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Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman
  • Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman
  • Your Local Gay Cryptid

Cas: There should be cryptid parodies of songs like Hey There Delilah

Me, someone with no singing, editing, or songwriting ability whatsoever: that sounds like a great idea! 

I made this for my wonderful gay cryptid @cryptozoooologist. I apologize in advance for how awful it is, but I hope someone finds it entertaining nonetheless~

Background music is from here 

Lyrics by me:

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Marcus Kane in every episode | 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming 

“One decision does not define a man. Jake Griffin is gone. You’re here. Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire people to self-sacrifice. You’re that man. Not me.”

Super quick character breakdown tutorial for shadic249. We were talking about learning to draw, and learning to break things down into their basic shapes. I picked gravity falls as an example, since their character designs have super clear shapes in them, and it’s easy to use as an example.

Apologies for my atrocious hand writing. Sharing this here cause I figured it might be useful for other people as well.

edit: redid the awful handwriting

i apologize for this awful edit but it seems weird that i’ve never done one of these before and i really wanted to so here it is!!! these are all of my mutuals and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone!! if i did, please know i didn’t mean to!! ily guys so much :-) (bolded means we’re friends or i just see you a lot on my dash and really admire your blog!!)


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The many faces of me.

I redid my tumblr theme today, because I needed a change. I had fun messing around in CAS making my simself. To really appreciate the CAS animations, you have to slow down the clock speed. Priceless!

P.S. My photoshopping skills are awful for this kind of stuff, so I apologize for my less than perfect editing. Haha!

//One of them stumbles across a dirty photo for/with a previous lover//

Probably not what the prompter was expecting, but this is what happened. And it’s been so long since I’ve written anything that I don’t even know if I hate this or not. Many apologies if it’s awful, because it’s hardly edited. I proofread, but I notoriously skip things.

“Oh my, and what is this little beauty?” Rick asks, as he helps his new wife sort through her belongings as they pack up the last of her apartment.

Kate blushes and snatches at it, but he’s too fast and gets it away from her.

“No, this is mine now.”

She scowls and grabs for it again, climbing half into his lap in her attempt to reach it.

He chuckles as he wrestles it away from her, finally managing to stash it under his ass. “Why do you want that back so badly?”

“It’s embarrassing,” she whined, sitting straddle over his akimbo legs.

“I mean yeah, it’s a MySpace quality nude, but why do you care so much?”

“Because I took it… Castle, please?”

Her sudden unease left him remorseful and he handed the photo back to her. “I’m sorry.”

She leaned into his chest and draped her arms low around his waist. “I took it after Will left for Boston. I thought…”

“That you could remind him he was a moron for giving you up? I’m kind of glad it didn’t work and he didn’t come crawling back. You might be his girl now, and that would definitely suck.”

She smiled into the warm wall of his chest and hugged him a little tighter. “Your girl.”

“You are no one’s girl, Kate. My best friend, my wife, my superhero? Yes, but you are so much more than a girl someone can just claim.”

“I’m your girl, babe. And I know you know that.”

He pursed his lips and shook his head. “Nope. Now me? You own me, I’m definitely your man, but there is nothing about you that I own.”

She pushed back until she was sitting up straight and grabbed his hand, placing it over her heart. “That’s yours. You kept it beating when my body cried out for everything to just stop. I gave you my heart, and it belongs to you. You could unmake me just as easily as you put me back together.”


“No. It’s mine to give, and I want you understand that.”

He hauled her into his chest with such force that he toppled them back onto the plush carpet they were sitting on. “Kate.”

A few days later he found a glossy photo in his desk drawer. It was nearly identical to the one he had found at her place. She was kneeling in their bed, wearing his favorite outfit. Nothing. The camera was stretched high above her head, and she’d even gone so far as replicating the duck lips. She had scrawled one word across the back of the image in messy cursive: Yours.


The Yagami Residence - Our War Game Edition

And now a quick follow up to the earlier to Yagami Residence studies. I must first apologize for the awful quality of these screenshots, OWG doesn’t really exist in high quality online. (I might redo this post in the future if we get a BD Rip of OWG when it gets rereleased.) I did my best to get as decent screenshots as possible, and heck I even edited Taichi out of existence from the one in the middle of the last row.

Hosoda kept the apartment’s looks the same from episode 21 in OWG for the most part. There’s only two doors on the right side of the front door (door to the bathroom and Taichi and Hikari’s room), and the kitchen area is very close to the front door.

The main difference with the Yagami Residence in OWG and Adventure in general is that Susumu now has a study of his own in this apartment, which obviously never existed before. The door to the computer room/study is on the opposide side of the living room from Taichi and Hikari’s room, and it seems to be huge, almost the same size as the living room. Also there’s a mysterious door in this study, which might take to the parents’ bedroom, meaning that they finally have a place to sleep in.