the first season!
  • Neither of those two characters have died and their relationship develops naturally and lovingly(spoilers, I guess)!
  • Morally ambiguous characters that you can still enjoy rooting for
  • Villainous PCs whose inclusion makes sense and who you can also still enjoy rooting for, if that’s what you’re into!
  • Open and honest discussion about some of the social issues around gaming and fantasy
  • A DM(and players) who care about having those discussions and making the best story they can for everyone
  • Action! Excitement! Jokes!
  • Incredible editing and production - Godsfall integrates sound effects, background sounds, and mood/theme music seamlessly and it really shows. The technical quality of this podcast alone probably makes it worth listening to.
  • Again, a really fantastically awesome story set in a deep and complex world that still holds a balance between fresh and familiar elements of the fantasy genre.
  • A pet pig who is truly adorable
  • Also, art! Godsfall hasn’t had much of a presence on tumblr but that doesn’t mean there isn’t already hella art. @DevenRue(@devenrue), @bendrawslife(@bendrawslife), @fmanzof and @creepyfantasies on Twitter all illustrated parts of the Godsfall worldbook, which is coming out soon.
  • That’s right, there’s a worldbook! If you decide you like Godsfall a lot and like to play D&D, you can play D&D in the world of Godsfall how cool is that it’s really cool and I’m very excited to get my copy
  • Godsfall also has fanfiction! (Here’s one piece, please ignore me shamelessly plugging my own writing, I haven’t had time to hunt down all the cool stuff other people have written for the Godsfall world yet)

Alright! You’ve convinced me! Where can I find Godsfall?

Well, their tumblr is here, obviously: @godsfalldc

and they’re on twitter: @GodsfallDC

as for the show itself, it’s right on iTunes - just type in “Godsfall”, hit enter, and download all of it and binge it all in one week! Or don’t, maybe you have self control when it comes to consuming media. I know I don’t! Haha!

(I can’t wait until March 1st you have no idea the hype is killing me)

Children of the Gods: Nemesis, Greek goddess of divine retribution

With a sense for justice and insight into the delicate balance of good and bad, Nemesis’ children seek to punish any who upset this equilibrium. They seek revenge for an ill deed, and possess a desire to make things even at any cost. They are undeniably dangerous should one get on their bad side, so tread with care around these demi-gods.

Unpopular opinion but...

What really bothers me in the BATB fandom are the complaints about the casting, the dress, the everything about the 2017 version. I waited a whole year to see it and I was one of the people who was not disappointed. It’s my favourite story, no matter what version. 

But no one can ever be happy with anything. The actors worked hard to work on this movie, the crew spent hours of editing, costumes are so hard to make. Honestly, it infuriates me. This is a movie and story with the moral of don’t judge by appearance. Guess what?

That’s literally what people have been doing when it comes to this movie. Emma honestly had been my main image of Belle and honestly, if you think about it, how much more sense does the story make?

There’s backstories, there’s development, Belle has more backbone! If you were Belle, would you just stand and watch as the beast was about to be killed by Gaston? Hell no! You’d want to help wouldn’t you? I loved this version so much. And guess what?

Even actors with really good voices had to be edited for the screen and soundtrack. Autotune is apparent in the BATB soundtrack yes, but it’s part of the editing. Movies done professionally have to have sound and image given a bit of tweaking.

I don’t care who you thought was perfect for Belle. I don’t care if or why you think the dress is horrible and stupid. I don’t care if you think Emma was too bland in the story.

Look at the hard work and the amazing moralities and the beauty and care put into this story. And take some film classes if you think autotuning or sound tweaking isn’t required.

ok but the warrior cats fandom has such a lack of self awareness that it makes me sad honestly, like………no, the warriors series didnt go to shit because of the fandom.

like seriously? some ppl really think that the fandom “complaining” and wanting better written female characters, better written abused characters (who end up happy and loved!!) or lgbt characters ruined the warriors series when the warrior cats series has drastically reduced in quality over the past 10 years.

the writers do not care for the series anymore, and its blatantly obvious - no one checks whose related to who (which is why theres confirmed relations - like graystripes parentage - that make…no fuckng logical sense for a childrens series). writers forget about deaths. characters do things that make no sense. books are still after 10 years being pumped out rapidly, with GIANT editing failures (remember when graystripe called mistystar and stonefur his kids? yeah.)

warrior cats has steadily dropped in quality over the years, and that’s not the fandoms fault. its harpercollins. harpercollins have made it so the writers HAVE to keep making warriors books, because warriors sells. people read warrior cats still, it has a HUGE fanbase after all this time.

and to blame the fandom is just idiotic. the fandom has done more for the series than the writers have lmao - this fandom creates huge animations for characters, has blogs dedicated to reconstructing canon to make sense, and have created a steady flow of roleplay and fanart for years.

the warriors fandom is very dedicated to a series where the writers and the publishing company have just given up on it; warriors has lost the heart / drive to it, and thats completely on the writers and harpercollins, not the fandom.

