this edit is awful my apologies

Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman
Your Local Gay Cryptid
Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman

Cas: There should be cryptid parodies of songs like Hey There Delilah

Me, someone with no singing, editing, or songwriting ability whatsoever: that sounds like a great idea! 

I made this for my wonderful gay cryptid @cryptozoooologist. I apologize in advance for how awful it is, but I hope someone finds it entertaining nonetheless~

Background music is from here 

Lyrics by me:

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anonymous asked:

Anything featuring a darker/kickass Caroline and an in awe Klaus. I need to cleanse my brain of mommy Caroline

Edit: JFC, I don’t know that the hell happened here. Stupid posting from my phone and eating text. Apologies for those who say the original two sentences and the wonky lack of paragraphs!

This didn’t go as dark as I’d hoped, but I hope you like it anyway, anon!

“Well now, aren’t you a surprise?”

Caroline looked up at the amused, British drawl. The fall sunshine was still warm, and she was taking advantage of her Fall Break to do some SAT studying. The warm afternoon was utterly still, and so she’d spread her study material along her back porch. She tensed as she took in Klaus, bare toes pressing against her calves.

She hadn’t seen him in person, but she little doubt of who he was. Elena had described him to her while sobbing after they’d found her alive, and Stefan had offered the occasional clipped detail. Blue eyes, pretty dimples, angelic curls bright in the sunshine, and lips that promised sin. But no one had told her he was handsome, and his looks hit her low in her belly.

He smiled, as if he knew it.


An arched brow, hands slipping into the pockets of his dark jeans as he moved up the steps of her pour her to lean against a beam. “Why?”

Mouth dry, but unwilling to cower, she twisted her pen and met his gaze. “What could possibly be surprising about me?”

A hint of teeth as he studied her. “I hear you killed Damon.”

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Couldn't resist

Summary: Phil is live streaming on You Now and Phil does something bad.
Genre: Angst, fluff, slight smut
Word Count: 1200
TW: Yelling? Dan being a little bitch?!

