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[Request Edit; Character Aesthetic; Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia] [Requested by @guiltyphandiot​ ]

Oh, Charlie. My trash son. Literally. I don’t know why I fell for this weird hamster of a man but I did and I’m so glad Jude ( @guiltyphandiot​ ) did as well. I can’t wait for season 13 of this insanity to start up. Hope you like it, babe!


Editing the source post since I’m getting a lot of asks as to what’s happening: I’m just playing back an animation. This is a x15 timelapse so that’s why it looks kinda weird. It normally doesn’t. This memory leak happens on literally anything you do. When I discovered it I thought it was just undos and redos, then I realized it also happened (at sonic speed) when playing back anims.

This is an issue specific to 3ds Max 2016. I don’t know if it happens in 2015, but I know for sure it doesn’t happen in 2014, which I’m going to stick with.

The model has 50 bones, uses a CAT rig, has 3475 triangles and its material uses two 512x512 TGAs (color & normal map).

P.S. the music is from UNDERTALE, please stop sending me messages about it (and I won’t tell you which tracks because you should play the game)

The Get Down has everything you need a show: the main cast is not only not white - but different types of not white! Puerto Rican and black and a mixture of both, there is at least one gay character and probably even more and he is a sweetheart who is basically Jaden Smith played by Jaden Smith, the girls all have different personalities and rich backstories and they have romances but aren’t defined by their romances, the characters explore sexuality and love and finding their passions, it deals with racism and poverty and addiction and the intersection of all of them, it deals with all kinds of abuse - sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, substance abuse, and it gets real but not too heavy, and it has great songs and costumes and weird but wonderful editing styles and wacky but relatable plotlines.

Honestly, you literally owe it to yourself and to the world to watch The Get Down so it doesn’t get cancelled because this show is a dream and not enough folk appreciate it. 100/10 better than Riverdale or other such white teenage shows.  

soooo, I’m looking through some photos that I’ve taken in the past to see if I can use any for my book cover and I found this picture:

Which you think, oh that’s a cool creepy picture. 

But look at the person on the right, they look so fucking creepy. I remember taking this in February of this year and it was early morning on this track at a country house, and I literally don’t remember a person being there. I mean,I guess there was a person there, but jeez they look weird. Plus like I never edited this photo, it’s just as was on the day, a foggy day - so why are they all shadowy. And I’ve never even noticed this person in the photo before, and I’ve had it as my fb cover photo 

Anyway, it’s cool and creepy I guess 

Be More Chill - Monster AU

take that title loosely cause they arent all technically monsters

Jeremy: Werewolf - first things first he is a VERY scrawny werewolf even when he is transformed. I know its kind of unfitting but i honestly couldnt think of anything other than just making him human but that would be weird so im just gonna use his furry kink as an explanation for this one folks 

EDIT:. Jeremy is a satyr now 

Michael: Half dragon hybrid - i dont know what to call it but think wings, tail, fangs, and a fire breath exclusively used for lighting joints. hes a music obsessed stoner dragon with anxiety what more do i say

Christine: Angel - you heard it here first folks shes a literal angel. 

Rich: Halfling dwarf - think lord farquaad. thats it. literally his only powers are being short and buff (also if i remember from DnD they can kind of see in the dark but i havent reviewed the handbook in a while)

Jake: Demon - his parents stole money from some important dudes in hell so he’s just chillin while they flee. He’s actually a pretty high class demon so he naturally excels at a lot of things, hence the all of the extracurriculars he does

Brooke: Siren (the mermaid kind not the freaky bird kind) - you know those mermaid movies where they only have tails in the water? think of it like that. she has a beautiful voice (obviously) but shes insecure about it because it can kind of straight up lure people to her (and occasionally kill them)

Chloe: Just a really sexy witch - think hogwarts student but she doesnt need a wand. Lowkey jealous of other people at school because all she can do is cast spells while there are some that can straight up murder people

Jenna: I cant think of anything - i actually cant think of anything feel free to help me out. please EDIT:. Shes a psychic and can see peoples futures/do very basic mind readings! Thats how she knows the dirt on everyone

The SQUIPS: the squips are a species of spirit-like shapeshifters capable of minor possessions that convince you that they can help you get whatever you want before using you, your status or even just straight up taking over your body to get what they need

also this is just extra and unnecessary but Madeline is a succubus and thats why she always manages to have sex with dudes



okay wow???? i’m so speechless to have yet another thousand people follow this shitty excuse of a blog?? thank you for everyone who follows, gives me asks, interacts with me, everything really. you guys are the real mvps. i love each and every one of you guys. i know i keep on saying that but i truly mean it. each follower means so much to me and i’m amazed at why you all follow me in the first place?