I thought at first that the reason Diana’s relatives used snakes as familiars and had snakes on their wands was because they were deceptive, which is true, but we also see young Diana practicing magic with one of those snake wands. They seem to be a Cavendish tradition.

It makes sense when you realize that the Cavendishes are a family of healers.

We use snakes wrapped around a pole as a symbol of medical care, but it originates from a biblical story. Many of the Israelites were dying of snake bites in the wilderness, according to the Bible. When they came to Moses, he worked out a deal with God wherein he would create a bronze snake pole and anyone who looked at the bronze snake would not die of poison.

(edit: apparently it’s a reference to the staff of Asclepius of Greek Mythology; I was taught that it was a reference to the acts of Moses and never had any reason to question it.)

Rant about EXP

I have seen a lot of people talk about them, but I haven’t seen a lot of people addressing the main point as to why, for me, EXP isn’t and will never be a K POP group.

First of all, the K in K POP comes from Korea, both because the idol culture/industry are completely different, and because since it came from another place that isn’t the US (THE country of POP) it just had to labeled as something else. The K POP ‘formula’ isn’t pretty boys who sing and dance and whose target audience are young girls, there are way too many american pop groups who fit that description, even the Backstreet Boys, and yet nobody is trying to call them K POP. 

But then the K doesn’t stand for Korean (the nationality) either, since there are a lot of k pop idols who are American, Chinese or Japanese just to name a few countries. They may be not Korean, but they are still in the scene. They are K pop artists because they belong to it, they sing, perform, trained, train and live in the Korean part of the pop industry. They just happen to do so, as much as EXP just so happens to belong to the non-korean part of the industry. It isn’t the language, it’s the origin.

What EXP is trying to convey, however, is that origins doesn’t matter, as long as you try hard enough to look like you do come from it.

Guided by EXP logic, then every single English rap song from any Korean  rapper, should be called and considered American rap.

But guess what (it isn’t)

Because language doesn’t really mean anything. As a latino woman who sometimes listens to cumbia, if an American group started a cumbia group in the US it would be great. If they happened to sing it Spanish it would be also great, and I would wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts. What I wouldn’t appreciate is if they started singing and speaking in a forced Argentinian accent, trying to pass themselves as Argentinian and going as far as to change their twitter/youtube/etc locations to said country, writing things like “born in the US, made in Buenos Aires”  What is made in Buenos Aires? You are trying to pass of as a latino for what reason exactly? I know of no latino band that is actively singing in English (in hopes they can reach a broader audience) and calling themselves any other nationality than the one they are, simply because they aren’t. 

By claiming themselves as a K POP band,  EXP is  just trying to forcefully put on themselves a trendy tag that they can use to get attention (and boy they sure are getting it) but it’s really nothing else. 

What they are making is not K POP, is just POP 

on another note I also would like to remark the fact that so far, EXP hasn’t provided us with any subs and close to none translations. Which really feels like a big slap on the face to those Korean groups who actively try to communicate with international fans, sometimes even with improvised broken English just because they want to care. For Exp who already speaks the international language, to completely ignore us in their efforts to look as Korean as they can just shows a lot of how far their obsession with the K tag can get.



🎶  Reach out and touch faith. Your own personal Jesus, someone to hear your prayers. Someone who cares, your own personal Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers.  🎶

a-monster-of-ink  asked:

*tips hat* Hey there Tiddy. Mind if a talk to you about something? If you check Mccree's vest there are some wires connected to his torso, plus one on his back that is partially covered by the serape. Probably someone already saw this, but I just realized the other day. Have a good day ;) *rolls away*

*breathes deep* BOI LETS TALK!  this very concept has been lowkey stewing in my brain for months now!!!!!  Like i know we get hyped about Hanzo’s legs and how Jesse lost his hand but… i definitely think he lost more than his hand.

longish rant that doesn’t really reach a clear conclusion below:

Like you said, he’s got wires/tubes that to me look like they would serve cooling or ventilation purposes. I actually just ran across a post (HERE) that outlines some points on why he might just be more cyborg than we thought.

And also i noted the way he carries himself (as others have also pointed out before), he hides his entire left side with a serape, and often hides the arm back a little from view -but in doing so he’s also hiding that whole shoulder/side.
also his walk is heavy -”but he’s a big boy” yeah but it’s more than that, like watch him next time but pretend there’s a metal clunk clunk clunk to his footfalls. it’s like he’s very aware of his weight but that it’s not a natural part of him, so he has to carry it with careful steadiness (i.e: he’s aware his arm can rip through steel so he’s extra aware of placement/strength when he picks up a glass). now you could argue that he’s a big dude who is a professional stealther and i’d 100% agree with you. idk how else to describe it ‘m sorry that makes no sense.
**EDIT: OH ALSO HIS KNEE! i think there was also damage to his leg, thus the knee brace thing. which could contribute to the way he walks.

all to say My headcanon that i’m working on currently is that he had significant internal damage, maybe also like that post also suggests- he even lost most of that side of his body, in an explosion *cough*maybehewasatheswissbaseafterall*cough cough* or some other incident. I really like the headcanon that ties into the IRL gang rules of Deadlock taking McCree’s arm -but maybe their methods took much more, leaving him for dead?  I played around in some ugly doodles (that are too ugly to be viewed) what his torso might look like with “genji style” ports embedded, and judging by their placement, with the idea that maybe the armor acts as life support/filtration system in case his lungs would malfunction or he’d suffer something that could endanger his heart while on the field. 