-Phil’s POV-

‘Fuck Phil, stop’ Dan gasps.
‘What?’ I cheekily grin ‘I’m not doing anything!“
Dan rolls his eyes and crawls onto my lap straddling me, then whispers in my ear ‘you know what you’re doing’
I grab Dan’s waist 'I was just showing my boyfriend some affection’
'By kissing my neck, and you know what that does to me’ Dan laughs
'Okay I’m sorry I’ll admit I was trying to get into the mood,’ Dan gives me a I-told-you-so-smirk
'Luckily you stopped me it’s time to live stream’
'I’ll grab your laptop’ Dan says while getting off me
'Thanks bear’
When Dan’s out of the lounge room I sigh. Dan didn’t want our relationship to be public, but I did. I wanted to post pictures of us holding hands in exotic places, kissing in the sunlight and tweeting things about how much I loved him it sounds cliche but I wanted it so bad.
Dan sits next to me and I log into my laptop. Dan gives me a kiss on the cheek,
'Have fun with the live show!’
'Thanks babe’
I start my live show and instantly thousands of HIIII’s and Hey Phil’s come rushing in.
'Hey guys! How’s it hanging?’ I start off
I look at the chat.
'lestersboxers says I felt like crap but now because you are livestreaming everything’s way better. Aw thanks! Interesting username to by the way!’ I laugh.
I talk with the chat for about half an hour until I can’t ignore the 'Where’s Dan?’ comments. Like them, I couldn’t really handle Dan not being with me.
'Where’s dan?’ I read out
'Uh, where is Dan?’ I look around
'Dan! We are in need of your presence’ I yell out
I hear pounding footsteps and a faint 'Dan is on his way!’
Dan plops next to me, but not close enough for our thighs to touch.
'Hey guyssss’ Dan grins
I let Dan take control of the live stream for a while,every now and then I say something. I’m just focused on Dan’s gorgeous eyes and his floppy chocolate hair. I try not to make it too obvious, I’m staring at him.
'Phew it’s hot in here’ Dan pants
'Hmm, it is’ I agree
Dan starts to take off his jumper leaving him wearing a tight fitting black shirt. That’s when I can’t take it. Dan’s halfway through answering someone who asked 'What anime are you and Phil watching now’ when I sit-up and put my hand on Dan’s cheek and stroke it and kiss hiss him softly. Dan automatically melts into my lips like always until Dan realises WE ARE ON LIVE STREAM. Dan pulls away leaving me frowning, Dan looks at the laptop webcam speechless. Heaps of WHATT’s, 😭😭😭😭’s and PHAN IS REAL!! come up in the chat. I can already see the tweets, posts, phanfics and edits coming (honestly he can’t wait to see them). Dan looks at the webcam for a split second more and slams the laptop lid down.
'WHAT THE FUCK PHIL!’ Dan yells at me
I hang my head 'I’m sorry I-’
Dans voice is deadly 'what have you done? You know how I feel about this’
A tear rolls down my cheek 'Dan I’m really sor-’
Dan gets up and goes to the kitchen. He breathes in then screams at me 'Phil I’m so fucking mad at you! WHY?! Why, why, why!’
Just when I think he’s done he starts off again.
'You know I don’t like people knowing about my sexuality and relationships! You’re so fucking stupid and dumb PHIL!’
I’ve started sobbing now and then Dan throws a cup in my direction. I quickly duck and hear the glass cup smash the floor I then run off to our room and lock the door. I flop on the bed and let the tears flow. Dan said I’m stupid and dumb he must be right, I was so stupid to kiss Dan. I’m so pathetic I couldn’t have waited twenty more minutes than Dan would have happily made out with me.
I cry and cry until I fall asleep. When I wake up its 11:33 at night. Everything is silent until I hear faint sniffles. I unlock our door and try and find out where the noise is coming from. I look at the spare room, there coming from there. I open the door and find Dan crying in the corner with a blanket wrapped around him.
'Dan?’ I ask
'Shit, Phil’ Dan whispers, he wraps the blanket tighter around him. I walk over to him.
'Phil, stop. Don’t’ Dan breathes
'What?’ I asked puzzled
'I don’t wanna hurt you’ a tear rolls down his cheek
'Bear..’ I crouch down near him
'Oh Phil!’ Dan cries out while flinging his arms around me. He sobs into my shoulder while I rub his back and saying quiet shh’s and it’s okay baby. He then stops and we turn and I get biggest hug I’ve ever received.
'Phil, it really isn’t okay. I should be comforting you, not the other way round. I am so sorry love’ Dan wipes my tears away with his thumb.
'All I’ve ever wanted is to show everyone how much I love you and need you. I wanna post cheesy lovey pictures. I want to show everyone what it looks like when we kiss not some edit. Dan our fans are so loyal they deserve to know. No one will judge you, they will love and support us. And we will get so much I knew it’s but it’ll all be okay’
Dan laughs and ruffles my hair.
'I’m sorry for the awful things I said, I honestly take them back, and sorry for throwing a cup at you.’
What Dan did will take time for me to heal, but I know that his apology was sincere 'Thanks Dan for apologising, and honestly I am a bit stupid and dumb’
'Phillip fucking Michael Lester. You are the most gorgeous human being ever. You’re funny and sweet and incredibly smart. You are NOT stupid and or dumb’
'Wow Dan, that’s. That’s really nice’ I give his nose a little kiss
'Can I just ask why you kissed me on a live stream?’ Dan asks
I give a little laugh 'today you’ve never looked so hot and I couldn’t resist it’
'God I don’t deserve you. My whole world thought I was so hot they couldn’t resist kissing me. What did I do to deserve you?’
I shrug 'things just happen’
He nods 'well it looks like it’s time to make a video and tell them everything’
I smile Dan would do this for me?
'Everything?’ I say with bright eyes
Dan looks at the bed 'well… Maybe not everything’
We both burst out laughing.
I then kiss Dan. This kiss felt different, it didn’t feel shy, it didn’t feel nervous. We’d never kissed like this before. Dan pulls back
'Holy fuck I’m gay’
I laugh
'this is why you bottom in phanfiction and real life’
Dan pretends to be offended, he then looks into my eyes.
'God I love you’
'Same to you bear’

A/N: Hope you liked this ;)


Okay…last post of the night, and it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever posted…xD

A couple nights ago, I was in the mood to work on my voice acting, so in order to practice, I thought it would be a good idea to run through some of my favorite Invader ZIM quotes! :P

As I said in the video description, this was a practice run, so I wasn’t really trying to polish my impressions here; it was just a voice acting exercise. Still, I hope I doesn’t…assault your ears, at least! lol

Also, I apologize for not being able to edit out all of my mistakes. Especially the awful Doom Song bit at the very end. ^^;

Well, regardless of how ridiculous this is, I had a BLAST doing it, and I hope you enjoy! I’ll be posting a legitimate voice impression reel once I’m able to get my hands on better editing software! ^0^

“JD. They don’t have 7-Elevens in space.”

