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congrattssss! omg i didn't know u didn't have 1k before?? i just assumed u did because ur blog is awesome! ♥ 🔥+ drarry or deamus?

im so late to answering this but thank youuu??? you’re so sweet and ty ty ty. here’s the super delayed mmc edit and under the cut is the blograte 

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@owlcity: Big shout out to my dad who’s always been like a father to me

What piece do I tackle today? I officially have a full (short) month of February to get as much done as possible and then come March I need to post 15. See I really really want to post 15 and the companion piece together because I’m worried people won’t read it otherwise, and it’s really delightful and pretty important as far as tying up lose ends, answering questions, and some really fun character insight. 

Right now 15 is 70% finished (10 drawings, sentence editing left). The companion piece is 45% finished (estimated 60k left). I want to work on the companion piece but 15 is more important akjahdkjhjdhf