“but if he had damage to his lungs why would he smoke?”
Hear me out here, *alien history channel dude gesture* prosthetic lungs.
If he’s got cyborg/prosthetic enhancements/parts maybe smoking isn’t deadly in the usual way but funks up the mechanics which could eventually lead to death -hence pissing off Angela.

don’t ask me how he’d be allowed to enter military combat with a bad heart or how the lungs work okay dammit Jim i’m a content contributor not a doctor!
Genji is a literal walking swiss army knife so… i mean… i think anything goes in the OW universe at this point. 

if anybody wants to piggyback on this or yell at me with ideas come at my inbox bros! i love hearin’ y’alls thoughts!


Doctor Who season eight: without people (1/2)

Escape; pt. 8

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 5185 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff? 

Y/LN refers to your last name/family name

A/N: Hey guys, I lied… so this isn’t the last part. As I was writing this I noticed the word count and was like yeah gotta split this up. Ah, I know this is a week+ late and I hope y’all will forgive me but I’ve been having back to back midterms ): but yeah hehe just a sort of filler chapter to keep you occupied before the actual final part lol. 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5  // Part 6 // Part 6.5 // Part 7 // Part 9


The tears fell non-stop as he replayed the situation over and over again in his head. He would set all of this right again if it was the last thing he did. He wasn’t about to let his family ruin the one thing that brought him joy.

Jungkook pounds on your door desperately but all you can hear is your sobs. You never thought your heart could hurt this much. As you lay in bed, furiously wiping away the never-ending tears, you can’t help but think that you had brought this upon yourself because in what universe would a guy like Jungkook ever like you for… you. Stupid, stupid me, you thought to yourself as Buster curled up next to you in bed.

You felt like you had just fallen asleep when you heard the incessant sound of your ringtone disrupting your sleep.

“Hey, little sis,” The voice on the other end says in a calm tone.

You sit up immediately, turning the volume up on your phone.

“Jimin? Is that you? W-What’s happening… I mean I heard but… tell me you didn’t, please.”

“I’m being held at the police station for now and I’m using one of my phone calls on you,” He answers. “Y/N, I didn’t do it willingly… I hope you’ll believe me,” He continues and you swear you could feel the sadness seeping through his voice and into your phone’s speakers.

You remain quiet and Jimin could feel the doubt radiating through the phone.

“I just… I need your help, please? Come down to the main police station in town in about 2 hours. An Officer Seokjin should be on duty and he’d probably let you see me if you ask him nicely,” He says. “I understand how all of this looks Y/N and it’s ok to say no but—“

“I’ll be there Jimin but please all I want is the truth,” You plead.

“Of course, I just… thank you so much,” He says and you can almost picture Jimin smiling with relief.

You let out a short hum and bid him farewell.

Your eyes were swollen and your soul felt absolutely crushed. You had wanted to go for a drive, a long drive with nowhere in mind just to clear your mind but Jimin, you’d do anything for him. He was the closest thing you had to an actual brother, the closest thing to family to you and you knew even if he was in the wrong, even if he had betrayed your family you would still go down to the station to see him.

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Once Upon A Dream - Part 4

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 2k+

Warnings - Cliffhanger, Light smut, Angst

A/N - There is one word of Romanian in this one. Everything will make more sense within the next couple parts. Also, this is very lightly edited. Feedback is encouraged.

Summary - The reader wakes up after a tragic accident in an unfamiliar place with a man she doesn’t know caring for her. She’s having short term memory loss and what she didn’t know is that he suffers from long term memory loss himself. She also doesn’t know that they’re a lot closer than she thinks. Can these two help each other figure out who they are and will they make it when the past comes into the light?

OUAD Masterlist

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

“You’re that Bucky Barnes? The Howling Commando?” You involuntarily scoffed at your own words, “The Winter Soldier.”

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Hello struggling Anon,

I’m am so sorry that your feelings of inadequacy have been persuasive enough to overwhelm and torment you like this. I’m especially sorry that the results of that self hatred was you not being able to finish your artwork for more than a year. I do relate to and understand this but I’m sure your feelings are unique and specific to what and who has been in your life. I will try to offer you any advice I can but you may have to take different approaches to be able to manage or erase your feelings.

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stupid question time so like i’m ehh when it comes to gender of person who could be my significant other

like male, female, both, neither, no gender, whatever i don’t really care has no effect

but i did notice that i prefer if the person is more masculine, i don’t know if that is the right term, then me

like would butch be right i don’t know - edit nope not correct as @spockoandjimjim corrected me “Butch is about lesbian presentation not preference”

so please ignore that part but other then that like still super confused 

am i making sense?

is that a thing or is there a proper term cause i feel very very lost so help please anyone