I know this looks awful, but I wanted to draw something as an apology for you having to witness that horrendous Jar Jar edit. So look at my horrendous drawing skills instead.

Here’s a bad drawing of JD and Veronica dressed as Leia and Han. JD is in the trench coat because he never takes it off. He liked the movies so he wanted to make Veronica happy by dressing up with her. Carrying a gun was his second favorite part.  

anonymous asked:

So, I cannot find a face claim for Regulus that I'm happy with. Do you have any suggestions?

I am honestly awful at face claims, so I don’t think I can be much help. I never use the same model for any of my edits with any characters! I like to switch it up. I apologize, but I would go look on Pinterest in Regulus Black boards and see what models are there. If you use Google Chrome, you can always right click and search the image. The model might come up then if you find one you like!


Marcus Kane in every episode | 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming 

“One decision does not define a man. Jake Griffin is gone. You’re here. Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire people to self-sacrifice. You’re that man. Not me.”

I miss it sometimes,
but then I remember,
you're not the same
and neither am I.
gallifreyimpalas vs sammyche
prompt: gold
Cool - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: Some cute little confession and meddling from a lot of people

Summary: Requested by Anon. The entire gang spent the entire day at STAR Labs researching and mostly talking about some interesting things.

Word Count: 1244

“So, what I’m hearing is that no one can tell me who the Arrow is?”

Caitlin and Cisco shook their heads. 

You groaned. “Dr. Wells?”

“Yes, (Y/n)?”

“Arrow? Who is he?”

“Well, that is an interesting question that I cannot answer. If I have enough time, I may be able to have all the computers research everything on the Arrow as well everyone i suspect to be him. But, alas, I do not have the time.”

You dashed to the main computer.

Cisco stumbled as he tried to catch you. Caitlin was able to block your path before you got to it. “(Y/n),” she warned.

You whined, “Come on! I’ve known you guys for years. Being absent that one week doesn’t mean I don’t get to know what happened!”

Something whooshed throughout the room. Barry Allen plopped himself on one of the chairs. “Sorry, I’m late. I had to get something.”

“Barry, who’s the Arrow?” you asked.

He shrugged. However, he scratched the back of his neck and stuttered, two signs that he was nervous. “I-I don’t know.”

You sighed and smiled slightly. “Please, Bar,” you pleaded, putting on your best innocent look. 

Barry flushed bright red. “(Y/n), you know I’m not allowed to tell you.”

You groaned.

“I did get you something, though.” Barry pulled out your favorite movie.

You gasped. “Barry!” You grabbed it and held it to your chest. “You did not have to!”

He shrugged and grinned. “You know, well, um, saw it and thought of you.”

You beamed. “Thank you!” You kissed him on the cheek and proceeded to jump up and down with excitement. 

The redness from Barry’s cheeks spread to his ears and forehead. 

Caitlin nudged Cisco. The two scientists giggled. 

Barry narrowed his eyes at them, attempting to look menacing. However, it was very difficult when his entire face was red. 

You gleefully placed the new DVD in your purse. As your back was turned, Caitlin and Cisco got Barry on his feet and kept on encouraging him to go up to you. Barry was protesting, of course. Then, he was pushed by Cisco towards you. Before Barry could turn around, he was pushed again, this time by Dr. Wells and his powerful wheelchair. 

By the time you turned around, Barry’s chest was touching yours and his face was inches away. Barry cleared his throat, averting his gaze and stepping away from you. “Sorry,” he mumbled. 

You took a moment to compose yourself before laughing and waving it off. “It’s ok, Barry!”

“Hey, guys!”

“Iris!” you greeted. You hugged her as a greeting. You embraced her boyfriend, Eddie, and her father, Joe, as well

The young reporter smiled. “So, what’s been happening?”

Cisco couldn’t help himself. “Our little Barry bought (Y/n) a gift.”

“Well, uh…” Barry drawled, looking away, as you eagerly nodded. “Barry got me my favorite movie! Blu-ray, too.”

Joe and Iris hummed, as Eddie just smiled and eyed Barry. 

Barry peered up a little and laughed awkwardly.

Joe chuckled. “Well, that was very sweet of you, Barry. There wasn’t anything else?”

“Else?” the superhero pondered.

You tilted your head in confusion. 

Iris saw where her father was heading with this. “Yeah, Barry, anything else to give, maybe even say?” She raised her brows at him.

Barry stuttered many incomprehensible things, his cheeks sporting a light pink color. You were so confused by his weird behavior. “Barry, did you forget something?”

