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the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams
oh, the darkness got a hold on me

I’ve been seeing a man in my backyard for the past two nights

Story by reddit user Opinionson

To start I need to give some background:

I am a male who lives in relatively nice neighborhood

It’s your average small town run of the mill suburbs area with not a lot of people.

I am a college kid who’s home on break while my parents have gone away which doesn’t help at all.

I have a two story house

I do not have gun nor do I have any real weapons other than kitchen knives

I am not on any medication and I have no record of schizophrenia or any other mental illnesses

I barely have any relationships with my neighbors most of whom are elderly and the rest I have minimal contact with

I do not have any people in my neighborhood (that I know of) who have reasons to attack or harm me

Now, let’s get into what has been happening. About two nights ago I woke up very late in the night and I went to the bathroom to go take a shit. Now, my second story bathroom has a window that can see the entirety of my backyard. Directly behind it is a cul de sac which you can see directly into. There is a group of trees and pile of rocks and mulch that divides it. Usually I can see everything in my backroom without turning on my because lights from my neighbor’s house dimly lights the room.

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Jackson Wang for Vogue China


“Lara Jean? Are you okay?”
I nod my head yes and make a motion like he should just go. He rolls the window back up, and I think he’s really going to drive off, but then he pulls over to the side and parks.
Peter sits down next to me. “How long have you been sitting here crying by yourself ?”
I turn my head and wipe my face again. “I’m not crying.”
”He’s getting into his car when, as an afterthought, he turns around and asks, “Want me to call Triple A for you?”
“No, that’s okay,” I say. “Thanks for stopping, though. That was really nice of you.”
Peter grins. I remember that about Peter—how much he likes positive reinforcement. “Do you feel better now?”
I nod. I do, actually.
“Good,” he says.

  • Lance: hey Keith,, I overheard ur conversation with Pidge,, so, u have a crush on someone??? Who is it ;)?
  • Keith: ahahahaha woo my crush??? Ahahah wow suddenly I dont remember also I think I have to wash,..... my cat,, u h wATS THAT ALLURA I'll be right there *leaves*
  • Lance: ......???
  • Pidge: in case u couldnt tell he has a crush on you
  • Lance:
  • Lance: OOOOHHH

Rei + being worried about Nagisa (◕‿◕✿)

All Is Well: Mor X Vivianes Sister

TOG/ACOTAR Christmas Fic
Co-written with @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks

Summary: While visiting the Winter Court Mor runs into Viviane’s sister, Selene. A Mistletoe may be involved. CANON.

Note: I am seriously in love with Bianca and working with her was beyond amazing! I remember messaging her months ago about one of her ACOSAP edits and she followed me that night and I freaked out I was so excited! So to actually get to collab with her on something is more then I could ever imagine. Seriously, thank you so much for joining me on this project darling. I had so much fun and would write with you again without a second thought, XX

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The click of heels on marble floors echoed off the high ceilings as Morrigan followed the servant through the corridors.

The walls of the Winter Court palace rose out of the polished floor and swooped in concave arches overhead, glittering icicles hanging off the domed roof. The last rays of evening sun filtered through the tall windows and broke through the ice in a kaleidoscope of colour. There were as many ice sculptures in the Winter Court palace as there were marble busts of scholars in the Day Court, and the sparkling ice mirrored the beauty of the twinkling stars of the Night Court. It was a breath-taking sight and no matter how many times she had seen it before, Mor was still impressed by its beauty.

The servant pushed through a set of wide doors and led Mor to a sitting room decorated much like the rest of the palace. An imposing ice chandelier hung in the middle of the room above a white velvet sofa, a thick fur rug was spread out on the floor and and lazy flames danced in a marble fireplace. In the corner, a fir tree decorated with glimmering baubles, candy canes, pine cones and magical lights stretched out to the lofty ceiling. Despite the ice decor and the smouldering hearth, the palace was heated by magic, so Mor did not feel cold in her Night Court attire that left the tan skin of her arms and midriff bare.

“I’ll let the High Lady know you have arrived,” the servant said. Mor nodded in acknowledgement and moved to the Christmas tree.  It was a smaller one than the imposing tree in the entrance hall but Mor knew this was the tree Kallias, Viviane and their close friends and family liked to put gifts under. An array of colourful presents was already scattered under the branches. She placed the stack of boxes in her arms on the floor and started carefully spreading the presents around the base of the tree. She smiled to herself as she took in the mound of carefully wrapped presents. They had all agreed to exchange gifts after the High Lords’ Yulemas Banquet the following day but Morrigan had never been one to follow the rules. She loved surprises too much to resist the temptation of showing up early with presents.

Viv is going to die when she sees the dress, she thought, as she thumbed the gold ribbon on a box. She had begged Rhys for weeks to tell her the name of his personal tailor but he hadn’t relented. Instead, he’d personally brought her the dress for Viviane and, surprisingly enough, it was the perfect style and colour to complement her friend. Mor had no clue where Rhys was getting all the splendid gowns from, but as long as he was willing to provide her with garments for her own wardrobe, she wasn’t going to complain.  

“Come back here, you rascal!”

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