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Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records ( ロクでなし魔術講師と禁忌教典 ) — Ending theme [TV Size]
Music: “Precious You☆”  by Sistine Fibel (CV: Fujita Akane), Rumia Tingel (Miyamoto Yume), Re=L Rayford (Ozawa Ari)

Original short music video promo:

Watch the Opening theme here:
(Song: blow out by Suzuki Konomi)

you look happier (tbjzl)

prompt: based off of ed sheeran’s song happier from his divide album.

warnings: just the usual swearing

notes: i’m sure this has been done by now, but it’s been sitting in my drafts box for ages. just a quick one to say a massive thank you for 400 followers ☺️

p.s in no way is this a reflection of tobi’s character, as i personally think he is the sweetest guy around.


tobi’s pov

29th of november, a particularly dreary day for central london, and not only because it was mid winter. coincidentally it marks the day of an anniversary, and not the happy sorts.

instead, today is a painful reminder of the day y/n left. the heavy rain pouring hard down onto my concrete surroundings contributing to my shit mood is just an added bonus.

at which point i’m positive the day can’t get any worse, running across the road to escape this awful weather is the love of my life, or at least what used to be. directly beside her, the man that replaced me.

i can’t help but feel disgusted as my gaze travels down to his broad arms. she’s literally 100 ft away, wrapped in the arms of another after only a month of being apart.

flash backs from the worst day of my life fall upon me. the weather is alike today’s, she stood there at my door screaming profanities in my face, each of which physically pained me. “i can’t believe you would do this tobi, this is fucking low especially for you” she spat. i couldn’t defend myself, i had no right. i had broken her, when it was my duty to protect her. “please baby-” i step forward feeling the instant rejection as she takes a step back.

“don’t touch me, especially after you’ve been with her” the twists of her words stinging like a knife inside my chest.

she can’t help but let a tear stain her cheek and i’ve never been in so much agony knowing i inflicted such pain on her. “i’m not excusing my actions, but i’d never have kissed her if i was sober. you know i don’t drink y/n! i had been missing you so much while we were in boston and the boys wanted me to let lose, have a beer or so.”

“don’t you dare put this on me tobi. i fucking missed you too, more than you’ll ever know. but instead of going out drinking do you know what i did?” her usual soft tone non-existent, yet it was hard to miss the brokenness that her voice was laced with. i looked to my feet, too embarrassed to make eye contact with her.

“do you?” y/n began, “i spent every night apart watching videos to hear your voice, or your vlogs so i could see what you were doing. instead of shoving your tongue down a drunk bitch’s throat did you not think that maybe you could have called me? a text even? you know what tobi, i’m done. i’ll always love you but i can no longer be in love with a man who doesn’t respect me.”

“y/n baby”

“you no longer have the right to call me that” she snapped.

“please! wait until the storm is over. i don’t want you out there in the rain, it’s not safe. we can sit inside and talk things out, you can even yell at me for the next few hours.” is what i should have said to her.

but instead i let her run out into the rain, get in her car and drive away from me and our possible future.

because of me feeling sorry for myself, instead of chasing her down and begging her to forgive me, the sight in front of me unfolds. her with him and not me.

“you look happier” i hear myself silently whisper as i take notice of him making her laugh. her smile twice as wide as what it used to be with me.

I hate myself, how could i not. because ain’t nobody hurt her like i hurt her, when it was my job to make sure she was protected.

yet at the same time ain’t nobody will ever love her like i do.

i follow them to the bar, i know i should give her some space but i can’t believe i’ve seen her again and she’s looking so much better.

i take a seat far away in the corner out of view. minding my own business, i slip in the group chat my current situation.

you: i’ve seen y/n, she looks good. happier even

s: that’s good bro

v: did you speak to her?

e: where are you now?

you: i haven’t spoken to her but i may have followed her and some guy into a pub. clearly doing better without me fucking her life around

j: you’ll get there too buddy. don’t hang around and make yourself angry

i slip my phone back into my pocket disregarding josh’s advice. i take a swig of the beer i’ve ordered, as i place it back on the table i come to a realisation. how much i’d been drinking. how drinking was the cause of this.

no wonder i was happier with her.

no matter how hard i try to avoid looking at her with him, it’s virtually impossible. the words ‘she look happier’ running repeatedly through my mind. it was already hard not to think of her every second, with everything reminding me of y/n.

i need to stop this, it isn’t healthy. as i make a move to exit our eyes catch for nearly a second and the happiness i saw within them second earlier drains.

“baby you look happier, you do” i mouth before slipping back out into the rain.