“No!” he exclaimed. “I mean, um, no. I’m ok. Yeah, I’m fine.” He cleared his throat. “And you?”

You giggled. “Perfect.”

The entire rest of the day went on as usual. The eight of you spent the day researching a little, talking a lot. 

Then, a certain topic came up. “Ok, so Caitlin has a husband, I am engaged to Eddie, Barry dated Linda, and Cisco-”

“I got a pic of me and the Canary!”

“Yeah, Cisco did that, so (Y/n), what about you?”

“What about me?”

Iris laughed. “Love life, (Y/n)? Anything interesting? Dates? Boyfriends? Crushes?” Iris eyed Barry, who just turned red at the comment.

You blushed. “Well, I don’t know.”

“Now, you have to tell!” Cisco yelled, laughing.

Caitlin smiled gently, placing a hand on your shoulder. “It’s ok. We promise, nothing leaves this room.”

You glanced at your crush and sighed. “Well, there is one guy.”

“Really?”Joe asked.

Everyone stared at the police chief. 

“What? I can be involved in this, too.”

You smiled. “Don’t you guys worry about it. He probably doesn’t like me anyway.”

Barry exhaled shakily. He then flashed a smile. “Sorry, guys. I gotta get some fresh air.” The Flash rushed out of the room and out of your sight. 

Worried, you followed him. Even though no one saw what path he took, you knew Barry Allen, and Barry Allen always went up to the roof to think. Like expected, you found him there. You bit your lip and spoke. “Hey, Bar.”

He turned around and smiled. “Hey.” Barry faced the city and sighed. 

You joined him, standing next to him. “Beautiful, huh?”

He chuckled. “I’ve seen better.”

You laughed. 

The two of you enjoyed the few minutes of silence. Barry and you did know each other for a few years, so it was natural that the two of you were practically best friends. That is why you never got your hopes up when he got you something. You thought he saw you as just a friend. That’s why you never thought different when he blushed. You always thought it was just Barry being Barry.

Barry stared at you. Why were you so worried about some guy liking you? Who wouldn’t like you? Barry opened his mouth, then closed it. Finally, he told you, “You know, you shouldn’t be worried about this guy.”


“Because it would be his loss if he didn’t like you back.” 

You bit your lip. “What if the guy was you?”

Barry’s eyes widened. “What?”

You stared at the floor. You shrugged. “Sorry.” You shook your head. “I should go.” You whipped around, heading for the door.

“Wait.” Barry grasped your wrist. 

The momentum you had caused you to fly into his arms, your chests touching. Barry beamed. You looked beautiful, even when you’re embarrassed. You actually did not see his reaction, thinking that you ending up in his arms was a mistake. you pushed yourself away from him. 

However, Barry just pulled you closer and lifted your chin up. “Hey, (Y/n), I like you, too.”

You gazed at him and smiled. “Cool,” was the only word you managed to get out.

Barry Allen just smiled even wider, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks lifting. He leaned in closer. You gasped and leaned in, too.

Suddenly, the door to the roof opened, and five people fell onto the floor. Dr. Wells reprimanded them, “I told you we should’ve just used the security cameras.”

“This is way more fun!” Iris exclaimed. The young woman got up and beamed. “Finally, we’ve been trying to get you two together for months.” She squealed and hugged the two of you. 

You narrowed your eyes at Caitlin and Cisco “Guys,” you drawled. 

Cisco shrugged. “It was inevitable.” Caitlin just smiled. “We have literally been pushing the two of you together. We can’t believe you never noticed, (Y/n).”

Barry scratched the back of his neck. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

The entire crowd went “Aw!”

Hey, guys! So, I did this really late, so I apologize if it doesn’t really flow as well as my previous ones. I will probably edit it tomorrow when i look at it again, hopefully. 

Anyway, I hope you guys like it, love it, not hate it! See you, and love you all!


Chuck Bass + Season Premieres

i apologize for this awful edit but it seems weird that i’ve never done one of these before and i really wanted to so here it is!!! these are all of my mutuals and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone!! if i did, please know i didn’t mean to!! ily guys so much :-) (bolded means we’re friends or i just see you a lot on my dash and really admire your blog!!)


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The many faces of me.

I redid my tumblr theme today, because I needed a change. I had fun messing around in CAS making my simself. To really appreciate the CAS animations, you have to slow down the clock speed. Priceless!

P.S. My photoshopping skills are awful for this kind of stuff, so I apologize for my less than perfect editing. Haha!