nOW I THINK YOU’VE ALL HEARD OF HOW i started this blog because i wanted to share my love for youtube, bLAH BLAH. but???? i literally started this blog as also a screesnhot dump. i never thought i would make edits (gifs, graphics, all that jazz) and have people actually enjoy them? i’m so glad that i found this community and to be apart of. it’s such a lively and diverse and spectacular fandom. yes, we may have our ups and downs but in the end we come together and bond over our love of youtube.

is it weird i still remember the joy of reaching 100 followers or even 500 followers? and now to 1k and i’m at 2k!! i had this sideblog for only four months and i gained 2k like that. i’m shook through and through yOU GUYS.

that being said, here’s an updated version of my follow forever!! thank you all for being apart of my life and i can’t wait to continue making more stuff! 

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Surface Tension [EruRi]

Erwin takes an extended holiday back to the seaside cottage where he grew up. [Mermaid AU Rated Mature/Explicit, Ao3] ~7k

Part I: Ripple 

Erwin remembered tales fishwives had spun about riptides when he was little, but the insistent tugging, the tearing at his heavy clothing from all sides wasn’t at all what he had imagined.  He wondered if this was what had happened to the swimmer.

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       okay so let’s write a novel talk about actual trainwreck of a character Jack Sparrow in this movie. so there are spoilers under this so don’t read if YOU DON’T WANNA BE SPOILED because I’ve been waiting months to write this and now I finally can:

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Here’s the thing… I’m not just saying this. I swear I’m being completely honest: this stuff would have happened without me. She could have done any number of these videos and it would have just exploded. The music was amazing. It’s an incredible pop album. She’s a genius. She’s literally like a genius. She’s 25-years-old and got her shit together. Super smart, super nice. She’s legitimately a cool person. It would have happened without me. I was lucky that Taylor is one of those smart people that can actually see my editing. One of the things that’s really interesting about working with her is that she’ll watch the edit with me as I shoot (because I edit as I shoot). She’ll see how I place an edit into the shot, and I can see her brain ticking, and seeing the pieces come together the same way I do. Literally as we lay the edits down, she’ll go ‘oh that’s cool’ and then she’ll do that and we’ll re-shoot something together and literally we’re like editing as we’re going along and there’s this weird communication that’s happening. That’s very rare. I honestly haven’t seen any artist really do that. She has that crazy brain. It took me 35 years of studying filmmaking to be able to do that, and she naturally has that. I wonder if it’s cause she’s so young that in her formidable years she watched all those videos. It’s part of her DNA… where she naturally responds to it because that’s her memory of what videos should be like.
—  Joseph Kahn on having a huge year directing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dreams” music videos.

Merry Christmas @that-otaku-chick!! I’m your secret santa!! I’m so sorry for being late, thank you for understanding why though <3 <3 <3

I tried a bunch of different of new things while making this, I hope it turned out okay! I know you said you love the dragon slayers, but I wasn’t sure if there was one you liked more than the other, so I decided to go ahead and do the main seven!!

I hope you like it ^^ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sweetie!!

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Edit: I literally do not understand anything about Tumblr and image sizing, so it probably looks weird as fuck on desktop and if someone can help me with that, that would be awesome lmao

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #366

December 2015 —Day 22: “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.” OKAY. Let’s be honest. I wasn’t intending to publish this but I am CLOSE to freaking out!!! All my stock works have been accidentally wiped out from my computer (except this one) which means I literally have nothing to post for tom and the days after that. I need to stock up on my quick works ASAP so please send in your requests if you have any!! ):

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.

looking back at october, some videos literally had anti glitches appearing 10 TIMES. So it’s really weird/cool to think that Anti appeared for like 3 seconds in a video from a week ago, and people are still making a bunch of cool theories/art/edits etc :).

plus it kinda goes to show how big Anti has gotten over time, haha ;) ;-;

anonymous asked:

Could you please show how you do the body face and hair textures for your models?

WELL I pretty much assume that i edit body face and hair textures the same as everyone else?? (as in editing the hue and doing weird stuff like that) but well i did do a demo video just in case u wanted more idk

i didn’t include body textures bc i pretty much literally recolour body textures to match the face as i do w hair textures hehe but i hope that gives u something to take away???? idk?!?!?!?!??!? textures r difficult and i have a throbbing headache so i apologise if i was like being a bit messy and there’s no explaination of anything im doing hehehe

oops i just realised it’s a wee bit quick so you might have to use YT settings to slow it down if its too fast hehe